Is there updated software for a driver for my Epson 3490?

My Scanner no longer works with my back since updating to Yosemite and the software driver download offered from Epson does not work either i can download it but it won't install

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  • Is there a software like flash player for ipad.what software do I exactly need in order to play videos from websites?

    Is there a software like flash player for ipad.what software do I exactly need in order to play videos from websites?

    There may be a couple Apps that may help, but I understand they don't work very well.  The best solution would be to contact the owners of the websites and let them know they need to update their site.
    The alternative I use, is to download the problem video onto my computer, and convert it to M4V or MP4 format using a program like HandBrake <HandBrake>.  Then it can be added to iTunes and synced with the iPad.

  • Is there a software program you recommend for saving a DVD on your computer? I guess a nonApple software program is required to do that.

    Is there a software program you recommend for saving a DVD on your computer? I guess a nonApple software program is required to do that.

    I need to submit my personal video on YouTube as part as a college admissions process. Since the DVD has other videos on it, I need to edit (delete) other parts of video so only the video I want is saved. In the selected video, I also want to delete a few second off the beginning and end.

  • Can't update software , stuck on "Checking for Update..." ?!

    Can't update software , stuck on "Checking for Update..." ?!

    Try a reset.  Hold the on/off and home buttons together for about 10 seconds till the Apple logo appears.

  • Looking for basic driver for psc all in one 2175 for XP 32 bit. Thank you

    looking for basic driver for psc all in one 2175 for XP 32 bit. Thank you Dont need all the photo suite stuff,just basic scan and print.

    Hi @RUkiddingme 
    You can download the full feature software and driver, and only install the basic driver. In the installation you should see the option for custom software. Here is the link to download the software; rw2_021_w02_enu.exe
    Please let me know if this resolves the issue.
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    Sunshyn2005 - I work on behalf of HP

  • Looking for LabView driver for Suruga-Seiki motorized stage controller model D70

    I'm Looking for LabView driver for Suruga-Seiki (Japan)motorized stage controller model D70, GPIB or RS232 (optional model D92).

    Unfortunately, I was unable to locate a driver for your instrument. I would like you to submit a request for this driver at: and with the instrument manufacturer. We develop drivers based on demand and popularity so the more requests we have for it, the greater the possibility that we will develop one.
    If you would like to try developing your own instrument driver (or modify the existing one), we have documentation, model instrument drivers, and driver templates to help at :
    We also have a syndicate of third party vendors that specialize in National Instruments' products and services. Some of the vendors specialize in driver development. I would s
    uggest contacting one of the Alliance members at:
    An instrument driver is a collection of functions that implement the commands necessary to perform the instrument�s operations. In short, someone read the instrument user manual and implemented some of the functionality in a program for the end user. Instrument drivers are not necessary to use your instrument. They are merely time savers to help you develop your project so you do not need to study the manual before writing a program.
    There are example VI's in LV on Instrument Connectivity. If you go to the Help menu >> Examples.. >> I/O, you will see a couple and Examples.. >> Fundamentals for File and String manipulation. I would suggest tweaking them to suit your application. Also the specific command that your instrument responds to can be found from it's manual.
    Some useful resources for your application are > NI Developer Zone > Development Library > Instrument Connectivity
    / , to search examples and knowledge bases
    Hope this helps!
    Best Regards,
    Aaron K.
    Application Engineer
    National Instruments

  • I am looking for a driver for a BJC-420J PRINTER

    I am looking for a driver for a BJC-420J PRINTER

    Hi dad,
    Drivers for Windows 7 are not available for this model. While considering the desire to provide the best possible support for Canon's current products, Canon must make decisions on which products to support when new operating systems are introduced. These decisions are generally based on the age of the product and the number of product estimated to be still in use.
    Since your device is not supported under the current operating system, you are eligible for Canon's Loyalty Program. This option allows you a one-time opportunity to purchase a new or refurbished product that uses Canon’s next generation technology and carries a limited manufacturer’s warranty. To help you get up and running quickly, we also offer free ground shipping (if the order is completed by 4:00 PM EST). If you would like to take part in this option, please call our Sales Department at (800)OK-CANON (800-652-2666) seven days a week, 8am to Midnight.
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  • Is there a CanoScan LiDE 60 Driver for Lion?

    Mac OS X Lion does not seem to have a driver pre-installed for the CanoScan LiDE 60 scanner. There also is no current option for a lion driver on the scanner's Manufacture support web site. Does anyone know a way to fix this?

    Below is the FIX that I received from Canon - long but it works!!!
    We are currently in the process of updating the listings on our website.
    However, the 10.6 drivers are compatible with OS 10.7/Lion.
    If you upgraded from 10.6 to 10.7, the drivers will have to be
    reinstalled.  The steps below will show you how to remove the drivers
    from the system.  If any items are not listed, move on to the next step.
    Please perform the following:
    1. From the Finder, hold the 'Control' key on your keyboard and click
    the 'Go' menu at the top of the screen.
    2.  Open the 'Library' folder.
    3.  Open the 'Image Capture' folder, then open 'Twain Data Sources'.
    4.  Trash the CanoScan CanoScan XXXX.ds file.
        4-1.  Make note of any other files that may be in this folder.  If
    other files are present, move them to the desktop for now.  Then place
    them back after successfully using the scanner.
    5.  Return to the 'Library' folder.
    6.  Open the 'Preferences'
    7.  Locate and trash the 'CanoScan XXXX' folder.
    8.  Close the window and double-click on the Macintosh HD icon.
    9.  Double-click on the folder named Users.
    10. Double-click on the folder named Shared.
    11. Trash the folders named CanoScan, or starting with CNQL.
    12. Return to the applications folder and Trash the CanoScan Toolbox
    13. Open the Macintosh HD.
    14. Open the 'Home' icon on the left (has a picture of a house).
    15. Open the Library folder.
    16. Open the Preferences Folder.
    17. Locate any items named "CanoScan Toolbox", send it to the trash.
    18. Restart your computer, then empty the trash.
    Once this has been done, we will reinstall.  To get your CanoScan LiDE
    60 operating on your Mac, please follow these steps:
    1.  Visit Canon's website at:
    2.  Just below 'Please choose your product from the menus below:',
    select your model in the following manner:
      2-1.  Under Product Type, choose Consumer & Home Office.
      2-2.  Under Product Family, choose Scanners.
      2-3.  Under Product Series, choose CanoScan Series.
      2-4.  Under Models, choose the CanoScan LiDE 60 and click 'GO'.
    3.  On the Support page for the your unit, click the 'Drivers &
    Downloads' tab.
    4.  Choose [MAC OSX] from the Operating System drop down box.
    5.  Expand the Driver listing, then click on the LiDE 60 Scanner
    Driver, [lide60osx11131en.dmg].
    6.  Read the License Agreement on the next page, and if you agree,
    click on 'I Agree - Begin Download' at the bottom.
    7.  A File Download box should appear. When it does, select Save.
    8.  When the Save As box comes up, click Save.
    10.  Once the download is complete, close all windows.
    11.  Once the download is complete, go back to the top and click on the
    'Support & Service' tab and then click on the 'Drivers & Downloads' tab.
    12.  Choose [MAC OSX v10.6] from the Operating System drop down box.
    13.  Click on the CanoScan Toolbox, [cstbosx5014ej4.dmg].
    14.  Read the License Agreement on the next page, and if you agree,
    click on 'I Agree - Begin Download' at the bottom.
    15.  A File Download box should appear. When it does, select Save.
    16.  Double click [lide60osx11131en.dmg] to install the scanner driver.
    17.  Double click [cstbosx4934ej4.dmg] to open the CanoScan Toolbox,
    follow the steps to complete the installation. 
    Once this process is complete, open the CanoScan Toolbox and use the
    Save function to test the scanner.

  • Will there be a hd dvd drive for the mac anytime soon?

    is there going to be a hd dvd drive for th emac anytime soon? or will the release a firmware update possibly?....also can I use the x-box 360's hd drive with my powermac to watch hd movies

    Hi Parker,
    Some friendly advice.. if you're just after points, or if you actually ask for them, perhaps you're looking at the purpose of these boards incorrectly. The boards are here to help fellow users of Apple products. The points are a nice reward, but they are optional. Mellow out and accept that you won't get points for every answer.
    In this specific case, your first response was quite accurate and helpful, but the rest, in my opinion, were incorrect and based on insufficient knowledge of the subject. Additionally, in speculating about future Apple hardware releases, you may have actually breached the terms and conditions of use for these boards.
    Just something to keep an eye on.

  • Update intel hd graphics driver for hp pavillion p6210y desktop

    I can no longer view some youTube in full screen.I hane nto had this issue before. I did all suggested: Updated Adobe (all products) and disabled hardware acceleration. The last recommendation is to Update the Intel HD Graphics drivers and I don't know how. I know almost nothing about computers (I should say I know nothing). Is there someone who can assist me?

    The product specs page for your PC indicates it comes with a NVidia graphics adapter, not an Intel one.
    You can install the latest nVidia driver for your PC from the link below.

  • System Update Stalls at WiFi Driver for Intel Cards

    T510, XP 32bit. Running system update, it has now been stuck on the "WiFi Driver for Intel Cards (For windows xp 32bit)" installation going on 4 hours+ now.  This has happened with like model's / OS and the result is usually to force a reboot. And manually install it. Any suggestions why system update takes hours to install the WiFi Driver for Intel Cards (For windows xp 32bit)?

    Then don't try and install it. Uninstall the device and shutdown. Once you reboot it should rediscover and attempt the driver installation. It you're have trouble with the same driver package. Delete it/remove it and download it again and deoompress the package. Be sure it's the right on for the OS and device.
    You may have to work in safe mode to clean this up.
    T520 Model 4239 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2860QM CPU @ 2.50GHz
    Intel Sandy Bridge & Nvidia NVS 4200M graphics Intel N 6300 Wi-Fi adapter
    Windows 7 Home Prem - 64bit w/8GB DDR3

  • Looking for a driver for HP M277dw for MAC OS 10.6.8

    HI friends,
    I have a new model of HP MFP M277dw. Unfortunately HP does not have a driver for my OS 10.6.8. I don't want to upgrade it.
    Can you help me where to find a driver.
    Thank you in advance.

    Try this:
    Printer and Scanner software available for download:
    But if HP haven't made a driver, doubtful anyone else has.

  • Best practice for # of drives for Oracle on a Windows 2003 server

    I need to know what the best practice is concerning the # of drives that should be built on a Windows 2003 server to ensure best performance and most effective back up and recovery, for both the application itself and the data base.
    I'm not certain, but it may be only a 32 bit machine. I'll update this once I know for sure.

    We are in the process of migrating our Oracle 10 database (20G) to a new maschine.
    How should we configure our disks (8 in total)?
    1. SAME: "Stripe and mirror everything"?
    2. Doc 30286.1 "I/O tuning with different RAID configurations" and 148342.1 "Avoiding I/O disk contention" say:
    database files on RAID01
    redo and archive logs on RAID1
    temp on RAID1
    So, what is the best practice?

  • Looking for a driver for a canon mf4570 printer

    I just bought a Canon MF4570dw all-in-one printer and was told it would work with my iMac; however there is no driver for mac os and i can't find one. Ideas please?

    just look at canon web site aser_multifunction/imageclass_mf4570dw#DriversAndSoftware

  • Link for USB driver for ideaTab A1000

    Hi all,
    I am an android developer I want want to use my ideaTab A1000 for my developement. I want to download usb driver software for my ideaTab A1000 . So please provide me the correct link to download the usb driver. 
    Thanks and regards,
    Arun PS

    hi ArunPS,
    Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums! 
    If you need a driver for the tablet to communicate like a Device for software Developing then this is what you need
    Hope this helps,
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  • Recommendation for external drive for time machine

    I just got my new iMac today, and it has a 1 TB hard drive. I've read that I need at least 1.5 TB to run Time Machine. Since the largest drive I own in 1 TB, it's time to upgrade. Suggestions for a good, stable drive that plays well with Time Machine?

    luba petrusha wrote:
    Thanks. I use my computer for, among other things, photography, and tend to fill the drive. I had to move my music files to an external drive to free up space. My current computer (the one that's being replaced) has a 500 GB hard drive and almost that much data. So I'm looking for a drive that will last me as long as the computer does.
    You're going to have a choice, then, whether to get a relatively-inexpensive external, that probably won't last that long, or a relatively-expensive one that will. All hard drives fail, of course, sooner or later, and since most of us buy largely on price, the low-end externals aren't exactly bullet-proof.
    My other drives (LaCie 250 GB, used only for iTunes, and OWC 500 GB, used for back-up with SuperDuper) are Firewire, and work well.
    Is there an advantage to Time Capsule? I am still using an old Airport Extreme given to me by a friend years ago. Does it warrant replacing, or is Time Capsule an unnecessary expenditure?
    Wireless is fairly slow, but TM can back-up without having a drive physically attached, so it's a bit of a trade-off.
    A Time Capsule, of course, is a combination wireless router and disk drive. So if you already have a reliable router, it may not make sense to get another one. I've never had a TC, but prefer a separate Airport Extreme and external disk drive for it; when the drive fails, I can just get a new one.
    Depending on which Mac(s) you're talking about, there may be another solution as well. If you're going to have both an iMac and a laptop, you can share a drive on the iMac with the laptop. Thus the iMac can back-up directly, and the laptop wirelessly (both have to be running Leopard or Snow, of course, and be on the same local network).
    Just for comparison, doing a small (about 30 gb) full backup, I get about 40 gb/hr via F/W 400 or USB; about 21 gb/hr to a USB disk on my AEBS via Ethernet; about 13 gb/hr wirelessly. That all varies greatly, of course, depending on load, contention, interference, etc.
    And you can do the large initial backup via Ethernet, then shift to wireless. There's also a fairly involved procedure where you can do the first directly-attached, then change, but it's a bit tricky and involves a lot of back and forth.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Is this a bug of ims 5.2?

    my ims version is 5.2 and hotfix 1.2.5 now, i want to do a limit which make outer domain mail address can not send email to some users of local domain. So i add a line in the section 'SEND_ACCESS' of the mappings file as so: SEND_ACCESS tcp_*|*|*|*@[

  • RAM upgrade from 1gig to 2gig for 1.83 Mac Mini Core 2 duo

    I have the new 1.83 gig mac mini and attempting to upgrade ram. Once opened, the ram slots are not easily available, unlike the older versions where you just snap it when the cover is removed. Is there any video instructions out there? The one I foun

  • Mass updation of Dep start date in Asset

    Hi All, Please note that I have created a new depreciation area for client for tax reporting purpose(areas do not post).The client wants to update the depreciation start date in all the assets with this new dep area.This can be done through customizi

  • SQL Query without using Pivot...

    Hi Guys, Need help with a query... I think pivot table is the way to go but don't wanna to use it as it is not supported in Oracle 10g. Sample data set... Part Section A001 AC A001 AY A001 AN A001 AX A015 AC A015 AR A007 AC A008 AN A008 AX A008 AE A0

  • Is it possible to execute a code in my program based on a click event in SAP B1?

    Hi!, everybody I may be doing some wishful dreaming, but I ask my question nevertheless. We never know... My pictures are self explanatory, but I explain my requirement below: I have a grid which is populated by a query. Briefly, it is a list of Invo