Is it possible to view books purchased in iBooks on an Android device

Hi, I've bought my first book within iBooks, is it possible to view it using an Android device e-reader (I use Aldiko, but could use any other)? I get a technical failure when I try and import which I suspect is caused by DRM kicking in, having previously imported ePub titles without any problems.
Also, are there any good alternatives to the iBooks store - e.g. which allow purchases which can be copied between devices in this way?
Thanks in advance

vinnyvg wrote:
If I  produce an eBook using iBA  to offer free ( and DRM free ) from my websites....  can they be downloaded and used by Android  phones/tablets??
Only the iPad can read the .ibooks format produced by iBA.  If you want to use the pdf option, then anything can read it.

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    Sorry, but you can't.

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    Or I can just purchase them from a competitor such as Kindle and read them on my Mac
    Sure seems short sighted on Apple's part not to have this functionality.  This will drive my purchasing decisions to Kindle.
    I'm sure that there has been plenty of negative feedback already directed to Apple for this decision.  Does anyone know whether or not they have listened and if they have any plans to correct this issue?

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    You can have one AppleID for your purchases so that all teh devices can use all the apps without having to buy them again, and at the same time, have different iCloud accounts for each user so that their content is not intermingled with everyone else's.  You can even go so far as to have your iCloud Account enabled for "Find my iPhone" for each of the other devices allowing you to keep track of where tehy are when they get misplaced.
    If you need/want, you can share iCloud Calendars between different iCloud accounts as well.  This is exactly what my wife & I have done.  We share calendars so I know when she has classes or dog competitions, and she can see my work schedule so she knows what nights I have to be in late, etc.

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    If or some reason you failed to transfer any purchases to your computer before updating, then redownload them:
    Downloading past purchases from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store

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    Yes there is. Not by Apple yet but I have read the downloaded books (into iTunes library) using "caliber".
    "calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books."
    If necessary, you can also convert to another format (eg MOBI) so you can read on your Kindle or whatever...
    pd: Read notes on appropiate version for you... you can download at

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    ibooks are for ipod touch.iphone/ipad only

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    It varies by the book, just as prices vary in a bookstore that carries printed books. You'd have to mention a specific title before anyone could tell you the price. Or, if you have (or have access to) an iPad, you can just go to the iBooks Store and search or browse yourself.

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    I recently bought a few books on my ipad only to find out my it won't charge, sync, or recognize the cord at all. No big deal, it's getting exchanged, but I can't sync the books just bought! How do I retrieve my stuff with the new ipad?

    You didn't say what app you purchased them in, so I'm going to assume it's iBooks.
    When you get the new iPad set up on the same iTunes account, just go to the store within iBooks and then select "Purchased" on the bottom right corner. To the best of my recollection, it will let you download previously purchased books.

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    Is there a way to delete purchases permanently from iBooks? I can delete from the library, but you can still see them under purchases; I don't want them under purchases; I don't want to see them ever again.

    I was unable to delete a book sample from my iPhone 5s running iOS 7.  This seems to be what worked for me.  I went to the Library and clicked "edit" in upper right side of the screen.  I then tapped one time on the book I wanted to remove and a blue check appeared at the bottom right corner of that book (presumably you could tap several at a time)  Anyway, when the blue check is on the book, you will see in the upper left of the screen the word "Delete" (mine was in red) I clicked that and then a confirming dialog came up from the bottom of the screen with the choices of "delete" or "cancel".  I chose "delete" and the book was gone.  Hope this helps.

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    If it shows as 'downloaded' in the Purchased tabs in the iBooks app then it should show on the bookshelf in the app. If you select the My Books tab in the app (bottom left) and then tap the 'collection' name at the top middle of the bookshelf and select the 'All' collection does it then show on the bookshelf ?

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    Hello, I have purchased a TV series on my Apple TV3 and I want to watch it on one of my other devices, either an Ipad3 or new Macbook pro
    All three devices are logged on to the same Apple ID. I have homesharing on the computer turned on and Apple TV can see the computer
    The TV series is there in Apple TV and it's indicated as being in the cloud, but it doesn't show up under purchased in Itunes on the computer, nor on the Ipad.
    Is there something else I need to be doing to get the Ipad/computer to find the series in the cloud.  Am I right to assume that any content I purchase from the Itunes story should be visible/playable on all the devices or is some content more equal than other.
    Thanks in advance for any help

    Scott Weaver wrote:
    thanks for your answer although I do not want any of my apple tv content to be backed up on my itunes even though I may lose the purchased content on my apple tv for some reason. This is why I changed my settings from "sync" to "streaming". It did not start doing this additional downloading to iTunes till they came out with iTunes 8.0
    Changing the method of media transfer from sync to stream will not affect the tv in the way that you want it to. You you might want to change the type of library to a shared library though.

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