Is it possible to have 2 iWeb sites with one .mac account?

I am trying to create a business site with my CV (resume) and work credentials as well as a personal site with photos etc for family and friends. Is this possible to do with iWeb?

To keep sites totally separate for publishing you
need to keep their data files totally separate,
either by switching them in and out or by running
iWeb from separate user accounts. The data file is
located at
thank you -- that's gonna have to be the answer I guess, til they hopefully add a new feature.. my non-.mac site is for my kids' swim team, so I'll just create a 'swim team' user account for now. Not TOO inconvenient, I don't suppose.
If you have two sites in the same data file already
you can separate them by making a copy of the current
Domain, then deleting one site from the current
Domain, putting that somewhere safe, inserting the
old Domain copy, and deleting the other site from
that, giving you two Domains each with one site.
keeping my fingers crossed that this works.
thanks again,

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    How do you keep the two sites seperate?
    Do you have two Domain.sites files?
    If you have them in seperate folders, see this thread:
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    It is true.  All purchases by members of the family group are charged to the family organizer's credit card.  The only workaround for this would be for her to purchase and redeem iTunes gift card to create and iTunes store credit for her account.  Then her purchases would first be deducted from her credit before any balance due would be charged to the organizer's card.

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    I think it should work fine, as long as you give the sites different names.

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    My wife and I have one .mac account. Can we both use ichat at the same time to talk to each other or do we need two seperate accounts.

    You do need 2 accounts, but you can either get a free AIM screen-name or a free .mac account (a free-trial account will still work for chatting after the trial period).
    Check this tutorial for how you get free AIM names:

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    i have a website made with 09 on my g5 tower and published to a host. I have a copy on a thumb drive so I can work on it on my pb when I travel but I can't seem to navigate to it or open it. I know this must be possible but I cannot find out how. Thanks in advance

    These Apple docs may help:
    _iWeb 2.0 Help (iLife '08) — Modifying your site from another computer_
    iWeb: Publish to your MobileMe account from more than one computer

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    If you have your friends MobileMe login details, then you can publish the site to his MMe account directly from your Mac. Go to System Preferences and log out of your MMe account and then into his and then go back to iWeb and then publish the site directly to his MMe account.
    As far as giving him the ability to manage the sites, just give him the relevant domain file for the site. Go to User/Library/Application Support/iWeb/domain.sites and find the domain file and then you can e-mail it to his Mac and he can then put the domain file in the same place on his Mac.
    Whatever you do, don't publish the site to your desktop - you won't be able to do anything with it. It is the domain file that you need if your friend wants to manage and alter the site in any way.

  • Can i have 2 iclouds with one itunes account

    Hubby and I just received our new iphones yesterday and we are attempting to get them set up. We currently have one itunes account (and we would like to keep it that way), but in setting up the icloud, don't we each have to have our own? We are fine with this, but not sure how to set them up individually as the phone seems to automatically want to point to itunes for the initial setup.

    On the iPhone, it is possible to set one email address as the Apple ID for the iTunes and App stores, and another for iCloud services.
    So, if I am understanding what you want to do correctly, you should:
    Go under Settings > Store and enter the Apple ID you want to use for purchases (which will be the same on the two devices).
    Go under Settings > iCloud and enter the email you have set up for iCloud services (which will be different on your devices, and different from the email you used for the Store).

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    Safari gives me the "server stopped responding" error and Firefox displays "the server timed out".
    So, what's up with this?
    At the home office, I use wireless DSL access with a MacBook. At my studio, I'm using an iMac wirelessly on my network. The the service provided is through Comcast broadband cable modem.
    On both machines, I have iLife & iWork 08. I do not sync my dot mac account with the 2 machines. The original files for the photo pages reside on my studio iMac.
    So why can I browse my way through my photo pages when I'm surfing the web from my home office, but am unable to see them when I'm working at my studio?
    Thanks for assisting me if you can.

    I will when I go back to my studio. I'm just trying to understand where you are going with this. I have contractors who work in and out of my studio with their laptops. They use XP & Vista and they have absolutely NO problem what so ever accessing my photo pages. In fact, when I couldn't access from my iMac, I had one of them check to see if the site was down. They could see my pages just fine with no problem. So...if they can reach them using the same network while sitting at the desk next to mine...why can't my iMac reach the pages?

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    You can have as many as you want. Add an account with Mail Preferences > Accounts. Click the "+" button.

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    I am using iWeb 08 and would like to move the iWeb site that was created on one mac to another mac to continue editing on the other mac. Any one now how to do this.

    Hi Tsofa,
    You need to locate and copy the Domain.site2 file which iWeb creates.
    By default this is usually located in User/Library/Application Support/iWeb/
    You can copy this to any location on the other mac. As long as you use this file to start iWeb, it will recognise it as your default.
    If you want to create a new one, but still keep the old, just rename the file and start iWeb, which will generate a new Domain.sites2 file

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    My husband and I travel a lot separately and need to be able to ichat when one of us is away.
    We have an iMac at home, and an iBook on the road (both about a year old with the latest software updated). We tried using an AIM account on one and our .mac account on the other which worked once, but now we can't seem to get it to work.
    Can anyone help us with this?
    Thanks very much.

    Hi tarnia,
    Welcome to the  Discussions
    That really is too little information to work with.
    See this FAQ fro hints to start with and some questions to answer
    10:25 PM Sunday; September 16, 2007

  • Can i still have 2 iphones with one itunes account with the new ios7

    My husband and I have always had 1 itunes account with 2 phones.  he recently did the upgrade to ios7 and I have not.  will my phone be affected if I upgrade?

    I have 3 emails and 3 devices. I just want to be able to share the purchased music/apps but keep pictures/contacts etc separate. Is this possible??

  • IPhone and IPod is it possible to have two sync on one mac

    I have the new phone - love it but I want to keep my old IPod (8GB is not enough). How (can) I do that?

    Yes you can I have a nano, 60GB video and iPhone syncing to the same library

  • Moving my iweb site to another mac

    Is it possible to move my iweb site from one mac to another? If so how do I do it?

    iWebSites is a beta application capable of merging separate Domain files. It gets good reviews in this forum.
    You will not overwrite one Domain file with another unless you intentionally replace a Domain file with another, just like any like-named file. Keep your Domain files in their own folders, folders that are named for the sites the respective Domain files contain. Open the Domain file/Site of your choice by first opening it's folder and then double-clicking on the Domain file inside.

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