Is Oracle 8.0.4 to Personal 8i or Lite Replication Possible?

1. I'm wondering if Replication from an Oracle 8.0.4 Master
Database to Remote Oracle Personal 8i or Oracle Personal 8i Lite
databases is possible.
2. If it is, where can I get some info about this kind of
Leslie Spalding
USSI International
San Jose, Costa Rica

Luis Morales (guest) wrote:
: Leslie Spalding (guest) wrote:
: : 1. I'm wondering if Replication from an Oracle 8.0.4 Master
: : Database to Remote Oracle Personal 8i or Oracle Personal 8i
: Lite
: : databases is possible.
: : 2. If it is, where can I get some info about this kind of
: : replication?
: : Leslie Spalding
: : USSI International
: : San Jose, Costa Rica
: Don't know but the reverse has been failing to me (i.e. 8i
: server against Personal 8.0.4) and due to the dramatic changes
: in the core of the replication I think it will not run.
: In the case of Lite I can't say anything.
: Hope this helps
: Luis
But for your information and for my information in the 8i
documentation, in the dbms_repcat.create_snapshot_repobject
there is a parameter for enabling the compatibility for 8.0 to
be applied if there is any server prior to 8.1.5. This could be
interesting for you and reject my initial idea.
hope this helps

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    Thanks in advance,

    If you are using Oracle9i you can do this with locator. Before Oracle9i this required spatial.
    Hope this helps,

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    I have, the problem is that my program successfully replicates and crashes upon completion of replication, but so does oracle 8 navigator.

  • New Oracle Linux 6 installation - ASMLib and EMC Powerpath - is it possible

    Hi everyone,
    I would like to ask whether that latest version of Oracle Linux 6 can be used for a new installation (one that will replace Windows) to serve as that basis for Oracle RAC.
    The storage is a high-end EMC Clariion.
    I want to use the Unbreakable Enterprise Linux 2.
    I would like to use EMC Powerpath, but it seems this is not yet available (or at list not present in the current EMC support matrix).
    I want to use ASMLib, but if have to use redhat compatible kernel (so that I can use Powerpath), I will not be able to use ASMLib (AFAIK).
    Does anybody has experience with this problem? What would you recommend?
    I'm putting a list of possile options that I am aware of:
    1. Use OEL5 with redhat compatible kernel (use Powerpath and ASMLib).
    2. Use OEL6 with UEK2 kernel, but don't use Powerpath (use dm-multipath and ASMLib)
    3. Use OEL6 with redhat compatible kernel (use Powerpath and don't use ASMLib, but use udev for persistent device permissions and naming)
    4. Use SLES11 (with Powerpath and ASMLib)
    do you have other suggestions? do you have comments on the pros and cons on this options.
    Can someone from EMC or Oracle comment on the plans to make Powerpath available for OL6 with UEK2 ?

    I could test "OEL6 with RHEL kernel + Powerpath" vs "OEL6 with UEK2 kernel + dm-mpio", but anyway this would not give the answer whether Powerpath is faster or slower than dm-mpio by itself, since the kernels would be different.I wonder how the answer whether EMC Powerpath or DM Multipath is faster can help you? Apparently you cannot use Powerpath with the UEK2 kernel and have a certified system at the same time, at least not at this time. However there is no reason to throw the towel yet. If the use of Powerpath instead of Multipath is so critical, why not using Oracle Linux 5.7, which is certified? If you check the EMC compatibility matrix (esm_by_os), it actually shows some systems including Clariion supported for Oracle Linux 6.2 with UEK kernel. You might want to take a closer look.
    Anyway, it doesn't look like you will be able to solve the performance question without doing a real world test in your environment. You have no indication that Oracle Linux 6.3 with DM Mutlipath will give you less performance than RHEL 6.3 with Powerpath. Regarding the information you found, Linux is not Windows.
    Powerpath is not free and you have to pay a license, but worse, it will tie your system to a very specific version of the kernel. In case of RHEL 6 or later, it will deny you the use of Oracle specific products and features such as ASMLib, etc. Multipath seems to be the more economic and better solution since you do not have to worry about kernel versions and have the freedom to use whatever Oracle Linux has to offer.
    So, do you want to limit your kernel features and options and fix a problem that you don't know even know if it applies and pay money for it?
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    Hi, I'd like to install and configure SOA and OIM and would like to know if I can use one database as the repository to support SOA Suite install and OIM install ?
    In a development environment is it safe to install SOA Suite 11g and OIM 11g on the same server with all of its components? This is only for the development environment. Thanks

    I feel you can do it with single Oracle Database,check the below links:
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    My email address is [email protected]

    I am having a very similar problem.
    It seems that the packaging wizard forces you to use a JDBC driver to connect to your DB.
    I'm getting the "No suitable driver" message also.
    I even made sure the classpath line they ask you to remove in the preinstallation tasks was there. It wasn't to start, so I added it, but that didn't fix the problem.

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    I am also searching for this kind of thing, but no idea. My problem is to achieve the snapshot creation thry Powerbuilder application at runtime.

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    What do you mean nothing.
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    Click on your name so the triangle appears, then click on Account for more details.

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