IPod updater program

I've got an ipod mini and he aks for a update. The problem is that when Install ipod updater succesfully I don't have the right programme to open it. Can anyone help we with that?
THNX Nicky

You don't need a program to open the updater. Are you sure you are trying to download and install the Windows version and not the Mac version?

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  • Problem with new iTunes & iPod update

    Ever since installing the new iTunes update I've been having problems updating my iPod.
    At first when I ran the new version of iTunes a message popped up telling me that I needed to update the software on my iPod. Upon trying to do that, another window popped up saying that 'iPod couldn't be mounted'.
    So now my computer can't detect my iPod. I've restored my ipod which didn't help. I would reset my ipod but I can't even do that since when I run the ipod updater program it doesn't detect it. I've tried numerous times to see unplugging/plugging my ipod with the firewire and noticed the ipod hdd was whirring like crazy (and still no detection).
    Since the last time I attempted doing that I've noticed that some of my mp3 files on my ipod have become corrupt and would stop halfway through play and just skip to the next song.
    Any idea whats going on and how I could fix this??

    iPod won't turn on.
    iPod doesn't appear in iTunes or on the Mac desktop.
    iPod does not appear in iPod Updater or iTunes in Mac OS X.
    iPod appears on the Mac OS X desktop but not in iTunes.
    Try to restore it in disk mode.
    Putting iPod into disk mode.

  • Nano corrupted after ipod update

    i was trying to update an ipod nano, and the updater froze following the update, but the update bar on the ipod continued to function and it seemed like the update completed since the ipod restarted after the update bar finished, so just task managered out of apple updater.
    Well now, neither itunes nor ipod updater (the most recent verions) recognize the ipod, and when i try to access it as a disk drive, i get an error message saying that the drive is corrupt. I'm trying to restore to factory settings, but i can't do that if the updater itself doesn't recogize the ipod.
    What am i supposed to do?

    I had to solve the same trouble: After interrupted update on my iPod nano , the Windows explorer (several functions on the "My Computer" button, including right mouse click) hangs up. Trying to restore the iPod, the iPod updater program hangs up.
    After reading the previous recommendation ("just format it!"), I formatted my iPod SUCCESSFULLY, on the following way:
    1) Restart your PC with disconnected iPod.
    2) Connect your ill-humoured iPod to USB slot.
    3) You should see the connected external drive in my computer. DON'T CLICK ON IT! Just note the assigned drive letter, for example "E:".
    4) Start the MS-DOS-like command line interpreter (Start menu -> Run... -> keyboard input "cmd + <Enter>").
    5) Start the command line operation "format E:" (substitute "E:" with your correct drive letter) and confirm all instructions with <Enter>.
    BE CAREFULLY, OF COURSE: If you perform "format [drive letter]:" via command line on any wrong volume, you will loss all data stored on this volume.

  • Multiple iTunes/iPod Updater Entries in Add/Remove Programs

    There are three entries for iTunes in the "Add or Remove Programs" window.
    I never bothered uninstalling the previous version before upgrading (I fear it will mess up my music library if I take iTunes completely off). I always figured, like with most other programs, it would replace/delete the previous version on its own.
    The same thing happens with the iPod Updater. I have two of those.
    iPod for Windows 2005-11-17 (4.17.0)
    iPod for Windows 2005-09-23 (4.3.0)
    Should I uninstall them all (iTunes & iPod Updater) and reinstall only the latest versions (iTunes 6.0.4 & iPod Updater 2006-01-10)? I have like 30GB of music, and if anything were to happen...I'd seriously jump in front of a speeding car before reripping everything...ok no I wouldn't, but I'd be extremely ****** off.
    Thanks in advance for any help! =D
    Sony Vaio   Windows XP  

    Uninstalled everything an reinstalled most current version.

  • HT1926 I have an error installing itunes : the installer has insufficient privilidges to modify this file C:/ program files\itunes \ipod updater\ext.dlll? what to do?

    I have an error installing itunes : the installer has insufficient privilidges to modify this file C:\program files\itunes \ipod updater\ext.dlll? what to do?

    iPhone - not enough access privileges: Apple Support Communities
    ITunes Access Privileges Error?!?!: Apple Support Communities
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  • ITunes nor iPod Updater  is listed in Add/Remove Programs

    Please help! The Ipod updator nor iTunes is listed in the add/remove programs list. Can you help? Is it safe to delete the iTunes folder in program files and just reinstall?

    hi Bryce!
    when you find yourself in this situation, first download the Windows Installer Cleanup utility, and use it to remove installation registry entries for your Quicktime, iTunes and Ipod Updater:
    Description of the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility
    and then use the clean uninstall instructions in this user tip as a guide for a complete manual uninstall:
    Da Gopha: Stepwise clean uninstallation of iTunes
    keep us posted.
    love, b

  • How do I move from the 3/23 to the 6/28 iPod updater?

    I have an iPod that I got a couple weeks ago, which came with the 3/23 1.1.1 iPod software. I now see that there is a 1.1.2 version available, but the instructions on the web for moving to the new iPod updater are not very specific. Here are the instructions from the web page and my questions with it:
    To install and open the iPod Updater:
    1. Open iPodsetup.exe on the iPod + iTunes CD or from the web download at www.apple.com/ipod.
    When I open ipodsetup.exe from the CD, it asks for a language (the title bar says that this is the 3/23 updater), runs for a while, then asks me if I want to completely remove the application. The directions say nothing about uninstaling the previous version. Is this what I need to do?
    2. Connect your iPod to your computer. If you are using USB, make sure iPod is connected to a high-power USB port on your computer. Be aware that USB keyboards and non-powered USB hubs generally do not have high-power USB ports.
    Do I need to have the new updater installed before I do this? What about iTunes - can it be running during this or must it be shut down? Remember, iTunes will start as soon as I plug in the iPod.
    3. Run iPod Updater 2006-06-28.exe from Start\All Programs\iPod\iPod Updater 2006-06-28.
    There won't be such a thing if I have done nothing but uninstall the 3/23 updater. Nothing here says to run the program that was downloaded from the Web. Am I supposed to run this downloaded program now?
    4. When iPod Updater opens, click Update or Restore.
    So, what is the exact procedure for Windows XP here?

    I would have posted this earlier, but someone was hijacking the secure login site ("*.112.2o7.net" was domain for their security certificate), so I couldn't login. Anyway, I got the updater installed properly, but as I suspected, there were a few gotchas that I evidently successfully navigated. Here's what I did (and again, this is on Windows XP):
    1. Downloaded the updater program.
    2. Shut down iTunes.
    3. Double-clicked on the downloaded program. It asked me for the language, then did a bunch of stuff.
    4. At the end of the install, it told me I needed to reboot, so I did.
    5. After reboot, I logged in again, and I got a popup saying that it needed to install some more stuff. I forget if I had to click on anything or not, but I let it go.
    6. WARNING! I never got a confirmation that it was finished - I just let it go for about 5 minutes and made sure there was no disk activity (i.e. my system was completely finished booting).
    7. I plugged in my iPod. After about 30 seconds of disk activity, I got a popup saying that my iPod was at 1.1.1 and needed to be updated. WARNING! This was not the same as the popup that it shows where you have a choice of update or restore - it was a different popup. In any case, I clicked the only button there was (I think it was labeled "OK").
    8. After another 30 seconds or so, I got the window that it shows in the instructions, which told me that my iPod was at 1.1.1, and giving me a choice for either update or restore. I cicked on "update."
    9. My iPod screen turned on, but showed the Apple logo. Then the iPod disconected itself from the USB (I got the two tones (high, then low) that mean something was unplugged from my laptop's USB port). WARNING! Don't touch anything while this is going on!
    10. After about 30 seconds, the iPod connected itself again (I got the two tones (low, then high) that mean something was plugged into the USB port). After a while, the Apple logo was showing on the iPod screen, but with a progress bar on the bottom. I waited until it was finished.
    11. The window came back on my laptop saying that my iPod was at 1.1.2, and the "update" buton was greyed out.
    12. At this point, I don't remember if I unplugged my iPod and plugged it back in or not (I know I would not have if the "Do not disconnect" screen was showing. In any case, after this the iPod was showing the "Do not disconnect" screen, but iTunes was not coming up. I started iTunes manually, and it did not see the iPod.
    13. WARNING! I had to run the "Safely eject hardware" wizard to disconnect the iPod (that made the "Do not disconnect" screen disappear, and then I rebooted my laptop again. This is a safe way to recover from the situation where you can't get the "Do not disconnect" screen to go away.
    14. After rebooting again, the iPod and iTunes worked fine.
    So, despite what the directions say, you do NOT need your original CD. Also, you must be patient. I think these problems being reported here are because people are getting impatient, or think the update is done when it isn't. *Once you start actually updating the iPod, you must wait until the window comes up saying that your iPod is at the new software level, and then you will probably need to reboot again.*
    Sorry for the length of this post, but I think it's important for many people to see exactly what to expect.

  • Can't see 5gen Ipod in iTunes or Ipod Updater

    Hello I have the new 60gig 5gen ipod, well a few days ago my ipod stop showing up in iTunes or Ipod Updater. I have done every thing said to do here http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=93716 except reinstall windows xp, The problem with reinstalling windows is that I do not own a copy of xp, and I dont want to buy it. Does any have any Ideas for me?

    Somebody posted this info yesterday and it worked for me. I had the same problem and after 4 hours of trying to fix it, this worked. The problem seems to be with the upgrades of the IPOD software and Itunes. DO NOT UPDATE THEM.
    To fix. Completely uninstall Itunes and the IPOD programs by using the add-remove in Control Panel. You will also need to go to your C: and delete any remaining folders in Program Files. Then reboot.
    Now disable any antivirus software and disconnect from the internet. Take your orginal CD from your IPOD and load the IPOD software first and then the Itunes program.
    This worked for me after much frustration. Good luck...

  • IPod Updater Code problem? iTunes not connecting with iPod.

    There may be a problem with the iPod updater.
    I have a 15 GB iPod (JQ418QZLQQF)
    Updated iTunes to Connected iPod.
    Got a window...told me to downloaded iPod Updater 9/23/05. Did it.
    Updated iPod. iTunes would start writing and then quit. Got a window; told me to restore iPod.
    Tried restore 7 times. Failed. When iTunes tried to load it stalled, then McAfee Antivirus program hung up, then got messages that it could no longer communicate with iPod ... got (-36) errors.
    Got FAQ sheets. Did everything. Unplugged from internet, disabled antivirus program. No luck.
    Unloaded every non-related program in RAM. No luck.
    Tried iTunes and iPod in SAFE mode. No luck.
    Last error message was "Attempting to copy to the disk "IPOD" failed. An unknown error occurred (-53)"
    Bought 5th generation 20 GB iPod Color. Plugged it in.
    Reformatted it with the 9/23/05 ipod updater. ... iTunes could not connect to it.
    Tried the 9/6/05 updater. Still didn't work.
    Opened the CD that it came with and installed the 6/5/05 ipod updater software. iTunes immediately recognized the new ipod and loaded songs without failure.

    I ran into this on a client system yesterday. Same issue re: new songs with a dock ipod running ver 2.2.
    I tried to update on three separate g4 based macs, each running 10.3.9. On one, the ipod failed to mount. On the other two, the updater gave the message {approx} "the firmware for the update is not present" when the Update button was clicked.
    For no good reason, I tried using the "Update" in the Options menu instead of the button. I immediately got an administer confirmation box, gave the password, and the update proceded correctly. Monkey behavior triumphs. Got to be an installer bug. Try it and let us know if this works for you.

  • IPOD Updater - Error 1324 - The Folder path contains an invalid character

    I tried to install ITUNES on an external HD (I didn't want to slow down my computer by putting all of my music on my internal HD). ITunes installed and then crashed. I removed all traces of ITUNES and IPOD that I could find and went to install ITUNES again on my regular internal drive. Now it goes through the installation and REMEMBERS my IPOD serial number (so obviously I can't find all of the files to remove) but doesn't give me a choice of where to install (it still must be trying to install to my external HD) the ITUNES. All I get is the following Error message:
    IPOD Updater - Error 1324 - The Folder path "Program Files" contains an invalid character
    Does anyone have a solution out there?
    Thanks in advance!

    IPOD Updater - Error 1324 - The Folder path "Program Files" contains an invalid character
    Interesting. It's choking on the old iPod updater application. (iPod software updates are no longer handled by a standalone application ... that function was folded into iTunes beginning with iTunes
    Let's try the following procedure.
    Download and install the Windows Installer CleanUp utility:
    Description of the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility
    Now launch Windows Installer CleanUp ("Start > All Programs > Windows Install Clean Up"), find any entries called "ipod for windows \[date]" or "ipod updater \[date]" or just "ipod for windows" in the list of programs in CleanUp, select those entries, and click “remove”.
    Quit out of CleanUp, and restart the PC.
    Does an itunes install go through properly after that?

  • After runnin iPod Updater 2006-06-28 for my 2GB iPod Nano my computer froze

    I installed iTunes 6.0.5 and my 2GB iPod Nano was recognized... everything seemed OK. I then tried running iPod Updater 2006-06-28 and this is when my problems began. After running the Updater program my iPod froze during the update process. I had to shutdown my computer in order to stop the updater program. Upon restarting my computer, iTunes no longer recognizes my iPod and if I run the updater program again it continues to freeze or does not recognize my iPod. When I plug in my iPod, Windows recognizes my iPod but my computer becomes very slow. Please note that when my iPod is not connected to my computer it appears to be OK but all my data has been removed. The updater program also appears to have been successful in updating my iPod to v1.2.
    To try and resolve this issue I performed Apple's Five Rs and also followed Apples instructions for "iPod shows up in Windows but not in iTunes." Please see the links below for these procedures.
    Every attempt I have made has been unsuccessful and I am contemplating reinstalling Windows XP SP2. Can anyone help?
    MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum with AMD Athlon 3200+   Windows XP   2GB iPod Nano and iTunes

    same problem with my 4GB nano. I believe the updater is messed up, as all previous updaters work fine to restore for me (with a needed kill of the ipodservice.exe)

  • IPod Updater can't find bundle folder Binary-5

    I seem to be having trouble even restoring my factory settings on my 60g ipod. I of course have been having the sync problem as well, NOTHING has transferred and now, when I run the updater I log the following message in the console, "iPod Updater can't find bundle folder Binary-5" I have no idea what this means. Also, when running disk utility I get the following: "Checking HFS Plus volume.
    Invalid B-tree node size
    Invalid B-tree node size
    The volume needs to be repaired.
    Volume check failed.
    Error: The underlying task reported failure on exit (-9972)
    1 volume checked
         0 HFS volumes verified
         1 volume failed verification"
    Suffice it to say my ipod no longer appears in Itunes 5.0.1 nor on my desktop but I can see it in System Profiler and (greyed out) in Disk Utility. Also I'm unable to run Software Update by the normal means, I have to do so with a "sudo" command in terminal in order to install anything. Is this a possible permissions issue as well? Does anyone have any ideas that can point me in the right direction for correction?

    Ok! Simple.
    Plug in your iPod to your new computer.
    Go to Files and click "Transfer purchases from iPod"
    Now, this is the simplest way to put your purchased music on another computer.
    You will be asked to authorize the new computer to have the iPod's content.
    Authorize it. You have a total of five computers that you can authorize.
    However, if not all your music has been purchased from an iTunes store, like CD's, you can download (among many other programs of this kind) iPodRip. Once you have downloaded it, plug in your iPod and within one minute, it will transfer all the iPod's content, music as well as videos and playlists..., back to the computer.
    To put everything back to iTunes, click on the Recover Songs icon. A box will appear asking you if you want to load everything back to iTunes and/or Hard Drive. Check both options (or at least iTunes).
    Wait for a while, the time for your music to load back, and voilà! Your iTunes will be just like the one you had.
    Try that and tell me if it helped!

  • IPod updater not available

    I just received a reconditioned iPod. Was instructed to download iTunes and iPod updater. Downloaded and installed iTunes 7.0.2 but iPod updater does not appear in my programs. Cannot use iPod until updater is installed and run. Help!

    Have you looked at either of these troubleshooting documents?
    iPod missing in My Computer and in iTunes
    iTunes 7 for Windows doesn't recognize iPod

  • IPod updater-not installing right

    I recently just updated my iTunes, now when I try to upload music onto my iPod Mini, I get a message saying "iPod software is too old-the music cannot be copied, download the new iPod updater". I have tried downloading the iPod updater 3 times, and I get to the screen where it gives you an option to either restart your computer now or restart your computer later. I have restarted my computer twice and once I clicked "restart your computer later"... I don't see any differences, and when I try to upload music on my iPod (after downloading iPod updater) it still gives me the same message I had from the start- That the iPod software is too old. Is there any advice someone can give me??

    After you've downloaded the SetUp Launcher for the iPod Updater from the Apple web site you have to make sure that it's installed on your computer. A good first step is to double-click the SetUp Launcher icon and follow the directions. It sounds like you've done this but you may not have gone on to the next step.
    Once it's installed you then have to run the Updater (Start Menu > All Programs > iPod > iPod Updater 2005-11-17 > iPod Updater 2005-11-17) and connect your iPod when prompted to do so. Click on the Update button and your little friend should be all set.
    If not, post back.

  • Can't install iPod updater or Quick Time

    If I try install iPod updater I get error message: "-1608: Unable to Create InstallDriver Instance" or "-1607: Unable to Install InstallShield Scripting Run Time"
    What Can I do? I have tested http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;888019 and http://consumer.installshield.com/kb.asp?id=Q108440

    Today, when I connected my iPod to my computer, iTunes indicated that the iPod service could not be started and to reinstall iPod and iTunes. I uninstalled/reinstalled iTunes, but when I tried to uninstall iPod, the uninstall wizard doesn't even show up (click remove and nothing happens). I tried installing iPod updater 2006-01-10, but I get:
    1608: Unable to create InstallDriver instance.
    Return code: -2147024894
    I followed all of the steps outlined in the fix: empty temp dir, remove InstallShield 8 driver, reinstall InstallShield 8 driver, run Windows Installer CleanUp tool. I still get the same error when trying to install iPodSetup.exe (2006-01-10). I still cannot remove iPod 2005-10-12. The Installer CleanUp tool won't cleanup 'iPod 2005-10-12' (MSICUU Run-time error '5': Invalid procedure call or argument'). I have also tried (1) starting the iPodService in windows services, but it won't start, and (2) deleting the C:\Program Files\iPod directory. Nothing works.
    Windows XP Pro SP2 (last Windows Update 2/13/2006)
    Logged in as Administrator
    * iTunes installs correctly, iPod does not
      Windows XP Pro  

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