IPod 5th generation recognized in iTunes but won't charge

Hello Apple Support Community,
I'm writing this on behalf of my girlfriend, who is having problems with her iPod, I tried searching google and the forums here but I couldn't find a satisfactory answer.
Basically what happens is this:
iPod gets plugged in and shows the "do not disconnect" screen and starts charging (what comes next kind of happens simultaneously) not long after that, I'd say a minute at most, the normal menu screen comes up and the lightning symbol on the battery disappears, iTunes recognizes the device and allows you to browse the files and it gives the option to sync but we haven't done that yet (the laptop we're trying to charge it off is new and has an empty iTunes library) and we don't want to lose the data on the iPod. It works fine on other computers, i.e. she can charge it with no problem from her desktop PC and as far as i know any other PC/laptop available to us
Does anyone have any idea what's wrong and how to solve it?
Technical details:
iPod 5th generation, 60gb
Laptop brand: Samsung
OS: Windows 8
USB status: Ports all work and from what I can tell they're all 500mA
Switching USB ports, none seem to make it charge
Resetting iPod
We don't have extra cables so we can't try switching them and we haven't tried restoring the iPod yet since we don't want to lose data.
If you need more info, let me know
Thank you very much for your time!

The cord might be the case, but first, try these suggestions:
Try putting your iPod into disk mode, then try connecting it to your computer again...
<a href="How to put your iPod into disk mode</a>
Do you have a wall charger? If so, then try connecting your iPod to that, and does it charge, or not?
Have you checked this link out?:
<a href="http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=60941">iPod doesn't charge correctly
Does your iPod appear in "My Computer"? If so...
iPod shows up in Windows but not in iTunes
If not...
iPod missing in "My Computer" or in iTunes
Post back on what happens when you try these things out. I hope this helps!

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    Ipod nano is about 3 months old, worked fine before with itunes, but now ipod doesn't start itunes, doesn't show up in finder, and doesn't charge.
    I have switched usb ports, reset the ipod, downloaded itunes 6. I downloaded ipod update, but computer doesn't recognize ipod so it isn't updated. I tried "restore", but again not recognized. I tried Isync but it can't find ipod.
    Do I need a new cable that attaches ipod to computer?
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    The cord might be the case, but first, try these suggestions:
    Try putting your iPod into disk mode, then try connecting it to your computer again...
    <a href="How to put your iPod into disk mode</a>
    Do you have a wall charger? If so, then try connecting your iPod to that, and does it charge, or not?
    Have you checked this link out?:
    <a href="http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=60941">iPod doesn't charge correctly
    Does your iPod appear in "My Computer"? If so...
    iPod shows up in Windows but not in iTunes
    If not...
    iPod missing in "My Computer" or in iTunes
    Post back on what happens when you try these things out. I hope this helps!

  • Ipod touch 5 recognized by Itunes, but won't actually sync

    Hi ~
    I recently updated my itunes and ipod software. Now, my ipod touch 5 does not sync correctly. I go through all the motions of syncing my ipod, and itunes said it synced with my ipod, but I do not see the changes on my actual ipod. It is like there is a disconnect between my ipod and itunes, even though itunes thinks is has synced my ipod. None of my new playlists have transferred over to my ipod, and none of my new music from CDs has transferred either. My purchased music is fine of course.
    Also, when I do sync my ipod, the little explanation of what's going on during the sync seems odd. It never says the items that it is transferring. All it desribes are "photos," "looking for apps to update," and "waiting to apply new changes." Nothing about music. This seemed odd to me because this was not like this before I updated, when I got a detailed description of the music that was being transferred.
    Help please! I have tried rebooting my ipod, restarting itunes, authorizing my computer again, and re-syncing my entire library. The itunes software recognizes all of these changes, but not the ipod.
    Thanks ~

    Carolyn, does actually work? I've heard people tried that with no changes after. :(
    miss elinor if you try it please let us know how you get on x

  • IPOD 1st generation recognized in iTunes but not my computer

    I have a Windows XP.
    When i plug in my ipod, everything seems fine, it shows up in my computer, and after a couple minutes, iTunes comes up an it shows up fine in there too. A couple minutes after that, Ipod disappears from my computer. When i try to put songs on it, itunes tells me that "the disk cannot be read or written to." It wont update the ipod either, even though itunes keeps telling me there's new updates for the ipod.
    I've tried, restarting the computer, reinstalling itunes, reinstalling the ipod, reinstalling the usb port drive, and charging the ipod for hours on end etc. I'm not getting anywhere.
    Can someone help me?

    Somebody please respond to this! I'm having the same issues.

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    Mac or PC - each has its own details.  Also, follow the links in the right panel under More Like This.  You'll find other threads that discuss this problem.

  • ITouch is recognized by iTunes, but won't sync correctly.

    Howdy. So, yeah. My ex-boyfriend was trying to make my computer run faster, whom I should never have let touch the thing in the first place, and he ended up deleting my previous computer identity. I still have all my music and freely redownloaded what I was missing. However, when I went to sync, I ran into a problem. My iPod was recognized by iTunes, but when I tried to sync, it just said starting sync for hours, and wouldn't advance after that. It wasn't frozen, because I was able to stop the sync whenever I wanted. So I reinstalled iTunes and I've updated it to the new thing, the 10.1.2... I think that's it. Now my iPod advances past starting sync and goes to preparing sync (step 1 of 1), and then stops and tells me it's ok to unplug it. It didn't transfer or change anything in my iPod. I have the 3rd gen iPod Touch with the 4th gen software downloaded onto it. My computer is a Windows XP. Any and all help is appreciated.

    A couple of things to check:
    Are there any backups listed in iTunes/settings/devices? Since backing up is the first step of the sync process, iTunes might be stuck trying to read the content of the last backup in order to replace it with the new one.
    Copy the whole backup folder to a safe place, delete the backup from the list afterwards and make sure that the folder has no content after that. The folder is located here:
    Windows XP: \Documents and Settings\(username)\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\
    If you do not see the AppData or Application Data folders, you may need to show hidden files
    After that, make sure autosync is disabled in iTunes, connect your ipod, right click on it in the device list and choose "backup". If you can backup manually, transfer your purchases the same way, to copy apps and purchased media to your iTunes. If this worked, you should be able to sync again.
    To speed up the sync process, copy your photos to your computer prior to the sync and delete them on your ipod before you start.
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  • Ipod Nano not recognized by itunes but appears on the explorer. Log message

    My ipod doesn't appear on itunes but is recognized by windows. It used to work before.
    I have found several answers to this problem but no one can't solve the problem : 5R, Terminal Service, Ipod Service, Restore, Reset, Usb, Last version of Itunes....
    With the last version of Itunes, I have launched the diagnotisc and the result is four green led.
    I have recorded the log file and into this one there are few message that show errors (I have copied only interesting messages):
    [SERVICE: 0x140,08:48:25 ERROR] Did not find first letter of stage
    [SERVICE: 0x980,08:51:21 INFO] Device 1 not in intermediate state. It appears to be truly mounted.
    [SERVICE: 0x980,08:51:21 INFO] File does not exist!
    [SERVICE: 0x980,08:51:21 INFO] [1] CreateFileW error 0x3
    [SERVICE: 0x980,08:51:21 INFO] [1] WriteNewPrefs FAILED!
    [SERVICE: 0x980,08:51:21 INFO] [1] ReadDevicePreferences() failed!
    I can't understand these messages but I have the feeling that they have a relation with the hidden file Preferences store in ipod_control\device
    When I tried to open Preferences with "bloc note" of windows it doesn't work. Maybe this file is corrupted seen that I can open the file "SysInfo" which is in the same repertory. When I format the Ipod with FAT32, these files reappeared with the next power on and I have always same problem.
    Does anyone know if this file "Preferences" is readable with a valid iPOD?
    What mean "Did not find first letter of stage?" of the log message?
    Thanks for your answers,

    If its brand new and doing this, return it with receipt.

  • My ipod is not recognized by iTunes (but recognized by Windows)

    Hi everyone,
    I have bought a new ipod 30G 5th Generation. Initially, I have a 4G ipod and an itunes installed on my computer. I have updraged my itunes to v7 and pluged my new ipod 5G to my compuer. I can see the ipod on My Computer as a removable disk but iTunes don't recognize the ipod and don't have it on the Device list.
    Since I'm on iTunes v7, I have run the diagnostic module and in the log file I have this:
    Connected Device Information
    MONIPOD (F:\), iPod with video running firmware version 1.2.1
    Serial Number: 8N644RUDV9M
    Bus Speed: 61440
    The last connected iPod serial number: 4J527R2GTDS.
    It seems that iTunes is recognizing that I had a previous ipod. Does anyone know if Itunes is not recognizing my new ipod because another ipod was already registered on my computer ?
    Thank you.
    Pavilion   Windows XP Pro  

    See if anything here helps: iPod shows up in Windows but not in iTunes

  • IPod isn't recognized by iTunes and won't let Windows format it

    I have an iPod classic that won't do much of anything. It won't turn on and rarely gets past the apple logo. It it does get past the apple logo though it asks as if you just bought it and asks your language and has nothing on it. If you go into settings though it says that all of the memory it used up. It also has the games on it but if you try to play them the iPod crashes. If I plug it into the computer iTunes won't recognize and and Windows will not format it.
    I do not care about getting any of the previous data on the iPod back I just wish to use it again.

    Hi Pigwarts5ever,
    If you are having issues with your iPod Classic not being recognized by iTunes on your Windows machine, you may find the following article helpful:
    Apple Support: iPod not recognized in My Computer and in iTunes for Windows
    If you are able to get it recognized, your best next step would be to restore it to factor settings:
    Apple Support: Restoring iPod to factory settings
    - Brenden

  • How can you tell if your battery is broke or if its a glitch. My ipod 5th generation was plugged in but still wont turn on.its been known to glitch,thanks

    It wont charge for anything,all that comes up is the dead battery sign,but when i can get it to turn on it shows in the corner its fully charged. I dont know what to do about it. My ipod 5 generation has glitched before in the past but i dont know if this is a ghitch or its legitamently broke,thankas for the replies it really helps

    This is the itunes forum.  Your question seems to have nothing to do with itunes.
    Basics from the manual are restart, reset, restore.  Try those.

  • Ipod suffle 3g recognized by iTunes but doesn't start! (water damage)

    My ipod shuffle 3G has a water damage. it shows the red/pink indicator.
    It doesn't starts but it connects to iTunes. I can move songs to my iPod shuffle and other stuffs. But it doesn't start.
    I have opened my iPod shuffle. It had green sedimentation in it. I cleaned it but it still doesn't start and is still recognized by iTunes.
    Does anybody have an idea what the reason could be?

    If it doesn't power on when you try to use it, the damage may be to the battery.  When it's connected, it is getting power from the USB connection, so it works.  When you disconnected, the battery does not hold a charge, so it is dead.
    Since you know how to open it, you may want to try leaving it open in a dry ventilated place for a few days.  If the cause is moisture shorting something out, when the moisture evaporates, it may work again.

  • IPod Nano not recognized in iTunes but as hd in windows

    So after running all the so called fixes on this article:
    iPod shows up in Windows but not in iTunes
    We are still not able to get this thing recognized by iTunes. My wife's 4g mini works fine, as well as my 80g 5g. I'm just thinking that this is a hardware issue. My buddy at an unnamed large chain retailer has had 12 of the 2nd gen Nanos come back to his store in the last week for the same issue Will not sync up in windows). Apple needs to get on the ball and get this fixed. My wife is ready to return it and wait for the Zune to come out, but i convinced her to wait to see what we get here.

    just turn on terminal services like in:

  • Why is my iPod Nano not recognized in iTunes but charges?

    I have a Mac Book Pro and an original iPod Nano. I have old music on my Nano that I want to put on my comp, I have a program for that. But the thing is that even though when I plug in my Nano, it lights up and charges but it isn't recognized in iTunes. How can I fix this? Oh and my screen is broken so I can't reset anything from my iPod itself without like step by step direction because the click sound still works and I guess I can figure out what to do if you say like one click down or 2 clicks down... THANKS!!

    iPod not recognized in iTunes and Mac desktop
    Otherwise, take the computer & iPod Nano to an Apple store or an AASP.  Whichever is more convenient for you.

  • IPod will update on iTunes but won't charge or turn on properly

    I've just downloaded iTunes 7 and now my ipod won't charge or fully turn on. When i plug it into the computer it updates normally but as soon as I try to turn it on while it's not connected or charge it in a powerpoint it displays the folder icon with a warning sign on it and shows the ipod support website on the screen. I've tried updating the latest mini software, restoring factory settings, and re-formatting but it won't work. When I restore it it says to complete the progress I need to plug it into a powerpoint but when I do this I get the same folder with warning sign icon. Please help!!
    Windows   Windows XP  

    Check these out:
    iPod Folder with Exclamation Point After Disconnected From Computer
    iPod Folder with Exclamation Point After Turned On
    Good Thread About iPod Sad icon/Folder with Exclamation Point
    iPod’s Battery Will Not Charge
    I hope this helps!

  • IPod Touch not recognized by ITunes, but IPhone is. What can cause only one device to not be recognized?

    I have tried reinstalling ITunes and resetting my IPod Touch. The computer recognizes the IPod Touch as a connected device, but ITunes doesn't. However, ITunes will recognize other devices that I plug in with the same usb cord. ITunes diagonistics only says that no device is plugged in whenever the IPod Touch is plugged in. What can cause this combination of problems, and how could I get around it?

    If you have iTunes 11 on the computer and are using the same cable that works with the iPhone then:
    - Reset the iOS device. Nothing will be lost
    Reset iOS device: Hold down the On/Off button and the Home button at the same time for at
    least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
    - Inspect the dock connector on the iPod for bent or missing contacts, foreign material, corroded contacts, broken, missing or cracked plastic.
    - Try on another computer
    - Make an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store since it appears you have a hardware preoblem
    Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar      

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