IPad will not send new Calendar events to MobileMe

My iPad will not send new or edited changes to MobileMe.
I have turned off syncing through iTunes to prevent multiple listings of the same event. When I add or change an event on my computer it is changed on my iPad thru MobileMe without any problems, but when I change or add an event on my iPad it is not sent back to MobileMe or to my computer.
(in Settings, Push is set to 'on' on the iPad)
How do I fix this?

Is your iPad updated to IOS 4.2, or later?
You may have to turn Calendars off/then back on. Apple - MobileMe - Set Up MobileMe
Make sure that you do not choose to remove any calendars from your iPad when turning it off. When turning it back on be sure to choose "Merge with MobileMe" to ensure that you do not lose any calendar data which has been already entered on you iPad.

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    I just set up a calendar on iphone, ipad and PC.  Iphone will not send new events but will receive from both PC and ipad. I just updated to iOS 6 and am reading others have similar problems.  Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

    Are the other phones that can't receive messages iPhones? If not, that could be the problem.
    See this Apple doc -> iOS: Using Messages
    You can send and receive text messages using the Messages app included with iOS. Messages supports SMS and MMS on iPhone, and iMessage on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You can also send iMessages using Messages in OS X   Mountain Lion.

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    Click "Mail, Contacts & Calendars" on the left here:

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    My iPad will not send emails, even though all the settings seem correct.

    When you say seem correct, have you checked in Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Account name > Outgoing Mail Server, SMTP and the outgoing server name is correct, then > Primary Server name is correct >  Host Name, User Name, redo the Password, Use SSL is OFF or ON according to your provider, may just try it both ways, Server Port, often 25 is the best to use.

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    Hello Catjaj
    If you are having issues with sending iMessages on your iPad, then check out the article below for multiple troubleshooting options to get it back working again. You can try deleting the message thread and starting a new one as well as resetting the Network Settings.
    iOS: Troubleshooting Messages
    -Norm G.

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    Hey there Makeera,
    It sounds like you can get emails without issue, but cannot send them. I found this article for you to help troubleshoot the connection between the iPad and your email provider named:
    iOS: Troubleshooting Mail
    Tap Safari and attempt to load a webpage (try any webpage). If you can load a webpage, then your device has Internet access. If you are unable to load a webpage, follow these troubleshooting steps.Try to use an alternate Internet connection if available:
    Try a different Wi-Fi connection
    If your iOS device has an active cellular data plan, tap Settings > Wi-Fi and turn off Wi-Fi.
    If the affected email account is provided by your Internet provider, see if your issue is resolved while connected to your home Wi-Fi network.*
    Log in to your email provider's website to ensure that the account is active and the password is correct.
    Restart your iOS device.
    Delete the affected email account from your device.
    Tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
    Choose the affected email account, then tap Delete Account.
    Add your account again.
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.

  • TS5185 My IPAD will not send messages to non APPLE users.

    Today, Christmas Day, while trying to send a message my IPAD wanted me to turn on iMessage. There was no option not to do this. After it was turned on I could no longer send messages to non Apple users. After reading online that I could set send SMS on my IPHONE I did. Now I guess it send everything as an SMS message. Now my IPAD will not send messages to non Apple users. I guess Apple wants us to pick our friends only if the use Apple products. This is about as stupid as it gets. They want us to only communicate with Apple users. The only other option is to turn the feature off. Why have iMessage in the first place.
    So my situation is I can send SMS Messages on my IPHONE. I cannot send any messages to non Apple users on my IPAD and iMessages to my Apple users.
    This kind of stupidity is why I switched from Windows to Apple in the first place. Don't they test anything out anymore at Apple?

    Please don't take this the wrong way, but I think that you might be doing something wrong.
    Connect your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac using Continuity - Apple Support
    To use Continuity for SMS and MMS with your iPhone and your Mac, iPad or iPod touch
    Your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch need to use iOS 8.1, and your Mac needs to use OS X Yosemite.
    Sign in to iMessage on your iPhone, your other iOS devices, and your Mac using the same Apple ID.
    On your iPhone:
    Go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive > You Can Be Reached By, and add a check to both your phone number and email address.
    Go to Messages > Text Message Forwarding, and enable the device(s) you would like to forward messages to.
    Your Mac, iPad, or iPod touch will display a code. Enter this code on your iPhone to verify the SMS feature.

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    What version of iTunes are you trying to install. If its 10.6.3 or 10.7, those versions are installed on a computer, not the iPad.
     Cheers, Tom

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    Using FaceTime http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4319
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    Using FaceTime and iMessage behind a firewall
    iOS: About Messages
    Set up iMessage
    iOS 6 and OS X Mountain Lion: Link your phone number and Apple ID for use with FaceTime and iMessage
    How to Set Up & Use iMessage on iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch with iOS
    http://osxdaily.com/2011/10/18/set-up-imessage-on-iphone-ipad-ipod-touch-with-io s-5/
    Troubleshooting Messages
    Troubleshooting iMessage Issues: Some Useful Tips You Should Try
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    To send messages to non-Apple devices, check out the TextFree app https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/text-free-textfree-sms-real/id399355755?mt=8
    How to Send SMS from iPad
    You can check the status of the FaceTime/iMessage servers at this link.
     Cheers, Tom

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    My sons mini ipad will not send iMessages. I have reset network settings, turned it on and off and followed advice given to others with same problem, but it's still not working. Any ideas?

    Sorry it is actually on iso 7.0.3. Not sure what to do as keep trying to reset but it just won't send any messages.
    He is trying to reply to his cousin also on her ipad via imessage, so it should be really straightforward? He is getting messages from her, but cannot respond.
    When I sent him a message from my iphone, that didn't get through. We all have 1 apple id and account which is mine, and this is supporting 1 x iphone, 2 x mini ipads and1 x ipad 2. However one of the mini ipads and the ipad 2 is not used for messageing etc, just my iphone and my sone mini ipad.

  • TS2621 My  iPad will not send my emails.  I put my password in and after five minutes it says the password is incorrect.   79 emails have not been sent since 8/27/13

    My  iPad will not send my emails.  I put my password in and after five minutes it says the password is incorrect.
    79 emails have not been sent since 8/27/13

    Cannot send or received email

  • ICal will not send email of event

    When I create an event in iCal, and I add invitees, iCal will not send an email to the specified people. This only happened after I updated to Mountain Lion. Starting to get frustrating.

    Greetings w0lverin3,
    It seems you are not receiving alerts while using the Calendar app on your Mac.  The following article provides some steps that may help you find a resolution:
    Calendar (Yosemite): If you’re not receiving alerts
    If you’re not receiving Calendar alerts
    If you set an alert to occur before a Calendar event but aren’t receiving the alert in Notification Center, there are several possible solutions.
    Make sure alerts aren’t turned off in Calendar preferences. Choose Calendar > Preferences, click Alerts, then deselect “Turn off shared calendar messages in Notification Center” and “Turn off invitation messages in Notification Center.”
    Make sure alerts aren’t turned off in Notifications preferences. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Notifications, click Calendar, then make sure None isn’t selected as the alert style.
    Make sure Do Not Disturb isn’t turned on in Notification preferences. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Notifications, click Do Not Disturb, then make sure Do Not Disturb is not set to turn on when you want to receive alerts.
    Make sure you set up the alert properly. See Set event alerts and receive notifications.
    Thank you for contributing to Apple Support Communities.

  • Ipad will not load new email

    ipad will not load any new emails.  i have one through outlook and one gmail.  neither will load anything new.

    Do you have a wifi or 3 g connection?
    Did it used to work?  What does the mail app do when you open it?  Is there the little circle at the bottom, checking for new mail.
    Have you checked the accounts from safari, or a computer, to see if it is an ISP problem?

  • My iPad will not send messages from mail

    Mail will not send outgoing messages. Error message says client does not recognise or has wrong password.

    Your SMTP server is likely not set up or set up incorrectly. Check that all is set up correctly in Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > [your account] > Account > Outgoing Mail Server > Primary Server

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    I normally am able to access my workplace email (via Microsoft Outlook Exchange) on my iPad. I was required to change my Enterprise (and Outlook) password on my workplace computer. Now iPad will not accept the new Exchange account password which renders all other functions on the iPad inoperative. How do I bypass that Exchange password prompt?

    We have similar issue with our corporate ipads.
    Enter the new Exchange password then reboot the iPad. Exchange should accept the password after reboot, seems to be some peculiar quirk!

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