IPhoto exporting issues, doesn't keep color settings?

I have a weird problem.
If I export a picture from iPhoto, the resulting file doesn't look the same way as the original. At least not in Firefox and other web browsers (IE?). It DOES look like the original in iPhoto, Preview and Safari though.
Here's an example; Original in iPhoto, export in Preview and Firefox are the same file:
You can clearly see that the Firefox view is more pale.
Latest version of iPhoto.
Tried both with NEF raw and jpg as originals.
MacBook Pro 15" Mac OS X (10.4.6) 2 GHz

That's a question for the Firefox people really. The profiles are attached, that's why the pic looks the same in iPhoto Safari and Preview. It's a case of getting Firefox to respect them.

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    'm trying to make a backup of all my photos in iPhoto to an external drive but its not letting me drag and drop the iPhoto library and neither is it letting me export from iPhoto itself

    What format is the external HD?  It should be OS X Extended (journaled) with ownership set to be igonred. 
    What happens when you try to drag your library to the EHD? 

  • Iphoto export issues

    I am trying to export a slideshow from iPhoto in HD720p however upon the completion of the export into a USB, the file is much smaller in size than it should be and the slideshow freezes at about halfway ALTHOUGH the music that is over the top of the slideshow continues to play properly until the end of the show. How do I fix this?

    export to the desktop and test there - if it is good then drag it to the USB drive

  • Keep resetting firefox, it doesn't keep settings (I.E. to open on my home page), and when opening a tab the 3*3 links aren't there.

    When I set my Firefox to open to my home page, the next day doesn't keep the settings, and when I open a new tab, the 9 click links aren't there. I have reset twice and have no toolbars, but it repeats.

    Thanks for contacting Mozilla Support.
    Certain Firefox problems can be solved by performing a ''Clean reinstall''. This means you remove Firefox program files and then reinstall Firefox. Please follow these steps:
    '''Note:''' You might want to print these steps or view them in another browser.
    #Download the latest Desktop version of Firefox from http://www.mozilla.org and save the setup file to your computer.
    #After the download finishes, close all Firefox windows (click Exit from the Firefox or File menu).
    #Delete the Firefox installation folder, which is located in one of these locations, by default:
    #**C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
    #**C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox
    #*'''Mac:''' Delete Firefox from the Applications folder.
    #*'''Linux:''' If you installed Firefox with the distro-based package manager, you should use the same way to uninstall it - see [[Installing Firefox on Linux]]. If you downloaded and installed the binary package from the [http://www.mozilla.org/firefox#desktop Firefox download page], simply remove the folder ''firefox'' in your home directory.
    #Now, go ahead and reinstall Firefox:
    ##Double-click the downloaded installation file and go through the steps of the installation wizard.
    ##Once the wizard is finished, choose to directly open Firefox after clicking the Finish button.
    More information about reinstalling Firefox can be found [https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/troubleshoot-and-diagnose-firefox-problems?esab=a&s=troubleshooting&r=3&as=s#w_5-reinstall-firefox here].
    <b>WARNING:</b> Do not run Firefox's uninstaller or use a third party remover as part of this process, because that could permanently delete your Firefox data, including but not limited to, extensions, cache, cookies, bookmarks, personal settings and saved passwords. <u>These cannot be recovered unless they have been backed up to an external device!</u>
    Hope this helps!
    Mozilla Support volunteer

  • Export Issues in Iphoto 11'

    I am having some serious issues trying to move my iphoto library to an external hard drive. I have read just about every article on here about the issue but none help at all. I keep going to File > Export and it brings up the options box for exporting. After i select my settings it asks for the new location, when i try to tell it to go to the external hard drive it just goes back to the previous diologue box and does nothing. I read that i should try exporting it to another file folder on my desktop then transfer the file and then delete it off my notebook hard drive. When i try to tell it to export to the desktop it does the same exact thing everytime. I am not an idiot and have been using my same set up for about 4 years now, something is a miss, and i have no idea what it is. Also my HD on my notebook is basically out of space and i have been deleting older photos and music to make room for the disks to be useable, and i cant keep doing this. I have a 1TB  TC as well that i use to keep music and stuff on, (doesn't work like it should either) but i need all my photos on a portable drive. Getting unbelieveably frustrated at this point. Hopefully somebody can save my *** on this one.

    Do not export anything at all. If iPhoto is open, Quit it.
    Go to your Home folder inside the Users folder, and open the Pictures folder inside it. Drag the iPhoto Library from there onto your external drive's icon and drop it. The entire library will be copied intact onto the external drive.
    Now click the iPhoto icon in your Dock while holding down the Option key. iPhoto will ask what library you wish to use. Navigate to the library on the external drive and select it. The library will open exactly as it did previously. If it does so and everything is in order, delete the iPhoto Library from your Home > Pictures folder to recover the hard drive space it now occupies.
    Remember that just as the library needed to be backed up to another drive when it resided on your internal drive, it still needs to be backed up to another drive after you move it. That means you'll need a second external hard drive on which to back it up.
    Remember also that if you don't have the external drive connected to your computer each time you open iPhoto in the future, it won't be able to use that library, and any pictures you import at such a time will be stored in a new iPhoto library that will be created on the internal drive.

  • Export to PDF doesn't retain page settings

    Create a report with lots of columns and then change the page settings to be landscape and shrink to fit. Now run the report and print the report as a PDF. It works as expected.
    Now export this same report as a PDF. The export will not retain the page settings. Instead, it will export the PDF in portrait and it will not shrink to fit.
    If you email the report to someone, it also doesn't retain the page settings.
    I opened a TAR on this issue and I was told this was not a current feature of Discoverer. Exporting does not retain page settings by design and it would be an enhancement request to get this new functionality.
    We build a lot of custom Oracle Reports right now so that users can drill from one level to another. With OracleBI Discoverer, I can now do this with linking to sheets. With Oracle Reports, I can render the report in PDF format which is a business requirement. With OracleBI Discoverer, I can do this too except I can't export the PDF because it doesn't fit on the page correctly.
    Anyone else need this functionality?
    On another "enhancement request" note, I would like to be able to schedule exports. OracleBI Discoverer is getting close to providing an alternative to Oracle Reports which is great because it is faster to build and deploy reports and it is licensed by the CPU so I don't have to worry about buying Report Builder licenses. Lastly, business users can build their own reports rather than someone in IT doing it.

    ok, here's what I have found out (thanks to our Viewer guru, Matthew):
    The print/PDF preferences are currently not saved, so you are right when you say you have to re-apply those settings.
    However, there is a way to persist these changes within a session (note that since these changes are session-resident only, you will lose them once you exit Viewer).
    The short one line explanation of the workaround is to make the changes using the 'Printable Page' link, generate a 'Preview' or the entire PDF report, and then use the worksheet breadcrumb link to return to the worksheet. This ensures that the PDF changes you made are available during the sesion to the worksheet. You can always undo these settings by clicking the 'Revert to saved' link.
    I have posted the same information, but with screenshots, to http://oraclebi.blogspot.com/2005/12/pdf-settings-in-viewer.html
    Oracle Business Intelligence Product Management
    BI on Oracle: http://www.oracle.com/bi/
    BI on OTN: http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/bi/
    Discoverer: http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/discoverer/
    BI Beans: http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/bib/
    BI Software: http://www.oracle.com/technology/software/products/ias/devuse.html
    Documentation: http://www.oracle.com/technology/documentation/appserver1012.html
    BI Samples: http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/bi/samples/
    OTN Forum: Discoverer
    Blog: http://oraclebi.blogspot.com/

  • I have been having a issue with getting the colors on my monitor to match the colors fro my print lab. I now have the monitor calibrated to match the prints but when I open elements it doesn't use the same colors. If i have it use the calibrated profile b

    I have been having a issue with getting the colors on my monitor to match the colors fro my print lab. I now have the monitor calibrated to match the prints but when I open elements it doesn't use the same colors. If i have it use the calibrated profile by changing the color management settings, the color picker no longer shows true white or black. How do I get elements 12 to honor the new calibrated settings?

    Ok so I've done what you said and this is what it's come back ....
    I don't know that these are the errors , but they're the things which don't look right ...
    Throughout the shut down there is a recurring line ;
    It says ;
    Com.apple.launchd 1 0x100600e70.anonymous.unmount 301 PID still valid
    Then there are 2 more which I think are related ;
    Com.apple.securityd 29 PID job has I overstayed its welcome , forcing removal.
    Then the same with fseventd 48 and diskarbitrationd 13
    Oh and on Launchd1 : System : stray anonymous job at shut down : PID 301 PPID13 PGID 13 unmount...
    Then the last process says "about to call: reboot (RB_AUTOBOOT).
    And stops ...
    Hope this means something to you ... Thanks again for your help so far :-)

  • Help with Color Settings/Profiles...White's look 'yellow' when exported to PowerPoint as a .png

    I am running into this odd occurence and can't seem to figure it out.
    First - I am not an expert in the Color settings/Profiles topic but I am thinking there is an issue here.
    When I look at this image "McCroreyDigitalLogo.png" in Photoshop the 'whites' appear right.
    Then when I import it into ms PowerPoint, the whites look yellowish.
    I have done a series of 'tests' and it seems to be that the color profile out of photoshop and the one in PowerPoint are not compatible.
    I have reset my Photoshop preferences with no luck/change to the results.
    Finally, I did a screen shot out of photoshop and pasted that into Power point.  The white appeared correct.
    Could use some guidance on how to fix this one. Basically any files I run through PS, when they are imported into PowerPoint, the whites turn yellow.
    Thanks in advance

    PowerPoint is not a color managed program and can display the color values only in the color space of your monitor without any correction.
    Color managed programs like Photoshop correct the color values when displaying them in order to simulate within the color space of your monitor other color spaces, for example sRGB, AdobeRGB, the color spaces of various printers, and etc. For this reason you can not match the color in non-color managed programs to the color of color managed programs but you can do the opposite match the color in Photoshop to PowerPoint.
    There is two ways to do this:
    One way is if you want the color values in Photoshop to remain the same but be displayed in the color space of your monitor which PowerPoint is using, you can either color proof with or assign your monitor profile to the document.
    To color proof choose View > Proof Setup > Monitor RGB.
    To assign, choose Edit > Assign Profile, select Profile and from the menu choose the color profile of your monitor. If you are not sure what's the name of the color profile of your monitor, go to the Color Settings, in the Working Spaces section use the RGB menu, scroll up and check what it says after Monitor RGB-
    Both proof and assign will give the same result on your monitor but the difference is - the proof is temporary and will last only for the session and the profile, if embedded when saving the file, will stay and when open in other color managed programs including those on other users' computers the color space of your monitor will be simulated and for those users who don't use color managed programs the colors could be way off than if saved with a profile of a more common color space like sRGB.
    The other way is If you want the appearance in Photoshop to remain but the color values converted to the color space of your monitor, choose Edit > Convert to Profile, and from the RGB menu choose the color profile of your monitor. This will preserve the appearance and also match the colors in PowerPoint but like proofing and assigning you are not seeing what other users may see on their computers.
    It is not possible to see the same colors in color managed and non-color managed programs and at the same time simulate how others using different computers may see the colors because different monitors display color values differently. Color managed programs can simulate a common standard color space like sRGB while non-color managed programs can not.
    Edit: Have in mind all this will work properly if you have a color profile that describes correctly how your monitor displays colors. What you did as described in your post #6 is assign a color space that may be different than the color space of your monitor. The result is when working in sRGB color space your color managed programs will match the non color managed programs on your monitor but that doesn't mean that the actual sRGB space is displayed and any other color space simulation could be based on a wrong monitor profile.

  • Who's in charge of pdf export: Dialog box or Color settings?

    Bridge has synchronized the color settings of all of my apps. But, I needed to export a pdf which uses different color settings. When I try to do so, I get this warning:
    The preset specifies source profiles that don't match the color settings file. Profiles specified by the color settings file will be used.
    So, who's in charge here? Why should a set of defaults override the specifics of this export? How do I get to be in charge?

    If you prepared the file for one print destination and the doc is going to different destination, you want to change the Destination Profile in the Advanced tab to the new CMYK profile and leave your document profile (source profile) alone.
    You shouldn't have any problem doing this at least in CS2 or 3. Just keep in mind the PDF will have new CMYK values, which would happen with any CMYK to CMYK conversion.
    If you are sending the file to a new destination and you don't want CMYK conversions, you have to assign new profiles to the document and that can't be done via PDF export, which makes sense because assigning a new profile may change the appearance of any document CMYK colors and you might want to make adjustments to those colors before exporting.
    Also, keep in mind if you are using the default Color Settings where the CMYK Policy is Preserve Embedded profiles, a CMYK profile is assigned to your document when it is made. In that case changing your color settings via Bridge has no effect on that particular document because it is the assigned profile which color manages not the new working space set in Color Settings. To change a document's assigned profile you have to use Edit>Assign Profiles... not Bridge.

  • Color Settings issues in Lightroom.

    I'm new to Lightroom, and I have been using it for sometime with no issues, until recently. 
    I normally shoot with a Nikon D800, and haven't had any issues with it, importing, and reading colors.  Recently I rented a Fujix100 for a job, and used lightroom as well to process all those images, but I feel like it may have changed a preference setting in lightroom because now when I import from my Nikon, where there should be a subtle gradation, I get magenta banding.
    Strange thing is, this only happens in the Lightroom workspace.  When I export the image, I don't see the banding, and even on a friends monitor, they don't notice the banding.
    Im getting my Nikon checked out as we speak to make sure its not my sensor, but my question is, is there anyway to reset the color settings on Lightroom just to be on default?
    And is that information then attached to my different catalogs, or just the application?
    Edit-  I should also add taht I had to replace the monitor on my computer be cause of yellowing, so I know that my monitor is new (unless they replaced it with a faulty monitor, but then I would see banding everywhere.)

    I think the problem is with the new monitor, not with the cameras.  Shooting with a different brand or model shouldn't have any impact on another model.  If you are talking about resetting default cameras settings, yes you can do that.  But using the Fuji should not have impacted the Nikon at all.  You either need to calibrate that new monitor, or exchange it for another if you have that option.

  • Bridge CS6 doesn't keep Bridge CS5 settings (collections etc.). How to ?

    Bridge CS6 doesn't keep Bridge CS5 settings (collections etc.).
    How to retrieve this ? (OSX)
    Cant find there :
    1. PECourtejoie,  
      28 mars 2012 05:41    in reply to TomEP 
    Hello! It would be nice to have a migration script in Bridge too...
    In the past, there were folders you could copy, but given the database changes, I'm not sure, I need to check first with the team.
    On a Mac, it is in the collections folders in ~Library/ApplicationSupport/Adobe/Bridge CS5/Collections/
    PC(XP): C:Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Adobe\Bridge CS5\collections
    VIsta/7: user/app data/roaming/Adobe/Bridge CS5/Collections
    Hope this helps
    Was this helpful?  Yes    No    

    When upgrading no files are copied from the previous version.  So you will have to find them and copy them over.  Locations are in post above.

  • "Could not synchronize the color settings because of a program error." App keeps crashing.

    Hi, I keep getting this error message, "Could not synchronize the color settings because of a program error." whenever I click on Photoshop in my dock. A few seconds after, I'll get a crash report. I just upgraded to OS X Mountain Lion and have not been able to start Photoshop since. Illustrator, on the other hand, works fine. Any idea why this is? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Can you open Photoshop with the shift.key pressed?
    Are Photoshop and OS fully updated?
    As with all unexplainable Photoshop-problems you might try trashing the prefs (after making sure all customized presets like Actions, Patterns, Brushes etc. have been saved and making a note of the Preferences you’ve changed) by keeping command-alt-shift pressed on starting the program or starting from a new user-account.
    System Maintenance (repairing permissions, purging PRAM, running cron-scripts, cleaning caches, etc.) might also be beneficial, Onyx has been recommended for such tasks.
    Weeding out bad fonts never seems to be a bad idea, either. (Validate your fonts in Font Book and remove the bad ones.)
    If 3rd party plug-ins are installed try disabling them to verify if one of those may be responsible for the problem.

  • Exporting Slideshow from iPhoto 11 issues

    I created a slide show of mixed photos and video clips.. it plays beautifully in iphoto no issues, i export it and it takes over an hour to export, and appears to be
    exporting properly - i export to high definition 1080...ive tried the two other choices too.. and every time i play the exported file it starts off nice then goes black
    ..i can still hear all the music but there is nothing but a black screen.. I am getting so frustrated.. i dont know what to do or why its doing this.. i can see all photos fine.. and in iphoto it plays fine.. only after exporting does it turn out like this.. HELP!!

    How much free space do you have on your boot driver?

  • Color Settings issue in Photoshop CS6

    We are currently using G7 Workflow for our profile. I have a couple of questions concerning the color settings.
    1.We are also not able to hold these settings even once we leave it as "Custom". It defaults back to U.S. Sheetfed Coated Profile.
    2. When trying to set color setting with our profile, it says it is not supported by this version of Photoshop (CS6). It will set this to "Custom" instead of G7 Workflow. What can we do to fix this issue? Please see below for the screen captures.
    Please help! Thanks in advance!

    Where did you get that color settings file?  How was it created?

  • Color  settings issue

    I am using CS3 under Vista Ultimate.
    I'd be grateful for help with a couple of problems:
    1. When I customise my color settings the customisarion is not sticking - that is, when I save the customisation, close the settings box and reopen it - the settings have returned to North America General Purpose 2. Similarly, if I load a customised setting it has always reverted to North American General Purpose 2 when I next look at the color settings.
    2. For reasons I don't understand, recent photos have started to look over saturated with a blue shift when I Save (them) For The Web. My work is all for the internet and my workflow is all sRGB. That's why I am surprised by the colour problem. It's definitely something to do with the colour profile of the photo I am working on - when I take photos I have worked on a few weeks ago there is no colour shift when I Save for Web. I have converted the problem photo to sRGB but that has not solved the problem. I know I'm doing something dumb but I can't work out what it is or how to rescue the photo I have been working on.
    Thanks for any help.

    I spoke too soon.
    The impermanent color settings have returned.
    The reinstall did not solve the problem. Whenever I open the Colour Settings box the settings are all back to the North America General Purpose 2 profile.
    I have contacted Adobe tech support who replied that it was not a technical problem but a usage problem (pilot error). At my request they had another look at the issue and have replied:
    "Try to resett the preferences as you can see in the following doc.
    if preferences did not solver your issue, create a new admin account and try to recreate the problem in the new admin account."
    I have tried resetting the preferences a number of times and that did not work. I will create a new admin account as suggested but I am not hopeful that this will solve the problem.

Maybe you are looking for

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