Is it possible to have an adress field with a Custom Object?

I would like to link a service request to an account and an intermediary such as a travel agency. But the original datamodel only allow one account per Service Request.
So, I have created a custom object (Intermediary) that should have similar relations with other objects than the Account one. With this object, I will be allowed to link my two accounts to the SR. But I would like to insert an address field in my custom object. Unfortunately, this kinf of custom field type is not available...
Is there any solution to have one? Or is there another solution I could use to link 2 accounts to a Service Request?
Thanks in advance,

We had the same problem. Decided to use one of the new custom objects (CO-05) for this purpose. The drawback of using it this way is the lack of automatic formating of the address lines by country selected like you get with accounts and contacts. On the good side, you can designate fields for use in interfacing with your external business system, i.e. Oracle eBS, JDE, etc.
We also added a link to this to bring up a modified Customers On Line form from Oracle eBS that gives us a view of the Quotes, Orders, Service Requests, Installed Base, Invoices and Credit Memos by customer party id number contained in eBS. This is what we call a 360 degree view of the customer.
Neil @ Emerson Process

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    The Pick and Pack Manger doesn't relate to any specific table (nothing saved to the database), so it does not make any sense having a userdefiend field on it. I would guess that you could add a column and bind it to a userdatasource (not a SAP database field), but if this make any sense depends on what you are trying to achive...

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    Is it possible to have editable text field in interactive report?

    I followed your suggestion and defined an IR with apex_item.text columns and it works fine. Now however I face a new problem when I run the page and use the standard Search Bar:
    - Click on Actions/Filter
    - Select a column, for example the employee name.
    - Open the Expression field LOV: I correctly see the different names.
    - When I select one of the names, in the Expression field, instead of the name, I see:
    "<input type="text" name="f03" size="20" maxlength="2000" value="Eugene" />"
    Is there a way to see the name and not that expression? The same thing get downloaded, so it´s really annoying.
    Thank you very much in advance for your help!!!

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    Same answer as last time you asked the same question.
    Can I create 2 separate itune accounts on same PC?

  • Is it possible to populate an information field with the expect docURL?

    Is it possible to populate an information field with a function that checks for the expected docURL at checkIn time?
    I need to pass the value of the docURL of the checked in content item to a bpel process.

    Thanks for the suggestion.
    To test:
    1. I created an information field called 'docURL'.
    2. Added a rule called 'docDisplayURL'.
    3. Selected global rule with Priority 1 and use rule activation condition.
    4. Added a condition called 'CheckIn'
    Selected 'Use Event'. 'On Submit'.
    Selected 'Use Action', ' CheckIn New', 'Check In Selected', 'Content Information', 'Content Update', 'Search', Clicked Ok.
    5. Selected the Fields Tab, Selected the 'Information Fields' in the Add Rule Field.
    6. Changed the Type to 'Info Only'.
    7. Selected the Is Derived Field and in Custom entered the following:
    8. Now my rule 'displayDocURL' shows up.
    9. When I go to an item content information I don't see the 'DocUrl' field populated. What could I be doing wrong?
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  • Is it possible to have a program start with a splash screen?

    Would it be possible to have a program show a splash screen while loading with Java's latest release 1.4.0 ?
    If it is possible, could anybody explain me how.. and maybe show me a little example? :)
    Thanks in advance

    I just implemented this with one of my applications.
    I wrote a class which extends JWindow and adds a JLabel icon to the contentPane.
    The class containing the main method instantiates this class, makes the window visible, wait's some time and deletes the window:
    Through the Dimension object I calculate the center of the screen
    => Splash screen
    import javax.swing.*;
    import java.awt.*;
    class Splash extends JWindow
    JPanel pane;
    public Splash()
    setBounds(300, 225, 300, 200);
    pane = new JPanel();
    ImageIcon image = new ImageIcon("logo.jpg"); //Splash logo
    Dimension dim = this.getToolkit().getScreenSize();
    int height = (int) dim.getHeight() / 2;
    int width = (int) dim.getWidth() / 2;
    int iconheight = image.getIconHeight();
    int iconwidth = image.getIconWidth(); // Center of Screen
    int x = width - (iconwidth / 2);
    int y = height - (iconheight / 2);
    setLocation(x, y);
    JLabel label = new JLabel(image);
    => "Main Method"
    import util.*;
    import app.*;
    import java.awt.*;
    import javax.swing.*;
    public class Main
    public static void main(String[] args)
    Splash splash = new Splash();
    catch (InterruptedException e)
    splash = null;

  • Is it possible to hav 2 rows displayed with diffeent columns?

    I I do a search and try to display information from 2 different tables but they hav different columns is it possible to have 2 tables? like
    table 1:
    name ID
    a 1
    b 2
    table 2:
    name Email
    a w
    b e
    if i search for "a" can i get:
    name ID
    a 1
    name Email
    a w
    or i get :
    name ID email
    a 1 w
    ? please hel me with code..

    SELECT *
    (SELECT * FROM id) a
    ,(SELECT * FROM email) b
    WHERE a.a=1 AND b.a='w'

  • Is it possible to link several vendor accounts with a customer account?

    We have linked a vendors with his corresponding customer, so in FBL5N report, when inside this customer, we can see all of the receivable items of him as a vendor.
    The question is: We have a customer account  number that corresponds to several vendor accounts numbers. Is it possible to link these several vendor accounts with the customer account ?
    We only want to see in FBL5N report both customer and vendors items.
    Thanks in advance,
    Best Regards,

    It is not possible since Vendor and customer should be 1:1 and not 1:N
    If you require clearing between the customer and vendor, the following requirements must be met:
    The customer number must have been entered in the corresponding vendor master record.
    The vendor number must have been entered in the corresponding customer master record.
    The fields "Clrg with vend." or "Clrg with cust." must have been selected in both master records.

  • Create Multiple Signature and Date fields with a custom Toolbar Button

    First off, thanks in advance!  I am a scripting newbie and I am trudging my way through with very little experience with scripting of any kind.  I am good at taking other's scripts and forming them into something I need, but I can't seem to find anything to do what I want.
    Using Adobe Acrobat X, I am trying to create a toolbar button that I can press to create multiple signature and date fields with predetermined locations.
    Below is the script I have that is working to create just a single signature box, but I can't seem to figure out the exact syntax to have that same button create multiple fields.  In total it is 9 signature fields and 9 date fields need to be created.  If you can just give me an example of what the button would look like with multiple scripts?  I was assuming I would set up multiple variables and then in the cExec property of the toolbar button I could just call out all of those variables? 
    var sigswm = "addField('sigSWM', 'signature', '0', [108, 198, 494.64, 72])"
    app.addToolButton({cName: "dotbutton", cExec: sigswm, cLabel: "Place Signature and Date Blocks",});
    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
    Billy Sweeney

    Thanks!  That was probably the only thing I didn't try.
    I do have one more question.  What I want is when the signature field is clicked it fills out a specific date field. I beleive the script I want would be:
    var currentTime = new Date()
        var month = currentTime.getMonth() + 1
        var day = currentTime.getDate()
        var year = currentTime.getFullYear()
        var signingTime = day +"/"+month+"/"+year
        var f = this.getField("dateSWM"); 
        f.value = signingTime;
    I found this on another thread that mentioned it could be placed in the Signed tab of the signature properties dialog.  I am assuming it would be placed in my button script file as a setAction script for each signature, but I am not real sure exactly where or how?

  • Does anyone else have this much trouble with Verizon Customer Service?

    I cannot get any Verizon Customer Service to answer me through email or correct their errors through their store or through the telephone customer service.  I have written to them three times with no reply back (although it says it will be answered within 48 hours), gone to the Verizon local store, and called them numerous times.
    Ever since I purchased three i-pads for my sons as Christmas gifts my life has been nothing but stress while dealing with Verizon and Best Buy while trying to get a jet pack added to our account through Best Buy and trying to straighten the mess out through Verizon. 
    My bill is so messed up, of course in their favor, and they cannot seem to figure out how to fix it or else they don't want to take the time to fix it.
    I own my own business and they should know that you NEVER just IGNORE the customer.  They eventually do go away (to another company).  When a company will not ANSWER complaints...there IS a problem!  I am taking the next channel up.

    This is what happened.  I bought the three i-pads at Best Buy because that is where we buy all of our computer products and it didn't occur to me to buy them at Verizon...Hence, that is why it went through a third party.  Later, I found out I would have paid a much higher price, according to a Verizon salesperson,  so I am glad that I didn't.  But anyway...I bought two jet packs with the three i-pads because I didn't think two of my kids had internet connection so of course, I wanted them to be able to use the i-pads when they opened their gift on Christmas.  I have a business account with three smart phones already with Verizon.  The Best Buy salesman attempted to put the two jet packs on my business account, but he said they would not transfer on that account because it was a business account, so he had to open a new individual account and that Verizon would transfer it over to my business account.  Right then, I could see dollar signs.  That is why I went to the Verizon store the next morning (Christmas Eve) to straighten it out before letting it go on any longer.  I explained everything to the sales person and he assured me that he fixed everything.  I explained to him that I wanted to add the two jet packs on to our account...and for them to share our 6 GB of DATA at the present time until we could see how much we used first.    Seems that one of my sons did have internet and he didn't need the jet pack.  I called Verizon and was told to return it to Best Buy and I would not be charged for it since there was NO USAGE of data on that jet pack. We returned that jet pack.  HOWEVER, the wrong jet pack was cancelled.  So the one that was taken back was not cancelled through Verizon (it remained active) and the jet pack that we kept had no service and was cancelled.  Was that Verizon's fault? Or was it Best Buy's fault?  I don't know...but it was not my fault!  My son lives out of town and he had to bring his jet pack in to Best Buy in order to get service on his jet pack reinstated.  So therefore, he went a week without service, yet we were still being charged for two jet packs...$ 50.00 PER jet pack plus they tagged on 5 GB PER jet pack, which is not what we signed up for.  The charge should be $ 20.00 per month to add the jet pack on to our business account.  We are aware that we can contact Verizon *611 to talk to an agent because we have talked to them approximately five times already.  I have emailed them three times with no reply.  I have never had a problem before this, but I never had any issues so never had a reason to contact them or deal with customer service before.  Jimfitzgerald...the reason people deal with a third party is that it saved us $300.00 from Verizon's price and we purchased these for 18 months with no interest.  Had I known that Best Buy and Verizon do not work well together, I might not have ever bought these at all...But we have one jet pack now that we added to our account and still are being over charged for the two jet packs @ 50.00 per jet pack @ 5 GB data each...totally ridiculous.  My son tried to straighten it out and was told by Verizon that we had one of the jet packs since 2011 and the other one since December 2012.  Finally, Verizon said they understood and would straighten it out...But our bill is still wrong.  How do you get them to answer your complaints?  How do you get them to understand?  If I don't pay our incorrect bill, they told me they will cut off our service and they are our business phones.  Suggestions?

  • Is it possible to have a text field have both auto font resizing and rich text format?

    I am trying to make a field so I can bold or italicize within, but still have the capability to add as much text as I want with the font size getting small so that it all fits in the field.  It seems I can have the auto resize OR the Rich Text, but not both.   Is there a way around this?
    Thank you.

    You can't? Just to give you some context, I work as a graphic designer, I'm creating for the first time an iBook for a client and I have quite a few examples already.
    A couple of vague examples:
    - Imagine a diagonal animation from the bottom left corner to the top right corner of the page. I could do this with keynote or html, for example. Now imagine you want some text floating at the top left and bottom right corner.
    I wont get into details, but the fact the animation is "cutting" through the text is very much relevant to the context.
    - A page with a bold white title, a strong photographic lowkey background and some kind of interaction of top of it.
    - A page with a keynote widget occupying almost the entire area, and a title in text format (that would superpose with they keynote but not with its graphics)
    - etc etc
    These are all impossible scenarios.
    The actual interaction with text/images and interactive elements is nonexistent.
    But I understand now that the interactive bits of the book must be separated from the other content - its context -which is a shame. And I understand it's not a bug, from what you say. The iBA interface shows the book like a PFD export, in a way, as well as the thumbnails at the Table of Contents, were all the text is visible. The actual pages have a different behaviour.
    Thank you very much for the fast feedback. I will use the 'Provide iBooks Author Feedback' menu, as suggested.

  • Possible to have a text field display current path of the pdf file?

    Would it be possible to display the current (windows) path of the pdf file in the page footer? Something we do in Word & AutoCAD... is it possible & how in Livecycle?

    You can get the path of the current doc by using the command:
    The filename can be retrieved by using:
    You can set these in a field on the master page so that it will appear as you want at bottom of every page.

  • Is it possible to have an image field?

    Is there a way to create an "image" field within a form, essentially enabling the user to enter images the same way they would text?

    Read this:

  • Is it possible to have FTP Conflicts/Collisions with multiple devices?

    I understand that you cannot have multiple webservers both using port 80 on your LAN (use different port # and port forward), but I was wondering if the same is true of multiple FTPs?
    In other words, I have 2 devices ...., a weather web server that FTPs my weather station data to my weather website, and I have the WVC54GCA IP Camera, which I want to use to display weather conditions outside, and FTP to my weather website. Can they both use their default FTP port 21 at the same time? ...., or do I have to change one of them to an alternative port #, other than 21? Is it possible to FTP with a port other than port 21?
    Thanks for any feedback,

    thanks Castor. I have the Motorola SBG900 ...., I have not set up the port triggering yet, but both my WVC54GCA and my weather server are FTPing up to my weather website  without any problems so far. I might try the port triggering as a safety net and see if things still work OK.

  • Is it possible to have define a tag with an attribute called "class"?

    Obviously you can't have a setClass/getClass pair in the tag, since getClass is declared final in java.lang.Object. setClass alone doesn't seem to cut it.
    I've tried copying the class attribute to a new one in a TagExtraInfo but this doesn't prevent the "no setter for class" exception. This may be because you can't delete an attribute from TagData so the "class" attribute is still there.
    It's anoying because I'm trying to define a variant of jsp:useBean and I want it to be as close as possible in attribute options.
    Incidentally I'd like to do more validation in TagExtraInfo but how do I get at, for example, the servletContext?

    There's nothing to stop me writing a setClass() method though. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to work - the system apparently demands a getClass() method too, though it wouldn't be used.
    I was hoping to be able to modify the tagData item at compile time and, hence, the data passed to the Tag.

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    Hallo Leute, hoffe von euch kann mir jemand weiterhelfen. Ich arbeite mit Bridge CS5 und habe bis jetzt immer Bilder mit Metadaten versehen, verschlagwortet, Copyright und Beschreibung angegeben etc. Nur bei EPS Dateien will er das nicht machen. Da k

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