Is a WD My Book Studio Desktop 3TB Hard Drive - FW 400/800, USB 2.0, Apple Time Machine Ready external hard drive bootable with my Powerbook G4 12" PPC 10.5.8?

Sirs or madams,
Is my Powerbook G4 12” PPC 10.5.8 'bootable' with a Western Digital My Book Studio Desktop 3TB Hard Drive - FW 400/800, USB 2.0, Apple Time Machine Ready external hard drive? Western Digital says officially no, but that it MIGHT be. I primarily live in China and bought a Clearlight s400+ external hard drive enclosure with a 320GB disk drive a few years ago in China. My computer 'boots' fine from it, but since I got it in China all the paperwork, etc. is in Chinese; my Chinese isn't quite sufficient enough yet to read it. But there are references to something called "SATA", whatever that is.
My level of computer 'under the hood' knowledge is extremely low. I've been told that SATA has some relationship as to whether or not an external hard drive will boot a computer via the Firewire connection, something relating to 'interface', which I assume is how separate electronic gadgets work, or don't work, with each other.
I frankly don't care much for computers, the internet, or their related gadgets such as all these fancy phones. I longingly reminisce about the days when there were no such things. I use a computer & the internet because I have to, and unfortunately unlike a car where one doesn't have to have 'under the hood' knowledge to operate it, just knowledge of the steering wheel, brake, gas, etc., one seemingly must know a ridiculously great amount of 'under the hood' knowledge, including jargon, to operate computers.
So, please try to respond accordingly; thank you.
If this particular external hard drive won't, for certain, be bootable with my computer, can you advise as to what readily available brand/model would be in the 3TB range for a similar price, roughly $150ish??
Thank you very much.

Mr. BGreg,
Thank you very much. "...under the covers...". I think you meant "under the hood", as in a car. I suppose "under the covers" would be man/woman interfacing, which I am familiar with!
Actually, I'm back in the US now for a few months. I looked at the OWC web site, but only cusorily so far. I'll contact them; they appear knowledgeable about Apple computers.
As to what you wrote about Western Digital's cases, I certainly wouldn't want a poor case. In China I had over time gotten 3 different external drive cases, 3 different Chinese brands, and separately bought Hitachi brand disk drives that 'simply' plugged into the cases. The drives are roughly 80GB 120GB and 320GB. The two larger ones are in cases that have Firewire plugs/jacks, which are bootable with my computer.
So my understanding, as you wrote, has been that my Powerbook will boot from an external hard drive, provided it connects via Firewire, and the disk drive itself is 'normally' formatted with however my computer's own disk drive is formatted, (HFS OS extended (journaled) or some such??). So I was left wondering why Western Digital would indicate that even though their such-and-so external hard drive case/drive was Firewire capable, that they would then say it would not be bootable with my Apple PPC computer......
Well, anyway, since you indicated Western Digital's case quality is suspect, then I'll try OWC and disregard Western Digital.
Naturally, OWC should be able to address this, but your thoughts are also welcome. You mentioned the OWC cases are good with Apples. Would the disk drives OWC supplied with the cases also be of relatively dependable quality?? From my so far only cursory look at their web site they appear to have various options, including case only options where I could insert my own or their own drives. These sorts of options seem preferable, also along with quality components. 
My Powerbook has been in use since 2004. In China I put in a 1.25 memory 'chip' in the bottom and installed the 10.5.8 operating system, which I understand are the maximum workable with my Powerbook. When I inquired with Chinese friends if my 1.33 GHz processor could be taken out and a more powerful one put in, they said it wasn't feasible because in my particular computer my processor was, as I recall them saying, soldered/'permanently' connected with the 'motherboard', that it would just be easier to get a new computer.
I would be with them and they would nonchalantly open it completely up showing me all its tightly arranged 'innards' while at least giving it a good internal dust/dirt clean job for cheap lunch and a beer (& so much dirt/dust/lint there was!)...these are the same folks who build the things of moving hands with tiny screws flying everywhere, but everything 100% all back in place when finished.
My Chinese friends also said that nowadays Apples are not as well built as when my Powerbook was built, that nowadays an Apple's life expectancy was considerably lower, so I fear that when I get a new computer that, though it will be more up-to-date and powerful, etc., it most probably won't last near as long as my Powerbook has. They also said that in an older computer the fan was often the first component to go bad, and if a new one couldn't be easily found, as they said was my case, then you're just left with having to get an entirely new computer.  Part of why I dislike electronic computer gadgets generally is that they are obsolete so quickly.
So, anyway, thanks very much for your information.

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    When I connect my WD My Book Studio 1TB to my iMac via FireWire 800 or USB 2 it works just fine. However, when I connect the drive to my Time Capsule, it won't mount. The device shows up in the AirPort disks pane but not the volume. I have enabled file sharing.
    So far I restarted the Time Capsule and repartitioned the My Book using Disk Utility (1 partition, Journaled HFS+, GUID), but no joy.
    Am I overlooking something or could there be some sort of compatibility problem?
    Thanks in advance,

    Got the hub as you suggested and it did the trick! After some (dis)connecting, restarting the TC and leaving it alone for a few minutes, the drive miraculously appeared in the Airport disks pane and I was able to mount it on the desktop. Hope I can keep it running. For now, I'm a happy camper!
    Thanks again, Bob.

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    So it maybe , and it may also be safe . Anyone , have the same thing happen , and is there a safe way to insert a USB ? Should it be plugged in first and turned on before turning on the iMac . Just don't need any more iMac problems , concerned as iMac has metal case  and My Book Studio is self powered . .

    Agreed--the WD enclosures are no good. However, the there is likely nothing wrong with the drive inside and there is a way to keep from losing all your investment in teh WD if you can't return it.
    I had a WD My Book Studio Mac Edition I bought from Apple that was nothing but trouble both on an older PowerPC Mac and my current Intel iMac. It stalled, hung up the computer, was noisy, and tended to get very hot. I bought an enclosure from the firm rkaufmann mentions, stripped the bare drive out of the WD enclosure and installed it in the OWC unit.
    The WD case is plastic and not worth saving so break it if you have to to get at the bare drive.
    Once I had the bare drive in the OWC enclosure, I used Disk Utility to reformat the drive, probably getting rid of some WD crapware in the process. I set the partition scheme to GUID Partition Table and the format to Macintosh Extended (Journaled).
    Now the original WD drive in the OWC enclosure works perfectly: unobstrusive, fast, and cool-running. We now have three OWC enclosures with WD drives inside and they all have been trouble-free. All this took less than 20 minutes--well worth the time.
    Consider getting an enclosure with FireWire 800 as well as  USB. I tried both and Time Machine backups were amazingly faster with FireWire. However, you can boot and iIntle iMac from USB
    An enclosure with FireWire 800 but that will be less expensive than throwing away the pefectly good bare drive in the WD enclosure with the junk that holds it.
    OWC Mercury Elite Pro eSATA, FireWire 400/800 & USB 3.0/2.0/1.1 Enclosure Kit
    Another thing--make sure your power sources are properly grounded ("Earthed" in the UK)

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    I don't know whats wrong with my system though? I would like to install Windows, but I'm worried that I might recieve errors again. I have not got Apple Care, but I'm playing on buying it soon, due to it being almost a year since I bought the system.
    Maybe I did something wrong when trying to install Windows with Boot Camp? I don't know, but if possible can someone please tell me if I can install Windows and if something is wrong with my system.
    Here is some additional screen shots of the type of system I have.
    Thank you for your help with this issue!

    Which copy or version of Windows? and how where was it purchased?
    my window installed itself perfectly on another computer.
    One copy and you want to activate on two computers?
    With 16GB, it will try to create 16GB hibernation file, 24GB page file, and need 20-30GB for the OS, plus room for temp, cache, applications, 9GB just temp to install SP1 update(s). 
    did you create 80GB or larger partition?
    also, some macs with ssd + hard drive have issues, and of course you need Windows 7 64-bit home premium (Pro to use more).
    OWC has up to 32GB, not cheap.
    Crucial is usally very helpful, try email cs.

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    Try doing a click-and-hold on the Time Machine icon in the Dock, then select "Browse Other Time Machine Disks".
    By the way, you've been misled by poor field labeling on this forum into typing a large part of your message into the field intended for the subject.  In the future just type a short summary of your post into that field and type the whole message into the field below that.

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    What can I do?
    Thank you.

    I made some more tests. I plugged a Screen adaptor for the TV at the mac mini to have a screen attached. The resolution in remote desktop was PAL and very small but time machine was working and it showed up well.
    The result is that time machine needs a monitor to run properly or is it Remote Desktop that needs a monitor? The macmini is brand new and leopard server is 10.5.4.
    Are there some ideas to solve this issue.
    Thank you.
    Best regards

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    I just recovered a library with a couple of books in them and all photos were in the book. You might try recovering a different backup of the same library. Go backward from the time of your last attempt and then, if necessary, forward. If all fail then you've got an problem with TM and that library. Check to see if other files can be recovered satisfactorily. If you use iWeb try recovering your domain file from a time back (select the option to keep both so you don't lose your work to date).
    It might be a little late, i.e. the horse is out of the barn, but you might consider using a separate library for your books. That provides a couple of benefits: 1 - working in your primarary library, deleting files, etc. will have no effect on your book; 2 - it's easy to backup and archive the book for ordering additional copies in the future. Old Toad's Tutorials #9 and 9a describe two different methods. I prefer #9a.
    TIP: For insurance against the iPhoto database corruption that many users have experienced I recommend making a backup copy of the Library6.iPhoto (iPhoto.Library for iPhoto 5 and earlier versions) database file and keep it current. If problems crop up where iPhoto suddenly can't see any photos or thinks there are no photos in the library, replacing the working Library6.iPhoto file with the backup will often get the library back. By keeping it current I mean backup after each import and/or any serious editing or work on books, slideshows, calendars, cards, etc. That insures that if a problem pops up and you do need to replace the database file, you'll retain all those efforts. It doesn't take long to make the backup and it's good insurance.
    I've created an Automator workflow application (requires Tiger or later), iPhoto dB File Backup, that will copy the selected Library6.iPhoto file from your iPhoto Library folder to the Pictures folder, replacing any previous version of it. There are versions that are compatible with iPhoto 5, 6, 7 and 8 libraries and Tiger and Leopard. Just put the application in the Dock and click on it whenever you want to backup the dB file. iPhoto does not have to be closed to run the application, just idle. You can download it at Toad's Cellar. Be sure to read the Read Me pdf file.
    NOTE: iPhoto 8's new option in it's rebuild library window, "Rebuild the iPhoto Library Database from automatic backup" may make this tip obsolete. We'll know when users have occasion to use it and see if that's the case.

  • How do I completly restore my imac from a time machine backup ie, dock settings desktop stuff.

    i have completley messed up my imac and logged in, only to find out that my dock was reset, my desktop blank, and the only stuff i have left is a time machine backup with all the data from my mac, can i use it to reset my mac to a earlier date?

    you can open the hard drive>applications>ultitilies and run the migration assistant.  there you can select restore from time machine backup

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    trash the file /library/preferences/ machine.plist. that's the library at the top level of the drive, not in your home directory. then go to TM system preferences and set up TM again. then restart in safe mode once. reboot and hold shift at the chime then restart normally and do a TM backup. see if it backs up the desktop now. restarting in safe mode forces TM to rescan the whole disk for changes on the next backup.

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    To restore address book data from Time Machine, launch the Address Book application, then click on the Time Machine icon in the dock. Within the Time Machine user interface, you'll be looking at an Address Book window that displays the data it had at the time of the Time Machine backup. You can go back in time to find a particular contact to restore, or you can choose the Restore All option.

  • I have a brand new airport extreme. I just ordered a WD My Book Studio 2TB Mac External Hard Drive Storage USB 3.0 Can I partition this and use one 1tb as a time capsule and 1tb on my desktop of my mac as a wireless hard drive? If so how?

    How would I do this?

    To partition the WD My Book, you could temporarily connect it to your MacBook Pro via USB. Then use the Disk Utility to partition it into two separate partitions of whatever size you choose for each.
    Once partitioned and formatted (I would recommend HFS+), you can then disconnect the drive from the MacBook Pro and attach it to the new AirPort Extreme. The Extreme should now "see" the drive as two separate drives. You would then use the AirPort Utility to share out both drives.
    For Time Machine, you would just need to select the appropriate shared drive.

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