Iphone 3g battery draining in 3 - 4 hours on a daily basis

I took it to the apple store and they replaced the phone, but I am still having problems. The next appointment in the store is about 5 days into the future.
This happened on Wed and I have an appointment for Mon but I am still having problems.
I have done several backup and restored.
The apple phone tech told me to do a restore, we held the power key and let Itunes automatically restore the phone. I then did not do a restore, just synced my stuff back, luckly I sync with google for contacts and calendar.
what is going on?
Did I get a bad phone when they replaced it last week.
I have to travel this week and I cannot be without my phone.
It is weird, after many months of no issues, I upgraded to the new 3.1 software and I would pick up my phone and the screen was black and would not turn on. the Last time, I used a digital laser thermometer while on the phone with the apple tech and the phone was 105 degrees. It would not turn on. After about 20 minutes of charging it finally came on and the battery was at 10% with a red indicator on the battery.
It does charge up after a while, but it discharges pretty quickly, like 3-4 hours. I can watch the pct go down.
I have tried charging from 5 methods
1. USB on a windows XP computer
2. USB on a vista computer
3. Docking station (Dual IPOD charger by Griffin)
4. Apple supplied small AC Block with Apple cable.
5. Car phone charger
No matter what, the phone still looses its charge and it gets hot. Sometimes it will work ok, but then when I go to pick up the phone, it won't turn on no matter what I do. I have to charge it for 10-20 minutes and then it comes back on.
I am concerned on 2 levels.
1. It is becoming pretty unusable, since I never know if it will work when I pick it up.
2. Long term effects since the battery is getting hot and constantly discharging faster than normal.
Anyone have any Ideas?????
Is this a software problem that you are fixing?
can I put back on the old software before the 3.1 update?
Will this hurt the phone in the long run?

My iPhone also same problem in logic-board bottom part getting hot after connect battery connector (hardware issue) probably. Does anyone can help me to solved out this problem? Actually my iPhone4 was dropped in water for 15 minutes. Afterthat i took iPhone from water, i did turn off first and shake my phone. Later on open all parts one by one and cleaned up with alcohol. After finished dry (48 hours later) i tried to turn on logic board (motherboard bottom area) with battery. Its too hot in logic board and battery connector. What should I do in this condition?

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  • My iPhone 5 battery drain with in 3 hours when I use cellular network on and stand by time is only 2 and half day

    I Bought iphone 5 from USA  when I came to India I started it then I noticed the battery stand by time is only 3 days. And when I use cellular data then it is live only for 2 and half hour. I bought this phone in January till now I am having the same problem. I have done all the thing whatever the support center told me about restore and all stuff. After that they told me to visit any apple store but there are no store in India and I'm helpless. For my iPhone only I can't go abroad to that country where stores are. Before I used to believe that apple products are the best but this iPhone has just disappointed me. You know my friend making fun of my mobile because they are using samsung product.
    Pleade do some thing for me I have left only 2 month of warranty. other wise I will have to through this on dustbin because everywhere it is insulting me.

    Sorry, but the warranty for the iPhone is only valid in the country where you bought the device.
    In most of the cases 3rd party apps or settings caused the battery to drain faster than before the new software has been set up. Sometimes the mail app tried to connect to the mail server over and over again, deleting and setting up the mail account can solve this problem.
    In other cases social media apps did similar things to the phone.
    Here are some suggestions for getting back the normal battery life, maybe they are helpful for your problem with your iPhone 5 as well.
    iPhone 4S battery life problems SOLVED
    Check the links provided by Texas Mac Man in this post about battery life:
    iOS 6 iPhone 4s battery drain

  • My iphone 3gs battery drains very fast

    my iphone 3gs battery drains very fast it won't last for whole day
    i just uses mail application and  facebook for some time
    can u tell why the problem is or need to change battery

    I'm having the same problem with my 3Gs.  In my case it is not the apps int he background or the brightness, or wifi or email push.  The folks at the apple stroe tell me that there is some software glitch that shows up every few months.
    I can only get rid of it by restoring my phone as a new device.  In which case I lose all of my contacts, settings and all data.  VERY frustrating. I had recived two new phones (before applecare ran out) and have done the resotre several times.  No one can tell me what is in that creates this probelm.  I've tried differenet chargers one by one in case they are the probelm.  one int he car, one in a kitchen outlet, one at my home computer (sync) and on at my office computer (non-sync). 
    Problem just showed up again randomly two days ago,  no new apps or hardware.  battery drains from full to 0 in two hours.
    Apple, please fix.

  • IP4S Battery Drain Was 8% hour.  Restored As NEW PHONE Via iTunes Battery Drain Now 1% per hour!

    RE:  iPhone 4S rapid battery drain out-of-the-box.
    I had been experiencing a battery drain of 8% per hour.
    Apple's software update did not make it better!
    I then restored my iPhone 4S as a NEW phone and now my battery is draining at 1% per hour with all settings at maximum for battery drain.
    Apple could have done more to make millions of customers happier customers.

    Thanks for sharing.  Restoring the phone first from backup then as new is one of the standard troubleshooting steps outlined in the User Guide.  Too bad more people like you don't realize this.

  • Iphone 4s battery draining extremly fast

    iphone 4s battery draining extremly fast, how annoying is that, Battery will be drain out within 12 hrs and I just usually watch 30 mins video (not using 3G/wifi) and 10mins on Phone .
    I always turn off my Siri, Auto Detect Time Zone, 50% Brightness, NO background Apps are running and Mail is manually updated.
    Does anyone facing the same problem?

    Go to advanced and set icloud to manual I used to suffer from this because of icloud it was stuck in a loop and always draining the battery, try also resetting your network settings if it didn't work reset all settings and set it as a new phone drain the battery and charge it from 0 to 100% to recalibrate the battery , hope this works for you

  • My iphone 3gs battery drain too fast after i upgrated to ios 5.0.1

    My iphone 3gs battery drain too fast after i upgrated to ios 5.0.1

    Please use the search box at the upper right hand corner of this page.  Your issue has been addressed ad nauseum and there is no need for yet another repetitive post.
    FYI, it's always good forum etiquette to search the forum before posting

  • Iphone 5 battery drains rapidly, I have turned off apps and location even purchased a new battery, is anyone else having this problem?

    Iphone 5 battery drains rapidly, I have turned off apps and location even purchased a new battery, is anyone else having this problem? If anyone knows how to fix please let me know. I've tried the hard reset and nothing works.

    There was a run of bad batteries for the iPhone 5. Apple will replace them if your phone qualifies and you haven't tried to fix it yourself. See: iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program - Apple Support. Unfortunately, you may have disqualified yourself if you tried to repair it yourself.
    However, rapid battery drain is only rarely caused by a bad battery. A bad battery is usually diagnosed by a battery percentage that jumps randomly. See this for advice: http://www.overthought.org/blog/2014/the-ultimate-guide-to-solving-ios-battery-d rain

  • IPhone 4S battery drain! after update is even worse, iPhone 4S battery drain! after update is even worse

    iPhone 4S battery drain! after update is even worse, iPhone 4S battery drain! after update is even worse

    Settings -> General -> Backroung App refresh
    Either selectively disable the ones you do not need, or just disable the feature altogether.  Esepcially for apps that would be using location services, this has the potential to be a huge battery drain.
    Also, in Privacy under Locations services, system services, disable at least the "popular near me" and "location based iAds" - both of these use location services a lot as they try to track your movements in real time.  You can disable everything in system services if you wish (won't harm anything).

  • I've been having problems with the battery draining within half an hour of it being fully chargers. I have an iPhone 5c and haven't had it for long. How do I get the troubleshoot email to check it out? iPhone 5c

    I have been having issues with my battery capacity. The battery will drain within half an hour with it being fully charged when the battery normally lasts me all day. I haven't had the phone that long so it most definitely shouldn't be happening. I went to my service provider about the problem and he said to go into the apple website, click "support" and then "battery capacity issues" to which you then type in your email to troubleshoot the problem on your phones however, I cannot find this. Someone help me out!

    He may have been referring to: https://www.apple.com/support/contact/
    On the linked page, click "Get Started" then on the next page click "iPhone" then on the next page "Battery, Power & Charging" then "Battery questions or troubleshooting"

  • Why does Iphone 5 battery drain within 3 hours if it is not being used?

    My wife charged her Iphone over night and at 8am it was on 100%. She has had no calls or texts but at 11am it is on 4%. This has been going on since the ios 7 update. Any help would be great.

    The Ultimate Guide to Solving iOS Battery Drain
    <http://www.overthought.org/blog/2014/the-ultimate-guide-to-solving-ios-battery-d rain>

  • FIX FOR: iPhone 4 battery draining fast, phone running hot

    I had the same issue many have reported here and in comments on blogs, where their +_battery was draining at least twice as fast_+ as on an iPhone 3GS with iOS 4.
    Some threads suggest +_this happens to iPhone 4 when restored from a 3G or 3GS_+, and indeed, that's what I'd done. A few people said that resetting to factory settings and installing everything fresh solved the issue, giving them better battery life than they'd seen on any prior iPhone.
    Many of my apps have files or settings stored in them, so I didn't want to have to set everything up again. A fresh install is a real pain.
    Deep in an iPhone 3G thread mentioning a similar battery problem after upgrading to iOS 4, someone said they'd deleted all their mail accounts, and set those up fresh, which solved the issue for them. I tried that today, and it worked.
    Thursday and Friday, the iPhone 4 went from 100% to 15% in under 6 hours. Today, after this fix, the iPhone 4 is at 87% after 12 hours. Thursday and Friday the phone was hot to the touch whenever I picked it up. Today it's always cool. Apps usage and movement among coverage areas on each day have been exactly the same. The only change was resetting up mail.
    *_STEPS TO FIX_*:
    Do this on WiFi so you can sync and check mail fast.
    1. Delete all mail accounts.
    2. If MobileMe user, delete MobileMe account, and remove all Calendars, Contacts, Notes, etc., from the phone (so you don't have dupes when you re-sync).
    3. Turn off phone, and back on again.
    4. If MobileMe user, add MobileMe account first. I enabled all options, even Find My iPhone (Thursday and Friday I had it off, in case it was using power). Wait long enough for contacts and calendars to sync, check to make sure. I use MobileMe mail on Push.
    5. Add back each additional mail account. I have 5. I am in a marginal coverage area, so I set these accounts on Fetch Hourly. I also have "Preview 5 Lines" (I think the default is Preview 2 Lines. This doesn't matter.)
    6. Go into Mail, go to the MobileMe Inbox, and scroll your way down letting the messages come in. You can see them come in when you see the Preview Lines update, and then scroll some more.
    7. Go into each additional mail account's Inbox, scroll your way down, letting the messages come in.
    8. Go to the combined Inbox if you use that, make sure all the messages are in.
    9. The WiFi activity spinner may remain spinning even after Mail says it is done Checking Mail. This is because other parts of mail accounts are being synced for the first time. Let the iPhone sit in Mail combined inbox until the spinner stops. Quit Mail, go back in, and watch the spinner after it's done Checking Mail. If the spinner doesn't stop after < 5 seconds or so, let Mail sit again. Once it's caught up, going into mail will Check Mail, and the spinner will stop a few seconds after as it should.
    10. You're done.
    Hopefully your phone stays cool and your battery life reflects the boost from the 20% larger battery. If not, the next step to try is Reset Network Settings, and finally try a factory reset and installing everything fresh instead of doing a restore. Hopefully you won't need to do that. I didn't.

    My iphone 4 just started to warm up and the battery is draining quick.  Closed everything and reset to no avail.  Turned off bluetooth, increased push time and checked location settings for new applications.  Weather Doodle was a bit suspicious as it had a purple direction indicator next to the setting.  The only other new app I installed was Lego instruct.  I disabled one of the 4 mail accounts I had that is having network difficulties, went to airplane mode and still I see %1 drain every 10 or 15 minutes.  I'll remove the new new apps and reset to see if it is related to the new apps.  If that doesn't work, I'll try email account reset at home wifi and see if that fixes the issues.  
    Thank you for the information.
    version 4.2.8

  • Iphone 4s battery draining very fast and phone getting hot - downloaded ios 6 about 2 weeks back

    my iphone 4S gets discharged in few hours - started doing this 2 days back
    I downloaded ios6 about 2 weeks back
    Phone getting hot too
    battery drains even without using the phone- and phone becomes hot
    have tried turning it completely off and restarting it but still battery draining problem persists
    please guide

    I final piece for me in the jigsaw following on from this
    is to turn off wifi when you do not need it. When I leave the house I turn off wifi, because the majority of the times when my iPhone has got very hot and crashed is when I am away from home. I suspect that if the iPhone is in the vicinity of public wifi (wheather secure or not secure) it will try and connect, even if you have 'automatically join known networks' set to off. This is easy of course if you have an unlimited data contract for your iPhone. I may be wrong, but it is working for me. It makes sense for me because it is another way of reducing the work the processor (and battery) has to do and therefore reduces the chance of overheating.
    Having said that, I never had this problem with my iPhone 4. I now have a 4S.
    Try it. Hope it works for you.

  • IPhone 4 battery drains really fast and phone gets really hot

    I have an iPhone 4 and since November 15 my battery has been draining really fast and gets really hot when I use the phone. When I try to charge the phone with my computer it doesn't charge, but only charges with the wall hub. I have tried deleting the email accounts, deleting all apps, restoring with the backup, restoring without the backup, and still no luck. I went to the Apple store and they briefly looked at it and said it had water damage by looking at the water damage indicator in the charging port. They told me I needed to pay $150 for a new phone. I don't recall getting my phone getting wet and it seems to work fine except for the battery drain and the computer charging problem. iTunes still recognizes the phone. I thought it was a battery problem so I ordered a new battery and replaced it myself and the battery was still draining fast. When I had the phone open the other water damage indicators were still white (no water damage), it was just the charging port indicator that was red (water damaged). Also, when I charge my phone with the wall hub it charges very slowly. I have ran out of ideas and I could really use some suggestions. Thank you.

    i looked on the right there is no solution to my problem.i charge my phone to 100% after 2 hours with no usage at all of the phone with 3G off with wifi off with all applications shut down all notifications and locations off battery goes down to 50% when it was running on the older ios never had this problem in my iphone.when will this problem solved

  • HT1688 iphone 4 battery draining out

    I believe there were a lot of people who were having issues with battery draining quickly after the iOS 6 upgrade. The latest patch release from Apple was suppose to fix the issue, but for me the issue has become worse. It drains out to almost 74% in 1/2 hr phone call and upto 40% in 2-3 hours with nothing else.
    Has anybody else have similar experience? Is Apple releasing another patch soon? I use this phone for my office calls and mails, and constant need to keep it charging is hurting my mobility.


  • Verizon iPhone 4 Battery Draining issue (continued)

    This is not a question or help topic but more of an announcement. Here's my story:
    I preordered the phone on it's February 3rd date and recieved the phone on February 7th. I did as Apple instructs when you get a new idevice (drain the battery down till it dies then recharge it to 100%.) I did that and began to use it, and keep in mind this was not heavy usage at all. I didn't have any app store apps installed at all, I set all settings in the phone to the best configuration for battery saving (truning off push notifications, turning off location services for apps you do not need, no bluetooth, no VPN, brightness at 33%, ect.) Now I thought the battery was strange as I had made my first phone call on 100% battery and it was a 5 minute call. I kid you not I lost 10% battery from one phone call. I thought that was rediculous so I went into my local verizon store and had it replaced. I did the same as I did last time and let the battery drain till it died and filled it to 100%. Tried the phone out and still had the same issue. I went back in and got my 3rd iphone 4. Did the same steps as before and drained then filled it. Yet again, I still had troubles with 3 phones in a row. I cantacted apple and got in contact with an apple engineer named Andrew. He sent me a file that they created that monitors what all is being used by the battery and monitors background processes and applications. I let that run for 24 hours and sent the battery loggin file back to Andrew. They reviewed the log and gave me a call the next day. They told me they did find some very significant battery draining and advised me to go to the nearest apple store ASAP and have the phone checked out. I drove 2 hours to the nearest store for them to just tell me the phone is fine (yotta yotta yotta) and they did a hard reset and restore on the phone (which I could have done from home on my computer and save the gas they made me waste driving for a total of 4 hours!) I tried contacting Andrew agiain but Andrew did not reply to any email sent to him nor return my calls. I got the point that he didn't want to deal with me anymore so I then decided to go the Verizon route. I called Verizon tech support and was transferred to a teir 2 representative. I told her my story, how many replacements I had, and how bad the battery life was. I told how my grandmother has an iphone 4 and I sat down comparing the 2 (battery life wise) and she chewed me out saying things like, "How dare you compare AT&T and Verizon!" I didn't want to listen to her chewing me out so I hung up. The next day I gave apple a call once again and they told me things I had already heard several times so I hung up. I called Verizon back and they said ok let's send you a replacement phone. Well the replacement phone came and wouldn't ya know it? The phone still had the same problem and on top of that they only sent me a phone. No box, no headphones, no USB cable, no charger. I called Verizon about this and asked why they only sent me a phone and they said, "Well you get to keep the phone but we want the other things back. The box, headphones, charger, USB cable, ect." I told them no and that they could have their refurbished phone back. This phone was not even refurbished. the reason I kow that is because it had someone's name written in the phone and it was still on 4.2.5. Had it been refurbished they would have done a fresh restore and update as 4.2.5 was deemed obsolete. That was very insulting in my opinion. So I sent that back and contacted apple one last time. I asked what other options I had as I was stressed and did not want to hear the same things I have already heard. they said they could send me a new phone free of charge and have me send back my current phone. I agreed to give it one last shot but I am still not confident that this phone will be any different.
    Now that's my story. Now let me go into a discussion. I have been doing my own litle "investigation on this phone to see what is making this phone drain so bad. I took a look at a report from iFixit.com and they revealed some pretty interesting things built into the Verizon iPhone. I am not going into detail about it but you can google it and see for yourself and read the article about the components. They built the phone with not only CDMA tech but also GSM. Now what purpose would that serve? Honestly? That is a big battery drainer right there. Secondly, they found that the phone contained a different model battery that was lighter and had less capacity than the GSM version of the iPhone 4. That's a second red flag. My mission right now is to get Apple's attention that these phones do indeed have aproblem and they need to be looked at because this just aint workin'. I have had several replacements done (all have the same issue), several thousands of people are reporting the same results with their battery on the web, and Apple chooses to ignore it. Something needs to be done and I encourage any Verizon iPhone user to take action and make this issue known. I have a website with contact information of people who work high up in the chain of Apple along with Scott Forstall's contact info. Go to http://idevicesupport.webs.com/apps/blog/show/6441029-update and find a contact you like and call it and deman that apple investigate these phones. We can get this issue resolved if we make it known. Don't be mean or nasty to them. They are very nice people but at the sametime don't let them talk over you. Make your voice heard. Thanks for listening guys. Take care. - Joe

    Some Users have Reported that a  Restore as New  has helped Resolve issues...
    Backup and Set Up as New Device

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