Is it possible to create an inbound delivery with MB31

I would like to know if it's possible to create an inbound delivery with transaction MB31. It's a requirement of the client that all goods that come into the warehouse (HU managed) get in with an inbound delivery.
So, for the scenario of production (non HUM storage Location) to warehouse (HUM storage location) a transfer posting will be done with MB31, A inbound delivery must be created.
I hope this is possible.

You can use an STO to transport stock from production to your warehouse and you can use VL31N with reference to your STO to create an inbound delivery document.

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  • Is it possible to create an inbound delivery for STO in a 2 step process ?

    Hi Experts,
    Is it possible to create an inbound delivery for STO in general (how do I get a vendor for a Plant. I have already assigned a plant to my vendor in vendor master - additional purchasing data, but it does not seem to work).
    In particular if I want to create an inbound delivery in intra-company plant STO scenario, how do i do it?
    Let me know in case if that is not possible.

    Hi Tao,
    I did that also, but it did not work.
    Finally I had to debug, and found that the for the document type UB (intra-company transfer) i should make the customizing setting which makes the vendor data to be considered. (Table T161).
    Anyways, thanks for your help.

  • Could we create an inbound delivery with reference to purchase requisition?

    Dear all,
    Could we create an inbound delivery with reference to purchase requisition?
    If yes, how could we customize the system?
    Kind regards,

    No, I don't think so. You have to convert it into a PO and then you can create the delivery.

  • Bapi or FM, to create an inbound delivery with the VL31N (ASN) Urge transac

    To all, in this forum and abap programming are new, but I have a requirement that I occupy automate the generation of an inbound delivery (ASN). in the transaction vl31n generates an asn but I occupy do in automatic and ando seeking a BADI, BAPI, or an MF to record in the sap tables after the validations that goal in my program.
    Many thanks in advance and I hope that someone I can help or guidance on this issue.
    Best regards.

    check these function modules for sales order document no.
    <b>In case of smartform:</b>
    formname = 'ZFORMNAME'
    fm_name = v_form_name
    no_form = 1
    no_function_module = 2
    OTHERS = 3.
    w_ctrlop-getotf = 'X'.
    w_ctrlop-no_dialog = 'X'.
    w_compop-tdnoprev = 'X'.
    CALL FUNCTION v_form_name
    control_parameters = w_ctrlop
    output_options = w_compop
    user_settings = 'X'
    job_output_info = w_return
    formatting_error = 1
    internal_error = 2
    send_error = 3
    user_canceled = 4
    OTHERS = 5.
    i_otf[] = w_return-otfdata[].
    <b>In case of sapscript:</b>
    options-tdgetotf = 'X'.
    options = options
    RESULT =
    otfdata = i_otf
    unopened = 1
    bad_pageformat_for_print = 2
    send_error = 3
    spool_error = 4
    OTHERS = 5.
    i_otf -

  • Create Inbound Delivery with Reference to PO using Serial Numbers

    I guys.
    I didn't find any BAPI  to create an Inbound Delivery with Reference to PO using Serial Numbers so I've made a Function Module with BDCData.
      LOOP AT serial.
        ADD 1 TO ld_count.
        ld_value = serial-sernr.
        CONCATENATE  'RIPW0-SERNR(' ld_count ')' INTO ld_field.
        PERFORM bdc_field USING ld_field ld_value.
    This works fine for 10 entries, but when I'm trying to use 1000 entries in serial Internal Table I'm getting the error: Screen 0000 is too large for internal batch input area - Message no. 00379.
    Please note that my issue is the Serial numbers, so don't answer me please with BAPIs that doesnt allow me to deal with this.
    Any idea?
    Thanks in advance,

    As I expect, it solved my problem. It's not pretty, but it works...
      PERFORM bdc_dynpro      USING 'SAPLIPW1'       '0200'.
      PERFORM bdc_field       USING 'BDC_CURSOR'     'RIPW0-SERNR(01)'.
      DATA: ld_valor(4) TYPE n,
            ld_tabix TYPE sy-tabix.
      LOOP AT serial.
        ld_tabix = sy-tabix.
        IF ld_next = 'X'.
          CLEAR ld_next.
          ld_count = 2.
          ADD 1 TO ld_count.
        ld_value = serial-sernr.
        CONCATENATE  'RIPW0-SERNR(' ld_count ')' INTO ld_field.
        PERFORM bdc_field USING ld_field ld_value.
        ld_valor = ld_tabix + 17.
        ld_valor = ld_valor MOD 18.
        IF ld_tabix NE 1 AND ( ld_tabix EQ 19 OR ld_valor EQ 0 ).
          ld_next = 'X'.
          PERFORM bdc_field       USING 'BDC_OKCODE'     '=PNPG'.
          PERFORM bdc_dynpro      USING 'SAPLIPW1'       '0200'.
          PERFORM bdc_field       USING 'BDC_CURSOR'     'RIPW0-SERNR(01)'.
      PERFORM bdc_field       USING 'BDC_OKCODE'     '=RWS'.

  • Function module create inbound delivery with text

    I'm trying to create an inbound delivery with reference to a purchase order and create additional texts. I found FM GN_DELIVERY_CREATE but the texts are not added. I entered data in table IT_GN_TEXTL & IT_GN_TEXTH.
    What can be the problem?

    We will solve it with some extra development.
    As we do not have the parameter IS_BORGR_CONTROL-SAVE_TEXTS = 'X', I compared the version of ECC 6.0 to the 4.7. In debugging, we just have to pass one check and it will work. We will create a own version of gn_delivery_create with one extra parameter and put this parameter where it is added in Ecc 6.0.
    if v50agl-create_decentral ne space
        or v50agl-create_uclief     = 'X'.

  • Create Inbound Delivery with reference to Outbound Delivery

    Hi Team,
    Can anybody describe the process needed to be able to Create an Inbound Delivery with reference to an Outbound Delivery.
    Also, can the whole inbound delivery creation process be automated?

    Inbound Delivery can be created wrt :
    Purchase order
    Shipping notification
    Customer return
    Outbound Delivery can be created wrt:
    Goods shipment based on a sales order
    Stock transfer order
    Goods return (to the vendor)

  • Create an inbound delivery

    I want to create an inbound delivery with reference of PO. I get this Error "Notified quantity  exceeds quantity  ordered 275 EA" although I have enough material in my scheduling agreement

    Check the date in your scheduling agreement it may be that you are creating the Inbound too early agaist the SA. Change the date in the SA and bring it forward.
    This may help

  • How to create one inbound delivery for multiple purchase order?

    Hi Experts,
    Please let me know how can I create one inbound delivery for multiple purchasing documents(PO or SA)? 
    Is there a configuration needed for this?  If yes, please let me know the configuration to make this happen.
    Appreciate your help on this.  Right answers will be rewarded.
    Thank you.
    with regards,
    Muthu Ganapathy.

    my situation is:
    - a WM managed warehouse, society A;
    - a HU managed warehouse (without WM), society B;
    - a purchasing process of HU from society A towards society B.
    Society B have a scheduling agreement; when a delivery schedule appears, in society A born a sales order and a delivery. After the registration of the delivery good issue, an idoc transfer information for inbound delivery creation.
    This process is ok without WM, but with a WM managed warehouse the idoc has the following problem:
    "V51VP - item was not found - process cancelled".
    Can you help me to transfer these HU?

  • Error message while creating an inbound delivery to generate an idoc

    i am getting the following error message while creating an inbound delivery(vl31n) where the message has to be sent ot decentralized warehouse mangament using idoc .
    ." No recipient could be determined for object BUS2015 method SAVEREPLICA"
    Procedure for System Administration
    The system attempts to determine a recipient for object BUS2015 method SAVEREPLICA using the filter object types WHSE_NO. The system cannot determine a recipient. Define a filter object type WHSE_NO with a valid filter value for recipient determination for object BUS2015 method SAVEREPLICA.
    need help

    Inbound delivery is not part of Sales and Distribution. You might want to move your post to either the Logistics Materials Management (MM) forum or the Workflow forum.
    Also sometimes search for OSS notes by the message class and number helps.

  • Function module to create Inbound delivery with reference to Purchase Order

    Hi experts,
    I want to create Inbound delivery with refernce to Purchase Order. But I want to create item wise. For example If one purchase order is there with 10 line items. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50......100.
    If I am showing report for Purchase Order with select option and if I select first 5 line items 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 then my program should be create one Inbound delivery for selected line items only. I have tried BDC for Tcode VL31N, but its not worked. Is there any Function module to create Inbound delivery with reference to Purchase Order for selected line items????????

    For creating a delivery wrt PO u 1st need to have a sales order i guess.

  • How to create an inbound delivery using BAPI/FM?

    I am looking for a BAPI/FM to create only Inbound delivery. Pleace help me on this.
    Thanks and appreciate your help

    We succeeded to do something similar.
    We needed to create an inbound based on invoice data, with refference to items from multiple PO.
    We used FM BBP_INB_DELIVERY_CREATE, combined with enhancement of ME_CONFIRMATION_VIA_EDI for using MARA- MATNR instead of
    mara-ematn (standard logic of SAP for vendor ASN).
    In this enhancement we filled also fields:
    t_kom-vornu = t_data-belnr. "invoice number as precendent document
    t_kom-bolnr = t_data-bolnr. "bill of ladding
    t_kom-traty = t_data-trans_cat. "transport type.
    Also we had to use customizing to not display warning related to different delivery date.
    Kind regards,

  • Can we create inbound delivery with refernce to outbound delivery?

    Dear all,
    can we create inbound delivery with refernce to outbound delivery?

    Dear Ahamed
    I beleive it is a stock movement between 2 different plants
    If so then the receiving plant will have to do GR against the outbound delivery only
    The outbound delivery of the supplying plant
    The  outbound delivery of the supplying plant will not become the inbound delivery of the receiving plant in SAP
    But logically yes
    Your second post talks about outbound delivery only and that is correct
    My point is your proces doesnot involve inbound delivery at all
    In STO there is no inbound delivery at all
    Inbound delivery in SAP means shipping notification that means the confirmation from the vendor about the despatches
    That will not have  muck material details and it is just a confirmation
    Meaning of inbound delivery from SCM 601 logistics execution
    The goods receipt process using inbound deliveries realistically maps standard
    processes in many companies. If the vendor announces the goods receipt with a
    shipping notification, the inbound delivery can be created either manually or
    automatically on the basis of the shipping notification. It contains information
    transmitted by the vendor concerning the expected delivery times and quantities,
    as well as any information about packaging. It is also the reference document for
    the subsequent putaway using a transfer order. If you also use the transportation
    function as part of Logistics Execution, you can summarize inbound deliveries
    into inbound shipments.

  • Is it possible to create an inbound SOAP Adaptor for an ESB routing service

    I have been given a pre-defined wsdl file that defines the inputs to an ESB service and I wa wondering whether it is possible to create an inbound SOAP adaptor or whether this is actually an outbound adaptor. I am new to SOAP adaptors so need a little bit of guidance.
    Hopefully someone can help.

    In your case you need to create an Routing Service. If you create an esb project you can select Routing Service from the ESB Services entry in the Component Palette. You then get the option Select Existing WSDL. The SOAP adapter is only used for outbound SOAP messages. If you define a routing service it is available as a 'webservice' with a wsdl (in this case the one you define) from the console.
    Kind Regards,
    Andre Jochems

  • What is the BAPI for creating an inbound delivery without reference.

    Hi Experts,
    What is the BAPI for creating an inbound delivery without reference.
    Points will be rewarded


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