IPhone USB cable question...

Can someone please confirm what passes thru with the original iPhone USB cable that it comes with:
I know it pass DATA and CHARGE, however i need to know if it also sends AUDIO thru.
I am about to purchase a new car stereo, a pioneer unit, and i went to a local retailer to try out. i plugged in my iphone with the original cable to the radio, and the radio detected- ipod, started playing my playlist, but since the DEMO unit didn't have the audio hooked up, i couldnt confirm that all was good.
pioneer suggests their proprietary cable for ipod/iphone, and it looks just like the original cable.
thanks for any response.

I have similar problem, new iPhone 4 standard cable connect to usb port in my car, nothing works. Same phone and cable in my sons car, everything ok all working fine.... Hyundai say it's the phone logic say it's the car!

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  • Iphone usb cable shuts down laptop with error any ideas why

    every time i unplug the iphone usb cable it shuts down laptop with an error,i'm running windows7 on laptop and get a blue screen error.

    This is a common problem with corrupt USB drivers. Try using a different user account, and make sure that you eject the device properly before removing the iphone cable. I don't know what system your running so I can't link you to any USB drivers, but google is always your friend. If all else fails, un-install itunes, re-install it again, back it up with all your documents to a USB drive, then re-install windows 7. Not pleasent, but possible.

  • Newer iPhone USB cables tear at the ends, unlike old style iPhone USB cable

    Has anyone been seeing their iPhone USB cables tear at the ends after a year? This has been happening with the newer USB cable style, but not the older ones.
    http://i.imgur.com/KjGUx.jpg (USB ends)
    http://i.imgur.com/ueJ9m.jpg (30-pin connector ends)
    For the USB ends, the older style had a plastic cylindrical section covering the joint where the cable and USB head met. The same goes for the 30-pin connector end.

    Oh yeah. Our household has torn a total of three already in precisely that way. In fact, the one I'm using as we speak to connect my iPhone 3G to my computer is actually shredded from both ends (though the USB end is worse; the other two were also only torn at the USB ends).
    Sure one might attribute that to "user abuse" -- I don't know that any of us have been particularly
    gentle with our respective iPod and iPhone cables -- but personally I've found that the new cables (as opposed to the old cable that came with my first iPod) break in exactly this way unusually easy, without any extra unkind handling. Surely such an essential part should be able to last ordinary use beyond the first year?

  • IPhone + USB cable + netbook = Sudden shut down

    This problem started recently. When I plug my iPhone (original) into my netbook, an HP Mini 1101 it just shuts off. Not like a true shut off where all the lights go off, but the screen goes black & you can slightly hear the fan running but it doesn't respond to any keyboard or touchpad input.
    This wasn't always the case. My mom also has the very same netbook so I tried that & the same result occurred.
    I also have a HP Pavilion DV6426US notebook & I could plug it in & use it fine, but the cable I use (an Apple USB cable I got with my iPod classic current generation) it disconnects if I move the slightest, which is why I usually plug it into my netbook until this problem emerged.
    Anyone know what's up?


  • USB cable question

    Is there a difference between USB cables between different ipod versions?

    Noto to my knowledge.  I was using the same cable with my 1G nano, my 5G nano, and my original Touch. I don;t own any Classic iPods, though, so cannot speak to older versions of those or the minis.

  • Does applecare plus cover iphone usb cable?

    My husband and I both have the 4s and our cables don't always chargd the phones. We have applecare plus on them both, will that cover the cords?

    raymond73 wrote:
    do the math? Sorry for asking a question!
    Precisely. I am going under the assumption that Apple will consider the cable user damaged
    Unless they are simply not working and are not damaged.
    They may be covered even if they are simply are "worn out".
    Certainly worth asking about. If Apple says they are user damaged" and not covered,  then just buy the cables.
    In any case, Apple will NOT replace an iPhone unless the iPhone is actually damaged and not working correctly.
    Apple will not replace iPhone simply for cosmetic damage.
    Applecare+ will replace a user damaged device for a cost of $49.00
    Apple will replace a user damaged iPhone (now $79, not $49).
    A cable is not replaced for $49/$79
    Apple will only replace a malfunctioning/non-working item. If the cable is bad, they will not replace the iPhone.

  • Frayed USB cables

    Hey guys!
    In the past 4 weeks I have been through 2 iPhone USB cable.. And they have both frayed. I have had 1 since the iPhone came out, then I got the second one due to the 1st one fraying. I never rang Apple because I couldn't be bothered going through their return procedure.. So, I just went to the shop and bought one. Now this one has frayed.. I have the worst luck with Apple. Everything Apple (Even USB cables) have broken. I only buy them because Apple's customer service is fantastic!
    I have a broken Macbook Pro as well. I am on my 3rd one.. This one has a flickering screen. That's a different story....
    Anyway - what do I do to get these cables fixed?
    Thanks for your help, in advance!

    I don't think the cables can be 'fixed' (only replaced) - prevention is the way to go.
    Can you think of any way you may be mistreating the cables? When you connect/disconnect, do you grasp the cable by the plug (correct) or by the cable (incorrect)? I have over 10 iPods/iPhones, and I've never had a cable fray.



    Please don't shout!   Using all uppercase means shouting on the internet.  If your keyboard is stuck please say so, otherwise people will think you are being obnoxious.
    Now the first question is, when you are saying connecting to personal hotspot, have you always been using the iPhone to connect to the internet?   Are you someplace where the only place to connect is available via tethering to the iPhone's celluar network?  Or do you have other options?

  • Is anyone having issues with their iPhone 5 music controls in a 2012 Hyundai Accent, both on Bluetooth and using a headphone or USB cable?  My music plays but I cannot skip songs without physically using the iPhone 5 controls.  Thanks!

    I have an AT&T iPhone 5 purchased from an AT&T store - it is a normal phone, no changes, no jailbreaking.  I tried using my phone and my girlfriend’s iPhone 5 with the USB auxiliary cable in my 2012 Hyundai Accent.  No matter what connector I use (headphone, USB, auxiliary) it doesn't charge or allow me to use the Hyundai’s controls to change music.  Music will play through the Bluetooth system, but I cannot control the music unless I physically touch my iPhone.  My iPhone 4 has a USB auxiliary cable and works perfectly; it charges and I have full control of my music without having to touch my phone. Nothing works even if I use the adapter that connects the iPhone 4 charger end to the iPhone 5. The picture below shows the iPhone 4 USB cable but it needs to have the (blue) iPhone 5 adapter.
    Here’s the best part of this whole situation.  I was told by Hyundai Customer Care that there is a specific USB cable available for my iPhone and that I need to contact a dealer.  However, two Hyundai dealerships have told me that they do not have a cable, that Apple has not made a cable for the iPhone 5, and that I need to contact Apple directly or order it from an Apple store.  It gets better.  I contacted an Apple Store and they told me to contact Hyundai.  I explained what I wrote above and they put on a call with Apple Customer Care.  After 37 minutes on the phone with Apple, they still couldn't give me a satisfactory answer on how to get this cable or if they even had a cable (Case ID 505467409).
    So here is the magical question:   Is there a working adapter for the iPhone 5 that connect to a 2012 Hyundai Accent? It needs to play music, charge the phone, and work with the car’s controls.  Thanks!

    The problem is that you're using an uncertified lightning to 30-pin connector (the blue cable).  If you purchase the 30-pin to lightning cable (either online, at an Apple store or an authorized dealer) it should work fine.
    I have a 2011 Tuscon and tried the lightning to USB cable that came with the phone - no dice.  Talked to my local Hyundai dealer and they don't have an eta on the Hyundai lightning cables (I'm sure it's in the works).
    Lightning to 30-Pin Adapter (0.2M)
    Part Number: MD824ZM/A
    $29 in the US store, $45 in Canada (yes, even though our dollar has been par for years)

  • Iphone 4 frozen itunes logo & USB Cable on screen - heeeeeeeelp!!!

    Have tried to turn the phone on in recovery mode but to no avail - if I turn it off, as soon as I plug it into charge the itunes & usb cable signs come up on phone and I am sure it is not charging.
    If I hold down the home key and plug into usb cable on computer (wanted to try and restore via itunes) same thing happens, apple logo comes up for a second or two and then the itunes & usb cable sign.
    I had plugged the phone in via the usb cable to charge as the battery was low and the phone did sync with my computer, I deleted a couple of apps (children taking over my phone!) and I think itunes was trying to update when my computer deemed the update to dangerous so I cancelled it (thinking I'd unplug the phone pre any danger element!!!) - however, the itunes & usb sign was already there and has not gone since.
    I have now updated to the latest version of itunes and tried it all again, computer works fine, albeit I still got the 'this software is potentially dangerous' message but ignored it.
    Any thoughts (am loathe to run the jailbreak thingy that I have read about as presumably as soon as I start faffing with it, it will be out of waranty?  It is only 2 months old!)
    Please help oh clever iphone geeks

    You posted the same question yesterday which was answered.
    is there something wrong with the phone? is it true that all iPhones 1.1.2 behave this way?
    No - and as already answered, the iPhone is sold in the U.S. as carrier locked with at&t only. None of the iPhone functions work (with the exception of being able to make an emergency call) until the iPhone is activated with at&t. It has always been this way since day 1 and will remain this way at least for the next 4+ years or so. Apple signed a 5 year exclusive agreement with at&t for the iPhone sold in the U.S.
    The iPhone is sold in the UK as carrier locked with O2 only, in Germany as carrier locked with T-Mobile only, and in France as carrier locked with Orange and Apple sells an unlocked iPhone in France at a significantly higher price. Selling an unlocked phone is required by French law but the unlocked iPhone sold in France can be used with GSM network providers in France only.

  • I got a error when i trying to backup my iphone with the usb cable

    i got a error when i trying to backup my iphone with the usb cable. After i update to ios7 and also update itunes to last version, i got a message like 'could not back up the iphone, because a session could not be start with the iphone'. does anyone know how to deal with it. I never meet this question before i update to ios7

    Hello Lazyboy7,
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities!
    It sounds like you are getting an error message from iTunes when trying to manually backup with your USB cord.
    I found this article to help troubleshoot what might be going on here:
    iOS: Troubleshooting backup issues in iTunes
    Take care,

  • How do I use my iphone 4S wifi on my laptop via USB cable

    Hi with my HTC when I connected it to my laptop via USB cable a list of options came up on my phones screen and one of them was to tethering. But when I do the same with my iPhone no options come up on my screen, so how do I use my iPhones wifi on on my laptop useing a USB cable?
    Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
    My laptop runs on windows vista and my iPhone 4s has the latest updates.

    I want to use my home wifi signal to tether my iPhone to my laptop via USB ,as my laptops wifi card is broken. It worked ok with my old HTC desire as when I can extend it to my laptop it had a list os options of what you wanted to do and one of them was tethering, as I'm useing my home wifi I don't need to worry about my data usage. But thank you for responding.

  • My iPhone 4s is stuck on a black screen that shows a USB cable connecting to iTunes. The phone will not turn on and the iTunes logo as I described only shows up when I plug the phone into the charger or my computer. I have tried the reset in restore mode

    My iPhone 4s is stuck on a black screen that shows a USB cable connecting to iTunes. The phone will not turn on and the iTunes logo as I described only shows up when I plug the phone into the charger or my computer. I have tried the reset in restore mode as well as the DFU? mode and it still will not work. I have the latest version of iTunes on my Mac. My error code was 2002. I also tried it on my laptop (windows 8.1) and none of the above worked. My error code on my laptop was 02. The phone is through Verizon and it has absolutely no damage. It was working fine up until this and I have been trying to fix it for 2 days. Please help! I am unsure of what version the phone was currently running on before this because I have another iphone that's my primary phone and have not used this one in about a month. I do not believe it was updated to IOS 7.

    Your iPhone is in recoverty mode at the moment so to possibly get it back up and running you would need to do a restore as you have been trying. Follow the steps in the article below for the specific error messages you have been receiving. If after following all steps the issue remains book an appointment at a local Apple Retail Store to have the iPhone evaluated.
    Resolve specific iTunes update and restore errors

  • My iPhone 3gs has frozen after trying to update to 5.0.1 and will not turn on or off. Only showing the iTunes logo and the usb cable on the screen. What can I do to fix this?

    My iPhone 3gs has frozen while doing update 5.0.1 I think it was. All it shows is the iTunes logo and the usb cable on the screen. I will not turn on or off. I have tried reconnecting to iTunes but nothing happens. Have held both buttons for 10 seconds etc and nothing is working! What can I do?

    Here are Apple Steps: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1808

  • My iphone is no longer working I have black screen with a picture of the itunes logo and a USB cable.  When I try to connect my iphone to itunes the device is not detected, can anyone help me? I desperatley need my phone back

    My iphone is no longer working I have black screen with a picture of the itunes logo and a USB cable.  When I try to connect my iphone to itunes the device is not detected, can anyone help me? I desperatley need my phone back

    I have had a 3GS for 2+ years.  After upgrading to IOS 4 (now 4.3.5) I began having problems.  In the past week, my screen went to the itunes logo and USB cable twice -- unprovoked -- just found it sitting there like that!  I connected to itunes and it did restore from a backup but it is a major inconvenience.  I am also searching for answers, but better back-up regularly!

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