Is there the viber application on Nokia asha 306

I needed to keep in contact with my friends & family. So i checked for viber in the app store & it showed me no result. Please Nokia get a version on Nokia asha 305/306.
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Welcome to the Nokia Support Discussions.
Upon checking the Store, it does not support Viber application. However, you may try to download another Social media app that supports chat and video calling. See this link:

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  • Is there the youtube app on Nokia asha 305/306

    There is YouTube on Nokia asha 310. Is it available on Nokia asha 305/306 . I need to catch up with trending videos around the world & am so lacking behind.
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    Hello, Gumag.
    Thank you for posting.
    Yes. There are lots of YouTube app that you can download from the Store. See this:

  • Help me nokia asha 306 Plz Help Me

    Hellow dear sir
    plz help me about nokia asha 306.
    my nokia asha 306 is not sport jar file.
    i update my mobile  v7.42 07-05-13
    when the orignal softwere not this problam
    plz give the new softwere of nokia asha 306
    waiting 4 your reply

    I request you to kindly re-install the software of your Nokia device. Before re-installing the software kindly take the backup of your device.
    Please follow below mentioned steps to take backup of your phone:
    1. Connect your phone with PC via USB cable.
    2. Select Nokia Suite mode.
    3. Run Nokia Suite Application.
    4. Click on Tools.
    5. Click on Backup.
    6. Click on Next.
    7. Select Content for Backup.
    8. Click on Start to perform Backup Operation.
    To restore device backup please follow below mentioned steps:
    1. Connect your phone with PC via USB cable.
    2. Select Nokia Suite mode.
    3. Run Nokia Suite Application.
    4. Click on Tools.
    5. Click on Restore.
    6. Select the latest backup file from your PC.
    7. Click on Start to restore.
    Note: Your device should be fully charged before backup and restore.
    To re-install your phone software, please connect your device via Nokia Suite and follow below mentioned steps:
    1. Go to Tools.
    2. Click on Software Update.
    3. On the Software Updates page, under your device click the reinstall link to start the wizard that will guide you through the reinstallation of your device software
    Note: Before re-installing, please remember following points:
    1. Take backup of your devices using Nokia Suite.
    2. Your device should be fully charged.
    Please "Do Not Remove" your device during re-installing process.
    You can access the link mentioned below in order to download Nokia Suite:
    In respect of the concern regarding Orkut , Chatting application, Social application, Music applications I request you to download related applications from Nokia Store by accessing the below mentioned link:
    Further, I would like to inform you that you can download the map data using Nokia suite. But for this you have to connect your device with PC and have to run Nokia suite in your PC. Kindly follow the below mentioned steps to download Map application:
    1. Connect Device to PC using USB.
    2. Launch Nokia suite on PC.
    3. Click on Maps icon.
    4. Select the Regions such as America/Europe/India.
    5. Click on the country which maps data is required.
    6. Click on download. Wait until maps data is downloaded on device.
    Kindly let me know if you require any further information or help.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Sujith Varghese
    Nokia Care Representative
    NOKIA Support Services:
    1. Find the nearest Nokia Care Centre: Type “NCC<space>City Name” and send it to 55555* (e.g. NCC DELHI).
    2. To book an Appointment with Nokia Care Centre, visit
    3. Online Support:
    4. Protect your Nokia Device -Buy Nokia Extended Warranty by visiting the nearest Nokia Care Centre.
    5. Warranty Terms & Conditions:
    *Premium SMS charges apply

  • Issue is Nokia Asha 306

    Hi Friends,
    I have bought Nokia Asha 306 , and I found following issues , Please let me know if there is any solution .
    1. Whatsapp is not working, although its pre-loaded . It opens but when I reach license agreement page I can't press 'Accept' However I can press 'Cancel'
    2. Whatever application I am installing I am getting error with 99% of them , " Application Error". Some of these applications were even working perfectly fine with other s40 phones.
          * I tried restoring factory settings but it doesn't work.
    3. This phone is slow, How can I boost up the speed ?
    Please help me on the above issues,

    couple of suggestions:
    * make sure you have the latest phone software update installed. Currently the latest available SW version for Asha 306 is 5.93. Update instructions here:
    * you could try reinstalling Whatsapp from here:

  • Nokia Asha 306 Conversations

    Hello there , I have a question : if you could clear this up for me - how can I transfer my text messages from Nokia SUITE to Nokia Asha 306 in their exact order? I know this could be done, but I don't know how. Otherwise, why did technology evolve so fast if it couldn't do this? IN my computer, in Nokia Suite, the text messages appear in their order (according to time, sender, date etc) but I don't know how to transfer all these texts in Nokia 306. I have this phone which is brand new - cannot save my texts. THANKS in advance !
    Go to Solution.
    nokia-asha-306.jpg ‏113 KB

    Guess what farby, i was living with a pretty older Nokia Suite on my desktop. So it didn't include those Inbox and Sent folders. Switched to my laptop and there lies the latest version. Tried it there and it kinda worked here's what i got:
    Transferring individually as inbox and then sent isn't a good idea as the phone doesn't bothers to reorder them instead keeps all received at top and the sent on the bottom (or the opposite if sent were first copied).
    The better option is copying the whole conversation. It copies the sent and received messages exactly according to the date/time and keeps the conversation intact. Yes, it didn't worked in the older version but it worked with this latest version of Suite.
    But the only problem now is that it copies in the reverse order. So that means the oldest messages of the conversation come at the bottom instead of being at the top. This thing works good for many of the devices (like my C1) which show conversation with newest on top, but Asha Touch series is different. Newest appear up at the bottom.
    I'm gonna try out with latest beta version of Nokia Suite if its already sorted out in that . Else maybe the bug should be filed.
    And kudos to you, farby. You were really helpful man. I can even stay with the conversation in reversed order as long as its possible to read. But, know Nokia Devs will be kind enough to sort this out

  • Does Nokia Asha 306 support Skype?

    Does nokia asha 306 support Skype ? and if it does how can i get it ?
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    Hi MrBluetooth
    Welcome to Nokia forum! 
    Skype application is not compatible with Nokia Asha 306. If you wish to know what are the applications that you can download to your phone check Nokia Store. Set the model of your phone on the upper left part of the page and make sure that you have Nokia account so you can enjoy using different Nokia services. If you don't have any Nokia account you can create one for free, see this link.
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  • Nokia Asha 306 problem

    Im using a Nokia asha 306 and i can't use browser,mail and other pre installed services and when i click on the icon it just flashes back so i can't fully access my phone anymore,please help

    hi mate, have you tried re-installing your current firmware thru Nokia Suite on PC and also checked that you are up to date with the latest firmware thru the phoen itslef? also try Restoring the phone to factory settings.

  • New Nokia Asha 306 No Network or Low Signal Proble...

    New Nokia Asha 306 No Network or Low Signal Problem (pricing date may 31 ,2013)
    i have nokia asha 306 have signal problem when i make use sim some time show signal only two signal and show proply opreater any solution thnks in advance

    May i ask how old is your sim card? This may be a sim card you should try exchange it its over a year old and revert back ,keep in touch.
    If  i have helped at all a click on the white star below would be nice thanks.
    Now using the Lumia 1520

  • Nokia Asha 306 - Radio Recordings

    I'm using NOKIA ASHA 306 smartphone. 
    When I use Radio recorder, the files are saved in .AAC format which can play on my mobile but not on my PC. 
    I tried to convert them to another format (like wave, mp3, etc...) so I could edit my recordings with Audacity. 
    This .AAC file format is not recognized by Audacity or VLC media player / Media Player Classic. 
    How can I convert these .AAC files to a more common audio format that my PC can read and work with? 
    Alternatively, is it possible to use Radio recorder to record in a different, more common and editable format? 
    I appreciate your suggestions on how to convert / edit recordings of Radio recorder.
    -  Migara \m/

    Thanks farby for your reply. 
    I tried to convert using AAC to MP3 Converter but didn't work. 
    I have attacked a sample recorded audio. 
    Please help me. 
     Migara \m/
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  • In my nokia asha 306 not support higer quality vid...

    sir what is this in old software all high quality videos are supported but in new software high quality not supported i want good video player

    This has happened with my Nokia Asha 306. It had version 3.81 and it was playing this video very well but after I have had updated it to version 7..42, that very same video is not played properly. Its video is not visible with the message that the video is of higher resolution. But then how does that video was being played in version 3.81 correctly?
    My product code is:
    059L900: RM-767 MEA_MAA_RED_NULL_PK
    SW version: 07.42     variant: 33
    I hope that support people would convey this to developers so that in the next version this is resolved.
    I tried attaching that video that I was able to play in Nokia Asha 306, SW version 3.81, but could not.
    This information is what I get from GOM player when I play this file:
    [Ver. 2, 1, 50, 5145(EN)]
    1. Default DirectSound Device
    2. VMR9 - Renderless mode
    3. Gretech Video
    4. Gretech Audio
    5. Microsoft DTV-DVD Audio Decoder
    6. Gretech MP4 Source
    *** VIDEO INFO ***
    Input Type : mp4v(GVC)
    Input Size : 320 x 240
    Output Type : YUY2
    Output Size : 320 x 240
    FrameRate(Frame/sec) : 0.00 (25.00)
    *** AUDIO INFO ***
    SampleRate(Sample/sec) : 44100
    BitRate(Bit/sample) : 16
    Channels : 2
    KBitRate(KBit/sec) : 1411
    So it is clear that the video is 320 x 240 and it was played correctly before ver 7.42.
    We need that ability back.

  • Nokia Asha 306 just keeps shutting off.

    My Nokia Asha 306 just keeps shutting off what is the cause of this ?
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    And try to take off memory card then turn of the phone and take the batery off for 5 mintes then put it and start the phone tell if it worked with u?!
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  • Availability of applications on nokia asha 501

    Nokia asha 501 with fast lane was suppose to be made with all the available features. But certainly this phone is missing some apps people use often i.e, Whatsapp and Instagram. The phone is really good,but would become much better if they launched all the good apps. I shouldn't forget Angry Birds.

    hi mate,
    if you have feedback regarding a Nokia product, it is best if you leave it by clicking the Nokia Support link at the bottom of this page. bear in mind that availability of certain apps is dependent on the app developer themselves, so perhaps it is better if you contact them.

  • Nokia Asha 306 Wifi and internet options

    I have searched this forum for answers but have not found any so post this here. I know the Asha 306 is not a top notch phone from Nokia, but it is still a good phone and I like it a lot. I bought it as an introductory smart phone, as I want to learn to use it before I go into more expensive models. I will list some problems I have had recently, not to criticise the phone or Nokia, only to name some problems that I can't explain. I admit some of this may be because of my ignorance ans so I apologize beforehand. But it would not surprise me if other people have had similar problems. I bought my first Nokia cell phone back in 1998 so I am not a new customer, by the way.
    First thing. I was glad to get a cell phone with Wifi, as this is cheaper than using a subscription internet service. I have access to free Wifi, so planned to use this in the daytime but then use a prepaid package at night or when travelling. To make a long story short, I adjusted my cell phone in such a way that it would prefer a Wifi network wherever possible, and then only go to the internet provider in case the Wifi did not work or if I did not have a password for the Wifi. This, it seems to me, has not been possible. When adjusting the settings in this way, the phone will simply not contact with the Wifi network. I had to turn the Wifi off before I could access the internet again using my prepaid package.
    Could a part of the problem be that my Wifi provider requests people to log onto the Wifi with a password every time? I used the password but the phone does not seem to remember it, even though the settings are set to remember password.
    Second, the Nokia OVI suite does not work for me. I downloaded it and then connected the cell phone, first by bluetooth and then by cable, nothing works. I thing this is a serious issue. I remember from past years, like five to eight years ago, that this was a recirrent problem with the Nokia phones I had then. I want to make a backup of my data for safety purposes. Since I can't use the Ovi suite, I have resorted to back up my data by copying the phone numbers and contact onto another cell phone thatI keep as a reserve in case my new phone gets lost.
    To return to the original problem, I think it very important that a cell phone will operate on a Wifi network without problems in order to save money. There are considerable costs involved for many people to browse the internet a lot. Therefore, the Wifi option is very important.
    Thank you for your patience. I still think this is a great phone and very good value for money, perhaps the best value for the money on the whole mobile phone market. 

    Does this help?

  • My nokia asha 306 nokia store will be vanish

    How to recover my nokia store to my phone i creat backup file but l cann't get nokia store and nokia browser
    Go to Solution.

    I dont think a BACKUP will return your missing features..
    dear bro, backuping means saving your important files somewhere for future restoring..
    I think you have to reinstall the firmware (or update it to latest version).. you can also contact nearest nokia servicing centre for this purpose..
    Or try this LINK
    You can also check for latest firmware version and support from here (i hope you are an indian )
    Nokia Asha Lover..... and Proud to be a Nokian
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  • Maps for nokia asha 306

    i cant view maps on my phone

    alejayze wrote:
    can you please help me about downloading of the data map from pc....?nokia suite 2.0...
    Download and install the latest version of Nokia Suite . Connect the phone to PC, open Nokia Suite -- >Maps and select the Maps you want to install..then click the Download tab next to it ..

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  • Fire wire

    my fire wire doesnt recognise a camera or a hard disk can i get it repaired or do i need a new card!!??

  • Facetime has old picture no video voice ok

    facetime kept old picture no video, audio ok in wifi

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