Is it possible to use different iOS devices with the same account of the gamecenter?

Is it possible to use different iOS devices with the same account of the gamecenter? in that case, can two people play a game with the same account and add both scores to the same leaderboard nickname?

You should be able to use the same account. The top scores will get updated on the leader board.

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  • I have an iphone 4 connected to my imac/itunes using a designated email address.  However, I also have an 80gb ipod classic which is connected to my general email account. How can I transfer my ipod to the same account as the iphone

    I have an iphone 4 connected to my imac/itunes account using its own designated email address. However, I also have an 80gb ipod classic which is connected to my general email address. How can I delete this and transfer the ipod to the same account as the iphone 4. Thankyou

    iPods, iPhones, and iPads aren't tied to one particular iTunes accout/Apple ID.  So there are no special instructions to follow to allow you to sync it with your newer account.  Simply sync it as you would your iPhone 4. 

  • HT1420 Possibility to use 1 Computer - configured with 2 user accounts - each account uses a different Apple-ID for iTunes authorization ?

    I wonder if it is possible to use 1 Computer (Macbook Pro)
    - configured with 2 (ore even more) user accounts (i.e. me + my kid)
    - and each user account has a different Apple-ID (account) for iTunes purchases & iTunes authorization ?
    I woud think that is fine in terms of the underlying license agreement refereing to re-download purchased movies, shows, apps, etc.
    However, it seams that there is that miraculous 90 days restriction, which I don't understand, and which allows me only to "authorise" the Computer under one or the other account. The switch is unfortunatelly only possible every 90 days ?!?
    Thanks anybody for help

    The 90 day association doesn't stop you authorising an account, it only stops you from using another account for iTunes Match or automatic downloads or redownloading its past purchases :
    There are a few methods listed on this page for how you could do it e.g. multiple user acounts, same iTunes but you having separate playlists, separate iTunes libraries :

  • I mistakenly registered my wife's and my iPhone under the same account on the same computer, albeit with different passwords. How do I separate these phones?

    This mistake has confused the account somehow and actions done on one phone often have an effect on the other. I took these phones back to the dealer where they were purchased a few months ago, and they were able to correct some of the issues, but we still have problems. The latest is that my wife password would not work on her Apple ID account so she changed it successfully, but a few days later when I tried to update an app on my phone, and in trying to sign in to iTunes, it showed her name instead of mine, and of course, would not accept my password.
    When we first bought these phones about a year ago, I registered them both inder the name "R & P's iPhone" and tried to assign different passwords for the 2 phones, but as I recall, this was not successful. We let it go at that, inasmuch as we had not explored the phone's features much beyond making simple phone calls. But as time went on, and we began installing apps and using other features, this conflict has showed up more and more often. Now I am told by the dealer that one cannot register 2 phones on the same computer, which sounds odd to me, but whatever, we are prepared to start over & register the phones on different computers, under different names.
    I have an iTunes account, but is this where you make these changes? All I see on iTunes is related to music & movies.
    Thanks kindly for any advice.
    R & P

    I access a personal iPhone and iPad, and a business iPhone with the same Apple ID.
    The iPhone's passcode lock feature is completely separate from another iPhone or iOS device.
    All apps, all paid and free apps include DRM protection which is tied to the Apple ID that was used to download the apps. If some apps were downloaded with one Apple ID and then a new Apple ID is created, in order to download an app update that was installed with the original Apple ID requires using that Apple ID and password.

  • I just bought my iPad Air and I'm trying to use iBooks but it's saying that  I need iOS device with iBooks.  I downloaded the app but still can't open the book

    How do I enable my iPad Air to use iBooks

    You should download and install iBooks first and then buy books from the iBooks Store. You worked backwards. Where did you but the book? Or where did you download it from?

  • How can I have two devices with separate iTunes accounts on the same computer without sharing libraries?

    I have an iPhone 3s and my sister has an iPhone 3.  We use them only as iPods.  We each have our own iTunes account, but we have to share a computer.  How can we both syn our devices without sharing our music and app libraries?

    The most reliable way would be to set up individual user accounts in WIndows. Then each of your iTunes libraries will be completely separate.

  • Why is it that you have to wait 90 days to associate an Apple device with a new account, because the amount of time is not reasonable at all?

    So my mother's computer is the main syncing terminal for our devices. However the problem is that if we sync our music from our account via iCloud, it forces us to wait about three months for another account to associate with the device. This time does not seem to make any sense at all so why on Earth did Apple decide on that unreasonable span of time?

    Contact Apple and ask them.
    No one in these user to user support forums can answer such a question.

  • Can i have more than one ipod touch on the same account, or must they both be set up with different id's.

      Can I have more than one ipod touch on the same account, or must they each have their own ID.

    If you use the same account see the following to separate Messages and FaceTime between the two iPod see:
    MacMost Now 653: Setting Up Multiple iOS Devices For Messages and FaceTime

  • Can I upgrade a computer from Snow Leopard to Lion by using an already upgraded account? I have multiple computers on the same account.

    I already have an upgraded desktop, but I also have a MacBook Pro that I want to update from 10.6.8 to 10.7. They are registered under the same account, but the MacBook Pro is under a diferent email. Is there a way I can use the software I have on my desktop to upgrade the MacBook Pro, or do I need to take it to an Apple Store?

    Launch the Mac app store on the computer you want to update.
    To use your Apple ID at the Mac App Store
    Choose Store > Sign In from the App Store menu.
    Enter your Apple ID and password, then click Sign In.
    Then redownload Lion.

  • If I disassociate a device from my iTunes account, can I reassociate it to the same account without having to wait 90 days?

    I just need to know ASAP, can't explain why now.

    You can re-associate the device to the same account. The 90 days is if it is already associated with an account e.g. if you are already in a 90 days countdown with that account then you won't be be able to dis-associate (and therefore be able to re-associate) the device from that account until the 90 days are up

  • How do I use the same bluetooth device with different iOS devices without having to "Forget" then "Pair" every time?

    I have bought a pair of Sennheiser MM100 wireless headphones and they are great, however, I'm having trouble switching between devices.
    I have an iPad2 and an iPhone 4s and the headphones connect to both with no problems. My issue comes when I want to switch from using the headphones with my iPhone (listening to music on the walk to the train station) to using them with my iPad (to watch a movie on the train). The iPad still shows that it is paired with the headphones but will not connect saying that they must be turned off or out of range. Even if I turn the headphones off then on again, they immediately reconnect with the iphone.
    I've tried deselecting the headphones as the source for audio from the airplay icon before I make the switch and have also done this before turning them off and then back on again.
    The only way I can make the switch is to turn the headphones off, tell the iPad to forget the device, turn the headphones on (by holding the on button for 5 seconds it automatically goes to Pair mode). I pair up the iPad and it connects fine. But I have to go through the same process when the train pulls into my stop to be able to use the headphones to listen to music to walk to work!
    Is there an easier way? I thought I would just be able to use the airplay icon to deselect it on one device and select it for the other.
    Any help would be much appreciated. I'm going to miss my stop on the train some day!!!

    Here's the trick.
    turn on the headphones.
    It will connect to the device it last connected to ...assuming that its' on.
    go to the bluetooth menu of your phone or ipad (if it's a computer you want to connect to I'll tell you that trick in a second.
    and so now, hold down the S button on the headphones for about 4 or 5 seconds (the same button you use to turn on the headphones) ...the light goes from blue to blinking you're in the pairing mode...which is in the bluetooth menu simply select the mm100 and it will connect...
    you won't have to type in the 0000 or tell it to forget the device..
    but by holding down the button and putting it in pairing mode it frees it from being connected to the device it automatically connected to and lets it connect to the device you choose. this is true of any bluetooth headset.
    if you want to connect to your computer, again...hold down that button on the headphones for 4 or 5 seconds till it enters pairing mode, then on your computer if you have a speaker icon in the menu bar, hold down the option key while selecting the speaker'll see a list of devices the mm100 and your good to go.
    if you don't have the speaker icon there..go to system prefences and choose the mm100's there.

  • I have two iPads. With two functioning iPads. Is it possible (on the same ID) to sync two of them differently with the same account. So I want to use the new iPad for all my current functions. The old iPad for just my music collection?

    I have two iPads. With two functioning iPads. Is it possible (on the same ID) to sync two of them differently with the same account. So I want to use the new iPad for all my current functions. The old iPad for just my music collection and remove all the other stuff?

    Very easily. I have an iPod touch and iPad on the same account with totally different content.
    If you use iTunes, connect each iPad to your computer and open iTunes and deselect any automatic updating/syncing. If you don't sync with iTunes but have them set up independently, under the settings, App Store, turn off automatic downloads for apps, etc.
    I'm old fashioned, I set up and sync my iPad and iPod to my computer and iTunes. Each device has a different name  and I manage content manually and only allow sharing on what I want shared.

  • Multiple IOS devices with one apple id and different PCs to synch

    I have 2 macs, 1 Apple TV, 2 iPhones, 2 iPads, 3 iPods and 1 windows pc.
    I would like to:
    1) sync each of them with one of the Macs using the same apple Id;
    2) connect with FaceTime with each of them separately (at least the iPads and iPhones);
    3) synch one phone with the Mac for music and my work PC for apps.
    What should I do using my unique apple I'd?

    When you say "sync", are you talking about physically having songs, movies, etc on your computers and devices?  Or simply want to access those files on those computers and devices?  *Syncing is different from Home Sharing but you are in the Home Sharing discussion forum.  That is why I am asking.
    If they are all in the same network and just want to access them or listen/watch them, all you have to do is turn on Home Sharing for all of your machines and devices with the same account.
    For Mac/PC desktops, you can turn on Home Sharing in iTunes 11.  Go to File > Home Sharing > Turn on Home Sharing.  Do this for all machines.  After doing that, you go to the media selector button at the top left to see your Home Shares.  Or you can enable the sidebar by going to View > Show Sidebar.  From there, just connect to your other computers and you will able to listen or watch to your content.
    For your devices, turn on Home Sharing in Settings.  Go to Settings > Music or Video > Home Sharing and enter the same Apple ID and password.  You can listen to songs in Music and watch videos in
    For your Apple TV, if it is a 2nd gen ATV or later then you can turn on Home Sharing under Computers in the main screen.  For the 1st gen ATV, you can either share or pair with iTunes.
    If you want to physically have files (this is syncing), then you can sync your devices to the machine you want to sync with.
    With respect to FaceTime, if you want to use FaceTime on your phone with someone but separately on your iPad then you can associate your phone number to FT on your phone and on your iPad, you can use your Apple ID for FaceTime.  That way, if people want to FT on your phone, they should use the phone number to FT.  For iPad, people should enter your Apple ID when doing FT.

  • If iCloud makes backups of different iOs devices

    When  making iCloud backups of different iOS - devices ( eg : in my case iphone , iPad-1 and iPad Air), are these. Backups individual for each device ?
    - Or is there only 1 Backup done ( for one device), and the rest written over ?
    Thx in advance

    There is a separat backup for each device.

  • HT1399 Why cant I create a playlist for my music/song videos? Continuous play is also not possible in the video app on the phone!!!! previously, prior to IOS 6, it was possible to have both music videos & songs mixed in the same playlist in the music app

    Why cant I create a playlist for my music/song videos? Continuous play is also not possible in the video app on the phone!!!! previously, prior to IOS 6, it was possible to have both music videos & songs mixed in the same playlist in the music app

    I am back with an update. I turned off Match on both the ipad and the iphone 5. By doing so I was able to sync my Iphone and ipad to itunes and store the music on my devices rather than the slow streaming.  So far this has fixed my problems with the iphone I have all my music, playlist, most of the album art and so on.  But the ipad is a different story.  I have the music and artist but not one playlist  I am sure Apple will have an upgrade soon that will address these issues they are usually very good about this. 
    Now have any of you experienced another problem that has existed as long as I have used faces in Aperture.
    I have over 200 faces and they are organized a-z problem is I have this going on A-Z folowed by a few that start over A-Z followed by another few A-Z and again a 4th time A-Z.  Imagine how difficult it is while I am showing someone the great features of my iphone, ipad and imac.  Which I do talk highly of all the time.  But how do I explain that even though their name starts with a or b or what ever they are not important enough to me to be in the first list of A-Z or even the 2nd or 3rd list of A-Z someohow they are in the 4th section of the list!!!!
    I have managed to get the Imac to fix this but for some reason the IOS devices do not.   Any ideas?
    Thanks Al

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