Is there a way of shifting purchases from one account to another with the same billing information, so that I don't lose purchases made by my iPhone when I sync?

The AOL address I was using for my iTunes account has been deleted due to me not signing in for awhile and I'm afraid that I will lose all of my purchases made from my iphone when I sync it into iTunes for a much needed update and so that I can (hopefully) transfer its data to my new iPhone 4...
The only time I have synced my current iPhone was when I activated it but since then I have not been able to sync with my computer and now have a new one.
Sorry about the garbled way this is written but I desperately need help:
1, Is there a way of shifting purchases from one account to another with the same billing information?
2, is there a way of recovering my old account and changing the details?
Any other help is greatly appreciated

You don't need to access your e-mail account, just get into your Apple account and change the e-mail address. If you can't access your Apple account, then you have a bigger issue to contend with.

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  • Is there a way to transfer money from one account to another

    please help

    No, you can't transfer an account's balance from one account to another account, nor can you use it to gift content to another account. If it's a newly redeemed card which you haven't yet used any of its balance then you could try contacting iTunes Support and see if they can move it over to the other account : - click on Contact iTunes Store Support on the right-hand side of the page

  • How to transfer user settings from one account to another (on the same Mac)

    I'd like to create separate user accounts for "work" and "play" (so that I can do things like have separate address books, etc...). However, I already have LOTS of personalized settings (trackpad behavior, login items, etc) that I'd like to keep the same between the two accounts.
    Is there a way to transfer all of the user settings from one account to another?

    You'll need to copy your /Home/Library folder. Make sure you back up first before doing the following. Log out of both your Work and Play accounts. Log in to a third account with administrator privileges. Assuming you are copying from the account called "work" to the account called "play", enter the following in Terminal:
    sudo rm -rf ~play/Library (this deletes Play's Library folder.)
    sudo cp -R ~work/Library ~play/Library (this copies Work's Library folder to Play's folder.)
    sudo chown -R play ~play/Library (this fixes permissions of Play's new Library folder.)

  • Is there any way to move songs from one account to another?

    I accidentally bought an album on iTunes on the wrong account. In order to download it onto my iPod, I think that all of the songs from the other account would be deleted. Is there any way to just move the album to the other account (which is on the same computer), or use two accounts on one iPod?

    Control-click the songs in iTunes, show them in the Finder, copy them to /Users/Shared/, log into the other account, and import them into iTunes.

  • ITunes user library transfer from one account to another on the SAME comptr

    Initial information: I have my computer, internet is with SBC Yahoo DSL. It has five sub accounts on it; mine, my wife's and my three children. Each has their own subaccount to make life easy.
    I bought my wife an ipod in the August and through ignorance set up the itune to run on my subaccount. So when she wanted to buy a song, she had to go to my subaccount, log on, buy the song, plug in and download to the ipod. No problem.
    I then bought my daughter an ipod for her birthday in September. Not knowing any better, she plugged into my subaccount and got all of her mother's stuff. Not a big problem in that they like the same stuff.
    December my son gets an ipod. I learned my lesson and set up an itunes account on his subaccount. He therefore buys songs, that go to his ipod only. He wanted some songs from mom's, so I couldn't figure how to get them over. So I read the instructions on this web page. I burned the disk with the 22 songs that he wanted, but when burning the discs, no info (song title, artist, album) came with it, so I manually added the song titles and artists names. He was satisfied.
    Now mom and sister want their songs put onto their subaccounts so that they won't have to share, or better, won't have to down load what each other has. I tried burning more discs, but when I got to disc #11, I realized that once again, there are no names or titles, etc to the songs on the burnt discs.
    QUESTION: (finally) Is there a way to transfer the songs from dad's itunes, to other subaccounts on the SAME computer. This way not needing to burn lots of CD's without the information that they want.
    Final piece of info, in case you don't know how SBC/Yahoo DSL is set up. I have the different subaccount on the computer, but to get from one to another, you need to either log off, or so simply "switch users." For this reason, such functions like "select all" then "copy" then "paste" I don't think can be done. Please make your answers very simple as I am not that computer literate.
    Thank you

    I'll try and keep this simple. It gets a bit confusing.
    Ok, in the account which you want to transfer songs from, make a playlist of all the songs you wish transferred. After you do so, open the playlist, then go to "File > Export Song List". Put the file in a place that you'll remember. Then, go to the account you want the songs to go to, then go to "File > Import", and find the file you created from the other account and open it. That should import those songs into that iTunes library.

  • How do i transfer funds from one account to another in the same table?

    Say for example i want to transfer funds from UserID 1111101 to UserID  1111103.
    Anyone know the procedure for this. I use php/mysql and dreamweaver.

    Here's a very basic method. Note that this is just pseudocode - you'll need to work out the actual code (I assume you've learned how in your course studies). Keep in mind this is a very simplified workflow - a real bank transaction would be MUCH more complex.
    Create a form that has fields for debit account, credit account, amount
    In your script, assign the values from the form to local variables
    I'll assume you have an account balance table 'acct_bal'. Have a journal table to store those values along with the date and autonumber transaction id.
    Begin Trans
    INSERT into journal (credit_acct, debit_acct, amount, trans_date) VALUES ($credit_acct, $debit_acct, $amount, NOW())
    Get the transaction_id ($trans_id) from the INSERT statement- the method depends on which MySQL interface you are using.
    UPDATE acct_bal SET balance = (balance + $amount) WHERE acct_id = $debit_acct
    UPDATE acct_bal SET balance = (balance - $amount) WHERE acct_id = $credit_acct
    Rollback on any SQL error else Commit Trans.

  • How do you transfer iTunes music from one account to another on the same computer??

    i am having issues trying to copy some of my music from my itunes library to my wife's. we each have seperate accounts on the same computer(mac mini, os X). i am new to using the mac's, and have no idea of how to go about this. i have seen some stuff on using public folders, but i could not find mine, also used the sharing option under preferances, and that didnt work for me as well.... but like i said, i am new. if anyone could please help that would be greatly appreciated. thanks

    Here's a support article that might help you:

  • Importing from one account to another on the same computer

    How do you import video from one windows XP account to another on itunes? My account is the primary and I can import from my wife's account into mine but she cannot import from mine to hers? How do I fix this?

    Does this help?
    How to share music between different accounts on a single computer.

  • Transferring music from one account to another on the same computer

    Set up a second itunes account on a different computer user. How do I transfer the music from the original account to the second account?

    All of the files should be stored on the hard drive and accessible from either account so long as you made the new account an administrator account. You would just need to navigate to wherever you have the music stored on your hard drive.
    File > Add Folder to Library
    Then select the folder, wherever it may be stored on your hard drive.

  • HT5887 Can you share pictures (or anything really that can be sent through air drop) from one device to another with the same iCloud?

         I'm trying to send photos from my laptop (Macbook Pro 13") that aren't in my iphoto, to my iPod Touch 5g via airdrop, but when i know i have the bluetooth and airdrop turned on, neither show up on either device.  They're both signed into the same icloud (and apple id).  The other solutions I thought of are emailing them... over a hundred, five 1080x1920 (or something like that) pictures per email, and then take the time to save each one, send them through iphoto (which i'm sure costs a few dollars in the app store, or send them through another internet based app (like dropbox).
         Are photos (and documents and stuff) able to send through airdrop if the two devices are logged into the same icloud? -thanks

    - AirDrop only work between iOS devices and between later Mac omputer, Not between an iOS device and a Mac computer. Do not ask why.
    - Transfer them using PhotoStream
    iCloud: Photo Stream FAQ

  • Migrating data from one account to another on the same Mac

    One of the accounts on my Mac has been plagued with problems ever since the upgrade to Snow Leopard. Safari crashes when attaching photos along with other apps crashing as well.
    I just purchased one of the new iMacs (which is really sweet BTW) and used the migration assistant to move all accounts. It would seem that the "currupted" account followed and still has issues with crashing apps (none of the other accounts have this problem so its not system wide).
    What I want to do is create a new admin account and manually move all of my data. What would be the best way to accomplish this? Hopefully whatever is causing the crashing issue won't follow.
    Thanks for the help.

    you can manually copy only the data you need to the new account. use this post as a guide on what to copy
    when you copy stuff do it via a location that both accounts have read access to, say, /Users/Shared. log into the old account and copy what you need to /Users/shared. then log out log into the new account and copy those things back to the new home directory. copying rather than moving files will ensure that you won't have permissions issues later.

  • How do i transfer music from one account to another on the same computer

    my wife and i share a computer but have two id's. I downloaded a music album from i tunes into my (id) account.  How do i get that album to my wife's music liberary?

    iTunes Home Sharing now works between users on same computer -

  • Is there a way to move files from one folder to another without copying and pasting and then going back to delete the original?

    Is there a way to move files from one folder to another without copying and pasting and then going back to delete the original?  The cut and paste function is not available and there's no "move to" function.  Am I missing something?  It was so easy with Windows.

    Drag the files, or press Option when pasting them; this accesses the Move To function.

  • Is there any way to pass value from one SWF to another ?

    I am doing project using flash, now I cant pass a value from one SWF to another, is there any way to pass value from one SWF to another.

    Just to confirm here do you simply want to communicate between two SWFs without involving Flash Media Server. If this is the case one good way of doing it is to use a local connection. It can be used for direct communication between two separate instances of the flash player. However if you want to involve multiple clients sharing a common variable then you may have to use Shared Object for this. Please let me know what is the actual use case, is it multiple clients sharing a common variable or different player instances communicating between themselves.

  • Moving Events and Projects from one location to another on the same hard drive.

    I've searched in the FCP X User Manual, on this forum and in Google, but have found no explanation of how to do this, so I'm posting this here in hopes that someone in our community will be able to help.
    I've previously stored my FCP X Events and Projects folders on an external 3TB hard drive, because there is more room on it than on the internal 1TB hard drive, but, since then, I've worked with other media apps, for video, photography and audio, the files for which are also stored on the external hard drive, and this has created a bit of clutter with no folder structure to keep it tidy.
    I like an organised file structure on my system, to keep it uncluttered, easy to navigate and efficient to use, so I put all the files for my photography, video and audio apps into their own folders, which are, in turn, stored in their appropriate folders for Audio, Photography and Video, and those three folders are stored in a folder called Media, and then I directed each app to its own files.
    The only app with which this has been a problem is FCP X. While there is a way of relocating projects and events from within FCP X, it allows the user to move them from one hard drive to another, and not, as I want, from one place to another on the same hard drive.
    I'm not sure if it matters, but perhaps it's relevant to mention before the next paragraph that the files that had previously been imported as events are, to save hard-drive space, stored in the events folder as shortcuts to the original files, which are stored elsewhere on the drive, rather than as duplicates of those files.
    In Finder, I copied the Events and Projects folders to their intended new locations and tried in the app to link the events and projects to their new Finder location. It seemed to have worked, until I moved the original folders to the Trash. On re-opening FCP X, it was clear that the linking hadn't worked. I returned the original folders from the Trash to their original location, but that didn't entirely reverse the problem. I noticed also that, in the original and duplicated Events folders, the shortcuts had lost their links to the original files stored elswehere on the drive.
    Fortunately I had run a backup before starting, so I restored the original folders and the app from the backup, and all was back to normal.
    I'd be grateful if anyone could advise me on whether or not it's possible to move FCP X events and projects from one place to another on the same hard drive with the app's compliance.
    Thank you.

    Ludio wrote:
    I'd be grateful if anyone could advise me on whether or not it's possible to move FCP X events and projects from one place to another on the same hard drive with the app's compliance.
    Message was edited by: Russ H Apparently mis-read the questions.

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