IPod Nano (4GB) Not Installing Drivers

I ran the installer software on the installation CD and re-booted as instructed.
On re-boot Install Shield dialog box comes up does something and then goes away. Boot continues normally.
Checked iPod Service and it is running.
Plugged in iPod and Windows tells me that it has found new hardware and wants to install drivers. Device Manager shows "iPod" under "Other Devices." I let it search for drivers but it doesn't find them.
How do I get the driver installed!?!

hmmmm. ipods use the standard Windows USB mass storage drivers. so if it's asking for drivers at that stage of proceedings, the techniques in this MarkJones post might be of some help:
MarkJones: Re: Windows XP (SP2) Laptop only finds generic "New USB 2.0 Device"

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  • Ipod nano 4gb not showing in itunes or recognized as device

    Out of the blue my nano is not detected as a device with my Windows XP. First I tested my USB port to see if that was the issue. I connected a mouse which was recognized and worked fine. I then got another sync cord thinking maybe my cord went bad and that is not working either. When I used my old cord I received an error message that I exceeded the power limit on my hub port. Which is why I thought my cord was bad. With the second cord I get no such errow however the ipod is charging but doing nothing else. I've gone out to my device list to see if there were any visible errors or anything diabled and its not showing any. But its also not showing an ipod or mass hub device like it normally would. Any thoughts on the issue would be greatly appreciated!

    My ipod is doing the same thing. could you please tell me how you fixed it?

  • IPOD nano 4Gb not detected

    Hi all, hope you can help...
    Received nano on 26th April. All was working well, playing music and connecting to computer up until I updated to IPOD 1.1.1. This update seems to have unleashed the IPOD gremlins. iTunes no longer recognises the ipod nor does my computer, its just a F drive now. Tried the 5 F's to no avail (although i cannot open and run the restore program as it just hangs). All my IPOD does is display 'do not disconnect' when connected to the computer. Also all of my music on my IPOD has been wiped clean, but it still indicates that it is 3.3Gb full. Pleae can any one help??? Thanks in advance.

    I had the same problem with my 2GB Nano. Here's the solution:
    1.- Reset (hold, release hold, press menu + select)
    2.- Boot in disk mode (select + play after reset).
    4.- Plug iPod in usb port
    3.- Format iPod (in windows run "format /q /v:IPOD i:" where i: is your ipod's drive letter)*.
    4.- Run apple updater and restore.
    * If you are running itunes maybe it wont let you format, you will have to kill ipodService.exe and iTunesHelper.exe (Press ctrl + shift + esc, go to processess, select those and terminate them)
    Good luck!

  • ITunes not syncing Outlook Contacts or Calendar with ipod Nano 4GB

    I have Outlook 2003 installed and setup with a Microsoft Exchange Server. I have about 200 contacts currently stored in it.
    I recently purchased a ipod nano 4gb with hopes of syncing my contacts and calendar with that and being able to throw away my old Palm. The ipod nano works great for syncing music but I can't get it to sync either the calendar or contacts from outlook.
    I check the box for syncing contacts and choose Microsoft Outlook from the drop down. Then iTunes only gives me the option of syncing all contacts (which is fine with me) and I click Okay. Then I choose update from the ipod nano right click menu. The status bar says updating contacts but does not import any of my contact to my ipod. Also, except for the 1st time, the Permission Window asking for access to Outlook has not popped up again. When it did that first time, I was told that there was an error and itunes could not copy contacts over. Since then there have been no errors from iTunes.
    I have tried all the steps in the apple online help docs (unchecking boxes, restarting, re-checking, etc..) but can't find a solution. I don't want to have to manually Save As each calendar item and contact. Frankly, I'd rather just return the device.
    Can anyone help me?
    thanks in advance.

    Possible. It is just odd that the day before the update to 9.x.x (I forgot the release), it worked great. Following that upgrade, the sync died. I could reinstall the old release (per instructions from Apple Tech Support) and it would sync. However, not upgrading your iTunes means not upgrading your OS...and that is not an option. However, I think I will have XP reistalled on my machine...and then put a fresh install on iTunes...and see what happens.



    See if this helps:
    iOS: Unable to Update or Restore

  • TS3716 installed the new itunes and now my ipod nano  does not show in the device menu

    installed the new itunes and now my ipod nano  does not show in the device menu

    There's a couple of ways to get through to the authorisation controls in the 11.0.x versions.
    The control is still in the Store menu, but first (if you're using iTunes versions 11.0.x) you might need to bring up the menu bar to see the Store menu.
    If you're using 11.0.x, click on the wee boxy icon up in the top-left corner of your iTunes to see the "Show Menu Bar" control, as per the following screenshot:
    Then you'll find the control in the Store menu:
    Alternatively, if you don't want to bring up the menu bar, it's still possible to get into the authorise controls via nested menus accessible from the wee boxy icon. Here's a screenshot of where to find them:

  • Ipod nano 6th not recognised by win 8

    iPod nano 6th not recognises by PC running win 8?

    Found this in another thread and it worked for me...
    Try this:
    Windows 8.1, 64bit
    It appears that the 64bit install messed up the device drivers for the Apple mobilie devices connecting as USB.
    I tried many things, I may have missed a step below.  But the following is what I believe was the fix - since it worked on a 2nd PC.
    Make sure you are using an administrator account.  Any of them on your machine will do for the following
    a) Get Windows to restart the drivers:
        - disconnect your USB device and close ITunes
        - connect your USB device
        - if ITunes loads, close it.
    b) File explorer:
    Open File explorer and browse to
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers
    In that folder there should be a set of files named "usbaapl64...."
    right click on the one ending in "INF"
    Select Install.  It's very quick.
    remove the USB device
    c) Restart the computer.
    When you login again, load ITunes before you attach your USB device.

  • Using my iPod Nano 4GB (2nd gen) with the Fatman iTube's  remote control.

    I am using the iPod Nano 4GB with my new 'Fatman iTube' valve amp and dock.
    All works fine (beautiful sound) but only some of the remote control functions work.
    Volume and power off/on and treble/bass work fine but the iPod functions like skip and FF and playlists and menu dont work from the remote control.
    The company that make the amp (TLA) and the dealer (Audio T) both inform me that this is a common problem with remote controls on 3rd party iPod dock hi-fi systems and that Apple are not revealing when they will issue a software fix.
    It only happens with 2nd gen Nanos. All other iPod types talk with these remotes with no problem.
    I have been given a temporary 'workaround' by the manufacturer which is OK for now.
    Have any of you had similar problems between the 2nd generation Nano and remote controls on 3rd party (non Apple) hifi systems?
    iMac 20" Mac OS X (10.4.9)
    iMac 20" Mac OS X (10.4.9)

    try the following article my friend...it will definitely resolve your problem..

  • Ipod nano 4GB stutters ...

    I've just got my personalized ipod Nano 4GB and it seems not to work properly.
    The sound/music "stutters" in a random manner, especially when I am listening BBC podcasts.
    It is something with the ipod and not related to the source file since rewinding and playing the same file again does not reproduce the stutter on the exact same place of the “track" , but if it continues playing, the stutter will occurs randomly in another place/time of the playing podcast or music file.
    I've tried everything: from resetting the ipod, factory reset, last firmware update, etc but it still behaving in the same away.
    Could someone please give me a feedback and confirm if this is a common problem with ipods?
    (I've sent a msg to Apple, they told me to contact customer services/support - I did - but nothing... -- should I send it back and try to find an alternative to ipod?)
    Before I forget it is just 3 or 4 days old .
    Thank you all.
    ipod nano 4GB    

    Deluded, I am able to recreate the stuttering problem on my 2GB Nano, also purchased just a few days ago (Monday, July 31, to be exact - I have also updated it with the latest iPod Updater). I downloaded the latest BBC "Wake Up to Money" podcast (August 4) and heard it stutter a couple times within the first 5 minutes; I played it again and it stuttered again, but not in the same places it had before. I also noticed random little "ticks" throughout the playback.
    I did some testing with the LAME 3.96.1 MP3 encoder, and heard very similar "ticks" on a music track encoded to 56 kb mono @ 44.1 kHz sampling rate, the same parameters as the BBC podcast. However, I never heard it stutter, although this may be due to the much shorter length of the music track (4:24) as opposed to the podcast (23:51) (note that the length in and of itself is not a problem - I've already played a single 4-hour VBR MP3 without a single glitch).
    After trying a few more settings in LAME, it appears that the Nano has a problem with mono MP3 files at a 44.1 kHz sampling rate - mono MP3s at 32 kHz or 22.05 kHz were tick-free, as were mono AAC files at 44.1 kHz. I tried converting the podcast to a mono 64 kb AAC file in iTunes, and sure enough, it played back perfectly (or at least the first 4 minutes) - no ticks or stutters of any kind.
    Note that this is hardly conclusive, as the ticking and/or stuttering is very random and I've only tested it on a couple files, but it does seem to point strongly to the Nano having problems with mono MP3 files at 44.1 kHz.
    This is something Apple needs to be made aware of, but until /if they offer a fix, it appears that simply transcoding the podcasts to mono AAC files will do the trick (note that in the "Custom" encoder settings in the iTunes preferences, you actually need to specify double the bitrate you want the file to be when you select "Mono", i.e. if you want a 56 kb mono AAC, you'll need to set the bitrate at 112 kb - it should then say "56 kb (mono)" in the Details box). Also note that the converted files will not show up under "Podcasts" in iTunes or on the Nano - they'll just be standard files in the Library, although all the tag information will still be there, so they will sort correctly, i.e. the artist name will be "BBC Radio Five Live".
    ...Just did a quick test, and it appears that you actually can force iTunes to recognize the AAC file (which will have an .m4a extension) as an actual podcast. To do this, open up the iTunes Podcasts folder (if you're using the default iTunes setup on a PC, it should be "C:\<your user name>\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Podcasts"), open up the folder that corresponds to the show containing the podcast you just converted (in this case, "Wake Up to Money") and drag-and-drop the .m4a file into the Podcast window in iTunes. You can then delete the original .mp3 file (turning on the "Kind" and "Bitrate" columns makes this much easier to keep track of).

  • Ipod nano 4gb and car audio

    Hi everyone, I've got an iPod Nano 4gb and am a little confused as to what is required to connect this device to my factory installed cd player. I drive a 2006 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab and have the basic factory audio system. I spoke with the dealership where I purchased the truck and they said that I need an interface and harness for $400 + labor. I don't think that is an option for me -- way too expensive.
    What exactly is need to connect my iPod Nano to my truck's audio system? Do I need to purchase a new audio device that supports the iPod?

    The following website will list different types of car audio devices made for iPods. I hope it lists something that may help you.
    http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebObjects/AppleStore.woa/wa/RSLID?mco=567 F5736&nclm=iPodCarAudio

  • Ipod nano will not charge and will not be recognizsed by itunes

    I got an ipod nano 4gb today, if i plug it into the computer , windows will recognize it like for the device connected sound, but neither my computer nor itunes will show the ipod. the second i disconnect the ipod it says that there is no battery life, its new out of the box, no matter how long i charge it, it still says that there is no battery. what can i do, should i get it fixed or replaced.

    Have you taken it back to the shop and plugged it into their computer? Does their computer or itunes recognise it? If not, new ipod please. If yes, probably something wrong with your computer/cable/port etc.

  • Ipod nano 4gb use itunes to restore востанавливаю все равно все тоже

    ipod nano 4gb use itunes to restore востанавливаю все равно все тоже

    restored my ipod and now it works but why does this happen? Is this a hardware problem, if it is, should i return my ipod. Or is this just a software problem that will be fixed in future updates?
    I'm not sure why exactly an iPod will say "Use iTunes to restore", but probably just because of a regular internal software problem.
    If you're iPod isn't displaying "Use iTunes to restore" anymore, and if it's acting fine, this was simply a isolated incident, which may occur now and then to a few iPods, if they're OS (operating system) gets messed up.
    It's similar to if your iPod once apon a time your iPod froze up, then displayed this symbol (it means you need to restore your iPod):
    You restored the iPod, and have never gotten that icon or any problems ever since.
    Will the need to restore your iPod recurr? It would only be by chance, and not relating to that isolated incident; this is, if you're iPod isn't displaying any failure messages soon after, which indicates a recurring true hard drive problem, not just a temporary one.
    If your iPod begins to display "Use iTunes to restore" or other failureful (that's my term for a symbol or behavior that indicates a failure) icons/messages soon after this, you can suspect that your iPod has a true problem with its hard drive/flash drive that a restore didn't fix.
    In this case, you would probably send your iPod in to Apple to get it repaired or replaced.
    I hope that explanation answers your question.

  • Ipod Nano will not turn off

    My ipod nano will not power off. Even the sleep button does not work. I have reset everal times. Any thoughts?

    I've been through 4 of those R's, as well as the Quick Fix and about 5 hours on the phone with Apple. It will now turn off, but it is still not visible to iTunes and the iPod updater won't run because it also can't see the iPod. Windows sees it just fine, so now I'm awaiting a 3-5 day response from an Apple engineer about what is wrong. This all started when I installed the 6.0 update. I'm now back to the older software, but it still won't reconize my iPod, so therefore will not update it with new songs, etc.
    Thanks for your reply.

  • My ipod nano will not sync with anything

    about 2 months ago i bought an ipod nano 4gb. It has worked great until i updated my itunes the other day. I sync'ed it fine and added some songs, but now it will not sync with anything. not my computer, my buddies computer, or my xbox 360. it will charge though. I also have an ipd mini that works fine. i am getting very angry and i need some help befor i lose what is left on my already deminishing mind. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!
    P.S. has anybody else noticed that apple has the worst support out there. i cant even get a phone number without buying a service plan

    Hey all, I had to call Apple Support to resolve the issue as nothing on the web provided an answer. So for all you out there having the same problem, here's the ituation and full resolution, so you can save time and money (if your product's warranty is expired).
    Situation: I bought a brand new Mac Air on 12/7/12 and tried to sync my 6th generation iPod nano (previously configured to a PC) with no sucess. ITunes was only allowing me to charge and eject the nano.
    1. Go to View>sidebar
    2. In the sidebar, click "iPod" under the Devicies category
    3. Click "Music" section next to "Summary" under the status bar
    4. Make sure "Sync" box is checked with your preferred preferences underneath
    5. Click "Sync" in bottom right corner of window
    Apparently, iTunes 11 is quite different and the sidebar with usual options and playlists does not appear unless selected in the "View" drop-down.

  • New Ipod Nano, does not seem to charge

    I just bought IPOD NANO (4GB, gen2). The store guy told to drain the battery and then fully charge it. Well, I played some song and soon all the charge were gone.
    I had a LOGiiX wall charger for my old IPOD (20GB), and I wanted to use it to charge it. Initially there were no responds. Then I changed the cable (I wanted to use my old cable but it did not work, so I used the new one that came with Nano) and it started to charge. It got fully charged.
    Now after while of playing music I wanted to see what went wrong and wanted to charge again (it has been played for a while and so it should at least show me that its charging again, no?). But none of the cable worked with the wall charger (LOGiiX). The wall charger has a green light (LED) in it and it goes to red when its charges. But the green light stayed green and no charging in Nano.
    I tried with a computer, and it shows the symbol of "Fully Charged". But its not fully charged, I played couple of songs. Is there something wrong? Should I take it back to the store and exchange?
    thanks guys

    I don't know why the store guy told you that, it wasn't necessary (there's such a lot of rubbish talked about the iPod battery).
    See this : iPod battery doesn't charge.
    As it's so new, if nothing is helping you should consider getting it exchanged.
    For future reference, here's some essential reading on the iPod battery.
    Beef up my iPod battery.
    iPod Battery Unplugged.
    iPod Battery FAQ.
    iPod Battery Tips and Tricks.

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