Is there a way to transfer music I've purchased from my old Apple account to my new one?

Hi everyone,
Many moons ago, when the iPod came out I downloaded iTunes and setup an account using my then current e-mail address aka user ID for iTunes.  However, fast forward about 8 years later and that old e-mail address has long been forgotten.  I know the log in information but I haven't used the e-mail for communication purposes for about the last 3 years.  At the time I got myself a new e-mail address I just continued to download from the iTunes store using the same account with the old e-mail address because basically I was never really concerned with getting the receipts, weekly updates, etc. (I get enough e-mail as it is, lol). 
This past summer my husband bought me an iPhone and set it up for me using my new/current e-mail address, different from the one I had purchased 100's of iTunes songs with over the past 8 years or so.  It seems as though while I can authorize iTunes for both of the accounts, and share the music on different computers, I can only transfer the ones I've downloaded with my new username/e-mail address from iTunes to my iPhone?!  What do I do about all of the 100's of purchases I made with my other account, are they now worth nothing as far as getting them on my iPhone which I use as my iPod nowadays?!
I'm staring at my lucky bamboo as I type this because I get this feeling that I'm SOL .  I've tried "googling" my way to the answer but I haven't been able to find it.  And if it turns out I am, than shame on Apple.  It's ridiculous to presume that someone will keep the same e-mail address created as a kid which is typically a non-sense, flashy e-mail to adulthood when they tend to be a little more reserved and business friendly; there should be a way to transfer between user accounts if it's clear that that account and billing information is the same.
Any help is appreicated.

This worked! ...about 50%, but I suppose that's better than nothing.  I went into iTunes on my old username and downloaded the 300+ songs to my library but then for some reason when I went to transfer them to my iPhone it would only transfer like 120 or so of them.  I'm not really sure why but I'll continue to work on it.  Thanks so much for the help.
FYI - if anyone else reads this bc they have the same problem.  If you choose to go this route and download previous purchases from your old account you cannot auto download any content on your new(er) apple ID for 90 days after the purchase download.  Just something to keep in mind, but for me, it was totally worth it.  I have no qualms about manually transferring the songs to my iPhone for the next 3 months if it meant getting the rights to transfer all my old songs to my iPhone.
Thanks again!

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    Guess you have your answer.  Maybe next time you'll read the User Guide and use the phone as recommended so this doesn't happen again.

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    It doesn't matter what your AppleID is - you can just change the email address associated with it at as mentioned numerous times above.
    Okay, my former Apple ID = my former email address and the latter is dead because I moved out of the geographic area.
    If you just updated the email address associated with your AppleID you wouldn't have to sign in twice.
    I guess Apple Inc is wrong because that is EXACTLY what they stated when I called yesterday afternoon.  SIGN IN TWICE when I activate Apple TV and want to watch/listen to my legitimate purchases when my iMac is OFF.
    Your only problem is the fact you didn't safely store the password to your account and subsequently forgot it.
    Wrong ... my only PROBLEM, SIR, is that my bride, my wife of over 51 years died in my arms at 4:16 AM on December 27, 2012.  As a direct result, I decided to get the **** out of the city where my Nancy and I lived for **** near 20 years.
    On the outside chance it is of interest to you, she is buried at Arlington National Cemetery, Section 66, based on my faithful military service during 1961 -> 1981 ... including Vietnam during 1967.
    Part of this PROBLEM, SIR, is that Apple Inc refuses to merge my old purchases with my new one.

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    Sorry, but you cannot transfer purchases from one iTunes Store account to another. You'll need to continue to use that old account ID for authorizations and re-downloads. If you can't remember the password, you should be able to reset it through this web page:

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    You cannot.
    You should not have to make a new one.
    What was the problem with the old one?

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    All I want to do, is to be able to access and download everything I have purchased on the American Apple ID (which is a lot after living in the states for 5 years) and merge it with the stuff I purchased on the German ID or just download it to my computer. My computer recently crashed and I lost all my data so I would like to re-download my old purchases.
    An additional problem is also that even though I kept my American bank account I changed the billing address to my current one in Germany. Therefore itunes won't let me purchase anything with my American apple ID because the billing address isn't American anymore.
    If anyone knows how I can get my old purchases back, please let me know.

    It is not possible to transfer purchases from one Apple ID or regional store to another. However you should still be able to download your past purchases simply by logging into the appropriate store and clicking "purchased" under the Quick Links section on the right-hand side of the store. Be sure and authorize the computer for both accounts.
    Keep in mind that any apps purchased with each Apple ID can only be updated from that store; you will not be able to switch back and forth between the stores, either. There is a 90 days waiting period between logins. So factor that into your downloading.
    I also strongly suggest you purchase a d external HDD and start using time machine to back up your personal data. If you had been backing up you would not need to re-download anything. I recommend an external HDD that is at least 3 times the size of the MBP's HDD.

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    You can change your e-mail contact address in your account settings for an AppleID.  You cannot merge or transfer content from one AppleID to another.  You really, really only want to have one Apple ID and just upddate the contact information.

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    You can't without repurchasing them from the new one.

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    What is wrong with your old iCloud account?

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    Can I transfer stuff from my old Apple ID to my new one

    All apps are tied to the Apple ID they are purchased with and is not transferable.

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    Your iPod will only work with and sync content you have either purchased from the iTunes store or imported from elsewhere via iTunes.

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    You cannot.
    Authorize your computer for both accounts.

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    You need to ask Apple to reset your security questions; ways of contacting them include clicking here and picking a method for your country, phoning AppleCare and asking for the Account Security team, and filling out and submitting this form.
    Getting the money transferred requires using the form, and that you still have the gift card it came from, and that none of that card's balance has been spent.

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    1. How do i transfer the NEW music into my phone without deleting the music already existing?
    2. How so i transfer the music on my phone onto my new itunes?

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    I want to start a new itunes account for my daughter now that she is a teen so that we dont get all each others music. How do I get her 500  songs onto her own new itunes account without having to repurchase them all?

    Only the iTunes Store staff can do that if it's possible at all.

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