Is there a way to create consignment stock without using a Purchase Order

Hi Gurus,
Is there a way tp created unrestricted consignment stock for a material without first creating a Purchase Order and then using MIGO. Is there a way to create directly into inventory?
Thanks for your help!

Hi Charlie/All,
Still having the same issue.
I checked t-code OMEV to make sure Consignment Info Record is activated
I checked the EINE table to verify the Infor Record was created for consignment
In MIGO I use the following:
Goods receipt - other - movement type 501K
material, vendor, qty entered
error msg: purchase info record not founf in purchasing organization??
not sure why..thank for all your help so far...

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    Sorry, no. The only way to restore this note is to restore from a backup that contains it.

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    There is no referential value for the order of the sheets, just the sheet name. Only two things I can think of to suggest:
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    No. Create a new PL with the sequence that you want. You can tell the PL to repeat itself.

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    hi everybody............
    i have created one purchase order, i want to print that PO using smartforms rather than scripts. how can i do it, can anyone help me out in solving the issue. i am using the version sap 4.7
    Edited by: mhyderali on Aug 21, 2009 4:08 PM

    Before answer your question few things i would like to kno:
    1. currently is there any script is printing while displaying output.
    2. do u allready hae a smartform or you are going to develop a smartform.
    3. if you dont have a smartform and there is a script attached then you can convert script into smartform and then you can change in the smart form accordingly.
    4. after devloping a new smart form or converting script into smartform what you need to do is go to V/83 transaction give Output Type which is associated with script and Application area (for purchase order i.e. EF). then press ok screen will display here you can change the name of your form name under the form column.
    6. if you dnt have the Output type then you need to create a output type for the purchase order.
    Please let me know if you have still some question.

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    I don't use group messageing but I believe that once you send it to the group the first time you should be able to open the conversation and send a new message to the same group without re-addressing.  As you may know, there are apps that will create groups for text messaging (like Speed Names).

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    I don't see a clear way to create an Azure Virtual Network using the SDK.
    I have all the methods to create the virtual network configuration, but no way to submit it:
    IList<string> VirtualNetworkAddressPrefixes = new List<string>();
    IList<string> LocalNetworkAddressPrefixes = new List<string>();
    IList<NetworkListResponse.DnsServer> DNSServers = new List<NetworkListResponse.DnsServer>();
    IList<NetworkListResponse.Subnet> Subnets = new List<NetworkListResponse.Subnet>();
    NetworkListResponse.Gateway Gateway = new NetworkListResponse.Gateway();
    IList<NetworkListResponse.LocalNetworkSite> LocalSites = new List<NetworkListResponse.LocalNetworkSite>();
    IList<NetworkListResponse.Connection> Connections = new List<NetworkListResponse.Connection>();
    DNSServers.Add(new NetworkListResponse.DnsServer() { Name = "TestDNS1", Address = "a.b.c.d" });
    Subnets.Add(new NetworkListResponse.Subnet() { Name = "Subnet-1", AddressPrefix = "a.b.c.d/cidr" });
    Subnets.Add(new NetworkListResponse.Subnet() { Name = "GatewaySubnet", AddressPrefix = "a.b.c.d/cidr" });
    Connections.Add(new NetworkListResponse.Connection() { Type = LocalNetworkConnectionType.IPSecurity });
    LocalSites.Add(new NetworkListResponse.LocalNetworkSite()
    Name = "On-Prem",
    Connections = Connections,
    VpnGatewayAddress = "a.b.c.d",
    AddressSpace = new NetworkListResponse.AddressSpace() { AddressPrefixes = LocalNetworkAddressPrefixes }
    Gateway.Sites = LocalSites;
    Gateway.Profile = GatewayProfile.ExtraLarge;
    NetworkManagementClient netMgmtClient = new NetworkManagementClient(CloudCredentials);
    NetworkListResponse netlistresp = GlobalSettings.mainWindow.netMgmtClient.Networks.List();
    .Add(new NetworkListResponse.VirtualNetworkSite()
    Name = "TestVirtualNetwork",
    AddressSpace = new NetworkListResponse.AddressSpace() { AddressPrefixes = VirtualNetworkAddressPrefixes },
    DnsServers = DNSServers,
    Subnets = Subnets,
    AffinityGroup = "East US",
    Gateway = Gateway,
    Label = "LabelValue"
    I have also created the entire XML response and sent it to the NetworkManagementClient -> Networks.SetConfiguration() method, but it appears this command expects the virtual network to already be in existence. If anyone could give guidance, it would be

    As discuss above , we have to create the XML response  ,before that first you have to
    GetConfiguration() details of existing virtual network. 
    string.format("@<NetworkConfiguration xmlns:xsd='' xmlns:xsi='' xmlns=''>
                <Dns />
                <VirtualNetworkSite name=""{0}"" Location=""{1}"">
                <Subnet name=""Subnet-2"">
                </VirtualNetworkSite>",Networkname,location)+(@"<VirtualNetworkSite name=""demodsf1"" Location=""West Europe"">
              <Subnet name=""Subnet-1"">
          </VirtualNetworkSite>  </VirtualNetworkSites>
    you have to append the node for existing node with new values , i got it its adding new virtual network 
    Best regards,

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    Any help is appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!

    At the corporate level, we have Adobe Acrobat Professional 8 and I don't think I have enough pull to get them to upgrade to 9.  Any ideas of a v8 workaround?  Currently, I'm just appending them all in to 1 document, which works but doesn't present as nice as a Package or Portfolio would.

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    for -instanceSize { ExtraSmall, Medium, Large, etc). 
    Is there a way for me to specify that I want a Basic Tier ExtraSmall vs a Standard Tier ExtraSmall ?
    thank you

    As far as I know, we don't specify the Basic Tier or Standard Tier VM in request using Powershell. And the documents didn't show this property. We only change it on azure portal. About this issue, You can submit a feature suggestion on
    We are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time. Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.
    HERE to participate the survey.

  • Is there a way to pay for the CC subscription by purchase order?

    I work for the NHS and I can only see the option for card as a payment option.
    Is there a way we can arrange to invoice and raise a purchase order?

    Who would our reseller be? We previously used a contract supplier called trustmarque but the old Adobe agreement had indeed expired back in March. GPS and Adobe were talking about another extension however in this instance no middle ground could be found. Adobe and GPS are in discussions for a replacement however this isn’t likely to be until the end of the year really.
    It doesn't seem very straight forward for businesses to come directly to Adobe to order.

  • Is there any way to listen to music WITHOUT using the speakerphone or headphones?

    I listen to streaming talk radio in my car, I usually have drive to and walk in and out of several office buildings throughout my day. I would like to be able to just put my BB up to my ear and pretend like I am listening to someone talk on the phone, when I'm really listening to the radio. Is there any way to do this? I hate having to fumble around with headsets every time I stop, and obviously I cant walk through a office building with the loud speakerphone/built in speaker blasting.

    Sure there is.
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