Is there a firewire adaptor for firewire 800?

i'm just about to buy the pro tools MBox pro but am concerned because the firewire connection is the older type, how can i get round this?

Well, I haven't had a problem with several 6 ft and 10 ft FW cables coming in from 5 different devices (three external hard drives, one external burner, one FW hub) - I have a cable for each one (and they are all marked properly)  so I can simply plug in whichever one I need (or daisy chain if necessary).

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    Is there an SDXC adaptor for Macbook Air 11

    For computers without a built-in camera card reader, you can purchase one for use
    with a USB port. So long as the adapter is qualified for use with SDXC, it should work.
    Good luck!

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    You can't cable connect an iPad to the internet. Connects via wifi or cellular (if you have cellular model).
     Cheers, Tom

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    Given the growing importance of Office 365 and the role of ADFS in some of the larger deployments, that may happen. Someday.
    It is somewhat arbitrary.
    AD DS, AD CS, AD FS, and AD RMS are all considered components of Active Directory.
    I suppose that's what the AD stands for...
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    Group Policy has its own forum.
    If you look in "related threads", someone asked a question precisely about ADCS:
    Please mark as helpful if you find my contribution useful or as an answer if it does answer your question. That will encourage me - and others - to take time out to help you.

  • Firewire 800 to VGA?

    Hey guys and gals. I've run into an issue. In September, I bought the 21.5" iMac (Mid 2011) which of course has Thunderbolt. I intend on getting a 21.5" Dell Display to accompany my awesome new iMac. (insane machine. renders 1080p like a beast) I've decided to get the Dell display since it has HDMI, which I will use with an Xbox 360.
    This is all relevant, since I also want to purchase Blackmagic Design's Thunderbolt HDMI Capture Card, the Intensity Extreme to record gameplay. As you may know, the 21.5" iMac only has one Thunderbolt port. For the display, I'd need to use it for Mini-DV to VGA, and for the Intensity Extreme, I'd need to use it since it uses Thunderbolt.
    So, is it possible to use Firewire 800 for the display? Is there a Firewire 800 to VGA adapter on the market? Or alternatively, Is there a Thunderbolt hub or any plan to make one?
    Thanks guys.
    To answer any questions:
    1. Blackmagic doesn't make a USB or Firewire capture card, only PCI Express and USB 3.0, neither of which the iMac support.
    2. I don't want to settle for a different capture card like, say, the Hauppague HD PVR. Sure the quality is nice, but Component cables are very messy and the Dell display that I'd like is HDMI. Very handy.

    So, is it possible to use Firewire 800 for the display? Is there a Firewire 800 to VGA adapter on the market? Or alternatively, Is there a Thunderbolt hub or any plan to make one?
    Nope this will not work, there is no such adapter. Regarding a hub I was able to find this article:!.aspx
    However I don't know if it has been released yet, I'd recommend contacting Belking to inquire.
    Had you gotten a 27" iMac they have two Thunderbolt ports,   you could easily connect one to use a minidisplay port adapter to the Dell display and the other for another Thunderbolt device.

  • Is there adaptors for thunderebolt to firewire 800

    are there adaptors for thnderbolt to firewire 800?

    Have a look at this Discussion...

  • Is there usb to firewire adaptor for macbook air

    I have macbook air and want to connect my lacie drive via firewire but dont have a firewire port.  can you connect via a usb to firewire adaptor?

    Going down such as Thunderbolt to Firewire might be an option, but best bet for that is probably going to be Apple...Thunderbolt is an Apple invention.
    Sonnett makes really great products, I put one of their G4 processor cards, when you could still do that, into my PPC Mac and changed it from a 604e processor to a G4.  Worked flawlessly.  Their products are very likely to do exactly as advertised.
    Speed of connection goes: USB, Firewire 400, Firewire 800, Thunderbolt.  Unfortunately there are not very many Thunderbolt drives on the market at this point.  Too new technology.

  • How do I capture tape-based media to my external hard drive?  There is only one firewire 800 port on the back of my I mac.  The manual says to import tape footage directly into fcpx, but then I lose my external hard drive.   thanks for your help.

    In FCP X How do I capture tape-based media (hdv clips)- which I want to import-to my external hard drive?  There is only one firewire 800 port on the back of my I mac.  The FCPX manual says to import tape footage directly into final cut, which works, but then I lose  my external hard drive    Do I  have to import it into an event, then copy it over to an external hard drive?  On Larry Jordan's tutorial, he has 3 external hard drives that show up on his monitor WHILE he imports his tape based media.  How is that done?  I can only get either the camera to appear OR my external hard drive.   thanks for your help.

    Thanks for your response, but that doesn't solve the problem.  Yes, the LaCie hard drive has 2 firewire ports-
    I have always done what you suggest (works fine in FCP7), but in FCPX when I do that the camcorder icon
    does not appear.  It only shows up when I DIRECTLY import the footage via firewire.  ????

  • Is there an adaptor for a firewire cable to a thunderbolt connection?

    Is there an adaptor for a firewire cable to a thunderbolt connection?

    Hi Styphin,
    Your link leads to nowhere.
    Thanks anyway.

  • Is anyone having a problem connecting 400 firewire thru an adapter for the 800 firewire port on a Macbook Pro 2011? It does a kernel panic every time I connect it. Is there a "proper way" to connect it?

    Is anyone having a problem connecting 400 firewire thru an adapter for the 800 firewire port on a Macbook Pro 2011? It does a kernel panic every time I connect it. Is there a "proper way" to connect it? Just in case it makes a difference I am trying to hook up an Avid Mbox Pro for Pro tools.

    What is the part number and model of Firewire adapter?
    I have used them in the past without any problems whatsoever.

  • Is there an adaptor or interface that will allow me to connect a thunderbolt device to my late 2011 Mac Pro Firewire 800 port?

    Is there an adaptor or interface that will allow me to connect a thunderbolt device to my late 2011 Mac Pro Firewire 800 port?

    lllaass is correct.
    To use ThunderBolt devices, a computer must have left the factory with a ThunderBolt port.
    There are no known work-arounds, and there are not likely to be any because Intel controls the chips and is not interested in anything less than the full [including Video features] implementation.

  • Firewire 400 to firewire 800 adaptor

    Hello everyone, I just recentley upgraded from my 1.6 GHz PowerPC G5 to a Mac Pro 3.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon, with 8 gigs of ram. Now my problem is that I'm trying to figure out if there is an option for my firewire 400 Lacie harddrives to be connected to my new Mac Pro. Basically I was curious to see if there is a Firewire adaptor 400 to 800 & if so does this adaptor work well with new systems? Ultimately I want to reconnect my 3 Lacie External harddrives and use them for storage still. Just curious to see if that is an option.

    There are FW400 to FW800 cables all over the place. Every G-Tech drive ships with one too.  I have like 8 in a drawer.  And the adapter works.

  • Upgrading my intel iMac to internal SSD and running 1TB external drive from firewire 800 for mass storage while still using a second external drive for goal-speed with a SSD, to still have 1TB of room for everything i have now..possible?

    I seem to kill HD's every two years...the last two i've installed were WD Caviar Black 1TB 7200rpm 3.5" drives. The speed gains over  stock drives have been remarkable. I don't blame the drives for the failures, my machines are up and running 16 hours a day, every day, year round. They die from 'mileage' so to speak...i assume...there's no viral acvtivity or questionable downloads to gunk things up...just lots of work.
    I have my third new drive ready to install in my intel based iMac...but i've had a thought...I want to install a SSD in my iMac for the speed gain (and recent price drops)...for standard storage i want to use this new WD Caviar Black 1TB in an external drive bay and connect via firewire 800 for storing everything except the OS and my most commonly used i crazy? will the firewire 800 external drive negate the speed gained with an internal SSD??
    I have four iMacs in my office, and one at home. I buy second hand and install new drives and boost memory. I'm going to do this on my 'home' machine...if it works out well i want to upgrade the other three this way...but first i need to know if i'm just dreaming, or will it really make a difference? or even possible??
    2.66 intell core2duo
    2009 iMac
    8gig ram
    1 gig hd
    OSX ver. 10.8

    The SSD gives great bootup and Application launch speed. I think it also speeds up the video rendering a bit, I do all that on the SSD and then move the finished project to the external drives. As far as the speed for the external drives they are quick enough for viewing video and the file transfer rate is good. I had initially put the SSD into an external cradle (FW800) and the system was faster than on the internal drive. I only got a 1.5GBs SATA drive, perhaps yours could benefit from the 3GBs. I know the 6GBs would be too fast and costs a lot more, even the MacPros need special hookups to make use of the 6GBs.

  • What FireWire 800 drive (2.5") to build/buy for MacBook Pro?

    Hello community, this topic is to request a little help choosing a FireWire 800 storage solution. About once every two days, I need to run a virtual machine, either Windows XP or Ubuntu. The disk image is currently located on an external USB 2.0 Western Digital hard drive, which is also used for not-speed-sensitive storage. Performance is decent, as long as I quit all possible application before launching (I have 4GB RAM, planning on 8GB upgrade very soon) and don't launch too many apps in the virtual machine, however, I feel performance is lagging since I can see the virtual hard drive indicator turning red most of the time, and the 4 white LEDs on the WD going back and forth (although it doesn't necessarily indicate heavy activity). Especially, restoring to and from saved states routinely takes 45 seconds or more. The external drive is about 90% full most of the time, and may be a contributing factor to the slow feeling. Hence, I thought about putting this FireWire 800 port to good use, and plug a compatible drive in it. I had the following requirements:
    3-year warranty an absolute minimum, 5 years
    would be ok (my current WD MyPassport has 5). Reason is I consider if manufacturers trust their drive for 5 years, it shouldn't be a source of worry for many years to come. I consider 2-year warranty to be substandard drives.
    2.5" form factor. Reason is I rarely happen to have enough room or steady power to lay and plug a full 3.5" drive, unless it uses a battery, which is extremely rare and would add bulk in my bag.
    Ability to saturate FW800 port. I think a more performant drive would be a waste of money since they constantly go down in price, and I may be able to get a better deal by the time I switch to Thunderbolt-based MacBook Pro. Admittedly, this is a "soft" requirement, given expected use.
    Under $150 (would come to $170 tax,S&H included)
    I understand pretty well that the two latter points come in opposition and need a compromise, so I think a large compromise on drive size is to be expected. So far, I thought about these solutions:
    Fully manufactured, i.e. Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex + FW800 dongle. Major drawback: dongle is expensive, and appears to use a proprietary connector. If it breaks, impossible to replace it quickly. Alternative: LaCie Rugged (pretty big for a 2.5" drive), G-Tech (usually quite expensive).
    Handmade from performance platter drives, i.e. Western Digital Scorpio Black + FW800 enclosure. Major drawback: wouldn't saturate a FW800 port since it comes in SATA300 flavor only, but I get the strong feeling it would perform better than many manufactured drives.
    Handmade from SSD, i.e. Corsair + FW800 enclosure. Major drawback: from this page, major compromises would have to be made on capacity. Affordable SSDs seem to be limited to 40 or 60GB, and while I don't put capacity as a priority, I may have to use the high-performance drive for other tasks, such as editing short high-def movies, or add a third virtual machine. Considering the Windows virtual drive needs to be around 15GB, and 25 for Ubuntu, 60GB wouldn't leave enough elbow room.
    What solution would be better advisable, and what arguments would you put forth for it?

    Reply on a dead topic:
    After a word, Macally used the Oxford chipset. So Macally I went, and put a Scorpio Black 500GB inside. Ran fine, but I got it stolen in a coffee shop a few days after I started to use it. Had no time yet to do a backup, so data was lost. Surveillance cams weren't working at the time of the theft, nobody has seen anything, and, as usual, police won't do anything about it.
    Second drive I got was also a Scorpio Black I put inside the Mercury Mini enlosure from OWC. Marginal difference experienced from the Macally, but most recent Oxford chipset would ensure fewer head parkings, that are very noisy and unsettling, so much I thought there was something wrong with the drive, and still think there is, despite reassurance from Western Digital.
    The mobile drive I happen to use is the lesser-performance G-Drive from Hitachi, a 750GB version.

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