IPod Nano frozen in "on" state

My 4GB iPod Nano is stuck "on" right now. The LCD backlight is on, and it's stuck on a frozen screen of a song in mid-play. None of the buttons respond, and plugging it into the USB port doesn't work either.
The "toggle hold switch and press & hold menu/play for 10 seconds" trick doesn't work to reset it (it doesn't respond at all).
This happened when I plugged it into my PC this morning. It was off previously, and before that I had been using it normally with my headphones.
I don't know how to reset it, and I'm starting to be concerned about burn-in on the screen since it's the same image frozen in place, and the backlight is on (which is why letting it drain down the battery is something I'd rather not do).
Any suggestions?
4GB iPod Nano   Windows XP Pro   First-gen

"I as I stated in my original post, I have tried that, probably a dozen or more times, and it has done nothing"
er... no you didn't.
Anyway... you may just want to let the battery die & then re-charge it. This will force it to reset.
sorry... you did say you had tried the reset - I thought I was responding to nanoohno here. My apologies. I still recommend draining the battery though. Also check that you're resetting correctly. It's MENU and SELECT, (not menu & play). Good luck.

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  • Ipod Nano frozen, and appears to be crashing my computer when I plug it in

    After owning my ipod nano for a whopping two hours, and playing a total of two songs on it, the nano froze. I attempted to select music based on album, hit play, and it froze on that position. It doesnt dim or power down after awhile or anything.
    I hooked it up to my machine and tried to start itunes, and it would not start. Later, I started itunes by itself after rebooting the machine. Plugging it in after the fact causes no change on the screen (still frozen) and itunes never acknolwedges that an ipod has been plugged in.
    I read the instructions, and know that supposedly, according to the instructions, holding down the mouse wheel for five to ten seconds, or flicking the hold switch will reset the ipod.
    Unfortunately it doesnt.
    I'm really, really regretting this purchase. Anybody know what I should do?

    To clarify it only crashed my computer once, but did seem to actually prevent itunes from starting.

  • IPod Nano Frozen please help :)

    My 3rd Gen. iPod Nano has frozen on me. This is what happened in detail..:
    I turned my ipod on and it just came on stuck on a screen which is a song that is playing . The ipod says that it is on hold but it isn't. The volume bar is showing constantly . The ipod isn't responding to anything i do to it. It won't reset. it won't connect to the computer. It's just stuck on the music player area where it says:
    Now Playing (Lock which means it's on hold but isn't) <paused>
    <Song Name>
    <2 of 47>
    <Volume bar is 100%>
    Any ideas?
    Oh and the screen never turns off it's jsut constantly on.
    Thanks for reading .
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    - Drained Battery.
    Works 100% now!

  • New Ipod nano FROZEN!

    Okay, I've done everything that the support section has said to do. My ipod nano 3rd generation has not responded to anything I've done. The hold slid thing is off, and my nano is even connected to the computer, and my computer isn't reading it.
    I even reboot my system to make sure it's running fine, and I also know that I've got the updated itunes.
    What's next? Do I go back to best buy to see what they can do for me? Or did I waste $200.00 on the nano?
    There is a full charge, and the screen is on. It will not reset at all. It's frozen to where it is not responding to anything that I do.
    HELP! I don't think I can live without it... LOL
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    I have just been given a new ipod nano for my birthday. I cannot for the life of me get it to sync. I have songs in my itunes libary which have been taken from my previous libary of music on my PC (Windows Media??). The ipod will start to sync and says '1 out of 898' or something at the top. It syncs 7 tracks then freezes EVERY SINGLE TIME! I have never been so frustrated with something, as it appears to sync but then freezes- I don't have limewire or anything so why does this happen!?! Please help me out as I'm beginning to feel your products are poor. All I want to do is put my music on my ipod. My brother told me that ipods do not hold tracks that are non-compatible (MP3 for example) but I got an ipod as I was told the opposite.
    Get back to me, Sarah, 17

  • Ipod nano FROZEN!

    ok. so my ipod nano is the new 3rd generation is frozen. i plugged it to the computer on hold, and like i unplugged it and now its not moving. nothing, nada. it wont turn off. the back light is on and it wont do anything! HELPP

    Solution! The same thing happened to me, as you noticed (you replied to my thread). It turns out that using the restore option does not work (if you were considering that). Instead, press and hold the Menu and Center buttons at the same time for ten seconds or so, until the Apple logo appears. You may have to do it several times, though it only took once for me. Also, try laying the iPod on a flat surface when you press the two buttons, and have the thing unplugged.
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  • Ipod Nano frozen - reset not working!

    I plugged my Ipod Nano 3rd Gen into my laptop to put music on. It wasn't connecting and then my itunes froze. I closed itunes and unplugged my ipod. It's now frozen too. The backing light is on and it has the last song I played up. I have tried to switch it off, also tried the reset instructions on the itunes website but it hasn't worked. Any suggestions?!?!

    Same thing happened to my Nano. I bought a reburbished Nano from Apple, a couple months later it died, and felt very hot. I sent it to Apple and they said liquid had spilled on it and was "abused." Since that did NOT happen, I assume Apple sold me a defective refurb (in other words, didn't actually refurbish the item as claimed) or flat out lied so they didn't have to fix my defective Apple product.
    Either way, it gives new meaning to "eating an apple." In this case, I'm eating a $100 apple. Lesson learned. Do not buy Apple reburbs. (Darn, I love those deals!)

  • Ipod nano frozen and battery sign doesnt show

    when i plug my ipod nano it goes to the do not disconect screen and usually at the top corner the battery has like a thunder sign in it but now it just shows the the amount of battery it has. the ipod is also frozen when i plug it in to charge as i cant switch it from hold. Also itunes doesnt pick it up.The only way i can disconect is to pull the plug out and after that reset by holding the center and MENU. and it is the ipod nano first generation

    To clarify it only crashed my computer once, but did seem to actually prevent itunes from starting.

  • Help!!! Ipod Nano Frozen on Apple Logo Screen after trying to reset

    my ipod nano is frozen on the apple logo screen after i tried reset it....and i think that battery was low when i tried reseting it...anyways please help...i hope if i leave it overnight the apple logo still wont be there

    when you did the reset, did you follow these procedures?
    if the reset didnt work, then do a restore: Restore your iPod

  • TS1372 when connecting my ipod nano to itunes, it states unknown error (2005) ? Thank you

    When I connect my ipod nano to itunes it shows an error, unknown (2005) and it my ipod doesn't appear. I have a shuffle and it recognises that fine. Has my nano given up or is there something I can do?
    Thank you for any help

    Did you already try the suggestions mentioned in this article? iTunes: Error 13019 during sync

  • Ipod Nano Frozen - with peculiar issue

    Hi All,
    I need your help in saving my ipod. My ipod is getting frozen and the reset option (menu and Centre key pressing ) does not work at all. But the peculiar thing is the moment i connect it to a USB cable it comes back to life. But the saddest thing is it will be working only for another 1 hr, then it will go into a frozen state.
    Nothing will happen untill i connect it to a USB cable.
    I tried the RESET, RESTORE option too, nothing worked
    The battery is fully charged, its not the batter charge problem. I got this Ipod only 2 months before. Please help.

    I would suggest requestng service. http://depot.info.apple.com/ipod/

  • Ipod Nano Frozen - peculiar

    Hi All,
    I need your help in saving my ipod. My ipod is getting frozen and the reset option (menu and Centre key pressing ) does not work at all. But the peculiar thing is the moment i connect it to a USB cable it comes back to life. But the saddest thing is it will be working only for another 1 hr, then it will go into a frozen state.
    Nothing will happen untill i connect it to a USB cable.
    The battery is fully charged, its not the batter charge problem. I got this Ipod only 2 months before. Please help.

    Why can't it be the battery? If it works when connected to an external power source and not otherwise?
    Either way, it probably needs service.
    You can arrange online service here.
    Service request.

  • Ipod nano frozen with screen on

    just had my ipod over 2 days. worked really fine and I was so pleased with it. but now...when i turned it on, it did not play the music. It is in pauze mode,and frozen. My pc does not recognize when i connect it. I tried several usb 2.0 ports but no response. I tried to restore (hold menu+play for 10 sec): no solution. I re-installed the software: no solution.
    Anybody with ideas?
    Also, when it was working i could not find the option button in the right bottom corner of the screen.
    I think i'll just return it and have it replaced?

    No. This was done whilst disconnected from the PC. I only connected to the PC to see if that would trigger the controls buttons. It's actually my sons iPod and he is pretty well despondent now. The only thing I can think of is to try and reset factory settings....what do you think?
    The problem is that the unit was purchased in Japan and I am living in Bangkok. If it is a faulty unit then I will have to ask my Japanese business friend to return it on his next trip.

  • IPod Nano frozen on "Connected" Screen

    Hey guys,
    My mom gave me her old nano (4th gen) and it was out of bateries when I plugged it in. It turned on and I had it forget what was already on there and put all of my music on it. Once it was finished it told me I could take it out, so I did, but any buttons I was pressing weren't working. I quickly realized that the lock icon was on, but the lock toggle wasn't on lock. I playyed around with that toggle and tried the menue and home button thing, but nothing worked. I decided to plug it in to restore it and while it was restoring a notification came up that said that I had taken the nano out of the connector, but I hadn't. When I did, nothing changed and it is still lit up with the sign "Connected. Eject before disconnecting." Not sure what else I can do. It's possible that it's just old and done I guess but It would be awesome if someone had a soloution because I have an early flight tomorrow and it would be awesome to have an iPod Thanks!

    Sounds like there are a few problems, the first being that the hold switch is damaged and in need of replacement.  You can try to restore it again using another known working 30 pin connector cable as there is a possibility that the current one is faulty or damaged. If the restore does not resolve the issue, I'm afraid having the iPod serviced or replaced is your only option.

  • 2 ipod nanos - frozen on language screen

    We have 4 total ipods and 2 from 2008 (4th gen) are both stuck on the language screen. I have tried to reset both (multiple times), restoring, using different ports, updated to latest itunes, tape, etc. It seems strange that the earlier models are working perfectly fine. What can I do to get them unfrozen! I'm very frustrated!

    Hello All;
    Same here, but I just received iPod from Apple.com store....resets o.k. but comes right back to frozen in language screen. attempted reset several times, also restore with iPod updater...no luck. Did i get a LEMON????? Unit works o.k. in ITunes, I can save and read to it in disk mode. HHHEEELLLLLPPPPPP!!!!

  • Ipod nano FROZEN!!! i cant do anything.....

    ok so... i was changing songs and it froze... i tried pushing the menu thing and yeah... it wont do anything... then i tried plugging it in at home, but that wont work either... on i-tunes my ipod doesnt even show up... i dont know what to do... please help me someone!?

    If you cannot reset the iPod correctly, see this.
    How to reset the iPod.
    It may take quite a few attempts and is best done connected to power.

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