IPhoto export photo quality

Is there a way to manually dictate the JPG image quality upon iphoto export to web? The images the automatic web portfolio is very poor. Quality 5 at best.
There must be a way to hard set this export feature.

There are two quality levels involved when you add iPhoto photos to an iWeb photo page: 1 - the quality of the image used for the iWeb slideshow presentation and that of the file provided for download from that site. Which are you concerned with?
What's the URL of your site so we can examine the photos first hand? Also what are the pixel dimensions of the photos that you are transferring to iWeb?

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  • Why is an "original" iPhoto export poorer quality than my original photo?!

    Hi Everyone,
    I hope you're all well. I had a question regarding iPhoto - I have an SLR which takes really good quality pictures, and I wanted to back them up in more than one location. I already have them in my iPhoto library - however, when I tried to export them with the "Original" option on File Export, and compared the exported version to the ones in iPhoto, its poorer quality than the one in iPhoto! Even though I selected "Original" quality!! However, when I exported it using PNG, it was exactly like the photos imported in to iPhoto. I understand that PNG is a lossless file format, but I am very confused as to why exporting photos in its original format gives a worse quality picture!
    Would someone please be able to explain what is going on, and why the original export is much worse than PNG?
    Thank you for your time!

    How are you determining that the export is "much worse" than the imported photo
    What format are you shooting on the DSLR (I assume it is digital)? What format are you exporting?
    For what it is worth I do two daily backups (Time Machine running hourly and a daily bootable clone of my entier system) and I dod an occasional off site backup and I use three 32 GB level 10 SD cards so even shooting 16 MP RAW I only rotate back to the oldest card about once a year giving me a year's originals in addito=ion to my other backups

  • Iphoto exporting photo looks pale on iphone

    Hi people, I'm trying to export some photos from iphoto and copy them to my new iphone 6. The problem is the exported files look great on my rmbp, but when I copied them to iphone 6, the photos look so pale and dull. I know this is not a problem of my phone because if I use my phone to take the same picture, the color looks good as well. So what did I do wrong? Some color settings? Please help, thanks!

    , but when I copied them to iphone 6,
    How were you getting the photos onto your iPhone by copying them?

  • Iphoto exports photos smaller than actual size

    this problem just recently started, and i haven't changed anything (settings, os, way i import photos, etc...). basically when i upload photos on line, or open them up in another program by opening them through this process:
    file - open - photos - iphoto library - data - *folder name* - *image title*
    the photos all come out to be about 3x2 inches or so. most of them should be around 6x4 or so... i would just like to find a way to upload/open a file from iphoto, without having to take the photo out of iphoto, save it at a different file name into a different location, and having to open it up from that location. it adds too much work and uses up too much hard disk space, because i upload a lot of photos online.
    anyone know?

    The problem is that you're not exporting at all; you're grabbing the file from the iPhoto library. Since you're going into the Data folder, you're getting the thumbnail that iPhoto creates to make viewing your library efficient.
    The correct way to do this is to choose the photos you want from within the iPhoto application (not the library folder in Finder). Select File > Export > File Export, where you can create a folder on your desktop for the exported copies. In the export dialog you will also have the option to rename the copies or resize them for better performance in email or websites. When you have used the exports you can delete them; iPhoto keeps your original files safe inside the library.
    Okay, I know you said you want to leave them in the library. But you can save disc space by deleting your exports after you've finished uploading them.
    The reason I'm reluctant to tell you how to do it your way is that one of the most common causes of iPhoto damage is when people mess around inside the iPhoto library folder in Finder. Any changes made while you're in there will break the link between your file and the iPhoto database. At worst, you can corrupt your whole database and have to start over with a fresh library.
    That being said, you should know that the full-sized photos are contained in either the Originals folder (unedited photos here) or the Modified folder (edited and rotated photos here). The advantage to exporting is that iPhoto knows which one to copy; to find it yourself you have to go looking around a bit.
    And, just to be safe, you can use Finder to make a duplicate of the file Library6.iPhoto, located just inside the iPhoto Library folder. (It's a relatively small file.) Keeping a current copy of this file will allow you to easily restore your library in the event of database corruption. I make a new duplicate every time I close iPhoto and keep the 2 most recent copies as back-up.

  • IPhoto slideshow photo quality?

    I am working on a slideshow and it appears that the photos are losing resolution in the slideshow...how can I keep the clarity and sharpness in the photos?

    You'll need to give a fuller description. Is this in the slideshow as you prepare it? Or is it after export?

  • Controlling Photo Quality in iPhoto Calendars and Books..

    As is the case with many of the processes in iPhoto, I am unclear as to what is taking place when I place and order with Apple for a Photo Book or Calendar. I use an 8 MP Olympus DSLR and shoot at max resolution so my average image is 3200x2400 and # MB+. And yet when I place an order for a calendar containing 12 full page images shot at that resolution the down upload time is nowhere near as long as you would expect for a file that size. I have also noticed that the images in the calendar appear to be of lower quality than when printed out on an ink jet printer. Does iPhoto export the photos at full resolution, or is there something taking place here behind the scenes to speed up upload times?

    Is there a loss of quality when the photos are converted to pdf files? If so, is there any way around this? I am trying to maintain as high a quality as possible.

  • Photo quality in iphoto

    I have read every stream I can find about iphoto and finding the original quality photos, but nothing has worked for me.
    My problem is, I am importing photos that are 8mb. Once in iphoto'08 they are converted to 1mb.
    Now, I have dragged photos from iphoto onto my desktop, they stay the same size. I have exported photos to my desk top as maximum size jpegs, as well as originals, and they stay 1mb.
    I have also searched for the original file, its size is 1mb.
    So, I am at a loss. I have also used image capture to bring in the 8mb photos, and they are converted to 1 mb.
    PLEASE tell me what I am doing wrong, or how to correct this?
    I am pulling my hair out here.
    I would be forever in your debt.

    Welcome to the Apple user to user assistance forums
    iPhoto does not modify the original photos - in a managed library it copies them to the library - in a referenced library it points to them where ever they are
    Are you by any chance confusing 8 megapixel files with 8 megabyte files? My 8 MP photos shot in fine resolution are about 2.5 to 2.8 MB on disk. a 8MB JPEG would relate to roughly a 24 MP photo in fine resolution - are you sure you are talking about 8 MegaByte photos?

  • Export 100% quality photos with metadata?

    I've spent hours searching the web and this forum but can't figure out how to do this.
    How do I export a set of photos from iPhoto '09 while preserving the photo's image quality and its metadata? I want a 100% identical copy of the photo to be exported.
    I've noticed throughout this forum that when people ask how to move their photos to another computer or to use with a different photo tool, whilst preserving metadata, the normal answer is to use File-->Export. The problem, I'm finding, is that you don't get an exact copy of the photo that's in iPhoto ––OR–– you don't get the metadata included with the export, depending on which export choices you make.
    1. If you choose to Export the photo(s) in Current or Original, then you get a 100% quality photo but you don't get all the metadata: Location, Keywords, Title. (You do get the original metadata that was put there by your digicam or scanner prior to importing into iPhoto, however.)
    2. If you just drag the photo(s) out of the iPhoto window, you get an identical copy of the original without the extended metadata, as in the previous method.
    3. If you choose to Export the photo(s) in JPEG, then you can include the Location, Keyword, and Title metadata. However, the exported photo is not the same size as the original.
    - JPEG Quality: High results in photos that are about 1/2 the size of the original.
    - JPEG Quality: Maximum results in photos that are about TWICE the size of the original.
    I don't really understand what it means to take a 2 MB JPEG iPhoto original from my digicam and export it in Maximum resulting in a 4 MB JPEG copy. All that extra size surely cannot be worth anything, as the best you can get is what was in the original. So you're doubling the size for no benefit. Actually, it seems likely that the copy is WORSE than the original because of lossy file-format conversion errors, similar to why it's a bad idea to convert a 128kbs AAC song to a 128kbs MP3 song in iTunes, or make a copy of a cassette tape (for those of you old enough to remember analog).
    The Crux Dilemma: It appears that I can EITHER
    1. export a 100% identical copy of my photo but lose my extended metadata,
    2. export a modified (either 1/2- or Double-size) JPEG copy that has all the metadata.
    This is frustrating me. My friends and I took hundreds of pictures. I've imported them into iPhoto, edited them, Keyword tagged them, GeoTagged them, and now I want to give them their 100%-quality copies of the photos, and I can't figure out how to do it.
    Any suggestions?
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    Terence, thank you for your quick reply!
    You basically confirmed what I found out by trial-and-error.
    Unfortunately, I think the news is bad. Here's why:
    A typical picture in my iPhoto library, a JPEG taken by a compact digicam, is 1.8 MB. Let's compare that to the sizes of the same picture when exported using the various options:
    1.8 MB - Current or Original; - metadata not included.
    11.4 MB - TIFF - lossless, all metadata included
    3.1 MB - JPEG Maximum - lossy but all metadata included
    0.7 MB - JPEG High - lossy but all metadata included
    You wrote "For my money the best bet is the tiff". I know tiff's are the highest quality format (non-lossy), but, in my case anyway, they're 6.3 X larger.
    Is it really true that the only way to move my photos out of iPhoto while preserving 100% of the quality and all the extended metadata is to increase the size of my photos over 6 times? Really?
    That seems a bit ridiculous. Consider a library of 10,000 photos averaging 2 MB each (which is on the small side these days). That library would be at least 20 GB (not really considering all the additional space used by thumbnails, dupes, etc). But if I want to export all those photos in a lossless way while preserving metadata, the size will jump to over 126 GB!!
    Many of us have Macs with hard drives large enough to easily handle a 20GB iPhoto library, but if that library suddenly exported itself into a 126 GB monster, that would challenge many of our hard drives.
    Is there really no other way?

  • Exporting photos in iphoto

    when in iPhoto, my photos are high quality such as 9mb.  i hit export, maximum quality, jpg. and it exports asm 1.2mb.  i understand in can hit "original" but if have edited it then it does not show my edit.   also, if i export to desktop and then import to photoshop it is low res.  how do i get around that?
    thank you.

    LH ,  i quote you, "
    As I said previously if you want a BIG image export as a TIFF and it will be very big - but not any better quality than the 1.2 mb JPEG
    and something is wrong with your observations - if you have a 9 mb JPEG (which is not really likely)" 
    first let me say, i am not blind and i am looking at the info on the image in iPhoto.  second, i know how to read the info.  i have been doing this for a long time.  i have some images that have loaded higher than that from the camera.  i have a full frame camera with 25mb and it takes higher mb images. 
    keith, yes alitle is understandable but that much is not.  i am not changing the size when exporting.  also,  the only problem with exporting original, i might have tweaked or cropped in iPhoto. 

  • IPhoto library slideshow - to iDVD photo quality

    i'm new to Mac computers, just got my first one - and I've created a photo slide show with iPhoto and exported/burned it with iDVD with my own menu and everything and all went well, except the photo quality is AWFUL. The pictures are jagged and not as sharp as they appear in iPhoto. I checked and watched the mpeg file it created in order for it to go to iDVD, and that was great - is it the Mpeg2 encoding that is ruining the quality?
    I tried creating it in iMovie and it's the same thing.

    I am trying to create a project for a client. It is a slideshow with music. Seems simple??? NOPE!
    I thought to use imovie and burn it to a CD, but am I crazy?
    I have questions and need answers please!
    -best program to make a slideshow in with about 150 CD's able to burn onto CDR with music
    -have to be compatable with both mac and pc's
    -and every time I am importing good quality pictures into imovie they look like crap. pixels gallore and cant seem to make it better.
    freaking out a bit, have a deadline...
    please help!!!!

  • How can I retain the original quality of a photo when sending it by email.At the moment if I drag them in to the email from iphoto the image quality reduces.

    When I add photos to an email by dragging them in from iphoto the quality of the photos reduce.
    How can I retain the original quality.

    When I add photos to an email by dragging them in from iphoto the quality of the photos reduce.
    Philip, dragging from iPhoto will export previews of the image, not the original high resolution image. To export higher quality versions from iPhoto don't drag, but use "File > Export"
    You can also mail your photo directly from within iPhoto using "Share > Email" and set the "Size" to "Actual Size (Full Quality)"

  • Problems exporting photos in iPhoto 6

    When I try to export photos from iPhoto to my hard drive, I get an error message that says:
    "Directory Exists: exists as a directory at this destination. Aborting export."
    This directory doesn't exist - I've tried creating several different folders, but to no avail. If I drag the photos directly to my desktop from iPhoto they work fine, but I can't export resized photos this way.
    Has anyone else seen this problem, and if so, is there a fix for it? Thanks in advance!

    LH ,  i quote you, "
    As I said previously if you want a BIG image export as a TIFF and it will be very big - but not any better quality than the 1.2 mb JPEG
    and something is wrong with your observations - if you have a 9 mb JPEG (which is not really likely)" 
    first let me say, i am not blind and i am looking at the info on the image in iPhoto.  second, i know how to read the info.  i have been doing this for a long time.  i have some images that have loaded higher than that from the camera.  i have a full frame camera with 25mb and it takes higher mb images. 
    keith, yes alitle is understandable but that much is not.  i am not changing the size when exporting.  also,  the only problem with exporting original, i might have tweaked or cropped in iPhoto. 

  • Iphoto export quality issues

    I notice when I'm working in iphoto lately. When I export photos, no matter how I do it the photos come out with much lower quality as what they are in iphoto.
    Photo on the left is the original. The photo in the middle is my work in iphoto and the photo on the right is what is exported.
    I never use to have this problem... Anyone with an idea?
    Thank you

    The orig. file on the left is RAW.
    I've just done some editing in the adjust section to the photo (The pic in the middle of the example above) to how I want it.
    Export the photo Max quality, full size.
    The exported photo looks like much of the agustments I've done in iphoto are missing (eg:Sharpness & Definition).
    I just want my photos exported to match what they look like in iphoto with my adjusments.
    Thank you for your help

  • IPhoto not exporting photos properly

    iPhoto 9.4.2.
    When I try to export photos with the 'export' feature, some come out wrong. Sometimes the photo is almost cut in half, with one half filtered and skewed. Other times the photo is cut with a grey background across it.
    Tried exporting to multiple formats, different quality settings and several times. I've been able to do this successfully in the past.
    Thanks in advance.

    I have the same problem: occurs randomly but often. I have just exported a dozen images, three images have the upper left quarter of the exported image about 50% lighter than the rest of the picture.  Other times there will be a square somewhere in the picture a different shade, other times it is stripes.
    If I look at the pictures in iphoto, they appear normal.
    I could not try your fix because the problerm is random. I did open a new library to see what happened.
    Just one problem: how do I get my old library back when I open iphoto.

  • Exporting photos from iPhoto - using in Word

    I'm trying to build a Word document using some of the photos in iPhoto. Using the "Export" command in iPhoto and selecting jpg format I export the desired photo to a folder on the desktop. So far so good. Preview opens this file as does most other applications. But if I use the "Insert Picture from file" command in Word (or Excel for that matter) and navigate to the photo I just exported and select it, I get an error message that says
    "This application cannot open this file. This file is an unsupported graphic format or may be damaged. Try opening the graphic in another application"
    The rub is that I just tried this with one photo and it inserted fine! Now when I try it with the others I get the error message.
    Is there a work around to this does anyone know?

    Sorry for delay in replying - I've been on travel. The only way I seem to be able to consistently paste pictures into Word is to use Photoshop Elements 3 to simply open the jpg file that has been exported from iPhoto to a folder and then save it again. Interestingly, when I do this the icon - previously only visible as a generic jpg icon becomes a "mini-photo" icon. That's the only difference I can see.
    I have tried dragging the original iPhoto exported jpg from the folder on the desk top into Word but the photo usually just pops back again - i.e. it won't paste. (Except that about 1 in 10 photos WILL paste! - and there's no obvious difference in the files - all were taken by the same camera on the same card and imported into iPhoto at the same time! - weird!)
    Photos that won't paste this way produce the same effect if I use the Insert Picture command from Word.
    I haven't tried dragging direct from the iPhoto window because the files are too big - ~3MB a file. In using the Export command I resize the file down to around 50-100kb and paste that. Although having said that the quality seems a lot poorer than I'd imagine for even a 100kb jpg file. (the quality in iPhoto looks good - most photos are taken with a Nikon D70s SLR).
    I agree Word is hopeless - even once I get the jpg files into Word they often seem to have a mind of their own as to where they want to go - and I've lost count of the number of "Unexpected quits"!
    It does seem odd that this is inconsistent and maybe Word is at fault. I do wonder though whether iPhoto 4 is not consistent in the way that it exports images? Don't know - probably should have updated to iLife 5 - although maybe in a few hours iLife 6 will be available!

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