Is Dynamic Configuration possible with IDOC adapter.

I have SOAP to IDOC scenario. I have many SAP receivers and are determined at runtime in a Java map.
Can i use Dynamic Configuration for IDOC adapter?

Hi Sivasakthi,
Why do you need Dynamic Configuration in receiver IDOC?

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  • Configuration Problem on IDOC Adapter

    I am trying to configure the IDOC Adapter and am badly stuck.
    On the sender system: I have configured
    -RFC destination, ports and partner profile.
    - I have also configured the SLD as per documentation
    On the Integration Server:
    -RFC Destination, Port maintanence(IDX1.
    - Imported Metadata (IDX2)
    My IDOC is getting created and is being sent properly, I can see that in WE02
    But I cannot see it in Integration Server using transaction IDX5.
    Please help.

    Try to refresh the cache
    in Xi using transaction SXI_CACHE > delta Cache refresh.
    Then go to Integration Server and Environment Cache Notifications.
    Status should be green once you refresh the cache.
    This may look a bit silly, but it worked for us.
    (We used to get errors with SXI_CACHE in XI3 Service pack 9. Then we followed the steps of Checking Instalaltion part 1 as in XI3 install guide. Once we repeated these steps . SXI_CACHE worked and everything was fine).
    To find what exacly is happening, try to send the IDoc from one R/3 to anotehr thro Xi.
    The other R/3 will tell you the errors even if it does not show up in SXMB_MONI.
    Hope this helps.
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  • Configuration Of Receiver Idoc Adapter

    Hi Experts,
        for an interface,I need to desighn a receiver idoc adapter.Plese guide Me
        regarding following matters:
    1.  how to configure receiver idoc adapter ?
    2.  how to get the control record for the receiving idoc?
    3.  what are the configuration we have to make?
    4. receiving idoc's data i want to update in my SAP database,How to achieve that?(Any program I have to write?what i need to mention in there?)
    Eagerly looking for valuable suggestions.
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    Hi RashmiRaj,
    Configuration Scenario
    1. Create the RFC Destination in SM59.
    2.Create Port in IDX1.
    3.Create Logical System in BD54
    4.Create A Scenario
    5. Select a Business System in Service with out Party
    6.Create a Receiver Communication Channel.
    7. Create a new Business Service
    8. Create a new Communication Channel
    9. Mention the logical Name in the Service->Adapter Specific Parameters of both the File Sender Service as well as the business system.
    10. create sender agreement
    11. Create Receiver Determination
    12. Create Interface Determination
    13. Create Receiver Agreement
    Also check the link [File to IDOC|http://www.****************/Tutorials/XI/FileToIDoc/FiletoIDocScenario.htm]
    Thanks and Regards,
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  • Configurations for Receiver IDoc adapter??

    I have a File-to-Idoc scenario. In the Reciever Idoc adapter configuraiton, we have to provide: 1) RFC destination and 2)Port. Where do we define the RFC destination and Port? Do we have to do any any configuration in R/3 in we20 and we21?
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    <i>1) RFC destination and 2)Port. Where do we define the RFC destination and Port?</i>
    >>These are defined on XI server in IDX1 tcode.
    >>Port is SAP<XXX>, <XXX> = SID of R/3 receiver system
    >>RFC destination is the one u mention in this port definition.
    >>First define the RFC destination in SM59 of XI Server.
    >>U need not do anything in IDX2.
    Do we have to do any any configuration in R/3 in we20 and we21?
    In WE20 of R/3, u have define the partner profile for XI server with the IDoc as inbound parameter.
    In WE21 port for connecting to XI server. Here also u have to mention the RFC destination, which has to be defined in SM59.
    Good luck.

  • Dynamic configuration bean in JMS Adapter

    Hello Experts,
    My scenario is JMS(Active MQ) to File.Its just Passthrough scenario and no mapping involved.
    Filename will be coming in one of the JMS Property (say businessId) and I need to set this filename to file adapter.
    I have refered the stefan's blog and used the Dynamic configuration bean module in sender JMS adapter.
    getFilename key.1 write DCJMSMessageProperty4
    getFilename value.1 module.filename
    setFilename key.1 read FileName
    setFilename value.1 module.filename
    But required filename is not populated in the target File.Any other configuration is missing here?

    Hi Karthiga
    Did you set the ASMA properties in both your sender JMS channel and receiver File channel?
    For the JMS adapter, as shown below, you will need to enter the DCJMSMessageProperty4 into the table
    Configuring the Sender JMS Adapter - Configuring the JMS Adapter in the Integration Directory/PCK - SAP Library
    If you want to set additional JMS message attributes, select Specify Additional JMS Message Properties (Maximum of 10).
    In the table, enter the names of the JMS message properties whose values are to be included in the message header of the PI message.
    The technical names of the additional attributes are DCJMSMessageProperty0, DCJMSMessageProperty1, ..., DCJMSMessageProperty9.
    For the File adapter, you need to check the ASMA FileName attribute.
    Once you have this configured, in your message, you should be able to see that the value is in the DynamicConfiguration section of the SOAP header.
    Eng Swee

  • Reading Dynamic Configuration information in side adapter module.

    Hi All,
    We are writing an adapter module for one of our receiver adapter.
    On the Sender side we have a file adapter whose adapter specific properties are checked. So the message has the file name in the Dynamic configuration.
    Now we need to read this file name from dynamic configuration inside our adapter module for receiver adapter.
    If any one can tell us how to do this we would be really thankful.

    When we use the follwoing code inside mapping
    DynamicConfiguration conf = (DynamicConfiguration) container.getTransformationParameters().get(StreamTransformationConstants.DYNAMIC_CONFIGURATION);
    the conf object gets populated
    but inside our adapter module we ares using
    Map param;
    DynamicConfiguration conf = (DynamicConfiguration) 
                   DynamicConfigurationKey key = DynamicConfigurationKey.create
                   String ourSourceFileName = conf.get(key);
    Now the question is from where the <b>object of par</b>am will initialize.
    I think we need to get container object from some where, but don't know how to get it as inside mapping the container object is passed as method argument.

  • Dynamic configuration : possibility of adding custom Key?

    hi experts,
    is it possible that i can add a new custom key like for example
    namespace :    
    key : ERRORDESC
    and put it inside the Dynamic configuration during a mapping and then use it further?
    or are we limited to the use of ONLY standard key pairs?
    Thanks in advance.

    Yes, is possible.
    Take a look here:

  • Using Dynamic Configuration api for SOAP adapter

    I want to use Dynamic Configuration api to send a SOAP request to a webservice.
    tha value in my adapter is
    my Target URL  is channel=:Routing2_Service:SS_SOAP_Sender_Working_June12&nosoap=true
    which is the corresponding field i have to set in Dynamic Configuration?
    I have written the following code is this right?
    DynamicConfiguration conf = (DynamicConfiguration) container.getTransformationParameters().get(StreamTransformationConstants.DYNAMIC_CONFIGURATION);
    String temp = "http:/"+"/";
    DynamicConfigurationKey key = DynamicConfigurationKey.create(temp, "TServerLocation");
    String varURL =
    return "";

    Yes, your code looks fine. Can you let me know what is the error you are getting. Have you checked the Flag in your communication channel.
    Use Adapter-Specific Message Attributes
    Variable Transport Binding 
    Once you test your scenario you can see the Dynamic URL in your message Header by going to tcode sxmb_moni. See if you are able to find something called DynamicConfiguration in your message haeader. If yes what is the value set there.
    PS: From the target URL you posted It looks like your webservice is hosted on the XI box itself. Is it the same XI box or different box? Just curious to know.
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  • Acknowledment issue with idoc Adapter

    Hello all,
    I've an interface process that send a specific idoc from SAP R/3 4.7 to SAP XI 3.0.
    This Idoc is known at XI side in IDX2 transaction.
    Each time XI receives this kind of idoc, it processes an acknowledgment (sends back an ALEAUD idoc to my SAP R/3)
    with followings data in E1ADHDR / E1STATE segment :
    DOCNUM     0000000002401038
    STATUS     51
    STAMQU     SAP
    STAMNO     000
    I don't want this ack idoc to be sent but I don't manage to find where customize Idoc adapter to send it.
    Can you help me ?

    Make an entry in the table IDXNOALE in XI system by providing the details for the port, IDOC etc for which the Acknowledgements need to be turned off. You ca check this port etc from IDX1 entry in XI server
    Go to IDXNOALE report in XI There, click on request acknowledgement button, and in exceptions section, provide the message type for which you donot want acknowledgements.

  • Problem with Dynamic Configuration in SOAP-AXIS adapter..!!!

    Hi ,
    Idoc> XI>SOAP-AXIS
    I am doing a scenario where I need to pass the URL dynamically in SOAP-AXIS adapter by taking the SNDPRN of Idoc.
    If SNDPRN = 100 , message has to go to
       SNDPRN = 200 , message has to go to
    It is working correctly when I tried for single receiver. When I' tried to use DynamicConfiguration, it is coming in SOAP document but it is not working and not passing to correct channel.  According to this note 1039369, I mentioned the following modules.
    AF_Adapters/axis/AFAdapterBean  --->                 afreq
    AF_Adapters/axis/HandlerBean      --->                  xireq 
    AF_Adapters/axis/HandlerBean      --->                  dc
    AF_Adapters/axis/HandlerBean       --->                 remover        
    AF_Adapters/axis/HandlerBean       --->                 trp
    AF_Adapters/axis/HandlerBean        --->                xires       
    AF_Adapters/axis/AFAdapterBean    --->               afres
    xireq ->  handler.type->
    dc    ->  handler.type-> javasap.aii.axis.xi.XI30DynamicConfigurationHandler
    dc   --->   key.1 --->      write TServerLocation
    dc    --->          location.1  --->         context
    dc     --->         value.1      --->        transport.url
    remover    --->  handler.type    --->
    remover     ---> namespace    --->
    trp         --->     handler.type   --->
    trp           --->  module.pivot  --->     true
    xires     --->    handler.type   --->
    and I am getting the below error in SOAP-AXIS channel
    Error Axis:    error in invocation: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: object type invalid: class
    Error MP:     Exception caught with cause java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: object type invalid: class
    Error           Exception caught by adapter framework: object type invalid: class
    Error Delivery of the message to the application using connection SOAP_ failed, due to: object type invalid: class java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: object type invalid: class
    Kindly let me know if anyone has any idea what might be wrong?

    I have a similar problem. I also like to add some header fields to my message und that's way I'm trying to use the AXIS adapter. (Axis adapter FAQ question 30) Unfortunately I'm getting exactly the same error message: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: object type invalid: class
    Deepthi, you wrote that you have missed one jar file. Can you remember which file it was?

  • Dynamic Configuration of JMS/FTP Adapter

    I have a requirement where
    1. A single JMS adapter is used to connecting different MQ client. I want to send the details about the configuration at the run time.
    2. With respect to FTP adpater we are having a different Server from where the file is pulled.
    Is it possible to do a dynamic (Rum Time) configuration of parameter of JMS Adapter, FTP adapter?
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    >>>1. A single JMS adapter is used to connecting different MQ client. I want to send the details about the configuration at the run time.
    you can only set those: Adapter-Specific Message Attributes
    >>>2. With respect to FTP adpater we are having a different Server from where the file is pulled.
    this is not possible in standard
    Michal Krawczyk

  • Issue with IDoc adapter

    I have sent a couple of IDocs from r3 to a legacy system through a Xi interface. Sender adapter is IDoc. For example I have sent 100 IDocs from r3 and 80 reached legacy system. Where we can check for missing IDoc? I am able to see 100 in BD87 of r3 system.

    I can see that message in SXMB_MONI as a success message. But if go to the let of the display there is a column with name outbound status. In that column is is showing a red flag( error at outbound side). No message in SMQ1or SMQ2. Also no error message in RWB. Where it can be found? How to reprocess it? Do we have to resend the IDoc again?

  • Is Mapping Lookup table possible with IDOC to FIle scenario

    Hi all,
    Need suggestion, I am using SP16
    My sceanrio is IDOC to FIles, and have to use a Mapping Lookup tables for some of the fields within the mapping...
    'Crossref:  PlantLoc_to_WhseComDiv.  Value mapping lookup to take two fields from SAP and convert to WMS 3-digit value'
    How to go with this, since i have checked in SAP library that it is for only RFC,JDBC,SOAP adapters ...
    Need u r valuable inputs,

    You can use RFC or SOAP or JDBC lookup in your mapping.Why not?..It does not mean that we use the lookups only in RFC secnarios.You can use them in any scenario.

  • Attachments possible with Advenaced Adapter Engine (AAE)?

    we are trying to set up a synchronous scenario with the AAE. The involved adapters are both SOAP
    (third party system <-> SAP PI protocoll SOAP 1.1 and
    SAP PI <-> SAP ERP protocoll XI3.0).
    The call works but the attachment gets lost.
    We see the attachment being created in the SAP ERP System and being sent to AAE (PI monitoring in SAP ERP is switched on for synchronous messages). However in the AAE (RWB monitoring) we see only the payload but not the PDF attachment.
    Does anyone know whether AAE supports attachments? If yes, what has to be configured to enable attachments in AAE?
    Thanks a lot

    Does anyone know whether AAE supports attachments?
    AFAIK AAE supports attachments.

  • Problem with Dynamic Header setting with SOAP Adapter

    Hi All,
    I'm trying to set SOAP Action dynamically. However, in some systems it's not working. I tested perfectly in one system.
    Right now I'm using PI service patch 14. Is it a bug in this pack? or anything needs to be done to enable this concept?

    What kind of errors do you get ? And maybe a code snippet would be helpful ...

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