Ipod Video Freezes

Hi everyone I'm just wondering how to fix my ipod.
I know someone just put up a post just like it
I just got the new update for my 60GB Ipod Video. Before the update it was fine the videos played normally but now my videos will play normally for about 30seconds then freeze then play but without any sound.
I don't know what happened, was it the update? or do I just need to do something?
Thanks for the help!
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This solution has worked to stop this from happening:
The solution is:
1) Open up the Video file in Quicktime Pro
2) Select File->Export
3) Select "Movie to MPEG-4" beside "Export:", then click the OPtions button
4) Select "Video" and make sure that the "Video Format" is set to "Pass through"
5) Do the same for "Audio", then hit OK
6) Save the file
Basically what this does is rewrites the MPEG-4 "container" that the video is stored in. It seems that the iPod with the 1.1 firmware has a problem with the container as created by Videora and other programs. By simply rewriting the container, the videos play fine. This process can take up to a minute or two depending on the size of the file, but still MUCH faster than straight-up encoding via Quicktime Pro.
The other solution is to reconvert the file using other software that doesn't cause this problem. So far others have reported that the Nero Recode converted files have not caused this to happen while playing movies on the iPod.

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  • 30gb iPod Video freezes

    Could someone please help me, or tell me if this is 'normal'?
    I bought a 30bg iPod Video about 10 days ago. I installed the software on my computer...reset the iPod when I first plugged it in. Loaded up about 750 songs and about 35 pics.
    The thing is, EVERYTIME I go running (basically every time I use it) it freezes. The play icon is still on the screen, but the song is not playing. Sometimes it happens in the middle of the song, sometimes before the song starts. (By the way, I always have the iPod on shuffle...does this make a difference?)
    Saturdat morning, I had to reset it 3 times!!!!
    The battery seems to run down fairly quickly, as well.
    Have I done something wrong, or did I get a bad unit.

    So what the support guy says is fairly true. The video has a hard drive and a small RAM buffer. The nano is all RAM. Hard drive's don't like being moved around and if the video is reading the hard drive at the time, it's going to skip and potentially freeze.
    See iPod : Maximizing skip protection
    and Troubleshooting songs that skip on iPod
    So if you're using a playlist with any videos on it, that's really bad (cause videos eat up a lot of the RAm buffer).
    But if you have long songs that can aggravate the situation too.
    Best option is to get a nano or a shuffle if you want to run. If you want to try staying with the video and run, position it somewhere that minimizes motion (a fanny back or belt clip may help) or higher up on the arm for an armband.
    Oh, I just read your bit about having it on shuffle - yes that is bad. When it's not on shuffle it will read as much o the playlist as it can into RAM. When it's on shuffle, it doesn't know what the next songs are going to be. Even with shuffle off, manually changing songs repeatedly can have a similar effect. Just build a playlist you like and run with it.

  • Ipod video freeze

    Ipod Video is frozen and even pressing middle button + Menu button does not reset it. Is it just OLD or can i reformat it to make it work and not hang up.

    How long did you hold the Select/Center and Menu button combo? It can take some time before you see the Apple logo to appear.  Also make sure the hold switch along the top of the device is not in the On position.
    Otherwise, you'll need to let the iPod's battery drain.  Then charge it back up and restore in iTunes if necessary.

  • IPod Video freezes often - safe to reset so often??

    Hey - my iPod 5G 30GB freezes every time I disconnect it from my iHome alarm clock/stereo. I always just reset it (menu & center button) and it works again but I don't know how good it is for the iPod to be reset so often. Anybody know if it's ok, or have other suggestions of how to handle/prevent the constant freezing?? Thanks much
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    A restore might be worth a try with this constantly-freezing kind of issue.
    For information on restoring, see this article:
    Restoring Fifth Generation iPod - (iPod with video)

  • 30gb ipod video freezes everytime?

    Everytime I want to play video on my Ipod I got to play it and it freezes on the first frame.No sound or anything. i have to reset it. i just downloaded version 1.1.1 on it but it didnt change anything.I only upgraded though, i didnt restore it. Do i have to restore the whole thing or what? Any Suggestions?

    Try the 5 R's
    If you do a factory restore make sure you back your music up

  • IPod video freezes - a workaround

    Hi everybody,
    I've read a lot on the new "features" introduced by apple in the iPod 1.1 firmware.
    I also have a 60GB iPod and yes, mine also stops video playback after around 30 seconds and then continues without sound.
    I have found a small workaround and am curious if that works for anybody else:
    Start a self-converted video (I used Videora) and wait for the first freeze. After the video continues, rewind or fast-forward the video a few seconds (it doesn't really matter) and then press pause.
    Now you'll have to wait until you hear the hard-disk spinning down. Wait another 5-10 seconds and then press pause again to continue the video playback.
    And voila - it works (for me). All my videos work perfectly with that small workaround.
    To me this is the proof that Apple has messed things up in the 1.1 firmware - and not only video playback, also a few other things should improve in the next update (which I hope will be released SOON!).

    Ok it seems that I solved that problem by doing the restore thing. I guess I made this thread due to frustration heh.
    Now my problem is that when I connect the iPod it takes a while for the iTune to recognize it, why is that? Cause this doesn't happen with my Nano.

  • Ipod video freezing

    i have the nero version with the ipod compatible h.264 convector. the video are ripped at 640*480 1000kbps and 128kbps and the always seem to slightly freeze and the start back up. really anoying

    Restoring it is a good step to take in your case to make sure it's not the iPod software causing the issue. Reset the iPod (hold the center and menu button till the apple logo comes up) and as it boots back up, put it next to your ear. If you hear any clicking, grinding or such noises, it's probably hard drive failure, which can happen without the sad face icon. Skipping and pausing can be caused by a dying drive.

  • 30 gig iPod video freezes

    I've had this iPod since they first came out. What it's doing to my now is while playing a song, it just freezes. It won't play any more, it won't let me go back and forth in my menus, it won't fast forward, and most importantly, it won't let me reset! I have to unplug the charger and wait until the battery dies before plugging it back in and letting it come to life once more only to freeze again in an unknown amount of time. The only thing I can do once it freezes is if I touch the scroll wheel and the screen wasn't lit, the screen lights up and remains lit until the iPod battery dies. It does this without any movement at all and I'm using a dock connector plug for audio and charging simultaneously.

    Yes, I have. It did not help.
    Just thought I would checked because you made no mention of it in the previous post.
    How about a reformat of the iPod using *Disk Utility*? This article provides instructions on how to do just that.

  • My ipod video freezes

    when im listening to it, it randomly freezes in the middle of songs, then it hesitates to change it and what not, kinda like if i was listening to a scratched cd

    Welcome to Apple Discussions!
    Try resetting your iPod...
    Reset iPod
    Also, make sure all the software on both your computer and iPod is up to date...
    iPod Updater
    Update iPod's Software
    You may also want to try restoring your iPod...
    Restore iPod

  • Ipod video freezing in between screens

    hey i have had my ipod since august of 2006 so not too long and well it has been freezing latley like in between screens i tried the 5 rs should i send it into apple or what should i do advice??

    Mom's forwarding:
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    1024-5000 (UDP *I have no idea why you have this line. It is supposed to be on TCP if you have a PC running AIM. It certainly should not point to the IP of the Mac*
    5353 (UDP)
    However there is nothing here that suggests there is a Problem to A/V chatting to AIM Buddy List people.
    6:51 PM Wednesday; February 6, 2008

  • Does iPod Video freeze a lot?

    I just bought one couple weeks ago and the iPod has already frozen the 2nd time I used. I was able to recover it once I hook it up with the computer. I'd like to know if it happens a lot. The main purpose of buying an iPod besides listening to music is that I could transfer all my pictures when I'm traveling so that I don't have to buy so many memory cards. If it crashes nadI don't have a computer around, how do I fix the frozen screen? If it happens a lot, I don't think it's worthwhile to keep it anyway....

    I'm having a similar situation. During play, usually within the 1st 30 seconds, playing will stop. Toggling the hold switch has no bearing on it and several times, resetting has worked. But, today, I reset the ipod for the same reason(this is happening more often now), the next song I played stopped again. At this moment, I am restoring the ipod for the 1st time. Does this problem suggest having Apple fix the ipod or will restoring it be the solution? Thanks for any response.

  • Video freezes when playing after ipod updating

    My 60GB ipod video freezes up after a few minutes of playing video. It was operating fine until I installed the latest IPOD updater software "2006-01-10". I have tried reseting the ipod, but it makes no difference. When the freeze occurs, I found that returning back to the main menu is the only way to get the video to return to playing. Otherwise, I tried fast forward and it sometimes plays, but without sound.
    This is a new IPOD, so I can return it today for a full refund from the apple store.
    Any ideas?

    My 60GB ipod video freezes up after a few minutes of
    playing video.
    The only way to fix it is to go back to the previous updater. You'll lose everything on your iPod but you can sync again afterwards.
    1) Uninstall the 1.1 updater from your computer.
    2) Install the 1.0 updater onto your computer. It's on the CD that came with your iPod.
    3) Plug in your iPod.
    4) Run the 1.0 updater.
    5) Select 'restore'.
    6) Follow instructions.
    7) Resync with iTunes.
    Good luck.

  • Videos freeze

    On my iPhone 5 with iOS 7, movies and TV shows played in the Videos app will freeze the whole phone (i.e., can't switch apps, can't engage/disengage Guided Access, etc.) for a couple of minutes, usually after playing for a short period. That is to say, it wil play for 1 to 5 minutes, then freeze for maybe 1 to 3 minutes, then continue.
    This happens with both video streamed from iCloud and also for locally stored video.
    Is there a workaround or anything I can try to stop this from happening?

    You actually need to downgrade the firmware. The newest firmware is causing problems especially with the 60gb model. Mine will play about 10 seconds then freeze for a few seconds then continue with no sound or in some cases completely freeze and I have to reset it.
    I tried to post the link to a place that has instructions for downgrading but it looks like links aren't allowed here. Just google "ipod video freezing no sound" and you'll find a result from ipodhacks.com's forums.
    Hopefully Apple will get around to addressing this issue and either recall the latest firmware or fix it and re-release soon.
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  • Ipod 5gen freezes when trying to play video

    My son has a 5th gen 60gb ipod that freezes as soon as he tries to play video on it. This started happening after he installed the latest firmware upgrade. We have deleted the videos, tried reinstalling the latest firmware, reinstalled any number of converted videos, and every time we try it, it freezes up solid. We end up having to use the standard "menu-center button" restart procedure to unfreeze it. Any ideas how to get it to play videos with out completely wiping his ipod clean and starting over with everything?

    My problem is similar. My 80G freezes playing video that I converted. These videos used to play just fine. This all started after an upgrade in Dec 07 I think. I have an iphone and the videos play fine and we kjust purchased a 160G and all the videos play perfectly. A huge bummer with the 160G though is that most of the accessories we purchased for the 5th gen don't work with the new classics (ie: Phillips portable DVD/ipod player) - Why did Apple do that?

  • IPod video 30gb Freezing COMPUTER?

    Everytime I plug my ipod video in the computer recognizes it like its connected and then just freezes up my whole computer. I don't get what is going on. I have all the new itunes and everything and am connecting ipod through USB port. Someone help me please.

    I was having the same problem with my 60GB Video iPod. Are you plugging in your iPod before you open iTunes? I know plugging in your iPod is supposed to automatically open iTunes for you, but that seemed to be what was causing the problem for me. If I open iTunes first then plug in my iPod it doesn't crash my computer. I also make sure my iPod is "ejected" and turned off before I unplug it. That seems to save me from crashing my system when I unplug the iPod.
    Hope this helps you.

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