Ipod touch wont sync and freezes itunes

I updated my ipod touch now wont sync with Itunes and it freezes my itunes

Assuming a PC try her:
iTunes for Windows Vista or Windows 7: Troubleshooting unexpected quits, freezes, or launch issues
It also contains a link for XP

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  • New ipod touch wont sync and a frozen screen what do i do have restored it but nothing

    I have a new ipod touch  just put it on the computer for the first time and it wont sync and has a frozen screen.
    i have restored it and that did not work.

    Unplug your iPod from your computer and hold down the home and power buttons until the screen turns off. Then hold them again until the Apple logo shows. Eventually, your iPod should work again.

  • Song and tv show purchased on ipod touch wont sync to mac itunes

    The ipod touch generated a -50 and -3203 error in itunes during the sync process and now all purchases wouldn't play without a restore and items purchased and downloaded directly to the ipod touch are gone after a restore. The ipod touch can't be mounted as a disk so if the first time after a purchase or multiple purchases (like in my case) are made on the ipod and you get a sync error your purchases are gone for good with no way to make a backup! (Note; Apple iTunes doesn't allow a second downloads--Policy!) This will definitely be the last time I purchase any items from the itunes store directly on an ipod or my apple TV, and I will make it a policy of my own to make a backup copy after any future purchases. I had been hesitant for years to buy any songs from the itunes store now my fear has been realized I have bought a song I no longer have access to. Ironically it is Bobby McFerrin's "Don't Worry, Be Happy" --That is just too good! I am gonna go buy the cd at walmart this weekend instead of an itunes card.

    If you contact Apple and ask nicely (i.e. don't rant at them) explain the problem, you will find that they will most likely let you download the items again.
    In my experience they have allowed people to download when there have been issues (like me for example, never been refused yet).
    Use the form below :
    http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/contact.html?form=download&topic=Downloading %20iTunes%20Store%20Purchases&subtopic=Download%20errors
    Or log in to your account in iTunes, view your Purchase History and use the Report a Problem link.

  • IPod won't sync and freezes iTunes

    I am no novice user. I have an iPod Classic 120 GB. I had my iPod in disc mode and updated 1 song and shutdown the computer without ejecting the iPod first. Now all the songs disappeared. I tried to reconnect the iPod but everytime I plug it in iTunes freezes. It will sync a few hundred songs and then just stick on one for hours. I have 41 on there right now.
    I've tried reformatting in Windows, but it fails. I tried doing Quick Format and that works. Every time I open iTunes it says you need to restore your iPod. So I restore it and it says everything is fine. It tries to sync the iPod and freezes again. I've uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes. I've checked "sync only checked songs" and selected about 150 to do. I've reset the iPod multiple times (by holding center button and Menu). Nothing works.
    I've searched the Internet for the passed 2 days looking over every topic I can find. I need help.

    Here's a little update. I had tried a quick format again. iTunes restored the iPod and I had the options to manually manage music. I dragged about 100 songs at a time to the iPod and it sent them. I ejected the iPod after the first couple hundred and they were there. I plugged it back into iTunes and did about 300 more. I had a total of 500 songs. I finished syncing and didn't freeze. I ejected the iPod no problem. After it said OK to disconnect I look through the songs and it says 0 songs. Now it's freezing up iTunes again. >:(
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  • HT1386 My Ipod and Ipod touch both sync and update latest CD music added to Itunes, however when I connect my Iphone it wont sync my most recent CD addition to iTunes?

    My Ipod and Ipod touch both sync and update latest CD music added to Itunes, however when I connect my Iphone it wont sync my most recent CD addition to iTunes?

    I have my iTunes settings to prevent my iPod from synching automatically.
    Open iTunes (without the iPod Touch connected) , go to "iTunes"--->"Preferences"--->"Devices", select the box that says "Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from synching automatically", select "OK".
    I would then close iTunes and then reopen it.  Verify that the settings you just changed are intact.
    Log into the iTunes store and update any Apps that you may have purchased. 
    Connect the iPod Touch via USB with iTunes open.  You will see the icon on the left side under "Devices" as normal, however it will not automatically sync.
    Click on the "Device" in iTunes and from there you can manually adjust all the items you want to sync and then select sync when you are ready.
    I sync mine this way because I feel it gives me more control over the syncing process.  Also, I always log into the iTunes store first, check for updates to my Apps and then connect the iPod to manually sync.
    So, to me, I guess that perhaps is a way to "force" the sync but in a controlled manner.
    I hope that helps.

  • I upgraded from a pc to a mac and now my ipod touch wont sync to my mac

    so i recently upgraded from my old pc to a new mac book pro. i managed to move all my purchases from my old pc to my mac but now my ipod touch wont sync with my mac. it keeps saying that i need a newer version of itunes even though im fully up to date. please help!

    Hello Casey B,
    And welcome to Apple Discussions!
    Try re-installing the latest version from this page on top of the current installed version and see if that helps.
    If nothing else, remove the Application from your Mac entirely, and again download the latest version from the link above.

  • Latest i-pod touch wont sync, computer freezes and comes up with error -21 when i pull it out

    Latest i-pod touch wont sync, computer freezes and comes up with error -21 when i pull it out of the usb port

    Error 20, 21, 34, 37: These errors typically occur when security software interferes with the restore and update process. If you are using a PC, follow this article to resolve this issue.
    Above from:
    Next I would try placing the iPod in recovery mode and then try restoring the iPod. Note that this will erase the iPod. For recovery mode see:
    iPhone and iPod touch: Unable to update or restore

  • I cant figure out why wont my Ipod touch wont show up in itunes?

    all the sudden 2 of our ipod touchs wont show up in itunes the ipod nano we have does tho
    it does show up im my computer as line 1 " apple ipod" line 2 "portable device"
    one ipod is a 2nd gen and one is a 3rd gen
    i have tried reinstalling (following the correct steps apple gave) twice and i have the 64bit and this is 64bit computer
    i have newest ver of itunes
    i have restarted ipod
    battery is full
    its plugged right into the computer (its not the cord i tested on another laptop ipods show up fine there)
    i have restarted computer
    and i havent installed any new programs that would affect itunes
    in itunes all it says is
    iTunes could not connect to this iPod.
    An unknown error occurred (0xE8000003)

    on that post sadly i have tried all their steps
    1 i did restart
    2 it is latest ver
    3 it meets min req it worked just fine before
    4 all microsoft updates done
    5 it is connected directly
    6 used two dif cords and cords work fine on other comp
    7 i have taken everything off
    8 iv tried every usb port
    9 i have reset all services before
    10 i updated all drivers

  • I have downloaded the new itunes and now my ipod touch wont sync!!!!

    I have recently downloaded the new itunes 10, it has let me do everything nnormal and fine but when i plug my ipod in ( the old one ) it wont let me snc anything, please Help. Thanks.

    If the problem is that iTunes does not see the iPod try:
    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows
    iPhone, iPad, iPod touch: Device not recognized in iTunes for Mac OS X
    Otherwise provide informat at to what happens when yuo try to sync. Errot messages?

  • Ipod Touch Wont Sync to Itunes

    Hey, so my ipod touch hasnt worked right with itunes for a while now, ive done a lot of things trying to get it to work but heres the issue. When i plug in my itouch, itunes doesnt do anything. Ive made sure the sync automatically setting is on, but that changes nothing. It doesnt even recognize my itouch, when i look to the sidebar on itunes it doesnt say "*insert name* ipod. So naturally the first thing i tried doing was using the itunes troubleshooter, but the instance i press the next button to start the process, it freezes itunes, which stops responding and closes. So next i tried to reinstall itunes. This actually does solve my issue, as when i put the ipod in immediately after it does sync, however the very next day it will not work again. I dont feel like reinstalling itunes every night to sync it. So now ive been looking on the internet for solutions, ive done many things that havent helped at all, i did all the things that the apple website says to do, and it didnt work still. Right now i really dont know who else to ask.

    I had a similar problem to this and found out my mobile device service had not started properly. I found the following apple link http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1567 for restarting the service useful and my problem now seems to have disappeared.

  • My ipod touch wont sync with itunes.

    So my ipod touch is not syncing with itunes. i got it from my sister and connected it with my computer and it did sync and allthings. then i did something, i think i deleted something from ipod and now it wont sync and i cant see my ipod in itunes. have tried to reset ipod, restart comp and all the things from apple support.

    Starte here to get iTunes to see the iPOd:
    iPhone, iPad, iPod touch: Device not recognized in iTunes for Mac OS X
    iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows

  • Playlist created on Ipod touch wont sync to itunes?

    So i have the iPod touch 2nd gen and I created a playlist and when I plug my iPod into itunes the playlist does not save to itunes :c I synced music onto my ipod touch via the manually manage music and videos which is why i think it wont sync the playlist >.< Does anyone know how to get itunes to have this playlist without removing or changing any of the music on my ipod? Or if i can publish this playlist to add it to a different ipod of mine not through itunes since it wont let me? Please help meeee, itll mean a lot

    also i cannot get it to run in recovery mode.
    i tried at least 5 or 6 times and whenever itunes loads while im holding the home button the recovery mode doesnt activiate and i recieve the passcode needed error

  • I cant get my ipod touch  to sync to my itunes since i tunes has been updated and it is makeing me really mad

    since itunes has been updated my ipod wont synce and i want my muisc on my ipod

    iTunes: Syncing media content to iOS devices and iPod
    If you  have iTunes 11 turn on the Sidebar. Go to iTunes>View and click on Show Sidebar. You can also do a Crtl+S to show the sidebar. The sidebar is where Devices appears. and Control+B to show the Menu bar

  • My ipod touch wont show up on itunes. and my computer doesnt recognize the ipod either. Help me

    I plug my ipod touch in and it wont show up in itunes. My computer says it doesnt recognize it either. I have tried almost anything. Can any one help me?

    Start here:
    iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows

  • 8g Second Gen, iPod Touch wont show up on iTunes?

    I use a Mac OSX, Snow Leopard.
    I've tried several different chargers with my iPod, but it wont show up on iTunes. iPhoto will come up and say it's synced, and the iPod itself will show that it is charging. But it wont show up on iTunes so I can listen to my music or add songs. This is random, and has never happened before.
    Any help?

    Have you tried here:
    iPhone, iPad, iPod touch: Device not recognized in iTunes for Mac OS X

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