Is there a size limit for the txt files to be viewed in the ipod ?

when I pass a text file (.txt) in the notes folder, then I try to see it on my ipod nano, I can see just a part of it, the beginning. Is there a size limit for the .txt files to be viewed in the ipod nano? How to increase it?

4kByte file size, 1000 notes max.

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  • Is there a size limit for and .ics file that I can import?

    I have made an .ics file to import into iCal that consists of about 8900 text lines containing my office schedule. It appears that only the first 1075 lines are imported. Is there a limit? If so, can I change it?
    Thank you for any help.
    Douglas McKibbin

    Allan Eckert wrote:
    There is OpenOffice and NeoOffice which are free
    NeoOffice is not totally free. You can download it for free, but I had to switch my mom away from NeoOffice to LibreOffice because NeoOffice started nagging for payments to be able to download updates.
    In fact NeoOffice is now in the Mac App Store for $9.99.

  • Is there a Size Limit for JMS Adapter ?

    Hi ,
    Is there any size limit for JMS Adapter ??

    I'm not sure about the adapter, but documentation for weblogic available at

  • Is there a size limit for uploading files?

    is there a size limit for uploading files?

    You have max 20GB storage.
    Upload anything you want up to that limit - be it one file or many.
    The only limit after that is the speed of your internet connection since extremely large files can take hours to upload.

  • HT201250 Is there a size limit for an external drive to be used with time machine?

    I have an iMac with a 2TB drive. I have a 2TB WD drive used for Time Machine that is full. I would like to go to the bigest WD (type) external drive that will work with Time Machine. Is there a TB limit for TM in OS X Lion?

    Welcome .  I have also used a 2TB WD My Book ext HDD for Time Machine backups for the past year and have had no problems.  They seem to get a  very bad wrap.  Perhaps we are a few of the lucky ones.  The two brands recommended by macjack are very, very good brands.

  • Is there a size limit for the *.au files to be used in Java applet

    I wrote an applet to play,loop and stop au files but I couldn't get the sound out of it,it was working fine with a 64 kbyte au file but once I use a 900 kbyte file,it does not work.I was wondering whether is there a limit for the size of the audio file?Thanks

    4kByte file size, 1000 notes max.

  • Is there a size limit for hard drive boot partition?

    I have been using Drive Genius to adjust the size of my boot partition larger. But it doesn't seem to allow for much increase, even though I deleted the second partition and tried to apply the disk space to DH1: (boot - there is a single partition on the hard drive now.)
    It recognizes only 59.53gb and the drive is I think around 130gb. Anything beyond 59.53 is unusable since I deleted that second partition though I could probably get it back with a second partition.
    Is this a Tiger issue or a Mac issue? It resized it bigger somewhat, so it seems to be something about the particular size. I want a really big space for my applications and so on.
    Thanks. Didn't know where to post this question.

    You don't want to make a disc image. You want to clone to an external drive:
    How to Clone Using Restore Option of Disk Utility
    1. Open Disk Utility from the Utilities folder.
    2. Select the backup or destination volume from the left side list.
    3. Click on the Erase tab in the DU main window. Set the format type to Mac OS Extended (journaled, if available) and click on the Erase button. This step can be skipped if the destination has already been freshly erased.
    4. Click on the Restore tab in the DU main window.
    5. Select the backup or destination volume from the left side list and drag it to the Destination entry field.
    6. Select the startup or source volume from the left side list and drag it to the Source entry field.
    7. Double-check you got it right, then click on the Restore button.
    Once you finish the clone open Startup Disk and set the clone as your startup volume, then click on the Restart button. You should now boot from the clone. You can then repartition the internal hard drive the way you want, then clone the external drive to the internal one.

  • Is there any size limit for this DB?

    We have installed SQL Express 2012 DB and configured as a results store for the VSTS 2012 load tests.
    Do we have the size restriction of 4 GB to this DB as well? or we dont have any size restriction for this DB?
    Thanks in advance.

    Express maximum db size limit is 10gb
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  • Is there a maximum size limit for a single file?

    I haven't been able to find a statement of the maximum size of a file. We're looking at storing several 5-10gb files in one file library.
    Is it possible?
    How badly would that impact performance?

    maximum size of a file. All files are stored as Binary Large Objects (BLOBs), A BLOB max size is (4 gigabytes -1) * (the value of the CHUNK parameter of LOB storage). Oracle Content Services configures its LOBs to have a 32K chunk size
    Note that there is a overhead by storing large files, you should compress your files if possible before storing them.
    How badly would that impact performance?Compared to what? Oracle ASM gives you the ability to stripe your content over hundreds of physcal disks to improve the performence.

  • Is there a size limit for Photo Stream albums?

    I have uploaded about 100 photos from my PC to Photo Stream. I would like to sort them into 3 albums on my iPhone, but it will only let me put a maximum of 7 photos in one of the albums and 4 in another. What am I doing wrong?

    You have max 20GB storage.
    Upload anything you want up to that limit - be it one file or many.
    The only limit after that is the speed of your internet connection since extremely large files can take hours to upload.

  • Is there a character limit for iTunes U course postings when viewing in iOS app?

    I have created a course in iTunes U using the web interface, but when I view the course on my iPad it doesn't show the entire post. Is there a character limit in the app or something for what will display? 
    To make things even stranger, I went back to the course editor in my browser and saved it again (effectively re-posting it) and when I restarted the iTunes U app in iOS the post was cut even shorter!  I'm using an iPad 3rd gen with iOS 6.0.1.

    No, there is no workaround. You would need to find a downloadable copy of old apps.

  • Is there a size limit to a MoH file?

    I am in the process of loading a MoH file using CCA. The customer's files are close to 40Meg!

    This is from the CME CLI Admin Guide: Configuring Music on Hold
    MOH file buffer size must be larger than the MOH file (size) that needs to be cached.
    You can configure a max file buffer size (per file) anywhere between 64 KB (8 seconds) to 10000 KB (approximately 20 minutes), Default moh-file-buffer size is 64 KB (8 seconds).
    Note A large buffer size is desirable to cache the largest MOH file and a better system performance.
    From that you can take that the maximum file size should be no larger than 10000 KB.
    I've found some other posts that suggest there is no file size and another that states it is recommended to have the file less than 500Kb. You are also bound by the size of the compact flash on the UC, which is 256Mb. Space on the compact flash is also utilized for the IOS, phone loads, locale, and support files.
    Some of my colleagues have also suggested that the file be no larger than 1Mb.
    Another way around any size limits, is to use the external MoH port.
    Also, it sounds like you need to configure your audio file in the right format, because it would be a really long audio file at that size in the correct format
    A music file must be in stored in the router's flash memory. This file should be in G.711 format. The file can be in .au or .wav file format, but the file format must contain 8-bit 8-kHz data; for example, ITU-T A-law or mu-law data format.
    Here is another thread that shows how to convert the audio file to the correct format:
    Hope this helps.

  • Is there a size limit on importing avi files in PE4?

    My attempt to import a 4 Gb avi file from an external hard drive is blocked by a generic failure. One of the suggested reason do not apply, namely the file (.avi) IS supported. Yes, it may be damaged, but it plays perfectly outside PE4. Or 'one of the necessary components may not have been installed'--if so which one?
    Does anyone have a similar experience, and/or a solution.

    I found DigitalMedia Converter years ago. I liked it so much, that I bought a copy for each of my computers (rather than just have one running it and using the LAN to move files about). I have an upgrade discount certificate, but have not yet upgraded my copies.
    The things that I like about it are that it's quick, has "batch conversion" and that it does NOT install any CODEC's, but it uses all that I have properly installed. It works 99% of the time, just perfectly.
    The only issue that I have ever encountered are with Duration and PrPro. Sometimes, the DV-AVI Type II's will Import into PrPro, but their Duration will not be correct - maybe 01:40:00 out of a 30:00:00 real Duration. My workaround for this behavior is to just Import the problem file into PrE 4 (in my case), and immediately do an Export/Share to DV-AVI Type II. I know, that's the same exact format/CODEC, but now, PrPro sees the correct Duration perfectly. Why? I have no clue. I have tried everything that I could to find out the differences, to no avail. The files show exactly the same in G-Spot and also spec out as identical in DupeFile Finder. Still, there has to be some difference, and PrPro picks up on that, and does not recognize the correct Duration. PrE 4 always has. This is extremely odd, as I can batch convert 4 parts of a file with the same exact CODEC, say DivX, and 3 of the 4 will have the correct Duration in PrPro - 1 will not, until I use PrE to "correct" things. Some day, I will find out the "why," but until then, I have an iron-clad workaround - PrE!
    Hope that this helps. Also, many sing the praises of some freeware converters, like Prism, but I have never tried them. I'd looked a dozen others, those many years ago, and then found DMC and never looked further.
    Good luck,

  • Size limit for iphoto library file?

    I'm in the process of housekeeping my photo folder in readyness to import into iphoto. I have about 30GB of photo's and want to leave iphoto in the mode that makes its own copy.
    I'm therefore assuming that the iphoto library file will be over this reasonable or would you say too big? i.e. would such a large file be likely to cause problems?
    Also, how does timemachine back it up - I think it is a package, so does timemachine only backup the changes inside the file, or does it take the whole file each time a change is made?
    Thanks for any insight.

    I've seen iphoto diet and some terminal commands for old versions of iphoto to shrink the library file size (remove some originals, modified) but don't know if they work on '11. Any ideas how to shrink the size of the library file? I've already gone through and removed dupes and housecleaned.
    Never run iPhoto diet or other programs including terminal or use the finder that modify the structure or content of the iPhoto library - doing so will corrupt your library and cause data loss
    You can run the iPhoto library on an external drive is disk space is an issue - you can not remove some (or any) versions of the photos from the library

  • Is there a size limit for pdf files in dropbox

    pdf files will not open in Dropbox on my iPad. is it possible there too big?

    Did you check the help section at Dropbox?
    On your iOS device or desktop of your computer, there are no size limits, other than the total size of your dropbox storage space.  To open the file on you iPad though, you need to have as much space free on the iPad as the file is, since it must first be downloaded onto your iPad.  So, how much free space is there on your iPad?

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