Is it possible to save a Flash video from a webpage?

So you can't right / ctrl click and save as, but is there any other way of saving Flash videos from webpages? Or would that conflict with what Flash was designed to do? (I'm thinking that perhaps publishers want to control and monitor viewing of their content, rather than release it for uncontrolled redistribution. Fair enough.)
As someone looking at getting into publishing Flash content, is there any way for me to enable viewers to download content? I haven't got to the Publishing for Web chapter in my Flash book yet, so maybe I'll learn all about this soon enough...
...though any input would be appreciated.

Yay it worked after a bit of trial and effort (was holding buttons Dow too long).  Thanks so much for your help

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  • Dear All, I can't play flash videos from any web site through firefox because it freezes but when i run firefox as administrator then it works fine (But Google Chrome Plays all videos normally.) . I am using Windows 7 & Firefox 7.0.1. Please help

    Dear All,
    Firefox hangs when i try to play flash videos from any site but when i run firefox as administrator it works fine. (but Google Chrome, Opera & I.E9 Plays videos without running as administrator.) I am using Windows 7 & Firefox 7.0.1. Please help.

    A possible cause is security software (firewall) that blocks or restricts Firefox or the plugin-container process without informing you, possibly after detecting changes (update) to the Firefox program.
    Remove all rules for Firefox from the permissions list in the firewall and let your firewall ask again for permission to get full unrestricted access to internet for Firefox and the plugin-container process and the updater process.

  • When I save photos or videos from my iPhone 4S to my PC they are all sideways.  Is there a way to prevent this from happening?  All are taking with the phone in portrait mode.

    When I save photos or videos from my iPhone 4S to my PC they are all sideways.  Is there a way to prevent this from happening?  All are taken with the phone in portrait mode.

    Shot videos ONLY in landscape. For photos choose what's you like. Maybe you have to rotate photos on PC. What's your operating system?

  • Is it possible to transfer Full-HD videos (from a Full-HD camcorder) from iMovie 11 to compressor 4 and create there a AVCHD DVD which can be played in HD quality at a PS/3?

    Is it possible to transfer Full-HD videos (from a Full-HD camcorder) from iMovie 11 to compressor 4 and create there a AVCHD DVD which can be played in HD quality at a PS/3?

    In iMovie use SHARE/Export Movie.
    Choose 1920x1080 (or size of your choice.
    Give it a name and location.
    You can drag this file into Compressor.
    In Compressor, use "Create BluRay Disk"
    That should work fine.
    There is another alternative, where you could skip the DVD and Compressor.
    Choose Movie to MP4
    In Options, choose h.264 as the Codec.
    Choose a bit rate of 16000 or less.
    Create the movie.
    You can then put it on a USB thumb drive and play it on the PS3.

  • Cannot transcode to Flash Video from Encore 3

    I have recently purchased the Adobe Production Premium package and successfully prepared several Blu-ray and standard definition DVD's. However, whenever I attempt to output any of these DVD's to Flash Video by selecting Build>Output to Flash from within Encore 3, my menus transcode, but when Encore gets to my timeline video, the progress bar goes to about 20% almost instantly and remains there forever. I have tried several different types of video files including short Quicktime movies created in Final Cut Pro as well as other formats in the Encore 3 timeline. The result is always as given above. When this happens, I finally have to Force Quit Encore 3 because selecting cancel on the transcode give me an endlessly spinning beach ball.
    I am running Encore 3 on a 8-core Mac Pro (Early 2008 model) with 12 GB of RAM and under Leopard 10.5.4 (latest version with all updates installed). I have successfully transcoded these timelines that seem to freeze Encore 3 using MPEG SlipStream so I know the files are OK.
    Is anyone else having this problem? Is there any solution to the problem? Does output to Flash simply not work under Leopard?
    Thank you in advance for responding.

    For the benefit of those subscribing to this thread here is the latest exchange in the several-week long series of exchanges that I have had with Adobe Technical Support over the failure of Encore CS3 to output to Flash on the Mac platform. I think you will find it interesting that Adobe Tech support cannot even agree among themselves that this is a problem.
    "Notes to Customer
    Thursday, October 2, 2008 10:50:12 AM PDT
    Hello Thomas,
    Thank you for contacting Adobe® Web Support for assistance with Adobe
    Encore® CS3.
    I understand that when you try to export Flash® video from Encore CS3
    that the trans-coding process freezes at 20%, and that you would like to
    know if this issue will be resolved in the Encore® CS4 release.
    First of all, yes you are correct, I inadvertently wrote CS3 beta when
    I meant to say CS4 beta. Also, I was doing this test on the Mac. The
    Export to Flash feature is included in Encore CS4. Here is a link to
    the CS4 help file that describes the feature (copy and past into the
    address bar of your web browser):
    I was not able to locate any documentation regarding a bug when
    exporting to Flash from Encore CS3, and when I tested this function on
    my Mac using Encore CS3 it worked fine. Perhaps a subsequent QuickTime
    update, or the Mac OS 10.5.5 update corrected the issue.
    Unfortunately I am unable to give you a definitive answer regarding the
    functionality of Encore CS4. We are limited as to what information we
    can give out during the pre-release period. The best way for you to
    evaluate the software is to download the free trial when it is released.
    That way you will know for sure if it has the necessary capabilities
    before you make a purchase.
    I hope this information helps to resolve your issue. If you require
    further assistance with this issue, please update your web case with
    complete details, including what steps you have applied and any error
    messages you are receiving.
    You may also call Technical Support at (800) 642-3623. We are available
    from 6:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday - Friday, Pacific Time.
    Kind regards,
    Adobe Web Support
    Notes from Customer
    Saturday, October 4, 2008 12:41:41 PM PDT
    Thank you for your October 2 response. In that response you stated: "I was not able to locate any documentation regarding a bug when exporting to Flash from Encore CS3, and when I tested this function on my Mac using Encore CS3 it worked fine. Perhaps a subsequent QuickTime update, or the Mac OS 10.5.5 update corrected the issue."
    I am using Mac OS 10.5.5 and I am using the latest version of Quicktime (7.5.5). What version of Quicktime are you using on your Mac that properly works with Encore's output to Flash?
    Please note that I was expressly told by Adobe Tech Support (and I have it in writing) that Encore's Output to Flash was broken in a Quicktime update. I believe that the last version of Quicktime that Encore output to Flash will work with is 7.3.x.
    I will definitely test Encore CS4's output to Flash before purchasing.
    Please do let me know the version of Quicktime that you have on your Mac that is working correctly in Encore CS3 relative to output
    to Flash video.
    Thank you.
    I have not yet received a response to that latest exchange.

  • I am unable to view flash videos from all websites except youtube after updating to Firefox 4. All help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance :)

    I am unable to view flash videos from all websites except youtube after updating to Firefox 4. All help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance :)

    Start Firefox in <u>[[Safe Mode]]</u> to check if one of the extensions is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > Appearance/Themes).
    * Don't make any changes on the Safe mode start window.
    * [[Troubleshooting extensions and themes]]
    If it does work in Safe-mode then disable all extensions and then try to find which is causing it by enabling one at a time until the problem reappears.
    * Use "Disable all add-ons" on the [[Safe mode]] start window to disable all extensions.
    * Close and restart Firefox after each change via "File > Exit" (Mac: "Firefox > Quit"; Linux: "File > Quit")
    In Firefox 4 you can use one of these to start in <u>[[Safe mode]]</u>:
    * Help > Restart with Add-ons Disabled
    * Hold down the Shift key while double clicking the Firefox desktop shortcut (Windows)

  • IMovie 10.0.6 won't save my imported videos (from DV camcorder)

    I am using this version of iMovie for the first time (I finally gave in and let 9 go), so maybe I'm missing something.  I am trying to import some VHS tapes and I'm using a miniDV camcorder to convert to digital, something I've done a bunch in previous versions with no problems.  The camcorder is connected with firewire to my MacBook.  So in iMovie I click "Import".  Here I can see and hear the tape when it plays.  There is a message that says "Camera Not Controllable", which is expected.  I click the blue import button down in the corner and the message changes to "Recording" with a counter for the time.  All seems great.  When I'm done I click "Stop Import", then "Close" and I'm taken back to the main iMovie window with the events list.  But in the only event, where it should have been saving the video, there is nothing.  I've tried this a bunch of times and created a new iMovie library on an external drive but nothing works.  It never actually seems to save any video.
    Am I doing something wrong?  This is really frustrating!

    I have exact same problem.
    iMovie 10.0.6 won't save my imported videos (from DV Digital Video Camera JVC GR-D290E).
    I have iMac 27" (end 2012), OS X Yosemite (10.10.2).
    I tried to reinstall the previous version of iMovie 9. But the OS can not do it.
    Note: At the other my MacBook4.1 (OS 10.5.8, iMovie 8.0.6) same operations are functioning normally.
    What to do?

  • How to Stop Flash Video from Downloading

    Can anyone tell me how to configure Flash video from
    automatically beginning the download process as soon as the page
    loads? I've set autoPlay to false, so it does stop on the first
    frame. But I can still see the download progress bar when it should
    wait for a click.

    Is this one of those questions you guys get tired of
    answering? ;-)
    I've reviewed the answers for similar questions, but found
    none that fully addressed my issue. If you could refer me to a
    post, or an Adobe tutorial that deals with this head on, I would
    really appreciate it.

  • How to download flash video from website

    How to download this flash video from this website:
    The page source is:
    <embed src="" width="400" height="324" quality="high" pluginspage="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true"></embed>
    I tried the following programs and websites to no avail:
    VSO Downloader
    I used the latest Google Chrome web browser (Version 33.0.1750.117 m) on Windows 8.1.
    Please help.

    It can be downloaded with Ant Video Downloader for Firefox.

  • HT1473 how do i save an audio file from a webpage to iTunes?

    how do i save an audio file from a webpage to iTunes?

    If the web page is designed to let you save files it will often have a download link, or if it is a link to the file directly you can try to right click on the file.  If it isn't set up that way then they probably don't intend for the file to be downloaded.

  • What is required in order to download "streaming" flash video from all websites?

    I have tried many flash download Add-ons that work for a few websites but they do not work on all websites.
    My goal is: If I can see the video on a website I would like to have the option to capture it.
    I would appreciate any and all advice concerning this,
    Thank you, David

    It is usually not possible to save media content that is streamed as there is no real file involved.<br />
    You can only do that if a file is downloaded and possibly buffered.<br />
    If the player uses a secure connection then it is not possible at all to intercept and save that content.

  • How to use embed code to insert my flash video from web host whilst keeping my player buttons?

    I have created a flash 8 video. It consists of the video.swf
    video.flv and skin.swf
    When i try to embed it into a remote webpage, the video
    player buttons do not show.
    How do i enable my webpage of flash video to show the player
    controls on a remote webpage using an embed code?

    > Basicly i just imported a .mov file into flash 8 and
    > the FVSS option were it does the rest its self.
    If you chose FVSS, that means you're using a Flash Video
    Service and not just uploading video to your own server.
    > So my skin.flv file currently has to be in the same
    > as my webpage which is currently not possible for me
    > to do.
    You can put the skin wherever you like. All that matters is
    that you
    correctly path to it from the point of view of the HTML page
    that holds your
    SWF (the SWF that holds the FLVPlayback instance that uses
    this skin).
    > I need it to allow my skin.flv file to be in the same
    > as my vido.swf and video.flv files.
    You're uploading your video files to a Flash Video Streaming
    which I haven't done personally, so I don't know what
    requirements this
    service places on you. Regardless, the location of the skin
    SWF file makes
    no difference. In the FLA that contains your FLVPlayback
    instance, select
    that instance and look at the Parameters tab of the Propery
    inspector. In
    the skin parameter, double click the cell to the right of
    that and enter the
    path to the skin SWF. It can be absolute (full domain name
    and filepath) or
    relative. If it's relative, pretend it's the HTML file
    looking for that
    skin, instead of this SWF file.
    David Stiller
    Adobe Community Expert
    Dev blog,
    "Luck is the residue of good design."

  • Stop Flash videos from looping

    Does anyone have a fix for looping Flash videos? I have
    produced some Flash videos with Camtasia. They don't loop anywhere
    else (including the preview function built into Presenter within
    Powerpoint), but they do loop when published. Thanks.

    Good call Leo!
    This is a well known artifact of dropping swfs into the
    environment...and for what it's worth, there's another work
    around to that "bug" in the following way:
    Rather than having all of your animations occuring on the
    main timeline in Flash, what you might want to explore is
    converting *everything* into movie clips; this way, you can totally
    control what happens (and when) based on user interaction.
    As an example, I have a sample demo you can view on my site
    If you advance to slide 17 of that presentation, what you'll
    see is the slide set up and the flash anim located on the lower
    section of the slide will just park on frame one. It's only when
    you click the thumbnails that the additional animated objects
    become visible.
    The point in all of this is that more you keep things OFF the
    main timeline, the better. Granted, this example is set up such
    that we're asking the learner to explore stuff, but with nested
    movie clips in Flash, so long as you know how to "call" the movie
    clips, you can totally control the playback of your flash content.
    Hope that helps!
    Visit my Breeze/Presenter forums!

  • How do I extract flash video from websites?

    Is there a feature in Safari or a software that is available?
    Thanks for the help!

    How to download Flash videos and play them in Quicktime using Perian is explained here:
    It's the video at the bottom of the page.
    Also, there is the Free YouTube Downloader from

  • How do i save a home video from a dvd drive into my computer

    I am trying to save or download home videos taken with a digital camera and the saved onto a dvd disc. I would like to open and edit or convert the format if necessary with quick time pro? any suggestions or help appreciated.

    iOS: Importing personal photos and videos from iOS devices to your computer

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    Hello, What exactly is Captive Runtime? Instead of asking for AIR it will have it embedded? Will that make the installer larger but the application faster?

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    In some cases (not all) when I have more than one audio book from an author, iTunes list them together under an "unknown" book title under the author's icon. For example: My books of Bill Bryson are all under an "Unknown" folder. They do not appear i

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    Issue #1:  I deleted all of my music on my 5800 and reloaded all new music (about 2 gigs worth), I restarted the phone and then refreshed my library.  It added my new music but it did not delete the old music.  How can I delete these old files from m