Is there a way to replace a Power Point slide in Captivate and keep the CC notes?

I have a lot of Power Point slides in my Captivate project. The Power Point presentation is on a Share Point, so it is impractical to "link" the Captivate project with the Power Point presentation.  Now and then we need to make changes to the Power Point slides and then replace the old slide in Captivate with the new slide.  We have a lot of CC notes and TTS attached to each slide, so I lose all of that when I replace the slide.  Is there a way to keep the synchronized CC and TTS notes in place, and just replace the acutal slide?
Thank you!

1 - simplest way:
drag the sound file on to the audio well in the Inspector > document > document tab
music can only start on the first slide and will play untill the music ends, you can only have one music file in the presentation
2 - more control
drag the sound file on to any slide, add the  images on to the same slide and use Builds to reveal each image in turn

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    Why not import with the option 'advance automatically' and add the buttons in Captivate? Are you talking about navigational buttons (Next, Previous)? If you are using Captivate 6 you can use a Shape button for that purpose, add it on Master slides or time them for the rest of the project if you want to have them on each slide:

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    nsImportPPT.dll is an "Adobe Captivate 4" dll and should be present in the "Adobe Captivate 4" installation directory (which is "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Captivate 4" by default). Please check if this file exists there.
    I think 999 error comes when the DLL is not found. Try Re-Installing your Adobe Captivate 4.

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    nevermind...i found it myself. I found toolbar=0, and removed the entire tool bar. Thanks anyway....

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  • Importing power point slide into captivate

    Not sure what I am doing wrong. I imported an animation slide
    from power point to captivate last night and it worked great (using
    Captivate2) I tried this morning (using cpativate 3) and the
    animation will not play, it just looks like a picture. Is there
    something different I have to do using Captivate 2 version vs the
    Captivate 3 version? Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

    Hi again yankeebrit
    Well, where there's a will, there is often a way...
    You could accomplish it by using what I refer to as 'The
    Camtasia Approach'. Basically, it goes like this. Configure the
    PowerPoint to play in a resizable window. Start the slide show in
    the window, then set Captivate up to record the slideshow as it
    plays. Then, when you know animation is coming, press the F9 key to
    begin a full motion capture. When the animation ends, press F10 to
    stop recording in full motion.
    Using that technique, you are able to get what you want from
    Captivate 2.
    Just a thought... Rick

  • Importing Power Point  slides

    I have been trying to resolve this for the past two weeks. I
    have been successfully importing Power Point slides into Captivate
    1 for the last year. Although have not done anything different,
    Captivate is no longer importing the jpg logo (height 0.58" width
    1" displays top right corner) on the PP slide . Everything but the
    logo is displayed in Captivate. The logo is on the Slide Master . I
    replaced the Slide Master, copied the logo onto each individual PP
    slide and recreated the entire power point presentation without any
    success. Can anyone provide a cause and resolution? Thanks.

    I have also had inconsistent results with PowerPoint imports
    in both Captivate 1 and 2. There seem to be less in version 2. The
    problem that I have been experiencing is with fonts. I will have a
    slide that clearly is within the frame in PowerPoint, but when
    imported into Captivate flows off the bottom of the slide. This is
    also incosistent from slide to slide. Here's what I have been
    doing. It's isn't ideal, but hopefully time will get this issued
    ironed out.
    1) I go through my normal import procedures for PowerPoint
    presentations by look closely at the thumbnails provided before the
    final import. If it looks like there is going to be a problem, then
    I bail out at this point.
    2) I go back into PowerPoint, call up my presentation, and
    the do a File > Save As> and then select the file type at the
    bottom as JPEG. It will then ask you if you want to save all. I put
    them in another directory and PowerPoint saves each slide image as
    an individual JPEG image.
    3) I go back to Captivate and import these as images in the
    file creation sequence.
    This usually results in a pretty clean set of slide.
    Hope this helps.

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    To lock a presentation : 1 Open the presentation you want to lock , and hold your pointer over the name of the presentation at the top of the Keynote application window. A triangle appears. 2 Click the triangle and choose Lock. To unlock a presentation for editing: Hold your pointer over the name of the presentation at the top of the application m window until the triangle appears, click the triangle, and then choose Unlock
    Good luck

  • Power point project won't move to the next slide

    I create a project with several power point slides and then some automation and then slides again. The automation created within captivate moves from slide to slide. But the power point slides don't move to the next slide automatiacally. I have to click on next to make them move. I looked in the manual and can't find a source to tell me what to do with the slides to make them move automatically (like a slide show would be).  Any suggestions?

    Hi there
    When you import a PPT, you have two options. One option allows the PPT to just play through. The other option inserts a Click Box object on slides that prevents the slide from moving forward until clicked by the user. The choice is made in the dialog.
    The default is On mouse click. After your slides arrive, the timeline looks like this:
    To allow the slide to move forward, delete the Click Box.
    Cheers... Rick
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    I have several images (640 x 480) that I have placed into a PDF. When I use the Object TouchUp Tool, (right-click and choose "Place Image...") they come in WAY too big for the layout, so I scale them down to fit. Now, I need to replace those images with new ones (also 640 x 480).
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    2) Or, at least, is there a preference dialog somewhere that I can define a specific dimensions for the images to be imported at, regardless of their resolution outside of acrobat.
    I realize I could create smaller thumbnails and place those in the PDF instead. However, the person who will be responsible for replacing the images isn't very computer savvy, and it would take longer for them to save thumbnails then to just place the image directly into Acrobat and scale them down.

    I want to AVOID scaling the new pictures (and in an ideal world, I'd also like to avoid re-positioning) manually. Example, I have a window sticker PDF for a silver car with 3 pictures in it, a front, rear, and interior. When initially placed into the PDF, the pics (640 x 480)for the car were too big for the layout, so I used the Object TouchUp Tool in Acrobat 8 Pro to scale them down to about 150 px wide and position them correctly. Now, we get a new car in. It's practically the same car, but blue. So, the most efficient way to create a new pdf window sticker for the blue car would be to save a copy of the silver PDF and then just replace the silver pics with blue ones.
    Practically every other graphical Adobe program on the planet has a way to "replace" or "update" raster images. In my Acrobat 8 Pro travels, it doesn't seem there is a way to do this. I can "replace" (overwrite) the old silver pictures by selecting a pic with the Object TouchUp Tool, then right-click "Place Image..." This will stick the new blue photo in the same position as the old one. However, it still imports in at the giant 640x480 size, instead of the scaled-down 150 px wide size. So, I still need to manually scale the new blue photo down.
    Also, I've tried every combination of SHIFT, ALT, CTRL clicking to try to scale the pic from its center. In other words, if I grab the lower-right handle of the pic, the anchor point for the scale is the upper-left corner of the pic... so scaling it like this throws the pic out of position anyway.
    So, if anyone has a way to scale a pic from it's center, instead of the corners, please post it!! Even if I could get a dialog box requiring specific numeric dimensions... that would be preferable to having to re-size and manually nudge and smush the pics around to a rough eyeball location every time I need to make a new window sticker for a car (which is a lot)

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    On the Mac, clean up bookmarks using the Edit feature.  When finished, copy (do not move) the bookmarks file in the Safari folder in the library (Bookmarks.plist) to a safe location.  You will be copying the file back shortly. 
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    You may want to also manually delete any bookmarks from the Favorites Bar also so that everything is cleaned out.
    Now turn off iCloud for Safari on the Mac.
    Copy your cleaned up Bookmarks.plist back into the library.
    Turn on iCloud for Safari on the Mac.
    Your cleaned up bookmarks will now load into iCloud.
    When everything looks good, turn iCloud for Safari back on in your iDevices.

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