Is it possible to have a PDF with rounded corners?

I've been asked to create a pdf (which is just for on screen, not print), which when viewed has rounded corners.  Is this possible?  The original design is in illustrator.

Realistically, no. PDF pages are always rectangular, and while there are techniques to place some interactive content partly-outside the page region it's not a practicable way to simulate rounded corners.

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  • Is it possible to tag a pdf with 'reject', so when it loads into Bridge, it will be pre-rejected?

    Is it possible to tag a pdf with 'reject', so when it loads into Bridge, it will be pre-rejected and not view (so long as 'show reject files' is unchecked in Bridge)? - Please see screen shot.
    We're wanting to have all pdf's initially set, so they don't view in Bridge, until the 'reject' tag is then removed.
    Any help would be great! Thanks.

    Well, not possible directly because the Acrobat interface doesn't allow changing Bridge's ratings and labels.  But as Omke Oudeman showed over in the Bridge Scripting forum, they are stored in the XMP metadata, where "Reject" seems to be an xmp:Rating of -1.  Thus you may be able to add this bit of metadata within Acrobat Pro by using the Append... [XMP template] command -- assuming you can come up with an XMP template, and can find the command buried in the interface (in Acrobat 9 it is behind the Additional Metadata button on the Properties/ Description tab, and then from there under Advanced).  Another route might be via Javascript.  Either way, before investing much time you should consider that most software won't see labels and ratings you add to the XMP metadata, and, as Omke mentions in that thread, their rendering seems somewhat fragile even in Bridge.
    Another route might be adapting a metadata category already available in Acrobt's interface: Keywords, say, "Approved" and "NotApproved".  (If you can't touch the Keywords, maybe you could re-purpose another of Acrobat's categories; and of course my suggestions are not related to Acrobat's stock stamps "Approved" and "Not Approved," a different kettle of fish).  Keywords might suffice for you to filter views in Bridge, but if you really want Bridge to show files with "Reject" then they must carry that tag.  If neither an XMP template nor an Acrobat Javascript serves, I imagine a Bridge script could apply "Reject" to files with the keyword NotApproved.  Of course, for any PDFs whose status changes you'd need to adjust both the Reject (xmp:Rating -1) and the keyword; perhaps another script could un-Reject and change the keyword to Approved in one step.

  • Is it possible to have a PDF form flow to a second page IF the user needs to type in a lot of information? ( Like a Word Doc would)

    Is it possible to have a PDF form flow to a second page IF the user needs to type in a lot of information? ( Like a Word Doc would)
    An automated second page.

    There are two approaches.
    If you wish to use AcroForm technology, then you would need to write a bunch of JavaScript to enable this.  It has been done, but it’s not trivial.
    If you wish to use XFA technology, then it can be setup to happen automatically.
    Be aware that in both cases, even though both technologies are part of the PDF standard, that the forms will only be usable in this manner in Adobe’s viewers as many others don’t support JavaScript or XFA.

  • I have a PDF with a diagram, I need to translate the text so I open it in Illustrator.  The document opnes up vertically oriented  I try to put it horizontal to be able to read and change the text  However everything I have done is not working  The artboa

    I have a PDF with a diagram, I need to translate the text so I open it in Illustrator.  The document opens up vertically oriented  I try to put it horizontal to be able to read and change the text  However everything I have done is not working  The artboard does change, but the diagram stays vertical.....Please help  I need to finish that for today..Please help

    A PDF usually consists of one to an indefinite number of clipping masks inside each other.
    You need to be very carefull with selecting stuff.
    So you need to read the manual on how to select stuff and on the basics of Illustrator.
    On top of that: because of the complex hierarchy of PDF files, it is kind of difficult to help you without seeing anything.

  • Acrobat Pro 10.12 not possible to sign a pdf with a valid cert

    Under Windows 7 x64, it's not possible to sign a PDF with a valid certificate. Clicking the sign button gives no response and no message what so ever. When using a non valid certificate as in not certified to use for signing, it is accepted and the document is signed?!

    Hi, Daniel.  
    Thank you for visiting Apple Support Communities.  
    I would need a little more information on how you are adding a signature to provide a better answer.  However, here is an article that I would take a look at.  
    Mail (Yosemite): Mark up attachments
    Jason H.  

  • Is it possible to have a dropdown with a blank option

    Is it possible to have a dropdown with a blank option
    1) When desigining a form is it possible to have a dropdown with a blank option as the first option.
    2) Also if the field is a required field will the application prompt the user if the blank option is selected.

    1) If you are using any dynamic data from database tables then you can use below sample query:
    select  * from (Select ' ' QueueName, ' '  QueueValue from tabXYZ where  columnname = <provide some value that is not available in this  column>
    Select columnname QueueName, columnname QueueValue from tabXYZ) s
    order by QueueValue
    2) Onsumbit of the form in ISF you need to capture the empty value(' ') for validation

  • I have a pdf with a line graph that opens slow

    I have a pdf with a line graph. When users open this it is very slow (30 seconds or more). Once this pdf is open, zooming or scrolling through pages takes just as long to accomplish as open the document. I am assuming this is due to the graph needing to be rendered. Any ideas on how to speen up readers ability to render these?

    What operating system?  What Reader version?

  • Is it possible to have a server with both a 2007 DP role and 2012 DP role?

    Is it possible to have a server with both a 2007 DP role and 2012 DP?
    A client has been sold that as part of the migration the vendor will continue use the existing 2007 servers as DPs, and add the 2012 DP role as part of the migration - then at some future point remove the 2007 role.
    Sounds a bit wonky to me, it would be great to have your insights, some MS documentation or case study - to either provide a level of comfort or give me some foundation to chime in and request they adjust their expectations... I haven't found anything yet.
    It's not side by side technically, more of concurrent migration?
    Thank's for your insights.

    Shared DPs are available if you are performing a migration but that's about it.
    -Nick O.

  • Is it possible to have a menu with just one button highlight when someone rolls over it?

    is it possible to have a menu with just one button highlight when someone rolls over it? if so how would you do it as i tried doing an invissble button but it didn't work?

    Get yourself a copy of Total Training for Encore DVD 1.5 by Daniel Brown.  This exact scenerio was explained in section 4) Building Menu and
    section 7) Advanced techniques.
    I refer to Dan's video time & time again.  It's from 2004 but he's still right on the mark regarding the generation of every aspect of creating a DVD.
    They now offer their entire online.
    Good luck

  • Box with rounded corners displays as rectangle in Web Browser

    I am using the box control (IBoxObject) in my Crystal Reports with rounded corners. However the box displays as a rectangle with square corners when viewed in a web browser. I have tried this in IE 7.0.5730.13, Firefox 3.0.3 and Chrome all give the same problem.
    The interesting thing is that the boxes display correctly at design time and when exported to PDF, but they wonu2019t display correctly in IE/Firefox/Chrome. Here are the specific settings for the box:
                    CornerEllipseHieght = 375
                    CornerEllipseWidth = 375
                    Crystal Reports Version 10.5.3700.0
    I have also attached an image to try and clarify the problem.
    [Picture showing Box at design time, in a Web browser and when exported to PDF|]
    Thanks in advance for any help with this issue.

    Thank you Ted, this was my take on the problem but it is good to have a confirmation.
    There are CSS (HTML) solutions for creating boxes with rounded corners, such as [SpiffyBox|] and [CSS Rounded Box Generator|] and many more that can be found using [Google|].
    Do you know of any plans to support rounded corners in the future?
    Thanks for your help!

  • Table with rounded corners in CS5?

    I am dealing with an issue, I need a table with 2 rounded top-corners. The top row is a shade of black (and needs the 2 rounded corners.
    Here is what I do:
    I make my table with a regular straight angled top-row in it's own text-frame. Then adjust the frame to the table (cmd-alt-c). Select the arrow selection tool, cut the text-frame with the table. Then create a new text-frame with 2 rounded top corners. Then past the table into this new frame.
    What now happens is that the table does not snap to the 0 point of the new frame, but it insets on the left side. When I make it align right it does it the other way around. Plus the part of the top-frame with the shade of black does not cut of on the rounded part of the frame.
    I know another option is to create a text-frame with the rounded corners on exactly the size I need it in the table, and then paste this into the top frame of the table (making sure the inset is 0). But I would like to use this as a last resort.
    We have a preference for the first option I wrote about, since we are linking Excel files and then creating InCopy content. (If a table is not placed in a seperate text frame and then linked to the floating text, InDesign loses the link to the Excel.)
    Is this at all possible? From this site it seems it is ( )

    I first tried it in a text frame. Now when I do a 'paste into' in an image frame it seems to work, but now I have an extra frame in my workflow
    Table => text frame => image frame with rounded corners => text frame
    Ideal would be:
    Table => text frame with rounded corners => text frame
    But I am starting to believe that this is not possible in InDesign (since it moves the table in the frame)
    Now I will try to figure out if my Excel links will still survive in InCopy with the image frame option.

  • Cropping with rounded corners

    I am preparing portrait images to be put on a page. I would like to use the cropping tool to a specific size and end up with rounded corners on the image.
    How can this be done?
    Mary Lou

    John, is there s ome way I can send you a copy of that image to look at?
    The original picture was taken where there was a red backdrop. I selected the person and removed her from the backdrop, placing the image on a plain blue background.
    I have flattened the image so I don't know any way that the old red background would be there anymore. As soon as I apply the rounded corner rectangle tool there is a redness to the marquee.
    Mary Lou

  • Problem with Rounded Corners on EPS object in Illustrator CS3

    I'm using Illustrator CS3 and I have an EPS object which has rounded corners. When I export  the object and save it as a JPG the exported image takes on the shape of  the artboard (which is a square) rather than the shape of the EPS  object which is a square with rounded corners. I've placed the exported  JPG into my blog but when I look at it I can see a little bit of white  in each of the four corners. What can I do to stop this from happening?  In other words, I want my exported JPG image to have rounded corners  without the white. Please provide me  with as much detail as you can as I'm fairly new to Illustrator and I'm still finding my way. Thank you.

    Hi Graccon,
    The JPG format does not support transaprency. Either save as a gif or as a png. Or choose a matte color which matches your page background for the jpg.

  • Table with Round corners

    I have a requirement to display the table with Rounded corners,Please guide with the possibilities on this.
    Best Regards,

    Hi Mahi,
    Its not feasible with the tables provided in MS Word. If its going to be a fixed table then you can try this workaround. Have a rounded rectangle shape on the table cell with same size. And also you can have a 'NO Fill' for it or 'bring the text in front' options.
    You can have a look at [] -> 'Rounded Borders' section. The rounded corners didnt work for me in You can give it a try.
    Hope this helps,

  • IconItemRenderer with rounded Corners

    Hi everyone,
    im using the mobile IconItemRenderer and need to round the corners of the list-Items to be in conform with the rest of my UI-Design. is there any way to archive this?
    thx for your help

    extend the IconIremRenderer and then override the drawBackground method and draw a rect with rounded corners
    something like this...
    package renderers
        import spark.components.IconItemRenderer;
        public class RoundedIconItemRenderer extends IconItemRenderer
            public function RoundedIconItemRenderer()
            override protected function drawBackground(unscaledWidth:Number, unscaledHeight:Number):void

Maybe you are looking for

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