Is there a way to create an export button on a pdf form that will send form info into ongoing excel spreadsheet?

I'm trying to see if there is a way to create a submit button on my pdf form that will export the form data into a saved (ongoing) excel spreadsheet. The end result i'm hoping for would be a spreadsheet that lists all the information i receive from each form.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

Not really. But you can combine the data from multiple forms into a single (new) spreadsheet via Tools - Forms - More Form Options - Merge Data Files into Spreadsheet...

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    iCal just shows the calendars you have created in your account(s).  So if you are using iCloud just log into your iCloud account in a web browser and make as many new calendars as you wish to have.  Then enable those in iCal.
    If you use Google accounts or something else for the calendars, then create them as needed, and enable them in iCal.
    I have several separate calendars all displayed in iCal - a couple linked through my Gmail accounts, and one through my iCloud account.  Each uses a different default item color so they are distinct in iCal.

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    Yes but this has nothing to do with iTunes.
    Open the file in iMovie and select menu Share > iDVD.

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    Hey Gary,
    Have a look at this post: Re: horizontal scrolling similar to excel
    Andy's reply will show you how to make a table scroll horizontally, but it will be tough to accomplish it in some sort of easily replicable way. I am working on a JQuery extension that will help accomplish this, but I have had my time invested in another project at the moment.
    Good Luck,

  • Is there a way to create an email button to multiple addresses within a PDF?

    I have to regularly update a list of committee members and their email addresses which is then sent to all of the members. 
    Does anyone know if there a way of creating a button for each of the committees in the list which, when clicked, creates an email to all the  members contained within that committee?  I will need to add up to 14 email addresses to the one button. I need to know this because the various members in the committees are  fed up of copying and pasting all the email addresses into their email messages.
    I am now using Acrobat XI but I still can't figure out if this is even possible. If not a button, is there some other way of being able to launch an email to multiple addresses within a PDF?
    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Not really. But you can combine the data from multiple forms into a single (new) spreadsheet via Tools - Forms - More Form Options - Merge Data Files into Spreadsheet...

  • Creating button in Acrobat 9 form that will email form

    Working on Mac:
    I have created a button in my Acrobat 9 pdf form that has the following action:
    Execute a menu item: File>attach to Email
    When I click on the button it will take me to my email where it is attached and I can send it to somebody. However my HR department works on a PC and it does not work when she clicks on the button. The Reset form and Print forms work fine.
    What can I do to make this work. I do not want a submit button because this form will be filled out by various people who will then email on to their supervisors. I just thought it would be easier for them to have a button to push.

    The answer will depend on whether the form needs to work with Reader and maybe what version of Acrobat/Reader your users will have. If it needs to work with Reader, the form has to be Reader-enabled, which is an additional step you do as the final step in Acrobat before sending the form to your recipients. Exactly how you do this depends on the version of Acrobat you're using.
    The best approach for your button would be to use the mailDoc JavaScript method, which allows you to set the subject of the email, the recipients (including cc and bcc), and the body of the email. This has been discussed a number of times here before, so you may find more with a search. Post again if you can't find anything.
    You can also use a "Submit a Form" action or the corresponding submitForm JavaScript method, and specify the email address of the recipient using a mailto type URL. This is less flexible than using mailDoc, but is simpler so it may have its virtues.
    Also, not that when responding by email, private info you have in your email signature can get posted to the forum, which you may not want since it's open to the world. You also cannot attach files here, so if you want someone to be able to retrieve it, you'll have to post it somewhere else and provide a link, or get someone to send you their email address so you can send it that way.

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    WorMzy wrote:
    It depends where you extract the file to. If you extract it to your home directory so you can examine it's content, there's no problem -- it's just a static file. If you're extracting it over the existing file (in this case /etc/fstab), then you may end up screwing up permissions/ownership.
    I've not experimented with redirection enough to know whether the original file's permissions are preserved.
    maybe a chmod fix if needed?
    So I am having a problem because it keeps saying fstab might be a file and when I query I do not see the package /file. So help me understand by this similar question.
    This works fine.
    # pacman -S iw wpa_supplicant
    but using query does not find any package that resembles iw wpa_supplicant
    # pacman -Q
    Nothing in the list resembles the package above. It seems to me I just do not understand repositories (I think that is what these are called).
    Is there a good link or article that can clear this up? Also... how can I find out how to query files that contain certain characters in the package name such as lib* or *lib*?

  • Is there any way to create a self-illuminating material in obj/mtl that works?

    I've been trying lots of different parameters to achieve this, but haven't had any luck yet.
    I'd like to create wavefront Objects that can have textures that aren't shaded, but are fully self-illuminated.
    Setting Ambient to 1 and Diffuse & Specular to 0 didn't work either, there still were darker shades on the object.

    Right now I have come to a temporary solution, right after a model has been loaded:
    _manifest = _modelLoader.model.addTo(_scene);
                   for each (var sm:SceneMesh in _manifest.meshes) {
                        for each (var elm:MeshElement in sm.elements) {
                             var m:MaterialStandard = elm.material as MaterialStandard;
                             trace("material name:" +;
                             if (m.diffuseMap != null) {
                                  m.emissiveMap = m.diffuseMap;
                                  m.diffuseColor = new Color(0, 0, 0, 1);
                                  m.specularIntensity = 0;
                                  m.diffuseMap = null;
    You could filter this by material name to make changes to materials which can't be done via the mtl-format alone.
    I will use this to create self-illuminating textures.

  • Is there any way to create multiple views in a 3d pdf?

    I'm hoping to be able to create 3D PDF to share with my clients. I want to be able to have them see 2D renderings and the 3D model at the same time with different views. Is this even possible?

    If you want to show more than one view at the same time, then it's impossible. There's no "split window" feature.
    If you want to define a series of different views and switch between them as something else happens (clicking a button, etc.) then that's simple, just set up your scene and hit the Manage Views option on the 3D toolbar.

  • Is there a way to create an flashing button?

    How to make a button which flashes to attract the user to click on it? Please advise.

    Create a movieclip that has the button imagery showing for frames 1 thru 10 and not showing from frames 11 thru 15.  Adjust those numbers as you like.  Either use the as your button or place it inside a button symbol.

  • HT4597 Is there a way to have a private reminders list on my iphone that will not be synced to my icloud?

    I want certain reminders on my iphone to sync between devices using icloud, but I would also like a private reminders list that is only viewble on my phone. Is this possible?

    Welcome to the Apple community.
    You could always set up a secondary iCloud account at settings > mail, contacts, calendars and just enable reminders. You don't have to sync this iCloud account with any other device.

  • How can I create a single button similar to "most visited" that will open all of my bbokmarks in the sidebar?

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    You can drag the button that opens the Bookmarks in the sidebar from the View > Toolbars > Customize window on one of the toolbars.
    See [[Navigation Toolbar items]] and

  • Is there a way to create more memory on iphone 4s??

    Is there a way to create more memory on iphone 4s??

    You will need to delete some stuff unfortunately.
    FWIW, I've asked the hosts to remove your duplicate post - it makes things to confusing to double post within minutes.

  • Is there any way to create a wifi hotspot for my macbook using my IPad?, Is there any way to create a wifi hotspot for my macbook using my IPad?

    I am going to a lake cabin in Northern Minnesota for a week and need to get wifi for my Mac.  Is there any way to create a wifi hotspot using my Ipad so that I have internet service for my laptop?

    No, iPad can become a hot spot, but if you have an iPhone, it can tether if you have a data plan that incudes the tethering option.  With AT&T for example, you can add tethering for $20 month or for $45/month, you receive tethering and 4GB of data per month.  If you have the unlimited data plan from AT&T you'll unfortunately have to give it up if you want to tether.  You can also go to almost any carrier and purchase a MiFi unit which may work for you.  Whether iw will work in Northern Minnesota is something only your carrier could answer.

  • Is there any way to create a job in LMS4.2 to configure only switchports matching a specific description

    Hello Network Management gurus.
    I'm baffled by a lot of new features of LMS4.2 and seem lost where to start looking.
    Our client needs to periodically make changes to switches to change their port settings.
    They have specific descriptions with a certain string. Let's say the description say "Cisco phone".
    The task is to create either template or ad-hoc Netconfig job that will send changes only to those switchports.
    How can it be done?
    Thanks for your help in advance

    Thanks, Michel.
    I'm almost done except for the task/commands definitions.
    This is what I'm doing.
    1)  Admin -> System -> Group Management -> Port and Module (once I clicked "Port and Module" I'm redirected to Inventory -> Group Management -> Port and Module)
    2) I create a group named "VoIP switchport"
    3) Then I select the device that I need to configure. It is my switch SW2
    4) Then goes Rule Expression:
    Port.PortDescription equals "VoIP_Port"INCLUDELIST {:RME:INVENTORY:Port$-1172380997>,
    In human language it say that that the switchport description should be matching the string "VoIP_Port" and it is applicable to 5 ports, they are Fa0/1 through Fa0/5 interfaces of the switch
    The fun starts when I try to create a job to push some VoIP parameters to the switchports in question.
    I create a new NetConfig job, select "Port based" type job, then I select the device which is a redundant step for me. I expect the job selector is smart enough to select the device based on my "Port and Module" group created previously.
    Anyways, when I click "Next" I select my Port group which is "VoIP switchport" and then the next screen suggests to select the task. I assume I should select "Adhoc task". When I add an instance of this task I'm presented with a screen prompting to configure CLI commands. This is where I stopped.
    What am I starting with? Should I go to the global config mode first ? If I want to send the command "switchport voice vlan 15" should I just add it in the CLI field? How am I applying it only to the required 5 ports?
    If I start the job anyway it fails and the error message is no applicable devices.

Maybe you are looking for