Is it possible to make OAM not using localhost.localdomian

Have OAM on vm installation and WG over the web tier
It's using http://www.localhost.localdomain:14100/oam/server/obrareq.cgi?encquery%3DSrMv6TO...
Is there anyway to reconfigure it so it will use DNS name for the host?

Can you telnet into 5575 from the remote host?
can't open connectionCan you telnet into 14100 from the localhost?
can't open connection after i removed localhost as an allias for idmhostI'm assuming you were able to register the OAM WebGate successfully. Does the WebGate redirect to the idmhost as configured?
yes it was working welll without a DNS

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    CPU Ratio Mode Dynamic
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    And As Svet said Balanced power plan

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    What you could do is to create a new image using a 3rd party application like Norton Ghost for example.
    You could firstly install the Windows XP using the Toshiba recovery CD.
    Then you could install the MS service pack 3 and then you could create the new image.
    Such image could be stored on the new CD or as file on the second partition.
    I did it too. Ive got two partitions on my HDD and have created a backup of C (system partition) using the Ghost. The file is stored on D (data partition) and if something will go wrong with my Windows I can restore it using this file.
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    The code library used by search engine spiders to index PDF files is not made public, but if there's character-based text in a PDF file, they can and will read it.
    Converting the pages to images is not advised for numerous reasons, and securing the PDF with a "file open" password defeats the object of putting it on the website, but you can use the ROBOTS.TXT system on your site to exclude certain files and folders from spider crawls (look on Google for instructions on what to do). The engines which currently scan PDFs respect the ROBOTS.TXT file instructions they find on a website.

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    Use the doc.addAnnot method:
    with a type of "Text" and the "contents" set to the text you want to show:

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    Here;s an entry on Kyn Drake's site that might help you:

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    Best Regards

    For others....
    It is possible to use it in the same way.
    Just copy to local machine JSPM folder, and run StartGui.bat and write hostname and port 6240 and run on the remote machine ./go
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    Best Regards

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    I use Multisim connectivity ver 1 to connect Multisim to LabVIEW.Would you please help me how can I work with AC Sweep function of this toolbox and is it possible to make bode plot using this function.
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    Hi there en99,
    Thanks for your post, I have had a look into this for you and have found the following information. In terms of using the Multisim connectivity kit, here is a good introduction of all the VIs an the roper ways to use the API functions.
    However, in terms of the Bode plot, this can only be done with the functions available in either the Sound and Vibration Module or, and more relevantly, the Control, Design and Simulation toolkit which are purchased separately. More information regarding this can be found at the following link:​826
    More information can be found in the linked Discussion Forum that I found asking a very similar question.​ake-bode-plots-in-Labview-7-1-without-using-Contro​...
    Hope this helps!
    Liam A.
    National Instruments
    Applications Engineer

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    Try Spaces for a virtual desktop.

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    I am trying to find out if I can change a setting of the calendar in my iPhone. 
    When I view calendar, in month, I would like to view it with the starting day of the week being Monday, not Sunday.  Is it possible to make this change?

    Hello SMEvans32
    You can use iCloud to share the Calendar, that way she will always be up to date on that particular section of your work calendar. If you want to use iCloud, I would recommend backing up so you have a safe copy of your data.
    iCloud: Calendar sharing overview
    iCloud Setup
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    -Norm G.

  • Is it possible to make an iCloud account used by everyone in my school?

    In my school we have iPads. Would it be possible to make an iCloud account used by everyone for contacts and calendars?

    You do not give everyone the username and password of that account.  This would be a violation of iCloud terms and conditions.
    I've done what you want done with a calendar.  You use the iCloud account yourself, then use the 'broadcast' facility to produce a subscription URL that everyone can put into their calendar software.  If you make the calendar public anyone can subscribe.  They don't even have to know the account name let alone the password.
    Log into the account on and test it out.
    Once you have that working you might try the same thing with a contact list.  I see no reason it shouldn't work.

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    I saw that doesn't exist the possibility to make a "full check - check all" into the email settings. 
    Is nice that the checks can be done individually, but I think will be useful to have a "check all" option, in case that you want to move all emails into another folder for example (supposing that you have hundreds of emails, which is another issue because the email client is not able to save the received messages)

    You can check all in the Hub for emails or text to mark them read or delete, but no option to move all.  Just click an hold on the date and slider appears on the right to Mark all read or delete.

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    Is it possible to make comments or notes on a read only pdf document?  Thank you.

    With Preview you can use the annotations feature.   There's a free  application, Skim, that is designed for annotating and making notes on PDFs. 

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    Hi All,
    we are using the assembly backflush in the MTS REM process. we are need to do the reporting point backflush
    if we tick against the RP backflush. what will be the effect in the process while confirmation.
    i read the sap library . it say like
    The reporting point backflush is not possible for make-to-stock repetitive manufacturing.
    is it correct.

    Hi mangal,
    i did all the setting as you said. but when click on the reporting point.
    system thru error
    Error reading reporting point information
    Message no. RM111
    The repetitive manufacturing profile is set for the reporting point procedure. However, either no reporting points exist for the material or they are incorrect. Two common reasons for this are:
    The repetitive manufacturing profile has been changed in the current session.
    You have not defined any milestone operations in the routing.
    When creating the product cost collector, no reporting points were created.
    Two alternative solutions are possible:
    Assign a repetitive manufacturing profile with no reporting point procedure to the material in the material master record.
    Recreate the reporting points by recosting the product cost collector. To do this, the following prerequisites must be met:
    In the material master record, in the production version, you must enter a routing under either detailed planning (first priority) or under rate-based planning (second priority).
    Milestone operations must exist in this routing. The system ususally automatically creates the reporting points from these milestones when creating a product cost collector or when creating a production version.
    how to create the REPORTING POINT

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