Is it possible to make comments or notes on a read only pdf document?

Is it possible to make comments or notes on a read only pdf document?  Thank you.

With Preview you can use the annotations feature.   There's a free  application, Skim, that is designed for annotating and making notes on PDFs. 

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  • Why isn't it possible to make comments and notes in protected PDF's?

    Many of the PDF's we use in the lectures in my school are protected with a password, and therefore I can't make comments and notes in the files when I've downloaded them, unlike in Acrobat Reader for PC. This is very inconvenient. Can't this easily be fixed?

    All permanent print options are set from the Printer Control Panel without being in the printer setup from within the application.

  • Printing Comments (Sticky Notes) in Adobe Reader 9

    I know this question has been asked several times before, but I haven't seen any resolution to this problem. Does anyone know if Adobe is working on a patch/ fix for this problem?
    In any case, my question is this: how do I print comments (sticky notes) using Adobe Reader 9. The following are the responses I have already tried and that have not worked:
    1. Select "Document and Markups" in the print menu. I have already tried this. It makes no difference. The document still prints without the comments.
    2. Go to Edit > Preferences and choose the "Commenting" tab. There is no "Commenting" tab in Reader 9. You are probably thinking of Acrobat 9.
    3. Edit the registry key. Too risky, and since we are working on the client's machine, this is not really an option.
    Any other ideas? Thanks in advance!

    "Commenting" is not an available category in Adobe Reader's Preferences.
    Adobe Reader 9 Preferences Categories:
    Be well...

  • SharePoint 2010 List View Web Part not showing for read-only users?

    Hello all,
    I have List View Webparts on my Blank Web Part page, and it's not showing for Read-Only users.
    Is this intended by Microsoft or is it a bug?
    Thank you!

    According to your post, my understanding is that the read only user could not see the list view web part.
    Per my knowledge, the issue may be cause that the user do not have the proper permission for the list.
    1. Check whether the user can access the list.
    2. Check whether the user can view all the items instead of partial items in the list.
    3. Check whether there are some fields refer to other lists or terms, especially the lookup field or managed metadata filed.
         If that is the case, make sure the user can access the lookup list.
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  • How can we make the ms-word data as read-only using java code?

    How can we make the ms-word data as read-only using java code?

    MVSK wrote:
    By using java code i opened a file in ms-word. But the data i want to display as read-only. that means should not change it.I don't think you can do that. Display pdf documents instead.

  • Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro do not open when printing a pdf document. Can anyone help?

    Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro do not open when printing a pdf document, instead I open it with Adobe Reader X to be able to print.
    Can anyone help?

    Hi Edna,
    It sounds like Adobe Reader X is your default PDF file handler. Launch Adobe Reader X.  Choose Edit > Preferences > General.  Click the 'Select Default PDF Handler' button at the bottom and choose Acrobat 9 from the drop-down menu.  Click Apply, then OK.
    Restart your computer.  Acrobat 9 should now be your default PDF file handler again.

  • How do i disable copy and paste so a reader can not copy text from my pdf document?

    how do i disable copy and paste so a reader can not copy text from my pdf document? i have gone into my security preferences but can not find out how to change the settings so i can disable the copying option.

    See df-file-with-permissions-tutorial-ue.pdf

  • Mobile Version: How to see all highlights and notes we made in a PDF document?

    Mobile Version (Android): How to see all highlights and notes we made in a PDF document?

    I'm moving your topic to the Android forum.

  • Safari 5.1.2 still does not allow me to view PDF documents in web pages.  I am running OSX Lion 10.7.2. Any suggestions

    Safari 5.1.2 still does not allow me to view PDF documents in web pages.  I am running OSX Lion 10.7.2. Any suggestions?

    Read here >  Known Issues | Adobe products on Mac OS 10.7 Lion
    And go to ~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins
    Move the PDF Browser plugin to the Trash.
    Quit Safari, empty the Trash.
    Relaunch Safari.  You should be able to view PDF files now.
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  • How to make a column in Table popin read only

    Hi Everyone
    Could anyone let me know how to make a column in table popin read only.

    if you ar eusing an ALV table
    try this
      DATA: lr_salv_wd_table TYPE REF TO iwci_salv_wd_table,
            r_table TYPE REF TO CL_SALV_WD_CONFIG_TABLE.
    * get reference to ALV component interface
      lr_salv_wd_table = wd_this->wd_cpifc_alvmain( ).
    * get ConfigurationModel from ALV Component
      wd_this->r_table = lr_salv_wd_table->get_model( ).
    * init ColumnSettings
      DATA: lr_column_settings TYPE REF TO if_salv_wd_column_settings,
            lr_col_header TYPE REF TO cl_salv_wd_column_header.
      lr_column_settings ?= wd_this->r_table.
    * get table of column settings - each line one column
      DATA: lt_columns TYPE salv_wd_t_column_ref.
      lt_columns = lr_column_settings->get_columns( ).
    * loop over table - in each loop another column can be modified
      DATA: ls_column TYPE salv_wd_s_column_ref.
    * define visible columns (fields) by naming them,
    * exclude others by setting visibility to none
      DATA: ls_tooltip TYPE string.
      LOOP AT lt_columns INTO ls_column.
        " get header of column
        lr_col_header = ls_column-r_column->get_header( ).
        " do settings here
    Or see this document for more tips.
    <a href=""></a>

  • This operation is not available for read only field 'Type MVF'

    Hi All,
    We are using OrderToCash PIP and we are on Siebel 8.1X.
    While Synching the customer from Ebiz to Siebel facing the following issues:
    Method 'WriteRecord' of business component 'Account' (integration component 'Account') for record with search specification '[Row Id] = "2d3434313239353"' returned the following error:"This operation is not available for read only field 'Type MVF'.(SBL-DAT-00402)"(SBL-EAI-04451)
    Please suggest us what steps to be done in Siebel.

    First check the process why this is calling Account BC WriteRecord(). The field "Type MVF" might be read only and this sync process is trying to update this field which is read only. This is the reason for the error. Check the OM log / EAI Obj Manager Comp log (set log level to 5) and check.
    Joseph Arul Dass

  • Can one set "Navigation Pane Buttons" Left Sidebar to 'Default Hidden' and 'Not Open' upon opening Any .pdf document?

    Can one set "Navigation Pane Buttons" Left Sidebar to 'Default Hidden' and 'Not Open' upon opening Any .pdf document?

    Photoshop has to have full administrator rights to have read/write access.
    This means you need to run Photoshop CS5.1 in an Administrator account and set it up to "Run as Administrator."
    1. Close Photoshop if it's open.
    2. Right click on your Photoshop CS5.1 launch icon then select "Run as Administrator" from the context menu. (You will have to enter Admin Password if UAC is enabled to change this setting.)
    3. Launch Photoshop CS5.
    4. See if you create and save a document.
    Even if you are in an Administrator account you have to do this as Vista's Admin account isn't really the Super Admin as it is in XP so you have to elevate the rights by selecting "Run as Administrator". This setting is sticky so you should only have to do this once. I am not sure why CS3 is suddenly acting as if it does't have Admin rights unless you are running it in a new account that isn't an administrator or maybe uninstalled (cleanScript?) then reinstalled.
    If can't create or save a document, check that the account that Photoshop is in is an Administrator account.
    To check if you are in an Administrator account...
    1. Type user account in your Vista or Windows7 start search bar. (Start search bar is at the bottom of the panel that opens when you click the start Windows start globe located on the far left hand side of your Windows task bar.)
    2.  Click on "User Accounts" which should show up at the top of the list. This will open the dialog to User Accounts where you can "Change Your Account Type". If UAC (User Account Control) is turned on, you will need to enter the Admin password to change this setting.

  • Enter event not triggering for read-only checkbox

    I have some objects in a form that get "locked" when the user signs the form.  I'm not using the digital signatures.  Instead, when the user types their name into the signature text field, a script runs on the change event that makes all of the fields in the form read only.  It also unlocks the fields if the signature is deleted.
    I was worried that we would get a lot of phone calls with users that didn't understand that the form had locked ("Why doesn't this form work?!"), so I added some code to the enter event for all of the fields that would pop up a messagebox to explain to people trying to edit a signed form that the form was locked and that they would need to delete the signature to edit the form.
    This plan works perfect for my text fields and decimal fields.  It does NOT work at all for my checkboxes.  For some reason, the enter event is never triggered for read-only checkboxes.  I don't see any other events that would obviously work for me though.  Any ideas?

    Thanks, those are reasonable suggestions.
    In the first suggestion, I'm unclear about one aspect of how I would accomplish this.  I assume I would allow people to modify fields in the form, but that when they did, a msgbox would pop up that would inform them that, if they continued with this modification to a signed form, the signature would be removed.  I'm all good to that point.  But if they answered that they do not want to continue modifying that field and removing the signature, how can I code it to set the value back to what it was before the change?  Is there some method that will give me access to the value of the field BEFORE the attempted modification?  I went looking for something like $.previousvalue, but found nothing.
    I'd suggest that I could use a two-stage solution, in which I store the previous value on the enter event, and save it just in case they do not want to change the field when prompted by the msgbox, but since the enter event does not exist for checkboxes (my original problem), that seems like it won't work.
    As far as radio button suggestion, I like radio buttons very much except for one fatal flaw: they aren't (as far as I can tell) clearable.  That is a shame.  Clearly some people (like me) want both exclusivity AND clearability.  And we'd like the controls to have an enter event.  But I know I'm demanding   Anyway, as it is, I just end up having to use checkboxes and create a boatload of silly code to make them exclusive.

  • Make Select rows and columns as read only in Table Control

    Hi All,
    I would like to know how to make certain cells in a Table Control as display only.
    Table control should look like-(Those in bold are read only or in display mode)
    <b>Name1            Idno1 </b>         Address1
    <b>Name2            Idno2</b>          Address2
    <b>Name3            Idno3  </b>        Address3
    <b>Name4            Idno4</b>          Address4
    (Blank row to enter name idno and address)
    (Blank row to enter name idno and address)
    (Blank row to enter name idno and address)
    My table control should display all the above fields the way it is above of which first two colums and 4 rows should be read only,and the rest of the empty rows in the TC should be in change mode.i.e it must have provision to add new rows but not change the first two columns of existing rows.
    In short I am looking at solution to hide particular no of rows and columns and <b>not the entire column.</b>

    In the PBO of the table control loop. just write these statements
    NAME and IDNO considering the fields on the screen.
    and WA_TAB is the table work area being passed to the table control to display the rows.
    if not WA_TAB-NAME is initial and not WA_TAB-IDNO is initial.
    loop at screen.
    if screen-name = 'NAME' or
       screen-name = 'IDNO'.
    screen-input = <b>0</b>.
    modify screen.
    which means that the fields are disabled only if NAME and IDNO are not initial.
    - Gopi

  • Calculations not working in Reader Enabled PDF Form

    I created a basic Excel spreadsheet and imported it into Acrobat 11 to make a fillable form. Acrobat inserted most of the fields but I had to add some to complete the form. I went into the properties of the fields and set up the calculations using the standard Acrobat calculations. I want the product of field1, field2. When I preview the form, the calculations work. I then close the form for editing and save as reader extended PDF with more tools. When I open the pdf in reader the calculations do not work. I then researched many possibilities on the forums and even called adobe twice with no resolution. I was able to import a blank excel spreadsheet, then created three new fields with calculations and they worked in reader when I saved the form as a reader extended pdf with more tools. So my question is where does my problem originate? Is the problem with the excel spreadsheet or excel formatting ( Excel 2013)? Is the problem with Acrobat 11? When I asked the support tech at Adobe he said that he hasn't heard of this problem before. I have spent hours and hours on this, I have created new forms from scratch and even on different versions of word and acrobat. I figured these calculations should work, am I wrong? ( I have also tried using every calculation option including JavaScript). Thanks in advance for any help.

    It's hard to say without seeing a sample. If you can post one somewhere, I'd be happy to test it out. If you can't post somewhere, you can email me at: acroscript at gmail dot com

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