Issue in changing the Mountain logo in CRM WEB UI

Hi Everyone,
My requiremnet is to change the mountain logo in the web ui logon screen. I have done all the configurations as per the link given below:
New Skin Management Part 3 - Example about how to change the image above WorkCentre from CRM7.0 Ehp1 - CRM - SCN Wiki
Still I am unable to show it up on the web ui screen. I am working on CRM 7.0 EHP3.
Steps that I have followed:
1. Copied the bsp application THTMLB_STYLES to Z*_SKIN and activated it.
2. Created a custom folder by copying the standard skin in SPRO customizing ''Access Skin Workbench''
3. Uploaded a new logo in custom folder under default-->styling-->lshape
4. Copied the css file 'thtmlb_stand.css' to 'thtmlb_new.css' and changed logo name to the new logo name. Uploaded it to the custom folder under default.
5. Did customizing under sub node: 'Define path for CSS files'
Could you please suggest if I missed something in this procedure?
Many Thanks!!

Hi Becky,
Usually, this is a customizing task, shoule be performed in Dev/Customizing client and once the reequest is released, then only it reaches to the testing client.
Did it ask for a customizing request, usually it does, when you make the changes to UI config. I remember similar kind of issue I'd before, then i tried to do the same config in BSP_WD_CMPWB and it worked. May some some notes related to UI config wud be missing , please check it in SMP.
The blog may be useful to understand the customer config.
Get back to me for any further Q's
Cheers. Satish

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    Hi All,
    I am trying to change the mountain pic in crm web ui just below the SAP CRM logo. I am on CRM 2007.
    I have already changed the pic in se80 as we do for the company logo in place of the SAP CRM logo.
    se80>>BSP Application>>THTMLB_STYLES>>MIMEs>>sap_skins>>default>>styling>>Ishape>>mountain.gif>>right click>>Upload/Download>>Upload and Replace>> xxx.jpg(custom pic)
    I have done this DEV client 100 and when I run the scc1 transaction in DEV 200 to bring the changes via the workbench request created in DEV 100, there's an error:
    Table SDOKLOREPR is not client-specific
    Table SDOKLORIPR is not client-specific
    Table SKWF_TRANS is not client-specific
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    Error in object R3TR1 SMIM2  3
    Selected tables           :             15
    Processed tables          :              0
    Storage required (KB) :              0
    Program ended with error or warning, return code: W
    Runtime (seconds)         :              2
    End of processing: 14:11:24
    Can you please let me know what's the problem, if I am missing something?
    Thanks and Regards
    Varun Taneja

    Hi Bhushan,
    Yes I did check DEV 200 after transporting the request. If I goto se80 in Dev 200 and navigate to the mountain.gif inside the BSP Application and click on the file, I do see my custom picture but the same is not reflected in Web UI. Over there, the mountain still reigns !!!
    Any other thing that I need to try?

  • How to change the InfoView logo [Favicon] from the browsers address bar.

    Hi All,
    I am launching an Infoview in a new web browser from the netWeaver portal through a link.
    The favicon for potal is changed on the portal server.
    How I can change the InfoView logo[Favicon] from the browsers address bar?
    If anybody knows where that image is located on the BOE server where I can replace the icon with my company icon?
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    Smita Thorat

    the icon has the name favicon.ico and can be found in the root folder of the Web AS /Portal.
    Favicons are images of the size 16x16 or 32x32 pixel in the Icon format (image/x-icon) and files have an .ico extension.
    You can either change the standard sap favicon directly on the WebAs server wich needs might be done after each support package.

  • How to change the masthead logo image ?

    I’m trying to change the masthead logo image.
    I downloaded the and opened it on IDE.
    I understood that I need to update the HeaderiView.jsp on this location: <br><br>
    <TD class="prtlHeaderNotch" id="header_notch" nowrap><img src="<%=themeRootURLPath%>/../common/1x1.gif"
    <TD nowrap ti="0" tabIndex="0" class="prtlHdrWelcome"
    id="welcome_message"><%=StringUtils.escapeToHTML(GetWelcomeMsg(componentRequest, welcomeClauseStr))%></TD>
    <TD class="prtlHdrBrandImgContainer" ti="-1">
    1. What should I need to do in order to change the logo?
    I was looking for < img src tad but didn’t find and I understood that the original logo is
    retrieved by prtlHdrBrandImgContainer. In this case, should
    I remove this line? What should I add instead?
    2. Where I need to locate the new image I want to use?
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Yoel,
    if u want to change only the logo it doesnt require the change of code.u can change it through theme editor.
    customization of par file is required if and only if u want to change the structure of masthead that is changing the places of logo,branding image etc..
    To change the logo through follow thest steps
    1.Navigate through System Administration --> Portal Display --> Open your theme
    2. Save it in your own name to avoid the changes in the default theme.
    3.Open the Logo section.
    4.In this provide the full address of ihe image location at the URL to logo field.
    5.Save your changes and assign this theme to your portal desktop.
    Refer this to know about assigning theme to portal desktop
    MastHead Change & Portal Desktop
    OR if u want to customize the par file refer this
    Masthead logo changes thru PAR file(
    Tamil K

  • Changing the company logo CRM5.2

    Hi, I want to change the company logo in CRM5.2 WebUI. I have no idea where to start. Appriciate any help!
    Best regards Eva

    If logo is already imported in SAP then you can directly add in your smartform.
    else import logo
    > goto se78 or program RSTXLDMC to upload Logo>
    for se78 -> goto SE78.----> expand graphics. double click on bmp images.
    click on import graphic button--> browse your image location.--- > enter
    in this way you can upload only bmp images.
    If you want to upload .tiff images---- > you can use the std progran RSTXLDMC
    You can upload any form of graphic by using tcode OAER.
    program: RSTXLDMC , upload .tiff file from C drive . ( type = BMON/ BCOL , text id = ST ..., text = name..so10) INCLUDE name OBJECT ID STANDARD in layout set window .
    Save a Logo using Paintshop Pro or Corel Draw as Tiff file. Use RSTXLDMC to convert the logo to standard text in SapScript. When the program is executed, the path and file name have to be correctly specified.
    Process could be like the following:
    Enter file name C:\MAIL\COMPLOGO.TIF
    Resolution for Tiff file
    Absolute X-position
    Absolute Y-position
    Absolute positioning
    Reserved height
    Shift to right
    UOM = CM
    Text title
    Line width for text = 132
    Text ID ST
    Text language = E
    Postscript scaling
    Width & Height according to PS scaling
    Number of Tiff gray levels (2,4,9) 2
    Then Create a new window 'COMP' with attributes;
    Window COMP description Company Logo
    Window type CONST
    Left margin 7.00 CH window width 10.00 CH
    Upper margin LN window height 8.00 LN
    Finally in the text element , mention
    Please note that if object name is not indicated as 'ZHEX...', the logo may not be printed!
    You will not be able to see the logo in a test print. The same will be printed in actual printout.
    If you are using two logos in the same layout, the names of the logos should be unique. Say 'ZHEX-MACRO-LOGO1' and 'ZHEX-MACRO-LOGO2'. Else all the information will be overwritten.
    If the logo is not EXACTLY TIFF 6.0 , the same will not be printed.
    See OSS notes 5995, 18045, 39031 for some inputs.

  • How can i change the IE logo

    How can i change the IE logo.
    I want to dispaly my logo on left top of the browser and on left side of the status bar.
    How can i do this?
    help me pls.

    Use Firefox. Hey presto, Firefox logo!
    HTH :o)

  • Changing the Watermark logo in the digital signature

    Dear All
    How can I change the wtermark logo (default is the Acrobat logo), in the digital signature.
    [Removed image containing personal information]
    to this one.
    Best Regards
    Message was edited by: sinious

    Dear Mr. Alheit
    Yes I know you can remove the Adobe logo, but how do you put in your own logo in the background.
    Here is the Adobe logo in the background
    cid:[email protected]
    How do I put in this logo from my company.
    cid:[email protected]

  • How to change the default operators in sap web ui Search screen?

    How to change the default operators in sap web ui Search screen?
    For eg. Using advance search option , I have some fields with default operators like equals, contains,is between, is less than and is greater than. I don't need all these operators for this field.
    I need only "equals" operator. How do i remove the rest of the operators?

    There is a view cluster crmvc_dq where all the standard setting is present related to you r issue. Please try if you can modify that, that way you will avoid the code.
    Incase you are not able to make any changes there then in that case you have to redefine the method GET_DQUERY_DEFINITION () of the IMPL class to delete the operators for a particular serach field.

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    Is there a way to circumvent this issue so when the user selects a different view it updates the listing in the web part itself, rather than the user being redirected?
    Thanks in advance for the help.

    Please understand that one page can only display one view. You could find it out by observing the Address in browser when switching among different views for a list.
    If you would like to change the view of a list web part, you could go to web part propertites > Select view and configure it.
    In addition, here is a thread with similar requirement that might help:
    Rebecca Tu
    TechNet Community Support

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    In 3.x you made the changes to the defaultconfig.xml located in the path C:\Program Files\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Enterprise 12.0\classes\AppletConfig.
    In 4.0 I canu2019t seem to locate the file, can you advise if the file is the same name and where the file located.

    Please check out the User Guide - see section Web Intelligence Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

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    I use to be able to rotate my iPhone and change the view of an image, Web page, email, and so on, from portrait to landscape, but after update, I cannot. I can only view in portrait mode. Anybody know what’s up with that?

    You need to do the basic troubleshooting steps described in the User Guide, Appendix B.
    Restart phone
    Reset phone
    Restore in iTunes using a backup
    Restore in iTunes as new, without using a backup
    If restoring as new doesn't help, there is a hardware failure in the phone that needs evaluation by Apple.

  • Change the home page in PBC Web

    Hi all,
    Does anyone how to change the home page that appears by default when we launch the BPC for web?

    First, make certain that you have security setup for access to the ZFP, or zero footprint on BPC web.  Next, the easiest method to change the opening page in BPC Web is to open the Web interface, and go to the Content Library.
    Then click the name of the page, next to the Check box (in blue).  This will open the page and you may select, Modify this Page from the  Action pane on the right.  From here, you can edit the existing page, add a new page or content, delete the original content etc.  You add new content that is named and can move it around to fit your needs.  Each section is a named content area in the page. When done, save and preview the page.  All the work uses the Action Pane.
    Hope this helps.

  • Void AppleCare Warranty: If I Change The Apple Logo Color?

    You know the Apple logo that rests on the oppisite side of the screen and lights up when the screen does?
    Well, I've some people add like a color see through screen so that lit up apple logo becomes blue or green or any other color.
    I'm assuming they insert the color sheet from the inside ...but i'm wondering, would this void your AppleCare warranty?

    The top case is not a user-installable part. So, yes, if you take apart the screen, any damage you do will NOT be covered by your original warranty or an AppleCare Protection Plan. If you have a hard drive failure later (for example), it will be up to the technician who repairs your hard drive to determine if opening the top case affected your hard drive. If they determine that your unauthorized hardware change did have something to do with the hard drive failure, then you'll be responsible for paying for a repair.

  • Interesting Presence issue and changing the domain

    I've got an interesting problem that I recently posted about in a different discussion forum.
    Basically I've got a presence setup. This is federated with an OCS. The OCS domain is something like This is the same as the email domain, and the SIP uri's are sip:[email protected]
    The issue is that when the presence server was set up, the proxy domain was set as something like cmp.local. cmp.local is the domain for the entire internal MS infrastructure. The problem appears to be that this conflicts with the internal domain. So when looking up in the directory instead of getting the OCS domain it gets replaced with the cmp.local. Functionally this results in the jabber client being unable to add federated OCS contacts from the directory as they just get added as internal jabber contacts.
    I'm thinking of changing the domain on the presence server to something like jabber-cmp.local, i.e. a domain that doesnt exist. Once we migrate to jabber we'll change the domain again back to company.local so we can federate externally properly. Does anyone have any experience of doing something similar? Any pitfalls anyone can point out?

    Federation can only be setup  a few ways
    - Intra domain  (   federated to
    - inter domain (  federated to
    - Intra domain partitioned  ( federated to
    You need to define this to make any of the with CUPS 8.6.4 (you should run latest and greatest).   Now, depending on which version OCS you have R1 or R2 is important as well.
    Put the CUPS server in the domain you want it in.  Some of the SIP paramenters can be pushed for Jabber 4 windows XML file  IE:  

  • How to change the default logo in Oracle UCM11g?

    I want to change the default oracle logo into custom logo in Oracle UCM11g.Please tell me how can i change that?Is that i have to create any layouts for that?

    Kyle's Blog offers sample component. Look at the bottom of the blog or use this link:
    You'll have to register at Sample Code site to obtain access. With this sample it's easy to start and modify by your needs.
    For building custom components recomended start is this book:
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