Is there a way to sync only the latest photo version (not master) from Aperture 3.2 to iPhone through iTunes?

I'm interested in only having the latest version of a photo stack sync to my iPhone, currently it only syncs the master image and ignores any versions that have been created.
Thank you!

Firefox 2 versions used bookmarks.html format to store bookmarks, you can '''import''' that type of bookmarks file format into all later versions of Firefox. <br />
Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks -> Import & Backup - Import HTML... - from file
The correct version of the Password Exporter extension can be installed in the old Firefox 2 version, to export you password data.
Then install the correct version of that extension in the newer version, so you can restore your passwords into the newer version.

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    If I attach all my iOS devices to my computer, is there a way to view only the apps in my iTunes library that are NOT being used by any device?  To make it easier to know which I'm not using, so I can delete them off my computer and free up some space?

    In Settings:
    General->Network->Cellular Data: Switch off.

  • Is there a way to sync only the calendar with the new control panel?

    I did the iCloud control panel update on my work machines this morning and it looks like it will only sync the calendar with outlook if you let it sync your contacts and tasks as well. The main reason I use iCloud is to sync my work meetings/events between my work PC and my phone. It liked the way it worked before, but now the user has less control over what it syncs. Is there a way to sync the calendar only?
    Also, it's made outlook quit unexpectedly on both machines, but I assume they'll have bug fixes eventually. I'm running one machine with Office 2007 and one with 2010.

    The iCloud Control Panel 2.0, just release with iOS 6, forces users to upload Outlook contacts to iCloud in order to sync calendar and reminders with iPhone. This is unacceptable to me.  Because of this and bugs in the Outlook/iCloud plugin, I have discontinued use of iCloud and will sync my iPhone with Outlook using itunes. I will have to forego using Outlook task syncing with iPhone reminders because iTunes doesn't sync them, which is unfortunate.

  • I want to transfer my music from one computer to another, however a large majority of my songs are already on the new computer, is there a way to transfer only the ones not there? or to see what songs are only on the one computer

    i want to transfer my music from one computer to another, however a large majority of my songs are already on the new computer, is there a way to transfer only the ones not there? or to see what songs are only on the one computer

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    Homesharing gives you the option of seeing only the content in the shared library, that is not already in your own library.

  • How can I sync ONLY the top photo in the stack?

    I sync various Aperture photo albums to my IPad and iPhone. The problem is that when I have 'stacked' images (eg. one image showing in the album and two other copies 'hidden' underneath), all of the photos in the stack are copied to the ipad and iPhone. So instead of seeing just one version of an image, I see as many as are in the stack. How can I sync ONLY the top photo in the stack?
    Thanks for your help!

    I solved my own problem.
    The sync problem seemed to only occur on smart albums. There is a new check box option in Aperture 3 when making a smart album: "sync stack pick only." One click and the problem is solved!

  • Is there a way to install just the 32 bit version of Photoshop CS5 on a Windows 7 64 bit machine?

    I have a custom built Java 6 application that doesn't like Photoshop CS5 64 bit edition.  The program copies over a file from the network to the local machine and then opens it in Photoshop.  The user manipulates the image and saves the changes.  The user then completes the image and the application copies the image back to the server.  The problem we're having is: When we use Photoshop CS5 64-bit, it takes about 2 minutes for Photoshop to open the image.  The file is copied over within 2 seconds and the Photoshop icon on the windows taskbar starts flashing.  But then you spend a few minutes waiting for it to open.
    Some things that I have tried to isolate the problem:
    - I found you can copy the file somewhere else, double click on it and the image will open in Photoshop before the script is able to open the file.
    - I tried uninstalling Photoshop and reinstalling just the 64 bit edition without the 32 bit installation.  The script just stops working in this situation.
    - I tried uninstalling CS5 and installing CS3.  The image opens as soon as the file is copied over.
    What I would like to try next is to install just the CS5 32 bit version.  But the installer is being uncooperative and will only allow either the 64 bit version or both the 64 and 32 bit versions.  So, back to my question: Is there a way to install just the 32 bit version of Photoshop CS5 on a Windows 7 64 bit machine?

    Do you mean schroot?  If so I'm not sure exactly how well that will work out, because the part that depends on python is a deamon that handles communication between the USB dongle and the Tux Droid which may mean hacking the deamon a bit so ether way this does not seem like it will be a easy task.

  • Is there a way to download only the HD version of a movie and not the SD version?

    In order to save space and to not exceed my service provider's data limit, I'd like to know if there is a way to download only the HD version without having to download the SD version as well? Currently, I have to open the "Download" box and highlight all of the SD downloads and delete and remove them. Of course, it begins to download them the next time I open up iTunes (and yes, I have turned off and on the auto-download feature).
    Any help is much appreciated.

    I did get an answer to this question from the rep at my local Verizon store.  I just wanted to provide the answer in case someone else has the same question.
    While in the email you wish to reply to, press the white envelope shape on the upper right corner of the screen.  This will open up as the reply to the sender.  If you press the word "reply" in the upper left had corner (of this window) a drop down box will appear with more options.  Reply, reply all and forward.  Hope that helps.

  • Is there a way to sync only existing contacts with my facebook friends so I don't gain any unwanted people?

    I want to sync only my existing contacts, and not gain all of my facebook friends. Is it possible?

    If you turned off Contacts wouldnt that mean that the Contacts would no longer be backed up to iCloud as well? That would make it a pain when upgrading a phone to not easily pull contacts back down.

  • HT5429 Is there a way to turn off the turn-by-turn navigation voice from the map app itself without ending the directions?

    I know that it is possible to turn off the voice for turn-by-turn directions completely (in the settings menu), but is there a way to temporarily silence the voice from the maps app itself? For example, if I am driving to the freeway from my house I know how to get there and do not want my phone talking to me, but I would like to keep the directions active and turn on the voice once I need it later in the directions. Is there an easy way to do this without going to the settings app each time?

    I don't think there's any way to do it, but I'd like that feature as well: on long trips I listen to an audiobook and when I'm travelling routes that I already know well, I mostly want to use navigation to route around any traffic that might occur.
    In both cases, the voice directions aren't welcome, and I can get by with the on-screen display… and in other GPS navigation software or hardware I've had, muting the voice was an easily accessed option.  (Garmin USA on the iPhone, for example, has a 'mute' icon available right on the maps display).
    I've requested that feature at - you may wish to do the same.

  • Is there any way to acess and view my photos on my pc from iPhone?

    Besides mobile me is there any way? I have tons of photos in my pictures folder on the pc, I use air video to stream all the videos in the videos folder what about photos? Thanks guys.

    You can redownload the apps and purcahses itunes music.
    Everything else is gone (unless you made a backup).

  • Is there a way to sync only my music from my iphone to my ipad and NOT anything else like apps?

    I have an iPhone 3 and a brand new iPad 2. I was wondering if there was a way I can sync my music, but not everything else such as apps. I don't want my apps from my phone on my ipad, only the music. How do I go about this?

    iTunes will only give you the option to copy your iTunes Store purchases directly from an iPod to the computer, you'll find details in this article: Copying iTunes Store purchases from your iPod or iPhone to a computer
    Purchased applications can be downloaded over again, see this article for details: How to redownload purchased applications from the App Store
    For everything else (music from CDs etc.) there are a number of third party utilities that you can use to retrieve the music files and playlists from your iPod Touch or iPhone. You'll find that they have varying degrees of functionality and some will transfer data (such as playcounts and ratings), movies, videos, photos, podcasts and games as well.
    A selection of iPod/iPhone to iTunes utilities:
    Senuti Mac Only (iPod Touch & iPhone compatible)
    SharePod Windows Only (iPhone and iPod Touch compatible)
    TuneJack Windows Only (iPhone and iPod Touch compatible)
    iPodRip Mac & Windows (iPhone and iPod Touch compatible)
    Music Rescue Mac & Windows (iPhone and iPod Touch compatible)
    iPod Music Liberator Mac & Windows (iPhone and iPod Touch compatible)
    iGadget Mac & Windows (iPhone and iPod Touch compatible)
    iRepo Mac & Windows (iPhone and iPod Touch compatible)
    iPod Access Mac & Windows (iPhone and iPod Touch compatible)
    TouchCopy Mac & Windows (iPhone and iPod Touch compatible)

  • Is there a way to import only the Address Bookfrom OE into TB? When I started to import my full data, I clicked Cancel, TB crashed, & my Address Book vanished.

    Hi, I am in the process of migrating from Outlook Express 6 to Thunderbird. Thunderbird made the migration very easy, a click of an "Outlook Express" radio box selection for import. But then I made it hard on myself by deciding I wanted to fix an OE .dbx folder-file (make it importable, previously not imported likely because it was marked "read only" and then re-import. I started to re-import OE into TB but then got nervous when I saw everything was importing, not a single dbx folder-file I wanted to fix. I clicked "Cancel" in TB, and then, when I later opened TB, noticed that my Address Book now is empty. It was definitely full before. Any ideas how to import strictly my contacts again? I am thinking of importing my entire OE data again if the answer to that post is that the re-import will not result in double OE line items. If I re-import all of OE, my Address Book should reappear, too, right?

    Oops, I found the answer to my question. Great knowledge base! I had originally imported via the automatic popup dialog box that appeared when I installed TB, and didn't absorb at the time that there would be a way to do an import later, after TB install, too, and even for specific parts of OE (address book vs. mail messages, etc.).
    I pasted the link to the "Migrate to Thunderbird" page that includes how to migrate just an Address Book from OE, but the following is all that pastes in: 9723729938
    I have typed out the link here:

  • Is there a way to backup only the Originals folder to DVD?

    I've really messed up the file names of my photos in several ways: by mistakenly changing a camera setting, importing some from different cameras, and editing and saving the edited versions (elsewhere, TG, not in iphoto), thereby replacing/rewriting some of my edited photos.
    However, I think all the originals, or copies of them, are in the iphoto originals folder. I'd like to save/store/archive all of them to DVD(s) that I can store elsewhere, and then delete the library - with the exception of a few favorites - and start over. When I tried to burn the library to a disk, it didn't give me the option of using multiple disks because of the size (@20G), I just got a msg stating the disk was too small. Is there a way to burn the Originals folder only?

    How does one "right-click" on a Mac?
    How does one "duplicate"? ("command C"?).
    Assuming that I can then find this copy, how do I split into smaller folders? (Highlight a portion of library and then create a smaller folder?- or is there another way?). Does this allow me to split using my Events categories and keep that structure in the smaller folders on the DVDs?
    I have backed-up everything including iPhoto onto 2 different types of external drives (a third drive - a LaCie has me stumped) and am now trying to figure out how to backup iPhoto onto DVDs. The instructions I have found say to go to Finder; create a Burn Folder; then Burn. This creates a file that can be read by both Macs and PCs. I have 66 GB of photos so I need to break up iPhoto into smaller chunks for burning to DVDs - therefore, your post is of interest to me.
    Sorry for the simple questions but after nearly 3 years using a MacBook, I am still trying to figure out the "cleverness" in its operation.

  • Is there a way to view only the bands/albums/songs that are already downloaded to my iPhone?

    In the artists list, the 'cloud' icon only disappears when all of that artists albums have been downloaded, so that isn't an easy way to tell.  Is there a method to view just the bands/albums/songs that I have downloaded?  Thank you for any assistance that is available.

    There is an option in Settings --> Music --> Show All Music.  If it is ON, all your music will show.  If you turn it OFF, it will show only music on your phone.

  • Integrating Facebook in Mountain Lion has caused duplicated birthday events in my Calendar. Is there any way to show only the birthdays of my iCloud contacts, and ignore birthdays from my Facebook contacts?

    I do not have any contacts on my local machine. Before updating to Mountain Lion, I stored all of my contacts and calendars in iCloud. When I updated and integrated Facebook, it added the Facebook contacts and all of their information to my Contacts directory. I have merged all duplicated data, and still my Calendar shows a birthday entry for my iCloud contact, and a second entry for the Facebook version of the same (merged and linked) contact. Is there any way to disable Facebook birthdays in my Calendar? Or, for bonus points, is there any way to merge the Facebook category of contacts with my iCloud contacts so that I never see duplicated data in any applications?

    You can disable the facebook contacts by going to System Preferences -> Mail Contacts and Calendars -> Facebook, and the unchecking contacts.  That will remove your facebook contacts from your contact book.  Not sure if thats exactly what you want, but that's the only thing I could discover.

Maybe you are looking for

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    I have a T60 laptop (purchased Jun 2006) which works great except for the trackpoint.  For the last few months, the trackpoint has not been working.  The touchpad works. Here are the steps I took to troubleshoot - 1.  Updated Ultra NAV driver and Uti

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