Is it possible to add code to a button that would save the form as a jpeg file?

I currently use pdf forms to create records for the work I do, these end up being 5-8MB large and not much smaller when 'flattened'. I currently use a 3rd party app to convert them to jpeg before uploading them to dropbox for the clients.  Is there a way to create code that i could add to  a button which would save the pdf as a jpeg file? 

The PDF forms are large because they include a large diagram which I then elaborate on with the drawing tools.  I actually use acrobat to make and edit the form but PDF Expert on my iPad to edit them etc sorry probably should have clarified that. It is a single page however with form field and the diagram.  I also attach a picture to the file before opening it in an app to convert to jpeg and then sending it back to pdf expert. 
The save as button only allows me to save it as a flattened or original document within PDF Experts guidelines hence why i was wondering if there was someway to curcumvent that and save it as a jpeg directly, somehow integrating the other app with the pdf expert programm t stop me having to switch between the two. 
The more I write the more I see how impossible this might be apologies for my ignorance if so.

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    See this page for info ...
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    Sorry, I think you've got it backwards.
    The concern is NOT that the child can make changes to our hardware/AEBS, or even our network software on my IMAC - nothing's been changed.
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    It's certainly possible that Youtube has changed something...
    Since most volunteers here probably aren't using this extension, I suggest contacting its author using the contact information on this page:

  • Is there anyway to print an ibook - was told I could add a link to the ibook that would send the customer to my web site where they could print it?

    Is there anyway to print an ibook -
    was told I could add a link to the ibook that would send the customer to my web site where they could print it?
    I was told a customer could not print an ibook that they purchased?
    Trying to figure out a way for them to purchase a book that they need to fill in information.
    or download to their computers and print.
    Any suggestions.... I have called and emailed - but can't get an answer
    I have 5 books I would like to do this with.
    <E-mail Edited by Host>

    BlueEyesinLA wrote:
    Is there anyway to print an ibook -
    Not as such.  You would have to put a pdf version on your web site for download, which the reader would then have to print for himself.  A pdf version might look rather different than the epub or .ibooks version, you would have to try that yourself to see how much.

  • Is it possible to install a consumer app for mass usage that would alter the ios device proxy settings? Over the air not supervised. Can an app company use an MDM server to do this if the customer consents?

    Is it possible to install a consumer app for mass usage that would alter the ios device proxy settings? Over the air not supervised. Can an app company use an MDM server to do this if the customer consents?

    HI Chris,
    Thanks for taking the time to reply.
    Could you expand on your answer, which bit is very doubtful?
    Also in your knowledge would Apple work with a company and license it if the software they were developing was desired by consumer demand?

  • Is it possible to add markups to a PDF that I am not the author of

    Most of the PDFs I generate are from other applications (like Autocad) where I "print to PDF" to create the file.   Most of the PDFs I recevie are generated the same way.   Prior to Acrobat Reader 8, it was simple for me and my collueges to exchange information on these PDFs by using markup tools and resending them with markups.   Since Acrobat 8 has come along, I now find it impossible to markup a drawing (no matter if I have created it using Print to PDF or if someone has sent it to me).  I went to the knowledge base and see that the drawing has to be enabled for markup in one of 2 ways
    In an open PDF, choose Comments > Enable For Commenting In Adobe Reader, and then save the PDF.  
    Start the wizard to initiate a shared review or an email-based review and follow the on-screen instructions. When you’re finished, commenting is enabled in the PDF that you specify for the review. 
    Well, there is no Comments selection in my toolbar.   Second method is given by
    Quickstart: Start an email review
    An email-based review lets you track review status and merge received comments into the PDF.
    Click Review & Comment and choose Attach For Email Review.
    If prompted, enter your identity information to create a reviewer profile.
    Follow the on-screen instructions to select the PDF, invite reviewers, and send the email invitation.
      If your email application doesn’t send email automatically, you may need to answer alert messages and switch to your email application to finish sending the message
    But there is no Review & Comment button to click.
    So, can someone tell me, can I still do a simple markup of any PDF?   Even if I have to jump through hoops can I?    I guess I can understand Why Adobe has done away with this feature in their free tool, as they were not getting any revenue off of it, but it greatly diminishes the usefulness of Acrobat Reader and therefore all PDFs for me.
    Thanks in advance for your response.

    To enable this right you need Acrobat, not the free Reader.
    However, starting from Reader X it is possible to add simple markups to any file, unless it has been specifically disallowed by the creator of the file.

  • Add code to a button?

    Hi friends,
    [Apps R12]
    If I add a button to an OAF screen :
    I have no idea of how :
    - to add code when it's clicked... The idea would be to call a database procedure that receives,as parameters, certain values of that OAF screen and that returns, in an output parameter, a value to be posted in a screen field.
    Any example would be appreciated
    Jose L.

    Please first go through with OADEVGUIDE,u can download the same form meta link (Note.730053.1). and haave practice seesion with labsolutions excercise . please find a sample code below for the problem
    package oracle.apps.fnd.framework.toolbox.labsolutions.webui;
    import oracle.apps.fnd.common.VersionInfo;
    import oracle.apps.fnd.framework.webui.OAControllerImpl;
    import oracle.apps.fnd.framework.webui.OAPageContext;
    import oracle.apps.fnd.framework.webui.beans.OAWebBean;
    import oracle.apps.fnd.framework.webui.beans.OABodyBean;
    import oracle.apps.fnd.framework.webui.beans.layout.OAPageLayoutBean;
    import oracle.apps.fnd.framework.server.OADBTransaction;
    import oracle.apps.fnd.framework.OAApplicationModule;
    import java.sql.CallableStatement;
    import java.sql.ResultSet;
    import java.sql.SQLException;
    import oracle.apps.fnd.framework.webui.beans.message.OAMessageLovInputBean;
    import java.util.Enumeration;
    import oracle.apps.fnd.framework.webui.beans.message.OAMessageTextInputBean;
    import oracle.apps.fnd.framework.webui.OAWebBeanConstants;
    * Controller for ...
    public class EmpSearchPGLayOutRNCO extends OAControllerImpl
    public static final String RCS_ID="$Header$";
    public static final boolean RCS_ID_RECORDED =
    VersionInfo.recordClassVersion(RCS_ID, "%packagename%");
    * Layout and page setup logic for a region.
    * @param pageContext the current OA page context
    * @param webBean the web bean corresponding to the region
    public void processRequest(OAPageContext pageContext, OAWebBean webBean)
    super.processRequest(pageContext, webBean);
    * Procedure to handle form submissions for form elements in
    * a region.
    * @param pageContext the current OA page context
    * @param webBean the web bean corresponding to the region
    public void processFormRequest(OAPageContext pageContext, OAWebBean webBean)
    super.processFormRequest(pageContext, webBean);
    if (pageContext.getParameter("clearclearButton")!=null)
    OADBTransaction txn = getDBTransaction();
    CallableStatement cs =
    txn.createCallableStatement("begin dbms_application_info.set_module(:1, :2);
    cs.setString(1, module);
    cs.setString(2, action);
    catch (SQLException e)
    try { cs.close } catch (Exception(e) {}
    throw OAException.wrapperException(sqle); }

  • Is it possible to add things to an iPad or iPhone without the use of iTunes?

    My intention is travelling abroad for a year or two, and I don't want to take a laptop because it is too big and heavy.  I have my iPhone, but I'm trying to decide if an iPad would be useful too.  The problem is - because I wont have a computer with me, I wont have iTunes to add books/movies/music to either device.  Is it possible to add stuff from any computer, and not a computer where my iTunes is set up?  If the computer that I use (belonging to someone else) has iTunes on it, will my iPhone/iPad automatically try to connect and sync with that? 

    You can purchase and download content directly onto the device from the iTunes and App stores already on it.
    You can use cloud storage (iCloud for apps that support it, or dropbox, google drive, sugarsync, 4share, etc) to move files to and from individual apps (things like pdfs, your own notes and so on).
    You only need iTunes to backup really (although that is a very vital thing to do regularly, with any device)
    However, to use a given store, you must have payment information and a billing address in that country associated with your AppleID.  You cannot shop in a country foreign to your payment and billing address information.  And your home store may very well be blocked (by IP address) when attempting to access it from a foreign location.

  • Is it possible to add name to subject line when submitting a pdf form

    I have created a form with Live Cycle and added a button which submittingthe form as PDF. I was wondering is it possible to add staff name to the subject line just after Leave Request as seen in the picture below?

    It is pretty easy to accomplish your requirement using scripts on a regular button rather than email submit button.
    Look at this amazing sample created by Paul which explains a number of ways to submit form data through email.

  • M92p SFF: Possible to add a 2.5" SSD boot drive in the 3.5" external card reader bay?

    I recently bought a M92p Small Form Factor with model number 2988-A5U. 
    Is it possible to to add an additional 2.5" SSD as a boot drive while retaining the 3.5" 1TB SATA as the data drive?
    I have searched many posts and datasheets on the internet but could't find an answer.
    The above specs. states that it supports 2 HDDs but I can't find another 3.5" or 2.5" internal HDD bay. 
    My thought is to put a 2.5" SSD into the 3.5" card reader bay. Is it feasible?

    I ordered a 2.5" General 2.5" SSD to 3.5" SATA Hard Disk Drive HDD caddy from Amazon that fit perfectly! General 2.5" SSD to 3.5" SATA HDD caddy It came with screws that fit the new SSD, and the caddy fit the blue plastic carrier that slides into the 3.5" bay. This caddy properly aligns the connectors off to the left side, supports up to 6GBs SATA, and is even hot swappable.

  • Is it possible to add more data to a prepaid plan before the current data allowance is used up?

    My data is nearly used up and I will b eon the road when it is completely used up.  I would like to add more now so that I do not have to pull off the road to login and add more data to my plan.  The website is very poorly designed and of it is possible to do this I can't find where it is.  Please do not tell me to call the CS line like you have everyone else who has asked similar questions.  If so please state that this is the only way to add more data to a plan/account as I don't have the availability to sit on hold for 40 minutes...  Thanks

        TSchlottman, we want that process to be as easy as possible for you. Happy to provide direction on how to change your plan. To change your minutes, text or data: Go to the Change Minutes, Text or Data page in My Verizon. If you have multiple lines on your account with separate plans, select the plan you’d you like to make a change to, and click Next. Select the data plan you’d like to have and click Next at the bottom of the page. Select the date when you want your changes to take effect and click Next. Review your changes and click Submit Changes.
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  • If i have a form with check boxes. Can I add a button that will display the boxes that the user selected on a new page?

    For example, there are 10 check boxes and the user selects 5 of those boxes. Then they click a submit button. Just the information from those boxes would be displayed so they can print it. Is this possible? Any help pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.

    That is definitely possible.
    Option 1: checkboxes are all named differently.
    In the click event for the submit button, add some code like this...
    if (cbChoice1 == "1") p2.tfChoice1.presence = "visible";
    else p2.tfChoice1.presence = "hidden"; //can use "invisible" if preferred
    if (cbChoice2 == "1")...
    Option 2: checkboxes are named the same
    In the click event for the submit button, add code like this...
    var checkboxes = xfa.resolveNodes("cbChoice[*]");
    var textfields = xfa.resolveNodes("p2.tfChoice[*]");
    for (i=0; i<checkboxes.length; i++){
        if( checkboxes.item(i).rawValue == "1") textfields.item(i).presence = "visible";
        else textfields.item(i).presence = "hidden";

  • How do you add a button that will email the PDF its on?

    I need to create a form but they want it to have a button that will open up an email to send that PDF as an attachment or something along those lines.  Is that possible?

    Just a bit more info. E-mail can be used, but has potential problems -- often related to the client machine that you have no control over. Use the data submissions (either FDF or XML) rather than the full PDF so you do not have to deal with Reader Rights and the related license issues. The FDF and XML data files are easily imported into the original form so that you see what the client sees. With those aspects in mind, just go ahead and try one. Be aware that you can add form fields using the form tools in the Advanced Editing tools, OR use the forms menu that will take you to Designer. You might want to try both to see the pros and cons. Be sure to keep such a test simple so you are not wasting time on your final form just for testing. I typically create a 1 page form that has all of the possible fields for such a test.

  • How can I add more chosen websites for quick access in the remaining empty fields in "file"-"new tab"? ing empty fields

    I can´t add preferred, chosen, most visited or bookmarked websites to the 28,15 or 6fields in"file" - "new tab". I have a PC with Windows Vista and have been using Firefox with additional Google toolbar as my preferred or default browser for several years. I have downloaded several updates. I suspect that my version is now 4 or 5. Originally the Google for Firefox new tab feature showing chosen favourite or preferred websites for quick one click access worked fine but I seem to have lost the abiiity or forgotten how to add new such favourites for quick access. The "edit" button there on the bottom left can only delete valuable chosen sites, which then seem to the be lost forever. This edit button is very dangerous! The "bookmarks" and "most visited" tabs listed show a wild coincidental mixture of sites I once visited sometime but have nothing to do with my real favourites or chosen or most visited sites. So I don´t use these bookmark or "most visited" features.

    Most visited would not be your bookmarks, but your tab history.
    You can check that out via Ctrl+Shift+H then search on ":" (colon without the quotes). Sort on the "Visits Count" (descending) and you will see that they agree.
    '''Most visited''' is one of the '''smart bookmark folders''' which are database queries.
    '''More information:'''
    * [ Places query URIs - MDC Docs]
    * [ Smart Bookmarks folders | How to | Firefox Help]
    * [ Restore the default Smart Bookmarks Folders | Troubleshooting | Firefox Help]
    '''Related information:'''
    * [ Viewing the browsing history - Firefox - MozillaZine Knowledge Base]
    * [ When I search in &quot;History&quot; for items I've called up, I get a page with the heading &quot;Library.&quot; but with no text beneath it. Thanks.]
    Google Toolbar is no longer supported in Firefox 5 or newer versions.<br>

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    On my old Pages, I could "save as" a .doc file easily...and everyone oculd open it and it would be fine.  My updates did a Pages update automatically and now I can't find the old "save AS" option and I can't figure out how to download as a .doc file.

  • Whts the need of static ....

    Simple code.... in the following code ... wht is the need of "static" import*; public class sample static int a=34; public static void main(String args[]) System.out.println(a); What "Static " actually means?

  • How To Run OIM Under Weblogic As A Windows Service?

    Hi does anyone know how to run OIM under Weblogic as a windows service? Many thanks in advance, Evanela