Is lightroom 5 compatible with macbook air 10.10

is lightroom 5 compatible with macbook air 10.10

Yes. I'm running Lightroom 5 right now on a MacBook Air 10.10.
System requirements | Lightroom

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  • In order to stream into a local radio station, I would need to install Silverlight. Is this compatible with MacBook Air?

    Is Silverlight compatible with MacBook Air and is it OK to install?  I am trying to stream into radio station and cannot, I'm told, w/o installing Silverlight. Please advise. Thank you.

    Silverlight requirements:
    Mac OS X 10.5.7 (Intel-based CPU) or newer and works with browser Firefox 12+ or Safari 4+
    Macintosh (Intel-based)
    Intel Core Duo 1.83-gigahertz (GHz) or higher processor with 512-MB of RAM
    You want to stream into a radio station?
    Like broadcasting signals from you mac to a radio station?
    Or do you want to lisen to radio on you MacBook Air?
    If you want to stream online radio stations on your Macbook Air, it is sevral options.
    1) You can download a app from App Store
    2) Stream online radio from your web browser ( cud be that some websites tell you that you need Silverlight plugin)
    3) You can add an radio station to an iTunes playlist (needs a few steps before you have it in playlist)
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  • Mac office 2013: is this compatible with macbook air? How do I install without a cd drive?

    Want a macbook air: is my mac office 2013 compatible with MBA? How do I install it if the MBA doesn't have a cd drive?

    It's only supposed to work through Mountain Lion. The current version is QuickBooks 2015 R4. Minimum requirements doesn't mean it works on everything above that. There is always a maximum.

  • HT1338 Air Port Extreme not compatible with MacBook Air/iPhone?

    I have an airport extreme that only works for older Macs.  It used to work with my iPhone, but has since stopped working for any iPhones and will not connect with my MacBook Air.  It does connect with an older model of the Mac Book.  What's up with this?

    Ahh yes, that's not even a first generation.
    It's possible it may have seen its day after all those years and heat.  However, you could try to factory reset it, just to make sure nothings messed up in the firmware, etc.
    If that still doesn't work, maybe see if a diagnostic can be done at a genius bar.

  • Is adobe flash player compatible with macbook air?

    How to install Adobe flash player to mac book air 2013?

    This link should help you out. Let me know whether or not it works

  • Just bought a Macbook Air.  I does not appear to be compatible with my LCD projector.  What LCD projectors work best with MacBook Air?

    My Cannon LCD LV-7210 projector does not recognize my Macbook Air nor does my Macbook Air recognize it is attached to an LCD projector.  Yes, I do have the proper adapter. 
    What LCD projectors work best with Macbook Air?  Does this LCD projector have auto-detect for computer?

    I've just purchased a *27in (aluminium case) LCD Cinema Display* and am using it with my MacBook Pro, linked by the supplied three-jack cable (Mini DVI display jack).
    The 27" display uses Mini DisplayPort, not Mini DVI.
    But I also have *a white-cased MacBook (purchased in 2008) which has an older type of display socket*, certainly not compatible with the Mini DVI type.
    The early Mac Book uses Mini DVI.
    1. Is there a cable or adaptor available to link my older MacBook to the Cinema Display? Nothing in the online store looks 'right'
    No. Mini DVI is single-link, and does not support the resolution needed for the 27" display.

  • Hello, I have purchased and installed Lightroom 5 on my Mac Desktop.  I travel with a MacBook Air and would like to have Lightroom 5 on this device as well.  The MacBook Air does not have a CD/DVD slot.  How do I get Lightroom 5 on my MacBook Air so I can

    Hello, I have purchased and installed Lightroom 5 on my Mac Desktop.  I travel with a MacBook Air and would like to have Lightroom 5 on this device as well.  The MacBook Air does not have a CD/DVD slot.  How do I get Lightroom 5 on my MacBook Air so I can use it while travelling?

    Adobe - Lightroom : For Macintosh
    Just download and install 5.7.1. Don't worry about earlier versions.
    You'll need to enter your serial number to license the software.

  • Pair apple remote with macbook air, pair apple remote with macbook air

    can any one please tell me how to pair apple remote control with macbook Air ????

    now, I had the same issue
    solved it by transforming my phone (Nokia 2700 c ) into a bluetooth remote
    see this pages: #11032817
    search in the list if the phone you have is compatible, then install the little program and you may even have a remote MOUSE by just clicking it on your phone
    PS. even if it yoru phone is not in the list there is a big chance that it will work, (mine wasnt in the list and it works like a charm) it is based on java if I understand corectly and most of the phones understand that programing language.

  • External hard drive compatible with macbook pro 10.5.8

    external hard drive compatible with macbook pro 10.5.8, i need a hard drive that will work with 10.5.8 to back everything up before upgrading to 10.6. a hard drive that is compatable with 10.5.8 has been impossible to find, a hard drive that works with both opperating systems is what i am looking for, any information that can help is appreciated

    You can buy just about any USB2.0 hard drive and use it with your MacBook Pro.  Many older external drives come pre-partitioned and formatted FAT32 for use on Windows.  Your Mac can use that file system as well, but it has limitations on file sizes.  You can always re-partition your external drive and re-format it as HFS+ (MacOS Extended Journaled) then your old Mac OS version and your new one should both be able to access it just fine.  One thing to keep in mind is that many older OSes don't really handle drives larger than 2TB well, so you would probably want to try to keep your external drive to something smaller than 2TB...

  • Is there any Sound card 5.1 include stereo mix that working with MacBook Air such as Creative Labs SoundBlaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro Entertainment System ? and if there any another sound card can you tell me what is it please ? Thank you.

    Is there any Sound card 5.1 include stereo mix that working with MacBook Air such as Creative Labs SoundBlaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro Entertainment System ? and if there any another sound card can you tell me what is it please ? Thank you.

    Okay, I did my best searching and I couldn't find anything that matched all your descriptors. I did do a search on both decoder numbers. SB0256 returned very little results, but with SB0466, I was able to find this ebay listing:
    This card isn't a Champion like you suggested. And with my complete lack of knowledge, I don't know what I/O dri've bay means. But since it is PCI and the decoder matches the number you gave me, this card should be adequete, right?
    Whether it works or not, my search indicated it might be very hard for me to find that card (or any PCI card for that matter). Everything I saw was out of stock. I know this is a forum for Creative, but are there any other manufacturers that will allow me to accomplish my goal, either with current cards, or discontinued cards? Thanks again
    Oh, and I will vote on that thread. I probably won't wait for them to release the decoder since I need it now, but I still believe Creative should be giving the customer what they want

  • Remote with macbook air

    can apple remote using with macbook air?

    No you cannot use it as the new Air does not have an IR port.
    So we have a great notebook, very slim and light - perfect for presentations. It just does not support the remote anymore - what a stupid decision!!!
    You might recommend to buy a third party product which works with bluetooth. When doing so, you forget the following:
    The original Apple Remote has a GREAT feature. You can pause a movie or flash animation which is placed into a slide at any time by pushing the PAUSE button. This is extremely helpful to explain something which is happening in your animation. This feature is gone now and this is a shame.
    Does anyone know how to overcome this problem?
    Thank you!!!

  • I just switched from pc and want to get printer drivers to work with macbook air.  How do I do that?

    I just switched from pc and want to get my HP all in one printer to work with macbook air.  Is it just as simple as downloading drivers from HP?

    Turn the printer on and plug the printer into the MBA and your mac should install the printer for you (usually any necessary drivers too).  I had a printer I used on a pc and I plugged it into my macs usb port and my mac automatically recognized it and took care of everything for me.  If you do this and it wont print, then yes go to the HP website the install latest drivers for 10.7
    Also, as a new mac user you should find these articles helpful:

  • Possibility to share PS3 optical drive with Macbook Air (2012)

    Hello guys,
    Can anyone with solid experience on connecting PS3 and MBA tell me if it is possible to use PS3 optical drive with MacBook Air (2012)?
    Thanks in advance for the help,

    if you mean can the appletv connect to an optical drive remotely then the answer is no.

  • Apple tv won't pair with macbook air

    Apple TV 2 - trying to get it to pair with macbook air using bluetooth: The Apple TV continues to search with the spinning thing; the macbook air shows that it sees the apple tv, displays the 6 digit code that apple tv should then also display, but  the apple tv just continues to search.  After a few minutes, the macbook air returns a pairing failed statement.  I've tried several times.  I have rebooted both.  Macbook air is now running OS X 10.10 Yosemite.  Apple TV is showing version 7.0 (6897.5). Oh, I'm sitting 6 ft from the apple tv, but I moved to within 24 in and still same failure.  Any help would be welcome.  Thanks

    As follow up, and for what it may be worth(likely not much), I talked to a staffer at an Apple Store the other day about this.  He said this capability is meant for, and can only be used with a dedicated bluetooth keyboard.  I tried this when I returned home, as my desktop iMac uses a bluetooth KB.  I "unconnected" the KB from the iMac, then took it to the other room in an attempt to establish the bluetooth connection to the ATV.  Still no success.  And as I was attempting this, I realized that, with using the KB only, that is, no "attached screen" as with the Macbook air, I could not see how I could make a connection, because when I had previously tried to connect my Macbook Air, the Air screen was showing that it was attempting to pair with the ATV, and it displayed a 6 digit code that then was supposed to also be displayed on the TV screen attached to the ATV. If I continued to attempt to pair the dedicated KB only, how would this dedicated KB "with no screen" display a 6 digit code?  So the mystery continues.

  • Cannot pair iPhone4 (iOS 7.1) with Macbook air (iOS 10 yosemite); they do see each other but will not connect via bluetooth

    cannot pair iPhone4 (iOS 7.1) with Macbook air (iOS 10 yosemite); they do see each other but will not connect via bluetooth

    That is because they do not generally pair. What is it that you are trying to do by connecting them via Bluetooth? If you are referring to AirDrop or continuity, then all you need to do is have Bluetooth turned on, they do not pair.

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