Is there a way to import Stickies into Notes?

After installing Mountain Lion, the first time you launch the Notes app it will ask you if you want to import your Stickies (It adds them as a folder).  If you decline, it will never ask you again and there is no official way to ever reverse that.
There must be a way to reinvoke that prompt or to simply trigger the import somewhere else.  Does anyone have any idea as to how we could do that?

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  • I lost all my passwords from the previous version of Firefox when I upgraded to Firefox 4. I have all the files. Is there any way to import them into Firefox 4?

    Typically, when I have upgraded a program, all of the bookmarks, passwords, etc. have transferred to the newest version but, for some reason that did not happen with Firefox 4. I still have all my preferences files as they were moved to the trash. Is there any way I can import them back into the new version of Firefox as it is very frustrating to have lost them.

    If you used the option to delete settings, or whatever it is worded when uninstalling, Firefox will remove all your important data information from profiles for all installed versions of Firefox, and you will then need luck and a file recovery utility to try to restore the information.
    You mentioned files being moved to Trash, I was hoping you may still have the required original files. I use Windows XP, and I realise Macs use different locations for files, but I think the files have the same names.
    *[[lost bookmarks]]
    Note the last article discusses problems when bookmarks are lost, and some of the possible reasons and solutions. Obviously I do not know what has actually happened in your case, and whether or not you used the delete option I initially mentioned.

  • Is there a way to import text into an inDesign layout randomly from multiple word docs?

    i'd like to start out by thanking everyone for the help with the text box or stroke around text/paragraph, the advise has definitely helped.. What i'm wondering now is, is there a way to take multiple docs "wether it be a word doc or an indesign doc" and have them import or insert into our main layout in inDesign randomly or by taking one paragraph from each individual doc 1 after the other till each paragraph is inserted..
    To give you an idea:
    say i hav 4 text docs each doc is a category so to say, each with anywhere from 25 to 100 paragraphs.. each paragraph is it's own item or description.. each of these descriptions or items so to say needs to be in our layout each week, but randomly.. Currently we are using the cut and paste method to achieve the randomness in our layout.. I'm hoping theres an easier way..
    -if this is something inDesign can't do, might there be an alternative.. say an external app. that might achieve this for us?

    well.. we've come up with some sort of solution that seams to work well for what we want.. we combined each doc into an excel doc with each paragraph on it's own line.. then added extra columns in excel to input random numbers and letters -that can be changed weekly, so we can use the sort feature in excel to reorder all the paragraphs.. next we copy and paste from excel to inDesign, because importing an excel doc seams to be more agravation than it's worth..
    -this seems like it will work well for what we need to do, though curiouse if anyone else might have an alternative solution?
    as always thxs..

  • Is there a way to import photos into iPhoto '11 from MobileMe Gallery?

    I am soon to take a trip with a digital camera, iPad2 and camera connection kit. I know I can store a great many photos on my iPad during the trip. I have a MobileMe account, so I know I can export the photos to the Gallery easy enough. I would like to know if, when I return home to my iMac, there is a way to import those photos directly into iPhoto from the MobileMe Gallery. If yes, then I can delete the photos from the iPad2 periodically as they mount up, knowing they are safe in the Gallery and available for further use in iPhoto and elsewhere. If no, then the Gallery is really of little use to me and I won't spend the time uploading to the Gallery.
    My apologies in advance as I am also posting this exact question in the MobileMe forum.
    I depart very soon and hope the Community here can offer some quick advice! Thanks!

    If you can access your photos from a Finder window, You can drag and drop them into an iMovie Project from there. Just make sure they are in a stable place, because if you move them later, iMovie will not know where to find them.

  • Is there a way to import ACL into WiSM

    I was
    trying to find an easier way to import ACL's into WiSM or WCS .
    Any thoughts ?

    From where?
    From another WLC/WiSM?  Yes you can (as long as you have the same firmware versions).
    From another appliance?  I don't think so.

  • Is there a way to import pictures into LR in original numerical order? .

    I am new to LR. Imported few hundreds of pictures taken by two different cameras and stored in numerical order in a folder. LR4 rearranged them in some mysterious order that makes no sense to me. I tried to re-sort them in numerical order, but there is no such option under the Sort menu. Only by categories for which I have no use for. Does anybody know how to restore the order of imported pictures in numerical order? Not manually, there are too many and there will be a lot more to come.

    Thanks for advice. It sounds good as you wrote it, but it does not work. I mean the part to find out where the connection was lost and restore it. Items remain grayed out and that is it. How do you restore the connection? Is there some secret DOS command, specifically invented by Adobe so that it cannot be intuitively used from the drop down menu by anyone without completed advanced learning course? I tried to re-import instead, but all pictures in folder are greyed out and import button is greyed out, too.
    After more and more pictures from different folders were losing connections as I tried different things to restore it, I reinstalled the LR hoping that everything, including references to imported pics will be gone. It did not happen. Other importing editors before uninstalling ask if you want to keep pics references in case you change your mind. Adobe does not offer such choice. I made another unwarranted assumption that everything will be wiped out. It was not. But after reading advices like yours, I tried uninstall from inside the LR. That worked. After that I would not try to import the set for editing again. LR acts quite aggressively when importing. It would import not only the folder which I ask, but everything it can find on any connected device. Awful.
    Luckily, the copy of LR 4.4 on my laptop with Win8.1 still recognized the folder and I was able to finish off the editing job. Well, Adobe had yet another surprise for me. When I “exported” the entire collection to JPEG using, just in case, two different Export commands, because there is no one simple “batch convert to JPEG, TIFF or whatever” command available, I found out that there were no edits included with any converted pictures.  After two weeks and dozens of wasted hours I was exactly where I started. So I gave up and now I am half way through the folder again, for about the fifth time, but this time with the simple, straightforward DPP. I may not be getting results like with LR, especially with high/ low tones, but at least I know I am getting something rather than nothing.

  • Is there a way to import data into existing contacts in Address Book?

    I want to import data from a .csv (for example) into existing address book entries. It would have to recognize and match the name, then recognize the new data and enter it.
    Is that possible?
    (Now that I think about it, maybe this can be done with Address Book's existing conflict resolution method (that compares similar entries and asks which to keep)…?)

    I have answered my own question. I exported the data from a layout in FileMaker Pro containing the required fields as tab separated text. That produced a .tab file that Contacts wanted nothing to do with. However, when I changed the .tab in the file name to .txt, Contacts accepted it as a file to import (File/Import). I then identified the field in Contacts in which the data in each field in the txt file was to be placed and in it went! The trick was changing .tab to .txt in the name of the file exported by FileMaker Pro.

  • Is there a way to import CDs into iTunes 11 without importing songs that are already in my library?

    Prior versions of iTunes would ask whether I wanted to import duplicate songs when I inserted a CD, but this feature seems to have gone away in iTunes 11.  (Though if this feature does exist and can be enabled, that would be the ideal solution.)  Importing the entire CD and then searching and deleting duplicates is less than optimal, as I have a massive music library and a lot of CDs to import, many with duplicates.  Thanks in advance!

    No. Its not possible.
    Alternatively, create another user account in your computer. Install iTunes in that account with the library you wish to sync.

  • Is there a way to import ebooks from other sellers into iBooks?

    I bought a printed book from Writer's Digest and it came with a free ebook copy. Is there a way to import it into iBooks?

    If the book is in .epub or .pdf format and does not have any DRM, you should be able to add it to iBooks by just dragging the file into the app or using a menu item (Add Books or something similar).

  • Is there a way to import a pdf calendar into iCal?

    My employer issues my calendar in pdf format. Is there a way to import this into iCal? Either directly or is there a way to automate a conversion to some format and then import?
    many thanks in advance.

    Hi b737guru,
    pdfs might contain visually structured graphics, but they don't necessarily contain internally structured data. Which is what you'd need for a conversion to the iCalendar format, the format that iCal's .ics files use. So I don't think you're likely to find an easy solution.
    Your best bet is to try and get the data from your employer, before it is printed/formatted to a pdf file. If there are enough of you campaigning, they might consider .ics as an alternative to .pdf. Google Calendar, FaceBook and Microsoft Outlook can read .ics, which makes it fairly universal.

  • Help! (please :) I have a 1GB iPod that's loaded with music for which my computer can no longer find the original files-due to external mass storage crash during recent move. Is there a way to import iPod music back into my iTunes library on computer???

    Help! (please I have a 1GB iPod that's loaded with music for which my computer can no longer find the original files-due to external mass storage crash during recent move. Is there a way to import iPod music back into my iTunes library on computer???

    Or If there is any purchased music then you can try to transfer purchases
    If you're in the US you can reload purchased music

  • Is there a way to import Raw files into LR catalog ..including..any edits performed in an external raw file editor such as Capture One?

    Is there a way to import Raw files into LR catalog ..including..any edits performed in an external raw file editor such as Capture One?
    I can import the Raw file successfully but cannot see any edits that were applied in Capture One. Im assuming no but just checking.

    Your assumption is correct, Capture One, Lightroom and other third party raw processors have their own proprietary processes and profiles for rendering the raw data.
    They do not make permanent changes to the raw data and store the changes to an .xmp file or to a catalog file like Lightroom.

  • Is there some way to import image files directly into an open document?

    Is there some way of importing a series of image files, say jpegs, directly into an open document, rather than having to open all the image files and having to drag and drop each individual one into the open document? Specifically, I'm a dentist and I often get digital xray images emailed to me from other offices. But they come as 16 or 18 individual image files and I have to put them into a virtual "xray mount", so I can view them all at once, rather than having to open all the images and toggle among them. So I open a blank document in PS (CS4), then I navigate to the folder containing all the image files I received, select all of them and open them all. Back in PS, I now have to select each image tab and drag the image into the blank "mount" and close the image. That new image then becomes its own layer in the "mount" document. But I have to repeat this 18 times for each patient! I was thinking if there was a way to open the new "mount" document then select all the image files and somehow "import" all the image files directly into document - essentially "automate" the process - that'd save me BOATLOADS of time and aggravation! Anyone out there have any suggestions? Thanks alot!! Dr. G.

    Thanks, Curt! When u say "animate" do u mean File | Automate...? Inside Automate, I can't find "Make Frames from Layers"...if you do mean "Animate" I can't find that menu. Zeno replied with a BRILLIANT clarification:
    <<Yes, but after you've got all your images as layers in a new document you can simply Select->All Layers and then drag them all to your document in one fell swoop.>>
    I tried that and it works like a charm! I select all 20 layers in the new document that "stacking" creates and just drag them all onto the virtual "mount" document. That's it! Then I just move each of these layers around as I would's just 1 click and 1 drag/drop. Unless someone comes up with a way to actually "import" all the images directly into the "mount" document, I think this appears to be the most efficient route to follow.
    I really appreciate your guys' assistance! It's so great that you guys monitor the forum and help us out with our Photoshop problems! What an awesome program it is, right?
    Thx again!

  • Is there a way to import large XML files into HANA efficiently are their any data services provided to do this?

    1. Is there a way to import large XML files into HANA efficiently?
    2. Will it process it node by node or the entire file at a time?
    3. Are there any data services provided to do this?
    This for a project use case i also have an requirement to process bulk XML files, suggest me to accomplish this task

    Hi Patrick,
         I am addressing the similar issue. "Getting data from huge XMLs into Hana."
    Using Odata services can we handle huge data (i.e create schema/load into Hana) On-the-fly ?
    In my scenario,
    I get a folder of different complex XML files which are to be loaded into Hana database.
    Then I gotta transform & cleanse the data.
    Can I use oData services to transform and cleanse the data ?
    If so, how can I create oData services dynamically ?
    Any help is highly appreciated.
    Thank you.

  • Is there a way to import your entire music library from an iPod classic into iTunes on  my PC?  PC was wiped out and my iPod is the only complete library copy I have.

    My PC hard drive was wiped out and I am rebuilding my Windows 7 system.  The only complete library I have of my music is located on my iPod classic.  Is there a way to import the library from my iPod into a  new iTunes library on my PC?  I was told if I connect my iPod to the PC, ITunes will try to sync with the iPod and wipe out the library on the iPod.

    Here is a User Tip from fellow Support Community member turingtest2:
    TT2's iOS device to build iTunes library

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