IPod will not update in iTunes with Windows Vista

Every time I connect my ipod to my computer, my computer locks up and it does not update. The only way I can even connect my ipod is to use manual update.

iTunes does not yet support Windows Vista. There are numerous problems running iTunes on it. The latest release of iTuens 7.1 fixed some of them but not all.

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  • My iPod will not connect to itunes after windows 8.1 download

    My iPOD will not connect to itunes after windows 8.1 download
    I already uninstall itunes and made sure there were no file left before I installed again (it didn't appear to be any files left but music I had on it before was still there when I reinstall it)
    My ipod does work on my old computer and it was working on windows 8 before I update to  8.1
    I don't want to installed again because I just did that and didn't work!
    I want to use my iPod on this computer and system.  Can this be fix?

    Hey TheBurntApple,
    Thanks for the question. I understand that you are experiencing issues with your iPhone connecting to iTunes for Windows. While you may have already attempted most of the steps in this article, I wished to provide it to you just in case something was omitted.
    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows
    Matt M.

  • My ipod does not apprear in itunes with windows 7

    my ipod does not apprear in itunes with windows 7 any ideas

    1. Update iTunes to the latest version. Plug in your iPod. If iTunes still can't recognize it, then in iTunes in the top left corner click help> run diagnostics. On the box that comes up, check the last two things. Click next and it should identify your iPod.
    2. Click on your windows start menu. Type in "services". Click on it and when it pops up, on the bottom of it click on "standard". Now Scroll down to find "Apple Mobile Device" Right click it when you see it and click on "Start". When it has started, close iTunes and replug in your iPod and it should show up.
    3. Check the USB cable
    4. Verify that Apple Mobile Device Support is installed
    5. Restart the Apple Mobile Device Service and verify that the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver is installed.
    6. If you just want to add some photos, songs and movies from computer to your devices, you can use an iTunes alternative to do the job.
    7. Check for third-party software conflicts.

  • IPod Touch will NOT sync in iTunes for Windows Vista

    I get this error message. "iTunes requires a newer version of Apple Mobile Device Support. Please uninstall both Apple Mobile Device Support and iTunes, then install iTunes again."
    Well, I did that, then I reinstalled iTunes. The AMDS didn't reinstall with the iTunes software! Instead, it kept rolling back again and again. I uninstalled iTunes again, made sure everything was deleted with Windows Install Clean Up, then tried to install iTunes 8.1. Well, this installed AMDS, but it also installed iTunes 8.2 instead - and I am getting the same error message again. Is my iPod touch completely useless now? I can't update the songs on my computer to it, so what am I supposed to do? My computer is recognizing it and saying it connected and allowing me to open it, but it will not appear in iTunes. HELP!

    IS NO ONE FROM APPLE WILLING TO SOLVE THIS ISSUE? This problem is being discussed all over the internet. Something is WRONG with iTunes 8.2 that is PROHIBITING iPod Touch devices to sync with it. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? I have been unable to contact ANYONE about the issue, and a support person literally hung up on me while I was explaining my problem, like he knew what was happening. WHAT DO I DO? I have a non-updated iPod Touch that is just being WASTED because I can't sync it with the newest version of iTunes. APPLE, YOU NEED TO FIX THIS PROBLEM.


    I recently bought a new Dell Dimension E520 which came with windows vista pre installed. I seem to be one of many people having problems with it!
    Newest version of Itunes (7.1) is installed and working fine. When I plug my IPOD nano in however nothing happens. It is visible in the device manager on my PC but doesn't show in itunes.
    I've been to the apple store and they said that the new itunes should fix the problem but it hasn't. they've checked my nano and it is fully up to date.
    I know it is a driver problem but i have absolutely no idea what i'm looking for when i go to the support section on this website!
    the reason I bought a new PC was that my old computer wouldn't download the new itunes and therefore i couldn't access the store or any songs bought from the store on my nano (plus it was 14 years old). it did however actually recognise my IPOD!
    It's been nearly 6 months since i've been able to update my ipod with songs and i'm getting desperate!!!! please can anyone help??

    iTunes does not yet support Windows Vista. There are numerous problems running iTunes on it. The latest release of iTuens 7.1 fixed some of them but not all.

  • IPod will not update in iTunes

    I plugged my iPod into my computer and iTunes recognizes it but it never signals ok to disconnect my iPod just has the Do not disconnect thing on it. I did download a new version of the software for my mini before it started doing this. Does it take a few minutes to get the iPod fully updated? Thanks!

    If you have your iPod set to transfer your music manually, then that “do not disconnect” message will continue to be displayed on your iPod until you manually eject it.
    You can do this by clicking on the little eject icon next to the iPod listing in the source window of iTunes, or right click on it and select “eject”. There is also an iPod 'eject' icon in the lower right hand corner of iTunes. Another way would be to use the “safely remove hardware” icon in the system tray next to the clock (looks like a grey rectangle with a green arrow above it). Click on this then select your iPod. Or through Windows, select start/my computer, right click on the iPod, select eject.
    If you have your iPod set to automatically sync with iTunes, right click on the iPod in iTunes, select options and if you have a check mark in the box marked “enable disk use”, remove it and your iPod should automatically disconnect after it’s finished transferring music.

  • My iPod will not update on iTunes. A error message pops up

    I have been trying to update my ipod and it has really been making me upset. I try it at least every week, to see if it will work, but it doesn't. I can't even get the apps I want, because my ipod needs to be updated to a iOS 4.3. Everytime I try to update it, I go to devices, then I press update to 4.3 or something like that, and then it's about 30 seconds, and then a message pops up and say,"There is a problem with your connection, try contacting a server, reconnecting the internet, or try again later." The message is related something to that. I try to reconnect, come back later, and it still does the same thing. I am getting very tired of this. I need somebody to PLEASE tell me how to fix this, PPPPPPPLLLLLLEEEEEAASSEEE!!!!! Thank you!

    Try disabling the computer's antivirus and firewall during the download and update.

  • HT1848 my ipod will not update.  I have plugged it into itunes and authorizing the computer but, it still says that all of the purchased product has not been transfered.

    my ipod will not update.  I have plugged it into itunes and authorizing the computer but, it still says that all of the purchased product has not been transfered.  It keeps telling me to authorize the computer which I have done.  The purchased items were purchased using an $10 gift card, would that have anything to do with it?

    We won't know until you try the procedure.   The reset will not affect the content of the iPod.

  • TS3694 My Ipod is not recognized by Itunes with my Windows 8 PC. Works fine with Windows 7 PC. Device sync test says "No device found". Already performed all of the Ipod device troubleshooting including reload Itunes, stop start Ipod device, changed drive

    Need help? Some of my Ipods are not recognized by Itunes with my Windows 8 PC. (Ipod Nano 4th gen  and Ipod Nano 6th gen), but on my Windows 7 PC, they work fine.  My Ipod 3rd gen and Ipod shuffle work both on Windows 8 and 7 PC's.  On the non-working Ipods, the  Device sync test says "No device found". Already performed all of the Ipod device troubleshooting including reload Itunes, stop start Ipod device, changed drive letter...
    any help is appreciated. Chris4sail

    Hello there, chris4sail.
    The following Knowledge Base article offers up some great step-by-step instructions on troubleshooting your iPod not being recognized in iTunes:
    iPod not recognized in My Computer and in iTunes for Windows
    Thanks for reaching out to Apple Support Communities.

  • I add songs to itunes, but ipod will not update!

    I imported songs onto my itunes library. But when I plug it in the usb to update, it will automatically disconnect after 5 minutes, and the ipod will not update. I've tried adding all music, and just checked songs; both do not not work.
    I have version
    I have about 50% of room left on my ipod.
    Any suggestions??

    Hello Rex225
    The best way to resolve the issue is to remove the music from the iPhone and then download the purchase again using the steps in the following article.
    Downloading past purchases from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    -Norm G.

  • Ipod will not update new songs from itunes

    My ipod will not update new songs from itunes. I've purchased several songs from the music store, updated my playlists and as added some from my CD collection and they are not transfering from my library to my ipod.
    I've tried numerous configurations under the preferences - ipod menue but still can't get them to transfer.
    One error I occasionally get is "ipod cannot be updated because there is not enough free space to hold all of the songs in the itunes music library"
    There is plenty of room on my ipod so I can't figure out why. It almost seems as if it is trying to copy all of my songs not just the new ones because all songs in my librbary are checked.

    Thank you for responding.
    Doesn't it have to be on either manual or auto update? What other option is there?
    I will try downloading latest updates.
    I know it will work if I reset it (have done it a few times already). I just hate having to restore factory settings everytime I want to put a new song onthe ipod.

  • TS1363 Since the last iTunes update my iPod will not connect to iTunes

    Since the last iTunes update my iPod will not connect to iTunes. My computer recognizes it but as soon as I launch iTunes I get the error message: An iPod has been detected, but it could not be identified properly. I have done ALL troubleshooting steps and it still gives me the error...... this only happend since I updated iTunes.

    Doublechecking. Have you also worked through the following troubleshooting document?
    iPod nano: Error message saying that iPod 'could not be identified properly'

  • Ipod will not turn on, itunes will not open, window says ipod is in recovery mode and needsto be restored

    ipod will not turn on, itunes will not open, window pops up says ipod is in recovery mode and needs to be restored. what do i do now?

    You restore the iPod via iTunes. Don't plug the iPod in. Open up iTunes and then plug it in and then try restoring, if it fails to restore a few times, keep trying. I do it on a daily basis, you're using an Apple product, remember...
    EDIT: Do it from another computer if all else fails.

  • Ipod will not update!!! Error (-50)  HEEEELLLLLLP!!!!!

    My ipod will not update to manual when I click the box to update manual. The box under is checked as it should be but after about 40sec of "Updating Ipod" an error box pops up and says "Ipod could not update unknown error (-50)". In addition I am no longer able to play the songs from my ipod through my comupter. I am only able to play songs on my computer already through itunes. Please help.
    HP 2225   Other OS  

    im getting kind of the same problem. i got a new computer with vista on it, and i plugged in my ipod with all the songs on it, and i thought if i set it to put all the songs on my computer it would erase the ones currently on it. i started getting alot of errors saying there wasnt enough space on my 8gb nano, which there should have been enough space but since it wasnt deleting the music already on it.
    after trying a few different setting i decided to try the restore button and it said it couldnt restore. so i closed itunes went to computer and into my ipod, enabled it so i could see hidden folders and then deleted all the F1, F2,F3 and so on folders and tried an update and it worked.
    but something really strange then happened in itunes, it was on my purchased playlist instead of having just my purchased music it had three copies of all my purchased music, but there wasnt three files of each. itunes did this on my previous computer but it made new copies of the files.
    it then worked just like it did on my old computer, but i noticed it wasnt working properly went i got all the album artwork and my new purchased music. now i dont really know what to do, do what i did before and delete the music manually or just wait untill the update in a "few weeks"
    i hope this has been helpful to anyone else with similar problems.
    dell e520   Other OS   windows vista

  • Ipod will not appear in itunes or on desktop... tried EVERYTHING

    My 4th generation (black and white display) ipod will not update ever since i was updating it, and my computer was, for some reason, forced to restart. Now, whenever i plug my ipod into my computer using the firewire port, my ipod flashes the 'Do not disconnect' screen, and the battery sign at the top signals that it is charging. But my desktop computer (iMac G5) will not recongnize that my ipod is connected on either the desktop or in itunes. I have tried the '5 R's', and re-booting my computer and forcing into disk mode. I now have no idea what to do...

    In case you can see your iPod under the disk utility, try to do the following
    For Mac computer
    1. Open the disk utility, hope your iPod appears there (left hand side), highlight it
    2. Go to Tab “Partition”, click either “Delete” or “Partition”, if fails, skip this step and go to 3
    3. Go to Tab “Erase” , choose Volume Format as “MAC OS Extended (Journaled), and click Erase, again if fails, skip it and go to 4
    4. Same as step 3, but open the “Security Options....” and choose “Zero Out Data” before click Erase. It will take 1 to 2 hours to complete.
    5. Eject your iPod and do a Reset
    6. Open the iPod Updater and click “Restore”
    If you cant see your iPod there, then
    Windows users having trouble with their iPods should locate a Mac user. In many cases when an iPod won't show up on a PC that it will show up on the Mac. Then it can be restored. When the PC user returns to his computer the iPod will be recognized by the PC, reformatted for the PC, and usable again. By the way, it works in reverse too. A Mac user often can get his iPod back by connecting it to a PC and restoring it.
    a. It does not matter whether the format is completed or not, the key is to erase (or partly) the corrupted firmware files on the Hard Drive of the iPod. After that, when the iPod re-connected with a computer, it will be recognized as an fresh external hard drive, it will show up on the iPod updater.
    b. It is not a difficult issue for a Mac user to find a window base computer, for a PC user, if they can’t find any Mac user, they can go to a nearest Apple Shop for a favor.
    c. You may need to switch around the PC and Mac, try to do several attempts between “Format” and “Restore”

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