Issue in File Adaptor

I am using a file adaptor to poll file from a location and process the records and to call an java callout in the same proxy which will accept filename with file path as argument.But this java callout always reurns filenotfound error.I also tried to give stage directory value/archive directory along with file name.But getting the same error.Kindly help me to find the location of polled file(but proxy is still processing).

poll file from a location ... proxy which will accept filename with file path as argumentJava callout will run on the host OSB server is running... File must be in that same host... If it's not you will have to write the file before passing to the java callout... But probably passing the content as a byte array to the java callout would be a better option...

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  • File Adaptor CC Error

    Hello All,
    I am getting following error in SAP PI File Adaptor Communication Channel error:
    File processing failed with Error when getting an FTP connection from connection pool: Unable to create new pooled resource: FTPEx: Not logged in.
    Is this related to User authentication error or its internal SAP PI File Adaptor error?

    Hi Rajeev,
      Error when getting an FTP connection from connection pool - means XI server is not able to communicate with FTP server... just ask your FTP server network guys to open the firewall settings of FTP server for XI server..
    Check my reply on this thread...
    FTP Server Connection issue

  • XML File to Flat File scenario: Reciver file adaptor content conversion

    Hello Friends,
    Currently I am working on XML File to Flat File Scenario.
    I used receiver side File adaptor with content conversion.
    My receiver side adaptor is giving error. Error is given below.
    Conversion initialization failed: java.lang.Exception: java.lang.Exception: Error(s) in XML conversion parameters found: Parameter '.fieldFixedLengths' or '.fieldSeparator' is missing
    My content conversion parameters are as:
    row.fieldNames                           Customer_ID,Name,Address,Phone
    row.fieldSeparator                      ,
    row.processConfiguration          FromConfiguration
    row.endSeparator                       'nl'
    Can you please suggest me what kind of error is this?

    Still I am facing below given issue.
    2010-06-08 15:34:25     Error     File adapter receiver channel CC_Customer_FlatFile_Distination is not initialized. Unable to proceed: null
    2010-06-08 15:34:25     Error     Exception caught by adapter framework: Channel has not been correctly initialized and cannot process messages

  • Appending XML data to a file using file adaptor

    I am trying to append data to a file using file adaptor in XML format. (Objective is to store data as XML message in the file). I understand it is possible to append data to an existing file by making appropriate changes in WSDL manually. However, my issue is every time the XML data is appended to a file even the XML header message is also getting appended. As a result the file data does not adhere to defined schema structure anymore.
    Is there a way to save XML data in a file in append mode ?
    Thanks, Riz

    I am having the same issue as well, which makes the output XML an invalid one. I have an XSD that has a hierarchy of elements. whenever I am wiriting the child elements the header message & the name space is also getting written. For example
    <?xml version="1.0" ?><Parent xmlns="">
    <?xml version="1.0" ?><Child xmlns:ns1="">
    <?xml version="1.0" ?><Child xmlns:ns1="">
    I am using a onefile adapter partnerlink to write the parent & an another one for writing the child element, since the child elements will repeat more than once. One other way to fix this issue is write the data using java embedded activity, but that would need a lot of boiler plate code, for writing/reading/appending the same file & for handling all those IOexceptions & buffer IN/outs. I am curious if someone had the same issue & how they resolved it.

  • Performanse problem: file adaptor

    hi all,
    i read data from 17 mb file with file adaptor after i insert that to database. there is a performance issue. my file's wsdl is below. Any Suggest?
    OpaqueSchema="false" >

    File size a problem with File and Ftp adpater, to resovle this you can use file debatching in the in read adater (file/ftp).
    Update the WSDl of adapter for doing the same .
    In that case there will be more then one instace of BPEL ,as per the define size of debatching.

  • Issue with File Download(messageDownload) on Search Page.

    I created a custom OAF search page which fetches values from one table. The document in getting stored in my custom table in a BLOB colums and NOT in FND_LOBS.
    The table has 3 collumns along with others:
    1st is primary key (Record_Seq) ==> number data type
    2nd to store actual file name (File1Name) ==> varcahar2 data type
    3rd to store the actual uploaded data (File1Data) ==> BLOB data type
    The reason for having the “File1Name” is so that I can display the original file name of the document that was uploaded, instead of just the “view” in the search page results .
    On the File1Data BLOB and created a messageDownload for that under query results table with following details:
    ID : File1Data
    ItemStyle : messageDownload
    FileMIME Type : pdf
    Datatype : BLOB
    View Instance : LacEmpExposureVO1
    view Attribute : File1Name
    File View Attribute : File1Data
    When I click on the "File1Name" data hyperlink, it is opening only the first document corresponding to the first record in the search page results.
    For example, If my search page returns 10 rows then when I click on the file1name on any row, It is open the first row file name only.
    I have a primary key column(RECORD_SEQ) in the Table / EO / VO which is displayed in the search page results.
    Also one weird thing is happening:
    If I try to do this more than 2 times then it is opening the update page with the first record from the search page results…
    I tried to print the context and it is nul the first time, But the second time then context is changing to "update". Dont know how this is happening????
    Any advice is greatly appreciated as it is very crucial for me to get this resolved ASAP. I have looked at several forums and did a lot of things as advised in the forums . But nothing seems to work for me.
    CO code for the search page
    if (pageContext.getParameter("Create")!= null)
    System.out.println("Into LacEmpExposureCO in PROCESS FORM REQUEST with Context of CREATE");
    true, //Retain AM
    else if ("update".equals(pageContext.getParameter(EVENT_PARAM)))
    System.out.println("Into LacEmpExposureCO in PROCESS FORM REQUEST with Context of UPDATE");
    System.out.println("LacEmpExposureCO ==> RecordSeq in PROCESS FORM REQUEST is: " + RecordSeq);
    HashMap params = new HashMap(1);
    params.put("RecordSeq", RecordSeq);
    true, //Retain AM
    OAWebBeanConstants.ADD_BREAD_CRUMB_NO, // Do not display breadcrumbs
    else {           
    String strEvent = pageContext.getParameter(OAWebBeanConstants.EVENT_PARAM);
    System.out.println("Into the last ELSE part in");

    Duplicate post -- Issue with File Download(messageDownload) on Search Page.

  • Is there an issue using file vault 2 on a Mac fusion drive

    is there an issue using file vault 2 on a Mac fusion drive

    I'm using that configuration and it works for me. There have been some reports of kernel panics with FileVault and SSD's. The cause is unknown. Chances are you'll be fine, but make good backups.

  • Windows 8.1 Data reordering issue with Intel Adaptors

    According to Intel, there is a data reordering issue with their adaptors and probably this dumb WIDI software. This is from Intel site. they say some are fixed, "A future Windows 8 fix will address this issue for other Intel wireless adapters." I
    have one Nope, still broke. I get drops all the time. Brand new Toshiba laptop I7 16 gigs of ram and a SSD and a 2 gig Vid card. Would be nice to be able to play games but I get dropped all the time. Now would Microsoft quit hiding
    about this, and fix the darn thing. Also i'm a system admin for 13 years. I have build over 1000 PCs and servers. I know bad software. Please fix this. PLEASE. Its not going to just go away and its not just Toshiba, I have seen other companies with the
    same problem. If there is a Fix PLEASE POST IT. Or even a workaround I have tried everything.

    Have your first tried the software fix under this link for your network adapter?
    Please Note: The third-party product discussed here is manufactured by a company that is independent of Microsoft. We make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding this product's performance or reliability.
    Also, you can try to check if there is any driver update under Device manager from manufacture's website.
    Kate Li
    TechNet Community Support
    Yep didn't work. Still get drops all the time, had to run a Cat 5E cable to my laptop from my modem, because I have Atheros Gigabyte Lan adaptor. Works Great. The Wireless still drops all the time. Has Microsoft let out the patch to fix this or is it coming in
    April in the 8.1 patch that's coming. Funny thing is all for Widi, I don't even use widi, I got the software to do that from Samsung works better on my TV. Intel and Microsoft need to get this fixed. because their driving off gamers and that's the
    people that make sure they buy Microsoft so they can play games. With the wireless link dead and a great laptop worthless what's the point. Ive been in IT for 13 years building PCs  and Servers how I knew how to run a 60 FT Cat 5e line thru
    a 2 story house and terminate it. Most people don't. Fix the problem.  

  • Issue with file to file in PI 7.3 (Splitting huge files)

    Hi All,
    Need your help in fixing the issue with file splitting
    We are doing some sample scenarios(file to file) on PI 7.3 server.
    We are trying to split a 10MB file by using the 'Advanced Mode' option in the sender file adapter. We gave max split file size as 2MB. The file got split into 5 chunks and was successfully sent to receiver file adapter. In receiver adapter we are able to see that. But in the target folder only 1 file was seen with size 2MB. All other chunks were missing. We need to have the whole data sent from source to target.
    How to fix this issue? please provide your inputs.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Lakshmi Narayana

    PI 7.3 has capable of processing larger size files.
    Have you picked EOIO quality of service? Hope you dont do mapping or content conversion for this file?
    have you seen this link

  • Issue with file name in receiver Communication channel

    Hi Experts,
      I am sending the files from SAP Application server to third party Application server.
    In my source folder i have different types of files with different names.
    but i need to pickup the files which is coming as of type sss_3300_was.txt and sss_3400_was.txt.
    what would be the logic for this.what my understanding is if i put sss_* it will works.
    If suppose the file is Exist in the folder as sss_3300_was.txt , so it will picked up and places in target folder.
    and next time if the file type is sss_3400_was.txt then that will pick up and places in the target folder.
    my question is, in the receiver comm channel what would be the file name scheme. i have tried with * and / but system has not been accepted as * can not be given.
    Kindly suggest what should i put in Receiver CommChanne file name sheme.
    Appreciate your inputs

    Hi Satish,
    Thanks for your valuable inputs.
    Actually i need to change the subjet when i am asking other question...
    first thing is suppose i have 10 files like sss_3100_was, sss_3300_was, sss_3400_was........sss_3900_was  in the sender application folder and should be moved to receiver [target] folder with the same name.
    as you said mentioned above below is my undertsanding, please correct me if i am wrong.
    In sender cc
    1.  i will give file name as sss_*
    2. i will flag ASMA and also check file name.
    In receiver cc
    1. I will give file name as sss_*
    2. i will flag ASMA and also check the file name
    The above is my understanding with respect to your inputs,  is it correct?
    in receiver cc i have tried file name scheme as sss_*  but when i see the receiver CC log its telling that * is not allowed.
    may be i have not flaged ASMA at that time, but now i will flag ASMA in receiver CC dose it works? just need to confirm from you.
    Regarding seconf issue.
    when file is picking up from the source folder from SAP Application server as i can see file is picking up well and posting in third party folder and even in the sender cc and receiver cc logs i could see all shown in success.But when i see in the SXMB_MONI in the inbound interface the data are coming in the special charater format like @$??? and so on.But when i checked in SAP Appl server the same file contains the three lines of data like material number purchase order number and so on and it is Text file.
    below mentioned are done configs for sender CC by me.
    MP: file
    TP: NFS [as  it is SAP appl server]
    file name: sss_*
    file type :text
                   add time stamp
                   ..... and so on
    Kindly advise me if any changes are required and also provide me inputs in case any correction.
    Bhaskar Reddy

  • File Adaptor....... system command after file processing

    i am creating 2 files with file adaptors..
    lest say a1.txt and a2.txt..
    in the file adaptor i am specifying the path of a batch file which is located at the same location where these 2 files are created......this batch file should run after message processing
    i am using this .bat file to create a file by combining these 2 files and delete these 2 files after that...
    but nothing seems to be happening..after the 2 files are created.
    seems like the command is not getting triggered which it is suppose to after message processing.
    please help

    Hi Tarun,
    Check this blog, Might give u some idea as well...
    <a href="/people/michal.krawczyk2/blog/2007/02/08/xipi-command-line-sample-functions: Command line sample functions</a> By Michal Krawczyk
    <a href="/people/sameer.shadab/blog/2005/09/21/executing-unix-shell-script-using-operating-system-command-in-xi Command - Executing Unix SHELL scripting</a> By Sameer Shadab
    Where there is a <a href="">blog</a> there is a Way.

  • File adaptor Content conversion problem

    Hi all,
    I have a client proxy > pi> CSV file scenario which im working on currently - everything is fine apart from 1 really annoying thing.
    The problem is this that when data is extracted from SAP it should put in 6 fields within the file produced e.g:
    Which is fine however if one of the fields is blank there should still be the blank space which should appear instead of what it is curently doing which is ignoring the blank and shifting everything else left by 1 so:
    if out of 6 fields only 5 come out currently its doing this:
    field1,field2,field4,field5,field6      (Notice field3 is missing and there is no blank space in its place)
    What it should be doing is this:
    field1,field2,,field4,field5,field6       (Notice the blank space)
    I have gone through all the content conversion parameters I know for receiver file adaptors none have worked so if you know any which will do this please let me know!!
    Also if you know of other ways your ideas will be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks in advance
    Edited by: Saqib Karim on Mar 5, 2009 5:45 PM

    Saqib Karim wrote:
    > Hi Chirag,
    > Does this mean that there is nothing in the file adaptor to cater for this and the only way is through mapping?
    > I was hoping for an easier more straight forward solution along the lines of content conversion since this means that it has to apply to ALL FIELDS in the mapping!!??
    > Thanks
    you solution is to alter the mapping in a simple way.
    If you are using graphical mapping then use this logic;
    Source field -> if EXISTS -> Target
                          else -> Pass an empty constant -> Target
    This will make sure an empty tag is created a the target and FCC will work fine.

  • Operating system command in file adaptor

    I am doing file to Idoc scenario, can i use the Operating system command in file adaptor to compress the file at FTP server and decompress the file at IE. I don’t know is it possible and if yes then how or is there any other way to handle the big files as the network speed is very low.
    Any clues!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks in advance

    Have a look into these threads - they seem to have the solution u need (i havnt tried it though)
    Unzip file using operating system command in file/ftp receiver adapter
    How to zip and unzip xml files dynamically by XI

  • How to increase the files picked up by File Adaptor per poll interval

    We have a scenario where in we post 80 files in the source directory and and the file adapter is configured for every 300 sec but i have noticed that the File adaptor is picking up one or two files per poll interval.Can some please suggest how to increase the number of files picked up by File adaptor
    Thank You,

    Did you mention all the files names in the Adapter channel. One thing you can do is use wild cards and file adapter picks most of them
    In case if your files are huge, then I guess file size may cause to process few files during each poll

  • File adaptor not working.

    Hi ,
        I am trying some scenario using file adaptor but it is not working. I tried with Runtime Workbench but my adaptor entry is not there in Adaptor monitoring.
        Can anybody plz tell me how to check whether adaptor is working or not?
        I am new to XI detailed explanation will be helpful.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Atul,
    Just adding on to what Shabrish has suggested..
    I Guess you should first see if the file is being picked... for that do the following.
    While configuring your Sender File Adapter, let the mode be DELETE. This way, we will know if the file is being picked by the File adapter. The file will be deleted and you can be sure that it has been picked up.
    In your runtime workbench home, there will be a tab, Component Monitoring, click on it. Select status as all, and click on display. The components will be displayed on ur screen. In that, under Integration Server, there will be a link for Adapter Engine. Click on it. Now, scroll down, and u will see a link to adapter monitoring, there under FILE ADAPTER see the log of the file adapter
    and also, you can see the flow of your message in the integration engine in SXMB_MONI.
    Do this and let us know what is happening...

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