Is it possible to have define a tag with an attribute called "class"?

Obviously you can't have a setClass/getClass pair in the tag, since getClass is declared final in java.lang.Object. setClass alone doesn't seem to cut it.
I've tried copying the class attribute to a new one in a TagExtraInfo but this doesn't prevent the "no setter for class" exception. This may be because you can't delete an attribute from TagData so the "class" attribute is still there.
It's anoying because I'm trying to define a variant of jsp:useBean and I want it to be as close as possible in attribute options.
Incidentally I'd like to do more validation in TagExtraInfo but how do I get at, for example, the servletContext?

There's nothing to stop me writing a setClass() method though. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to work - the system apparently demands a getClass() method too, though it wouldn't be used.
I was hoping to be able to modify the tagData item at compile time and, hence, the data passed to the Tag.

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    Thanks cor-el! I had tried that out, but was turned off by the different workflow (can't click Tab to select the address suggestions) and assumed by the look that I couldn't use my Smart Keywords for searches.
    In fact, the workflow isn't that much bulkier and the Location Bar is fully functional:
    * ''for a search: Ctrl+L, (Smart Keyword +) [search terms], Enter''
    * ''for a suggested address: Ctrl+L, Down, Enter, Enter''
    Still, it would be nice in future versions if:
    # the Location Bar could automatically open when opening a (blank) new tab (just as the cursor automatically goes to the Location Bar when a new tab is opened with the Navigation Toolbar showing) to avoid the Ctrl+L step of the workflow
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    if '''the Navigation Toolbar could be set to show when a (blank) new tab is opened and disappear once an address/search is selected'''.

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    I just implemented this with one of my applications.
    I wrote a class which extends JWindow and adds a JLabel icon to the contentPane.
    The class containing the main method instantiates this class, makes the window visible, wait's some time and deletes the window:
    Through the Dimension object I calculate the center of the screen
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    import java.awt.*;
    class Splash extends JWindow
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    public Splash()
    setBounds(300, 225, 300, 200);
    pane = new JPanel();
    ImageIcon image = new ImageIcon("logo.jpg"); //Splash logo
    Dimension dim = this.getToolkit().getScreenSize();
    int height = (int) dim.getHeight() / 2;
    int width = (int) dim.getWidth() / 2;
    int iconheight = image.getIconHeight();
    int iconwidth = image.getIconWidth(); // Center of Screen
    int x = width - (iconwidth / 2);
    int y = height - (iconheight / 2);
    setLocation(x, y);
    JLabel label = new JLabel(image);
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    import util.*;
    import app.*;
    import java.awt.*;
    import javax.swing.*;
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    public static void main(String[] args)
    Splash splash = new Splash();
    catch (InterruptedException e)
    splash = null;

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    Is it possible to create a custom tag that operates similar to a JSF tag with the rendered attribute? Wrapping output with c:if test="..." is not as nice as the JSF rendered option, but I don't want to use JSF for this particular project.
    Edited by: black_lotus on Nov 23, 2007 12:13 PM

    TLD File, per your previous recommendation:
    </attribute>My Tag class (snippet):
    public class ButtonTag extends TagSupport
      private boolean disabled;
      public ButtonTag() {}
      public boolean isDisabled()
         return disabled;
      public void setDisabled(boolean b)
        disabled = b;
    }A sample of the jsp file invoking it:
    <c:set var="result" value="${computedValue}"/>
    <ltm:button disabled="${result}"/>Regardless of the value of result, ("true" or "false") it always passes false to the setDisabled method of the button tag class.

  • Custom Tag with boolean Attribute problems

    I've created a simple custom tag that is expecting a boolean attribute called "disabled". In my Tag derived class I've created a setDisabled(boolean b) method and set the following in the tag descriptor:
    </attribute>I'm using a JSTL expression "${someExpression}" which, when I do a c:out on the value, returns true.
    I call the tag like this:
    <mytag disabled="${someExpression}"/>However, in my custom tag class the value is passed as false. I can get true passed in if I hard code it, but that isn't going to work.
    I've tried a number of different combinations and even read through this forum for the last 2 hours and cannot seem to figure it out.
    What am I doing wrong?

    TLD File, per your previous recommendation:
    </attribute>My Tag class (snippet):
    public class ButtonTag extends TagSupport
      private boolean disabled;
      public ButtonTag() {}
      public boolean isDisabled()
         return disabled;
      public void setDisabled(boolean b)
        disabled = b;
    }A sample of the jsp file invoking it:
    <c:set var="result" value="${computedValue}"/>
    <ltm:button disabled="${result}"/>Regardless of the value of result, ("true" or "false") it always passes false to the setDisabled method of the button tag class.

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    thanks Castor. I have the Motorola SBG900 ...., I have not set up the port triggering yet, but both my WVC54GCA and my weather server are FTPing up to my weather website  without any problems so far. I might try the port triggering as a safety net and see if things still work OK.

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    I was wondering if anyone has/is or if this can be dome easy enough....
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    Captivate 7 has an option to show playbar on hover.  It becomes available when you select Overlay Playbar.  But this only applies to the standard skins that come with Captivate.  It won't help your specific need to have a set of buttons appear on hover over a hit area.
    It should be possible to do what you want.  But you'll need to group the buttons, give the group a name, create separate advanced actions that apply a fly-in and fly out effect to the group, then execute these actions via an event.  In your case you want the event to occur as a result of a rollover and rollout on a hit area.
    Captivate's slidelet object has a rollover event, but no rollout event you can use.
    The only way I know to have both rollover and rollout events is to use the Infosemantics Event Handler widget:
    Free trial version here:

  • Is it possible to have a public page with optional authentication?

    I want to have an application that will give users view access to all pages, without the user having to log in. On its own i know how to achieve this. However, i also want to give the user the ability to perform specific actions, only if they authenticate themselves. The functionality i am after is much like this forum, the public can read all threads, but to post you have to log in.
    is this kind of thing possible in APEX, if so how can this be done?

    It's very possible, and quite easy to do.
    One of the conditions that APEX supplies is "User is Authenticated (not public)". You can use this condition on buttons, items, regions and processes that will require a user be authenticated to your application. There is also the opposite condition, should you want to display items or regions that will be displayed to non-authenticated users.
    - Scott -

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    To keep sites totally separate for publishing you
    need to keep their data files totally separate,
    either by switching them in and out or by running
    iWeb from separate user accounts. The data file is
    located at
    thank you -- that's gonna have to be the answer I guess, til they hopefully add a new feature.. my non-.mac site is for my kids' swim team, so I'll just create a 'swim team' user account for now. Not TOO inconvenient, I don't suppose.
    If you have two sites in the same data file already
    you can separate them by making a copy of the current
    Domain, then deleting one site from the current
    Domain, putting that somewhere safe, inserting the
    old Domain copy, and deleting the other site from
    that, giving you two Domains each with one site.
    keeping my fingers crossed that this works.
    thanks again,

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    That might be possible via a GreaseMonkey user script, by setting the '''@include''' address to a specific domain.
    This is an example of a script I found a few years ago to bypass a fault in Firefox when printing the Courier font.
    <pre><nowiki>// ==UserScript==
    // @name Fix Courier Bug
    // @namespace
    // @description Replaces "Courier" with "Courier New" font
    // @author Dan
    // @include *
    // ==/UserScript==
    var elementList = document.getElementsByTagName('*');
    for (var i = elementList.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) {
    var elementItem = elementList[i];
    var ff = getComputedStyle(elementItem, '').fontFamily;
    var oldff=ff;
    ff = ff.replace('Courier New', '1234567890qwertyFONT');
    ff = ff.replace('Courier', 'Courier New');
    ff = ff.replace('1234567890qwertyFONT','Courier New'); = ff; </nowiki></pre>
    Sorry, I can't help you with writing a script.

  • I added a new iTunes account. Wanted new library, did it, but now my old library dissappeared and I can't retrieve it on my laptop. How do I find it. Is it possible to have two different accounts with 2 different libraries and go from one to the other?

    I added a second account to my iTunes on my laptop. I wanted to give 2nd acct. its own library. I did by holding down shift key and going to start menu, choosing all programs then iTunes, then iTunes again. It asked me: choose library or create another iTunes library. I chose the later. I renamed it and saved in My Music. It automatically started up iTunes and brought me to the new library, but I cant get back to the old library with all my purchases, etc... What do I do to get the old library back? Computer illiterate, so please be kind. Thanks

    You are going to need to change the email address you use with your old ID. Once you have got access to your old account you will then log into both accounts at the same time on your Mac and transfer your data to a single account. We can do this later, but need you to get access to your old account first.
    My Apple ID

  • Is It Possible to Have an Axis Scale with two Zeros?

    Greetings All,
    I am currently working on modifying a plot for a program that runs an object through 360 degrees and would like the x axis (degrees) display to reset to zero whenever I scroll past 360 to the right, or reset to 360 whenever I scroll past zero to the left.  The reason I would like to add this feature is because the program will frequently be used to "zoom" in on 30 degree intervals. So let's say I centered my graph at 0 degrees.  Then I would like it's Min to display as 345 degrees, and its Max to display as 15 degrees.  As it is, right now my program displays -15 as the Min and 15 as the Max.   
    Does anyone know of any possible way of doing this without manually editing the values on the axis?

    I've attached two (cropped) screenshots showing the X-axis for when the plot is centered at 0 degrees and for when the plot is centered at 360 degrees.  In both cases, the plot has a width of 38 degrees.  Unfortunately, the plot is too wide to fit on one screen, but you can surmise that for a 0 degree center it goes from [-19,19] and for a 360 degree center, it goes from [341, 379].
    This is what I want the axis to actually display left to right:
    0 Degree Center
    341, 342, 343, 344...359, 360/0, 1, 2... 15, 16, 17, 18, 19
    360 Degree Center
    341, 342, 343, 344...359, 360/0, 1, 2... 15, 16, 17, 18, 19
    So Both centers should display the same, since they are at the same angular position.  Hope this clarifies things a bit.  Thanks. 
    Center0.PNG ‏36 KB
    Center360.PNG ‏36 KB

  • Is it possible to have an adress field with a Custom Object?

    I would like to link a service request to an account and an intermediary such as a travel agency. But the original datamodel only allow one account per Service Request.
    So, I have created a custom object (Intermediary) that should have similar relations with other objects than the Account one. With this object, I will be allowed to link my two accounts to the SR. But I would like to insert an address field in my custom object. Unfortunately, this kinf of custom field type is not available...
    Is there any solution to have one? Or is there another solution I could use to link 2 accounts to a Service Request?
    Thanks in advance,

    We had the same problem. Decided to use one of the new custom objects (CO-05) for this purpose. The drawback of using it this way is the lack of automatic formating of the address lines by country selected like you get with accounts and contacts. On the good side, you can designate fields for use in interfacing with your external business system, i.e. Oracle eBS, JDE, etc.
    We also added a link to this to bring up a modified Customers On Line form from Oracle eBS that gives us a view of the Quotes, Orders, Service Requests, Installed Base, Invoices and Credit Memos by customer party id number contained in eBS. This is what we call a 360 degree view of the customer.
    Neil @ Emerson Process

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