Issue in Iodc- abap proxy scenario

Hi all
I have a idoc to abap proxy scenario. The issue is ,
when we send the idoc to client A of target system, it works ifne.
But when we send the saem mesage to Client B, we find a error message in sxmb_moni of Target system. the mesage is Application_fault.
Is it because of any error in XI configuration or somethin else.

hi all
thanks for all your responses.
I forgot to mention that based on a particualr field value in the idoc , it will be routed to eihter Client 100 or 200 .
I gave the conditions in Receiver Determination.
Same Server Proxy  is used in both the target business sytems.
I have done all the Configuration Steps ,( Created two separate business systems also )
Also I have checked wiht all the system settings to be made in the target system B.
When i trigger the idoc to Client 100, it goes to XI and then reaches  Client 100 of System B
without any problem. I get the desired result from proxy code.
When i send the saem idoc to Client 200, it reaches the target system and routed to client 200. But getting this error message in
the Call Inbound PRoxy step. (from sxmb_moni)
Since it reaches the target system correctly, i guess there is nothing wrong in the XI configuration side.
But if its Application fault, how come the same data is processed successfully in one client whereas it thorws error in another.

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    This XML message has got 5 Lines Header and more than 100 Lin Items, this kind of Header and Lin item message 3 to 4 in one XML, I am using multi mapping. Message mapping shows working fine, OM also shows working fine. BPM is splitting messages to send messages to ABAP Proxy on SNC 7.0. After I have done all with SDN experts support, still I am having the above issue. can any one experties might help to resolve this?
    I will appreciate your support.
    Thanks & Regards

    Can you please explain the solution.

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    records are not getting inserted into the table when run end to end..anybody faced this situation ?
    <b>Appreciate genuine replies....</b>

    but this just <b>has to</b> work
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    Please note that I have searched and applied solutions given on SDN forums but didn't get any success. So I am looking for new suggestions.
    Jawed Ali

    Jawed ,
    Please test the HTTP destination of your receiver comm channel.
    Which is the RFC connection to your R3 system.
    Transaction SM59 and check the logon parameter for the connection you are using.

  • File to ABAP Proxy Scenario

    Hi All,
    I am  doing File-to-ABAP Proxy Scenario, in the sender side side it is picking the file, but in sxmb_moni it is giving the error:
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    *- <!--  Call Adapter*
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    Can u plz tell me why this error is occurring and how we can resolve this error.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Vikas
    make a dummy change and activate your object then make a full refresh
    you can make it through in 3 ways
    1) tcode SXI_CACHE
    2) go to ID -> environment and make a full cache refresh
    3) http://<host>:5<sys#>00/CPACache/refresh?mode=full     Full CPA cache refresh
    when you do the developement then these are stored in ABAP data dictionary table which can be refreshed by delta cache
    while full cache will delete this temporary object and make this cahe into runtime
    hope this will help you
    if helpful reward points

  • HTMLError in sxmb_moni, Idoc to ABAP Proxy Scenario

    Hi Friends
    I am trying to send data from R3 to SCMTM system(SAP System), via Idoc to ABAP Proxy Scenario ,I am getting the following under HTMLError in sxmb_moni
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
    - <!--  Call Adapter
    - <SAP:Error xmlns:SAP="" xmlns:SOAP="" SOAP:mustUnderstand="">
      <SAP:P3>(See attachment HTMLError for details)</SAP:P3>
      <SAP:P4 />
      <SAP:AdditionalText />
      <SAP:Stack>Error while receiving by HTTP (error code: 400, error text: ICM_HTTP_CONNECTION_FAILED) (See attachment HTMLError for details)</SAP:Stack>
    Any ideas will be helpful.

         I faced similar problem. it was due to configuration problem in SXMB_ADM. corss check  specific server confiration in SXMB_ADM.

  • Creation of package structure for ABAP proxy scenario

    Hi All,
    I have a doubt on package structure used for ABAP proxy scenario. What is the specific reason to create a four level package structure? Can some one please explain? Thanks in advance.

    Hi Sudheer,
    Can you pls clarify what do you mean by 'four level package structure' ?
    Are you referring to the ABAP structures that get created during creating the proxy by SPROXY transaction ? These structures get automatically created. We simply have to write the code using these structures.
    Or do you mean the 'package' which is mandatory to create a transportable ABAP object ? i.e. transport from Development to Staging and then Production.

  • Configure ABAP Proxy scenario in PI7.3

    Hello Experts,
    Can someone please let me know if we have somewhere step by step procedure to configure an ABAP Proxy scenario in PI7.3, I couldn't find How-to guide related to this on SDN.
    Thanks a lot.
    Best Regards,

    I dont know abt your installation whether you have java stack alone or both java stack and abap stack.
    AAE or local processing:
    You can do using soap adapter as transport protocol and message protocol as XI for proxy. This way you can use local processing using AAE.  I dont see documents in SDN as of now. But it is pretty simple. Just follow the steps what I mentioned.
    Classical processing or abap engine:
    Still the same as previous versions.

  • ABAP proxy scenario file - PI7.1- ECC  NO_MAPPINGPROGRAM_FOUND

    Hello Experts,
    I have ABAP proxy scenario file -> PI7.1->ECC . I am getting an error for communication between PI and ECC system. the error is NO_MAPPINGPROGRAM_FOUND and pointing to operation mapping in the  software component.
    What i found  in TCODE SXMB_MONI is  2 adaptor call  one from one below the other out of which one is in error.
    Also when a file is passed from the file server to the SAP PI  I see 2 entries in SXMB_MONI for the same Payload one from source system to target system and one from target system to source system ( ie. from business component as sender and ECC as receiver system and one entry for ECC system as receiver and business system for file as receiver ) is this how it should be
    one more thing i would like to specify is that my service interface is Point to point enabled . Is it happening because of that
    Request you help on urgent basics
    BR Heth

    1. in PI, by hazard, your Service Interface (SI) does not the mode "synchronous"?
    2. or does this SI was declared firstly with "synchronous" mode and the proxy generated with this mode, and then you decided to put "Asynchronous"... without to regenerate the proxy in ECC?
    If it's the case, in ECC, select your SI, do a right-click and regenarete the proxy.
    3. for the 2nd message (returned by ECC to PI), have you seen the Payload content and SOAP Header?
    Could you please also check the Pipeline (e.g CENTRAL, CENTRAL_BACK) ?
    4. In SXMB_MONI of ECC, how many messages have you: one ? or two ?

  • Error while usinjg the JDBC to ABAP Proxy Scenario

    Hello Rocks,
    This is my scenario like JDBC --- Pi --- ABAP Proxy
    while i am given a sender side jdbc XSD structure is like this
      Row             1-unbound  occurence
          POOL_ID   0-1 occurence
    while i am writing a select query in Sender JDBC CC is like this
    Here i am getting this Error message like this :
    Error Description: Database-level error reported by JDBC driver while executing statement 'SELECT POOL_ID,CUST_ID,AGREEMENT,PRODUCT_ID,CONTRACT_TYPE,CONTRACT_TYPE_DESCR,AGRMNT_STATUS,STATUS_DESCR,EFFDT,TERMINATION_DT,ADD_DT,ADD_TM FROM vwEntityAgreement'. The JDBC driver returned the following error message: ' Invalid column name 'POOL_ID'.'. For details, contact your database server vendor.
    So please give me your valuable inputs !

    Invalid column name 'POOL_ID'.'. For details, contact your database server vendor.
    Did you confirmed the name POOL_ID as suggested?
    Why is the tablename different (check the case) in the query that you make and in the XSD structure that you mentioned......check if this is causing the problem.
    Edited by: abhishek salvi on Jun 4, 2010 10:24 AM

  • How to use a standard service available in SOAP to ABAP proxy scenario?

    Hello Experts,
    My scenario is SOAP to ABAP proxy wherein I have to send Sales Order from Third party TC to SAP.
    Third Party->SOAP Adapter->PI 7.1->ABAP Proxy->ECC.
    I have seen a standard service available at the following URL.
    Can I use the above web service for my current scenario? If yes, please explain how?
    Thanks & Regards

    Third Party--->SOAP Adapter--->PI 7.1--->ABAP Proxy--->ECC
    I am actually looking for using standard webservice that has been provided by SAP in ESWorKSPACE available on sdn.
    The WS that you mentioned is inbound and hence wont suit your requirement!
    The reverse flow may however be possible.
    Create Sales Order_V2
    synchronous inbound service operation

  • File to Abap Proxy Scenario : No message log in SXMB_MONI

    I have a PI Scenario in which a FTP server is polled every 5 minutes, and when it receives any file,  file is archieved and abap proxy is called. Few days back it was running perfectly fine. But For last couple of days I am facing strange error.
    My File is archived but abap proxy isnot called, neither I get any message in SXMB_MONI.
    any guesses what should I do?
    Jawed Ali

    Hi Jawed,
    HOLD means you have given QoS as EOIO in sender channel and the first message got failed and hence all messages are waiting..
    Check this thread
    Re: PI 7.1 Messages stuck into the Queue of the Adapter Engine
    Try resending the messages through runtime workbench->message monitoring->adapter engine

  • JDBC to ABAP Proxy Scenario

    Hello SDN Rocks,
    Here my scenario is JDBC to Pi to ABAP Proxy
    Here internally RFC is trigering under proxy side.
    Data is going to pi Box sucessfully but Pi to ECC side is not going it seems like  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    - <ns1:Z_ZOTC_AGRMNT_DATA_VIA_001 xmlns:ns1="urn:sap-com:document:sap:rfc:functions">
      <AGRMNT_TAB />
      </ns1:Z_ZOTC_AGRMNT_DATA_VIA_001> Empty Blank structure is coming like this no data is coming under thisAGRMNT_TAB  tab.
    Please give me the Inputs from your end

    Hello Friend ,
    under abap proxy method my rfc will be triggering.
    I think you got my point.

  • Performance problem in File to ABAP Proxy scenario

    Hi gurus,
        I have a scenario where the sender is sending a file and the receiver is ABAP Proxy.The file is a simple DAT file containing banking data.The file sample is as belo
    00000MM21901 PYM0901021531     
    The above file need to be split and mapped to the fields of the ABAP Proxy after doing some validations.
    Is Receiver Determination using mapping required? What is the most efficient way of splitting the file?
    Please give your replies keeping better performance of the interface in mind.What is the best way of doing the validations?

    Hi Satish,
        As you can see in my question above,the sender side contains a flat file(the file format is given in the question),I need to split the file into strings which can then be mapped to specific fields of the ABAP Proxy.A sample output of the xml file that is passed on to the ABAP proxy after mapping transformations is given below:
      <FILLER />
      <FILLER />
    I hope now you can provide me some answers.

  • Doubts about my ABAP proxy scenario

    Hi everyone.
    I have this scenario. I think is simple but don't know how to do that. I have many questions for the forum.
    An abap proxy has to start a process in the XI Server.
    Data is stored in a R3 Backend and must be sent to XI Backend via ABAP proxy.
    Both backends are different machines.
    My doubts come here : how can data travel from R3 Backend to XI Backend ?
    Do i have to define something so ABAP Proxies know where to send the data (url, ip .. )?
    How can i define a ABAP proxy in a R3 Backend if integration repository definitions are in other machine?
    Another doubt is ... why i don't have to make a receiver determination or sender channel in XI? because XI is listening in an url that has been defined in R3 Backend?

    Suppose if you are creating ABAP proxy with the ta SPROXY in ABAP stack of R3.
    this is not backend.
    see the below links

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