Is there any way to check

is there any way to check
"27/12/2009 10:12:43" > "27/12/2004 11:20:12"
SimpleDateFormat does not have a suitable method for this. its kind of validation check.
any input ?

Convert the two strings into Date object, andcompare
the long value of those.Or use the date after and before methods. :)Bah, that's too easy ;)

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  • Is there any way to check rc.conf without restarting the machine?

    Hi everybody,
    I've VPS running with Arch. It was preinstalled with very, very old versiol so I've upgraded everything, updated rc.conf by hand but still never restarted completely. So my question is - is there any way to check that the server will boot up without issues? Is there any way to check that rc.conf is completely valid?

    peets, thanks! It seems to be ok at this point.
    tomk, understood... Well, I'll paste it here maybe somebody could look throught for some possible incompability problems from old version:
    DAEMONS=(syslog-ng network netfs crond sshd nginx mysqld @postfix php-fpm @svnse
    rve @pure-ftpd)
    INTERFACES=( "lo" "venet0" "venet0_0" )
    venet0="venet0 netmask broadcast"
    rt_venet0="-net netmask dev venet0"
    rt_default="default gw"
    ROUTES=( "rt_venet0" "rt_default" )
    venet0_0="venet0:0 netmask broadcast"
    The most important is to bring networking up after restart :-) last lines from "lo=..." is from old rc.conf so I'm not sure if this is compatible with newest Arch.
    Thank you for help, guys!
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  • Is there any way to check wrong hyphenation of a word in PDF?

    Hi all
    Is there any way to check wrong hyphenation of a word in PDF? through scripting also.
    Many thanks

    What do you mean exactly by "wrong hyphenation"?

  • Is there any way to check an iPhone 5 for a virus?

    Is there any way to check an iPhone 5 for a virus?

    oxdog007 wrote:
    What causes the screen to enlarge to the point you can't navigate the phone?
    Double tapping the screen will cause it to zoom. Go to Settings - General - Accessibility - Zoom = Off??.

  • HT201269 Hi I've been using apple products for sometime now , I have one iPad , & 2 iPhones under my apple Id but that's as I know oh and maybe an old mini iPod I lost but my question is, is there any way to check how many devices are under your apple ID

    Hi I've been using apple products for sometime now , I have one iPad , & 2 iPhones under my apple Id but that's as I know oh and maybe an old mini iPod I lost but my question is, is there any way to check how many devices are under your apple ID ?

    If you have registered all your Apple products, you can see them at:

  • Is there any way to check the age of an iphone when buyinga used unit?

    im buying a used iphone off kijiji and the owner said its 4 months old, is ther any way to check this to be fact?

    Unfortunately, no. That link will tell you if the phone has been reported stolen, but it has no way of knowing if the phone has been hacked, either physically or via software.
    The other thing to watch out for is sometimes a shady seller will tell you a serial number that isn't the same as the phone you eventually get.
    A high percentage of iPhones sold over the Internet are hacked or jailbroken, and many of them are also stolen.

  • HT1807 Is there any way to check your roaming minutes while traveling internationally?

    Is there any way to check your roaming minutes while traveling internationally?

    Hi Icebreaker
    Thanks for getting back to me.
    I successfully upgraded the Firmware to the latest available on the site - I don't have the camera here to confirm the vesion number but the upgraded Firmware was reported in the setup application.
    WPA is AES, which is all that the Thomson router seems to support and I did notice that the camera was looking for TKIP. However, I have tried with WEP and no security to test, with no luck either. I am testing with the camera within 10 feet or so of the router and getting an error message re. checking network condition and the Network doesn't seem to even 'See' the camera as such and the Wireless LED is not lighting up. That's why I was wondering if the Wireless was faulty.
    thanks again

  • Is there any way to check out if my iphone has been hack?

    is there any way to check out if my iphone has been hack?

    Restore it in iTunes,
    Backing Up, updating, and restoring your iPhone and iPod touch software

  • Is there any way to check on my own internet usage?

    I am really puzzled by my new satellite internet provider (Exede). I joine on 2/14 and by 2/16 they said I had exceeded (pun intended) my 10 gig monthly limit. I know I had not, so when I contacted them and had them check their details, they had my down for 4 gigs both that Sat (15th) and Sunday (16th) between 4PM and 9PM.
         a. I was not even near my iMac between 4:30 and 6:30, and was watching the olympics from7:30.
         b. I had not sent more than 5-6 emails, had not downloaded any videos, movies, etc.
         c. Their tech person said it was really strange even from their viewpoint, but could do little. He did give a super bonus (for free!) of two more gigs - never to be done again.
         d. Their tech person said they had complete confidence in their records and also believed something very strange was going on - like someone else or some virus was using my iMac. I live in a very rural area - thus the satellite connection try. I don't have any neighbors who use my wi-fi.
         e. Does the iMac send constant data on its own? Could it be possible for a virus or some other program to be doing such strange, unauthorized activity? Is there a way to check what acutally went on two days ago?
         f. His only other solution is to unplug their modem when I am not using the computer. Sigh.
    Today I rechecked my use of the 2 gigs of bonus they gave me. I have carefully monitored my usage.
    a. Yesterday I sent 9 emails, got about 20; watched about 5 minutes of a youtube video; and sent a 4.7 imovie enclosure via email. Their recorded me as using 5 gigs!!
    b. Today (it is still am when I write this), I checked my email - 20+ emails, sent 10 (no enclosures) and watched exactly 4:30 minutes of Fcebook videos. Exede added 2 more gigs!!
    I cannot figure out how this is happening. I guess I will have to cancel the service with only a week of being a user - unless someone can help me find the mysterious culprit, be it an unknown meighbor, a mysterious code in my iMac or ???

    Any client on a network, including wireless clients you don't know about, could be consuming bandwidth. Wi-Fi networks must be protected with WPA2 security. If yours isn't, change the security setting on the access point. If it's already set that way, change the password. Make it a string of at least 8 random characters, including digits and upper- and lower-case letters. The password is saved in the keychain and you don't have to be able remember it; in fact, you shouldn't be able to remember it.
    You make these changes in AirPort Utility, if the access point is an Apple device, or in a web browser otherwise.
    If the network or the password was insecure, and bandwidth use returns to normal after securing it, you can be pretty sure the problem was caused by intruders.
    But intrusion may not be the issue. Most often BitTorrent, iCloud, Dropbox, or some other cloud-data application is involved in cases of mysterious bandwidth use by a Mac. If you use iCloud, uncheck at least Photo Stream and Documents & Data in its preference pane and see whether there's any change. If you use third-party network backup or file-sync software, disable that. If you use a torrent client, remove it.
    Otherwise, if you're running OS X 10.9 or later, you can see which processes are most active on the network.
    Launch the Activity Monitor application in any of the following ways:
    ☞ Enter the first few letters of its name into a Spotlight search. Select it in the results (it should be at the top.)  
    ☞ In the Finder, select Go ▹ Utilities from the menu bar, or press the key combination shift-command-U. The application is in the folder that opens.
    ☞ Open LaunchPad. Click Utilities, then Activity Monitor in the icon grid.
    Select All Processes from the View menu, if not already selected, and also select the Network tab.
    Click the heading of the Sent Bytes column in the process table to sort the entries by bandwidth usage. You may have to click it twice to get the highest value at the top. What is it, and what is the process? Repeat with the Rcvd Bytes column.

  • Is there any way to check another Java program running status?

    HI. I want to write a Java program on hand-set but my program seems needs lots of resources and if there is another Java program running on the same hand-set simultaneously, my program will slow down. So, I want to check if there is another Java program is running on the hand-set, my program will show a message to user reminding user to close another program first.
    Is there any way to do so?

    On most recent devices, the application is not terminated but paused by using phone functions, and can be reactivated from the aplication management software. The javax.microedition.midlet package documentation is quite specific, if a tad obscure, about the MIDlet lifecycle and the role of the MIDelt methods vis-a-vis the AMS.
    Parenthetically, I've never been able to figure out how resumeApp should be used, nor have I seen this method invoked in any of the samples that come with the WTK, but I haven't gone through all of them.
    I believe the still-in-progress MIDP3 will make it possible to have MIDlets that share the screen with native apps and which can be minimized and restored.

  • Is there any way to check a software install disk for damage?

    Is there any way I can check a DVD software install disk for damage?

    Yes the disk, at least the main one, is O.K. I guess what I'm trying to determine here is whether or not my Logic Pro Studio install disks are corrupted in any way because, on my system Logic behaves in quite a glitchy manner, something that other Logic users (at least on the Logic Forums) are not experincing. I've narrowed it down to a software issue but I've yet to detemine if this is an OS problem, a Logic problem or something else. What mitigates against the idea that this is an OS problem is that anything other than Audio programs on my system runs fine. But audio programs, particularly Logic, are having problems. A reinstallation of Logic solved nothing which is why I suspected that there may be something wrong with the program install disks. But the program does install and it does 95% of what its supposed to do. The disks are clean and have no scratches.

  • Is there any way to check if the Cisco IP Phone 7970 is idle?

    In my application I need to check if a phone is idle. If it is idle I'll send it a message, if it is not, I'll send a different message.
    Is there any way to do that?
    Thanks for help.

    CTI comes to mind first.
    Then there's the modeinfo url that allows you to get an xml representation from what's on the screen.. that normally should do the trick as well (
    If you only need to send something in case the phone is idle, there's a simple trick: send an ExecuteItem with prio 2.. it'll only be shown if the phone is idle.

  • Lost my ipod is there any way of checking if someone is using it,like have they changed apple id on it etc any way of finding out?

    I have lost my ipod touch is there any way of finding out if anyone is using it any way of checking if they have changed the apple id on that product,it is registered under my e-mail address/apple id,thanks.

    Hey there is one way but ur itouch has to be ios5 and must have i cloud.
    if u have it go to and enter your icloud email and password then go to find my iphone.
    if the user is connected to the internet it will track or it will say offline then you can even lock your ipod touch.

  • Is there any way to check how many lines left while printing a smartform ?

    Hi ,
      <b> I would like to know if there is any way to find the no.of lines or space left in the page before printing more information</b>. Usually this is done be SAP to check whether there is enough space available or not to print a page protected line type in table. 
    While printing SAP checks for availability of enough space. I would like to check it manually.
    Can anyone advice me on this how to achieve please ? Thanks very much in advance.

    Yep, thats what I mean... Normally you create,
    Main Area/Header/Footer->
    Try creating     
    Main Area/Header/Footer->
      Folder (page protection enabled)
    end folder

  • Is There Any Way to check/test if there is a bug/error in JRE???

    I was wondering if there is a way to check/test if there is bugs/errors in JRE ??
    can somebody tell me ??

    I was wondering if there is a way to check/test if
    there is bugs/errors in JRE ??
    can somebody tell me ??
    Thanks.I would trust that the JRE is basically bug free (it is never completely bug free, or there wouldn't be minor update versions).
    If it has bugs, what kind of programming code would you think would find them, when the buggy VM would be running that code, possibly incorrectly due to the bug in the first place?
    Your question is a bit backwards. If you're going to worry about VM bugs, then you'd better be a whole lot more worried about the OS too.

Maybe you are looking for