Is there a way to increase the font size for the "songs" and "artists" lists in the new music app for iPad 2 (iOS 5)? It is too small for me.

Is there a way to increase the font size for the "songs" and "artists" lists in the "music" app for iPad 2 (iOS 5)? It is smaller than the previous version.

falkner09 wrote:
is there really no fix for this?
It would depend on your definition of "Fix"
Your iPod touch running OS 4.2 has a ZOOM feature which will enable you to see the screen more clearly.
To turn Zoom on or off got to:
Settings > General > Accessibility > Zoom and tap the Zoom On/Off switch.
_To Zoom in or out_:
Double-tap the screen with three fingers. By default, the screen is magnified 200 percent. If you manually change the magnification (by using the tap-and-drag gesture, described below), iPod touch automatically returns to that magnification when you zoom in by double-tapping with three fingers.
Increase magnification: With three fingers, tap and drag toward the top of the screen (to increase magnification) or toward the bottom of the screen (to decrease magnification). The tap-and-drag gesture is similar to a double-tap, except you don’t lift your fingers on the second tap—instead, drag your fingers on the screen. Once you start dragging, you can drag with a single finger.
_Move around the screen_:
When zoomed in, drag or flick the screen with three fingers. Once you start dragging, you can drag with a single finger so that you can see more of the screen. Hold a single finger near the edge of the display to pan to that side of the screen image. Move your finger closer to the edge to pan more quickly. When you open a new screen, Zoom always goes to the top-middle of the screen.
_Large Text_:
Large Text lets you make the text larger in alerts, and in Calendar, Contacts, Mail, Messages, and Notes. You can choose 20-point, 24-point, 32-point, 40-point, 48-point, or 56-point text.
Set the text size: In Settings, choose General > Accessibility, tap Large Text, then tap the text size you want.
I hope this has helped a little - other than this option I think it pretty much is what it is.
BTW - This information can be found on page 208 of the iPod Touch iOS 4.2 Users Guide.
Best wishes..

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    Two things you can do to easily aid with readability in Mail are as follows:
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    You took core 1 and 2!!!  Please tell me NI didn't teach it.  I'm not trying to harp on you too bad because I think the instructor is more to blame.  You have many wires going the wrong direction, multple loops doing nothing, and one loop that will never stop so even if all the others did there would be no way to stop your program, a Stop button that is read only once at the start of the application and then is never read again (so stop will never work).  You have the inner loop running forever, but even if it did stop it would run the outer loop forever, your enums should be typedefed, uninitialized shift registers when not needed, dynamic data types, far too many express VIs...ouch.
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    If the limited quality options do not get you the file size you need export the full size image files to a folder on your Desktop and use Resize! to batch resize the image dimensions and file size (jpeg compression level) to what you need.
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    You may also look at this from the Pondini website:
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    Thank you very much for your prompt reply and suggestion. 
    Actually after I posted my question, I saw link to Text Edit viewable font, which pointed out the small up and down arrows in the lower right corner of the Text Edit screen. 
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    Post relates to: Treo 600 (Verizon)

    Using "regedit" I was able to change the font size larger for use with the Palm Desktop software.
      Run "regedit" and export (save) a backup copy for safety
        File  >  Export  
      Search for "FontSmall"
        Edit  >  Find  >  Find what  >  FontSmall
      Click on FontSizeGeneral and change the "Value data" to 16
      Exit "regedit"
      Run Palm Desktop software and enjoy the new legible font size!
      1) The location of the Palm Desktop software on my system using "regedit" is:
            HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\U.S. Robotics\Pilot Desktop\Core
            * Your location of the Palm Desktop software may differ.
      2) I tested this on monitors using resolutions of 1280 x 1024 and 1024 x 768
            The font size is noticeably readable and much, much better
      3) You may also change the font family from the default (Arial) to another, such as Verdana, etc.
            FontCard    (Changes the font family in the side panels)
            FontGeneral    (Changes the font family for most of the program fonts)
      4) Operating System: Windows XP Pro
            Palm Desktop v4.1.4

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    I finally got the font size issue remedied. I somehow had an add on to make the print large in the address bar. But I have saved your tip to a folder for future reference and thank you so much.
    Now if someone could just help me with this crashing business. I can't isolate it because nothing is constant. I unselected hardware acceleration and this is the longest I've gone without a crash, but I'm not thinking I've got it solved.
    This is on an old laptop running XP. Firefox was running just fine until yesterday morning when I uninstalled RoboForm and installed LastPass. After that I started getting the crashes, yet I'm not pretty sure they have nothing to do with LastPass itself.

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    I have read the threads about the reasons and ways to mitigate the problem, and have increased contrast and reduced transparency in the Accessibility settings, and am considering running the script to change the default font back to Lucida Grande. But my point is that I have perfectly normal eyesight (for someone of 53) and have never had any screen problems before, so I shouldn't need to be using the Accessibility settings. I know it is fashionable among designers to create lots of blank white space, but white space doesn't compensate for illegibility!
    I can see from all the threads on this topic that I am not alone. So please Apple, sort this out - usability must come first - and not just for the under 30s!

    Even iBooks on MBP Retina !? 
    I love the iBooks app and use it specifically because of the "Night" appearance option, which turns the page background all black and the font white (similar to inverting the display). Fortunately books' font sizes remain adjustable as big as I want, but - I can no longer see page information (current page number and number of pages left to read) at the bottom of each page.  The page information is barely visible (appears like small dark grey foggy font on a black background). This is very likely also the result of the Yosemite font fiasco.  Not an issue when reading books in "Night" appearance on the iPad, (they didn't break it yet yet in iOS).
    "Digital Books without page numbering information"!
    A Huge design fiasco.

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    We have recently migrated from 10g to 11g,
    and we noticed that after migration the graphs have many differences.
    specially with the font size at Title , label and axis.
    Even though we have specified font size , it always seems to take its own font size.
    Some times the font are very very small.
    We also tried autoLayout="AL_NEVER" but it also dont work,
    not only that the with autoLayout="AL_NEVER, the graph moves very close to the title.
    How can we force the font size right for Title , label and axis.

    Hi Nickleback,
    There is a function to manage the Word and Excell Legend Font Size:
    Excel Set Graph Font:
    Please let me know if this is what you had in mind, cheers!
    National Instruments, México
    ELP Support Engineer

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