Is it possible to purchase cellular service while traveling in Japan for an Ipad Air?

I am traveling to Japan and would like to know if it is possible to purchase cell service for my Ipad Air for several weeks?  What are the possible cell providers?

I would rather look into renting a MiFi device. It's a small, portable WiFi router connected to a cellular carrier. The advantage is that you can connect up to 5 devices (usually). I've done this when traveling to countries other than Japan and it worked exceptionally well for me.
I did a quick Google search for "rent mifi japan" and came up with several options.

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  • Customer Service while traveling Internationally

    I am currently on business in India and would like to contact customer service but am unable to do so through the 1-800 number. I have sent e mails through the website but have received no response. My inquiries are regarding possible international calling plans that would allow me to not be charged full roaming fees. I have an HTC Droid Eris which is not a world phone but still works here, apparently because of other CDMA networks here. I would also like to pay my bill for this month but am apprehensive to do so online because of India being known for very poor internet security and frequent credit card scamming. Any response would be very appreciated.

    I am sorry to hear you are having trouble contacting Customer Service while traveling internationally. I have researched some information and will be glad to  provide you with a number you can contact Customer Service while out of the United States.
    CDMA – 1 908-559-4899 
    GSM - 1 908-559-4899 
    You can also dial 908-559-4899 from a non Verizon Wireless device or landline. 
    I hope this information is helpful to you! Please let us know if you are still experiencing difficulties contacting Verizon Wireless.

  • Can I purchase an Apple Care extended warranty for an iPad Air if I purchase it at Best Buy?

    CAn I buy an Apple Care extended warranty for an iPad Air if I purchase it at Best Buy?

    For me? Buying from best buy was my only option since the closest apple store is over an hour away. (and technically in another state)
    Also, when I bought my iPod the warranty that Best Buy offered was far more comprehensive than Apple Care with accidental damage protection for up to 3 years.
    And, when my iPad's charging port messed up, I took it into Best Buy and they swapped me out for a new one while at an Apple store I likely would have gotten a refurb.
    When I swapped out my iPod 4 for my iPod 5 I took it into best buy, got $70 towards the purchase of the new device by trading in the old one.
    Best Buy isn't perfect and not every store is a good one, but they are a good alternative or other option to explore for those buying devices.
    I think my biggest beef when buying my iPad and later iPod at Best Buy is when I bought my iPad I bought the screen protector and they wanted to charge me to apply it...and it kinda rankled for me to be plunking down over $600 dollars to have them want to charge me $15 for a screen protector install.

  • I have purchased a ringtone in the iTunes Store for my iPad, and I cannot find the download together with my music. I have received the invoice but I have no product. I am working with iOS6, if that helps. Can anybody help me?

    I have purchased a ringtone in the iTunes Store for my iPad, and I cannot find the download together with my music. I have received the invoice but I have no product. I am working with iOS6, if that helps. Can anybody help me?

    I am confused. Do you mean you found the music, not the tones, or you can't find either?
    If the former, then this is normal. You can't redownload tones from the Cloud.

  • I recently purchased icloud storage for my iPad Air.  I want to store photos in the cloud and learn how to retrieve them.  I need help.

    I recently  purchased iCloud storage for my iPad Air so that I can store my photos in the cloud.  I don't know how to do this.  I want to be able to retrieve them as well. 

    Hello Janet
    With that iCloud storage that you purchased, is used for mainly for iCloud Backup for your iPad Air, app data as in games and documents for like iWork and other apps that save data locally within the app. Dealing with photos in your Photo Stream they actually do not count towards that storage plan. If you don’t think that the storage is going to work for you, then cancel the upgrade you just made.  
    iCloud: iCloud storage plan overview
    iCloud: Shared Photo Streams FAQ
    iCloud: Cancel your storage upgrade
    -Norm G.

  • Is it possible to restore from a backup after initial setup on my iPad air?

    is it possible to restore from a backup after initial setup on my iPad air?

    You don't even have to do to an erase all content and settings.
    Just connect the iPad to iTunes. Once it appears on the left, right click on it and select restore from backup. It's that easy.


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         What these guys are trying to tell you is that the use of "ALL CAPS" is considered to be shouting and therefor rude behavior. Please turn your caps lock off.
    And this is an Apple community. We help each other when we can, but cannot help with refunds or any thing else that requires admin or access to your account requires a call to Apple as noted above.

  • Why was I charged a Cellular Service - Suspension fee of $15 for upgrading?

    Long story short, I've been with Verizon Wireless for over 10 years.  Sure there's hiccups here and there, but this is kind of ridiculous.  I upgraded from a Galaxy S3 --> S5 a few weeks and had a few problems while upgrading.  Received a new sim card (bought the phone off Amazon) and it had some trouble activating.  Called customer service, who were able to get it upgraded, and it seems that I was charged a Cell Service Suspension of $15 dollars for absolutely no reason.  I'm aware of the upgrade fee and took that into account.  Is there any way to get this dropped? 
    If a verizon rep stops by, this is regarding the xxx-7048 line.

        Hi bmat8,
    I'd appreciate you being with us for over ten years! I'd like to help you with your concern over the suspension fee. How many other people are on your account as account managers that might've requested a service suspension? Normally if a suspension fee is charged, this is done over the phone with the fee disclosed. Please give me details.
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  • Need advice for getting data service while traveling abroad

    I will be traveling in Norway and England and want to be able to use GPS on my Galaxy S4.  I can get along without voice service, and can rely on wi-fi for email and internet access.  I will be traveling for about 3 weeks.  Any suggestions?

    All the advise you need is right here Spokaneman! We want you to enjoy your trip to Norway and England. Yes, you can use your phone for data while traveling. Here is a link to our Global trip planner to get all the information about cost and what is needed to use your phone . You can add our bundle plan for 100mb for $25.00 per month or voice/data bundle for 100minutes/100sent messages and 100mb for $40.00 per month . You can also pay as you go with is $0.02 cent per KB and $20.48 per mb. Voice calls and text are extra if you're interested in those features.
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  • Can I purchase one of the new multi-carrier 'Apple SIM Cards' for an iPad Air 2 purchased in Australia?

    I'd like the benefit of, when visiting the US, selecting a wireless carrier without having to swap in a carrier-specific SIM card.
    The following questions are not clear on the Apple website (and the chat reps don't sound knowledgeable)
    Does this nifty multi-carrier 'Apple SIM card' come only with an iPad Air 2 sold in the US or UK?
    If an iPad Air 2 sold in Australia does not come with a mult-carrier 'Apple SIM card', can I purchase one while in the US? If so, how much is it?

    Yeah It'll work, if the iPad is not locked to AT&T. Why should you buy from AT&T if you can buy from anywhere else and get an Apple SIM. Using that you can change carriers whenever you want. But if you change the carrier to AT&T, I've heard that they Lock your iPad to AT&T. Thats a bad move by them.
    I've compared the bandwidths of networks myself and they are exactly the same in US and India
    To compare it yourself check out the these Sites:

  • Never Received Points for an Ipad Air Purchase even When No Financing Was Choosen

    I'm hoping to find resolution on this matter, so I'm posting it here. I did call customer service many times and to no avail. as well as the credit card company. It was just a waste of time and I was frustrated at the lack of knowledge (I was told different things), the wait time, and their lack of effort to help you. In my last call, they gave me a claim number as they will let the back office research it. I read a post that the back office was no help as well, so I'm posting it here.
    I ordered an Ipad Air online at a store last June 2014 and at the same time I applied for the credit card with a membership in your program. The guy who helped me told me that I will earn points with purchases and can convert it to a reward certificate to use. Points doesn't expire but when converted to certificate, the certificate does. Anyway, last week I went to purchase something fron Best Buy and ask for my points balance. The lady told me that I don't have a reward certificate, but said I have to open an account online to check my points. I opened an account online and to my surprised I didn't get any points for my purchase. I called your customer service and was told that my purchase was already more than 3 months and too late to report missing points, One customer service told me, it needs to be reported within 6 months. One was even rude and blamed me for not checking and that I should just let it go and stop wasting my time and that sometimes, even when you use your credit card, it fails to attached the purchase. Best Buy Customer Service is really something! I called the credit card customer service and asked why my purchase was not attached to my membership ID when I use my credit card. I was trasferred to the Rewards customer service and was told that points were not given because I choose Zero Financing. I told her  that I choose No Financing and was eligible for double points as stated in my receipt. She put me on hold and consult a specialist. She told me that I choose Zero Finacing and I said that's not true. She trasferred me to the credit card customer service to verify and I told her to stay in the line. She hanged up before the credit card customer service confirmed that I had no financing ( I paid in full when I got my statement). I called the Rewards customer service who opened a claim and told me that the back office will research my claim. At this point, I'm not hopeful, so I'm hoping somebody can help me. It does state in my receipt that I choose No Financing for double reward points.  

    Hello udgbbuy,
    Welcome to the Best Buy forum, and thank you for posting.
    Before we get to the heart of the matter at hand, I would strongly suggest saving yourself the time and not calling Citibank again because they have no say over the My Best Buy program.  I would also suggest that you read over the Program Terms because whatever information you may have been told is not exactly correct.  A certificate will be automatically issued based on your certificate preference (defaults at $5) and points can be forfeited if an account goes 12 consecutive months without activity.
    With that out of the way, I can confirm that the iPad you ordered back in June 2014 did post to your My Best Buy account.  You should be able to see that order by logging into your My Best Buy account and scrolling your purchase history back to 2014; however, you were not awarded any points because the iPad was applied to a 12 month promotional financing offer.  As you have come to find out, any purchases that are applied to a promotional financing offer do not qualify for points (base or bonus).
    I do want to apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced, as you should not have had to spend so much time on the phone trying to get all of this figured out.  I am going to send you a private message so that I can gather some additional information and to go over your My Best Buy account with you.  To check your private messages, you will want to log into the forum and click on the little yellow envelope icon located at the top of the page.
    My Best Buy™ Points and Promotional Financing
    I hope that you enjoy the rest of your Monday.
    Derek|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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  • Built in cellular vs hot spot on verizon phone on iPad air

    I am planning to purchase an ipad air and i'm not sure if i should get the cellular vesion or just use my verizon iphone as a hot spot.
    What are the pros and cons?

    I personally purchased an iPad 3rd Gen Wi-Fi + Cellular thinking that I would use cellular feature but the fact is that I have never activated the cellular portion of it. It sits unused. The device is connected to Wi-Fi 95% of the time. The time that I need internet access away from home, I tether it to my iPhone 4 or iPhone 5. I don't believe that I'll ever purchase another iPad with cellular if there are alternate ways to connect to the internet for much less money. Just my personal opinion. I hope this helps you out. Merry Christmas!

  • Hi, I recently purchased an IPad Air.  I have a Dell PC that has the Verizon.  Security Suite.  Do I need to have virus/malware protection for the IPad Air?  Thanks.

    Hi, I recently purchased an IPad air.  Do I need to place virus protection software for it?  I also have a Dell PC that has the Verizon Security Suite.  Thanks for your info.  Jim

    You do not need anti virus for the iPad. The ipad only installs things from the App Store and those apps are vetted. In addition, the operating system of the ipad isn't the same as PC's or Macs so common viruses don't run on them.
    The only thing you need to be aware of is protecting your info....Go to a bad site and enter your info and you're just as vulnerable as you would be on a computer. So the device isn't vulnerable to anything but user actions.

  • How do I change my Cellular Carrier for my iPad Air 2?

    When I received my new iPad Air 2 for Christmas, I signed on to Sprint. Now, I want toting the cellular carrier to ATT, but when I am on my iPad Air 2 and go to "Add a new plan", it Only shows a ck by Sprint[indicating my current carrier] and T-Mobile..... I know ATT has a cellular plan for iPads, as I had one for my old iPad....Please tell me How can I do this?Thanks so much!

    Hi there!
    You need an iPhone. Follow this guide: Connect your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac using Continuity - Apple Support
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    All the very best,

  • Problem with 'No service' while traveling abroad

    I am traveling abroad (Uganda) and cannot get service. I have traveled with my phone to Uganda previously (iPhone 5), and was able to send/receive text messages at that time. Prior to this trip, I called Verizon to ensure I had everything I needed in place for voice roaming. They told me that my phone was already enabled for global services. I did decline the global services package, but was told very clearly that I would be able to send/receive text messages and make/receive phone calls regardless of whether I purchased the package or not.
    Since traveling through international airports and arriving in Uganda, my phone continues to say "no service" and cannot connect to any local signals. My husband is traveling with me, and his phone has no trouble picking up signals and he has sent/received several text messages. I have tried restarting my phone, taking it in/out of airplane mode, turning roaming on/off, etc. I do not understand what the problem is. I haven't had success trying to online chat. Will it cost me airtime to make a phone call to Verizon from my husband's phone? I don't want to incur large charges waiting on hold for 30 minutes.
    I really need the ability to receive text messages while I am gone, in case of emergencies, and I am very frustrated. I ensured everything was in place prior to leaving, and my phone has worked overseas without issue previously. What is the problem, and how do I fix it??!!

    Have you tried Resetting Network Settings yet? If not, I would...
    Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings
    Hope it helps!

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