Issue With Sales Document Type in BW.

Dear Experts,
I am facing an Issue with Sales Document Type(Object name is 0DOC_TYPE).
when i am loading data from R/3 to BW It is converting Sales Document type as follow
Sales Document Type in R/3                         Sales Document Type in BW
OR                                                                        TA
CR                                                                        G2
DR                                                                        L2
I check with an ABAPer and he told that there is conversion exit for this Object so that's why it is converting when sending to BW. But the user wants to see in Report same as it is in R/3 like OR, CR DR ... etc.
I have done some investigation and found that the conversion exit (CONVERSION_EXIT_AUART_INPUT and CONVERSION_EXIT_AUART_OUTPUT) are converting the values based in the table TAUUM
The staructure of TAUUM is
MANDT(Client)  SPRAS(Language) AUART(Sales document type (not converted)   AUART_SPR(Language key for sales document type)
and values are
100 E TA OR
100 E G2 CR
The same Conversion exits(CONVERSION_EXIT_AUART_INPUT and CONVERSION_EXIT_AUART_OUTPUT) and table TAUUM are available in BW as well. So i thought I can Use InfoObject 0DOC_TYPE by changing it's conversion Routine as AUART(which runs based on the above mentioned conversion exits).
but the the problem is table TAUUM(Pool Table) does't have any data in BW.
So can anyone tell me is there any option to load data into table TAUUM from R/3 or any other option to solve this issue.
Your ideas will really help's me.
Thanks in advance,

Hi Venkat,
Thanks a lot for your immediate response.
The InfoObject 0DOC_TYPE was without conversion exit by default. but when data coming from R/3 it is converting and sending to BW So that's why i am planning to use conversion exit "AUART" in the info Object.
I checked data in R/3 using RSA3 it is showing sales document type as "OR" and for the same transaction data when i checked in PSA it is showing as "TA".
Could you please let me know if there any other options.
Thanks in advance,

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         ECC 6.0 contains the fix for the bug and the check is now being invoked for batches OSS Note 740397 describes the bug and fix. Is there a way using configuration to have the batch check be turned off during credit memo request creation? In debugging the code this does not seems possible. It appears from the abap code this is not possible and based upon the Category H a batch is required. Just checking.
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         Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hi Mani,
    As long as it is a warning u dont need to worry.Check if the search help is working

  • Sales document type - field indicator

    In transaction VOV8 for sales document type, there is a field 'Indicator'.
    What is the function of this field? There is no help associated for this field.

    As F1 help indicates this field is only for display in TVAK table.
    So, it means if you are selecting this indicator, a program associated with this indicator would be running.
    This indicator is used in certain order types only
    for example
    Order type RA - Repair order is assigned indicator F (you can also look for other order types and indicators assigned to them).
    If you create a order with sales document type RA, you would notice certain changes when compared to regular sales order type  OR.
    The most prominent is button Repairs.
    There may be others but you could check for them.
    You can play around and assign indicator F to order type OR.
    You would see that OR screen now resembles the screen order type RA. It has Repairs button associated with it.
    In short, if you assign indicator to sales order type, it runs a program associated with it. The SAP program is SAPL080O.

  • Sales Document Type K with negative price

    Please, I have the following error. I defined a sales document type ZS01 with sales document category "K - Credit memo Request".
    When i create a sales order ZS01 and define price 1000 USD in PR00 condition type the price is converted to negative ( - ). I changed K for C (Order) and try again created another sales order and when I define the price 1000 USD in PR00 they no change
    Why the price is changed a negative value in sales order with sales document category K?
    Best Regards

    Hi Enrique,
    There is nothing to do with the sales document category here.You can set that one to K only.
    This setting is done in Condition type.
    Goto V/06 T.Code or follow thw path:
    SPRO>Sales and Distribution>Basic functions>Pricing>Pricing Control>Define Condition types>Maintain Condition types.
    Here search for Pr00 using position option.Select that line and goto details.In Control data1 tab there is a field calles ad plus/minus.
    For your case it might be set as "X".Remove that one.

  • Sales document type ZA99 cannot be invoiced with billing type LR

    Hello Guys
    I am getting this error even if i have configured billing. Please help. Here is the error
    'Sales document type ZA99 cannot be invoiced with billing type LR'

    If your process chain is like ZA99 (order) -> ZL99(delivery) ->ZF99 (billing) -> LR (invoice List)
    Then your copying control settings should reflect the same flow.
    VOV8: delivery and billing types to default as above
    VTLA: set up for ZA99 ->ZL99; VTFL: ZF99 ->ZL99; VTFF: ZF99 ->LR
    Since no copy control settings for ZA99 ->LR, itemCa at VOV7 is not order-rele billing, and no default value at VOV8, it can not be copied.
    If you do want to invoice your order directly like service item scenario, make customizations accordingly.
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            John MG

  • Check Duplicate PO No. By Sales Document Type with irrespective of customer

    Dear Team,
    Requirement: PO No. shouldn't repeat in the particular Sales document type.
    Currently :
    1. I have set the configuration in VOV8, Check po no.--A
    2.and set the warning to error by using T-code OVAH (E)
    This setting satisfy only ---PO no. is check's by customer wise in that particular sales document type..(not for other customer)
    I mean if i use the same PO No. with other customer in same sales document type it is accepting(it is not giving error message)
    so I need here to check PO no. by sales document type irrespective of customer nos.
    So please guide me regarding this
    YRH SP

    Hello SP,
    The system behaviour is correct, let us take an example.
    I have a customer and he raises a purchase order and sends us the info.. against which we place a sales order and this PO number provided by customer is added in the sales order and it is used for tracking.. however when hewants to place a new order he will  raise a different PO.. it will hav a different PO number...
    Having said that there are chances that two different customers are using the same number range for their purchase order documents and place order with same PO numbers.. in this case system shouldn't ristrict us from creating sales order for both of them, hence system checks based on customer and not based on sales doc type..
    as far as my understanding gose you need to go in for custom development to fulfill your requirement.

  • Issues in creating Sales Document Type

    I am creating a new Sales Document Type, but the problem is this that the "Probability"  &
    "Incompl. Proced"  fields are disabled and I am unable to enter record in this field , please help me out that how can I enter values in these fields.

    Hi shadab ali
    You will be configuring  the Incompletion procedure in SPRO->basic functions->Incompletion log procedure.
    There to your sales document type an incompletion log will be assigned and that incompletion log will be getting grayed out. So if you want to change you need to change in in Incompletion log procedure. And the probability will be getting grayed out as it is determined by the Sales document  category .That is the reason if you see for document type IN the probability will be different and if you see for document type QT probability will be different but if you see for document type OR the probability will be 100%.Generally it gets copied from the CMR also.

  • Issue with sales order stock that is referencing a non-existing sales order

    We have an issue with sale order stock.
    Due to user error we have ended up with a negative quant of sales order stock in a bin. Further the error was due to mis-keying of sales order number. Hence this negative quant is referencing a sales order that does not exist.
    We need to get rid of this quant.
    I thought of cycling this quant off as a solution. And hence replicated the scenario in the test system. I was able to create a TO to cycle it off but cannot clear the differences from 999 . The error I get while trying to do this is "SD document not in database or has been archived" . This error is true since the sales order actually does not exist. So cycling it off did not work.
    Can anyone suggest how we can get rid of this negative quant of sales order stock ?

    You said that your user mistyped the SO number and it resulted in a -quant. In which transaction was it possible? If I give a non existing no. SAP doesn't allow me to book.
    If I were you I would check both in WM & IM what the user had done...step-by-step...
    Negative quant comes to existance in interim storage type if we book e.g. a GI. It should have started in was your user be able to do that??? If it was possible cannot you reverse the IM booking?
    (...if all else fails...cannot you create a SO document with external number assignment with the same number?...)
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  • Regarding-Copying from sales document type

    Hi Friends,
    I am trying to create Good Stock return with reference of sales invoice. While entering the reference number system is giving a error message which says u201CCopying from sales document type ZEXP to RE is not Supportedu201D. How to resolve this issue?
    Shankar G

    Hi Shankar,
    You need to maintain the copy controls from Invoice to Sales document. Because your Invoice type is customized.
    You need to copy from F2 to RE and make the changes as per yopur requirement ZEXP to RE . Then try to create the return order with reference to invoice.
    I hope its clear.

  • Copying from sales document type L2 to RK is not supported

    Dear Experts,
    Can any guide me please regarding my issue,
    My process is linked with service order,after creation of service order,I am going to DP90 Tcode with this it will generate debit memo request,and I will do the billing from vf01.
    Now I want to make some  invoice correction,
    so I have copied the standard RK invoice correction document to ZRK
    and i have assign this for my sales area in sales document header,
    now I have raised the order from va01,and I have given the invoice document number,
    for this I think I have to maintain the copy controls,
    can any one help me out how to maintain the copy controls for invoice correction.

    Dear JP,
    As you said I have maintained the item category,I have only two item categories,one is L2N,L2W.
    I have copied the standard document  from VTAF,and I have maintained the copy controls like this,
    Copied from RK to F2 as ZRK to ZL2 header data
    Data T   052  billing doc header
    Data T  103   billing bus header data
    Data T  003   billing header partner
    Copying requirements as   021  billing header
    Tick on copy item number
    Then item category maintained as
    Item category as L2N
    Data T  153  Item from billing document
    Data T  104  billing bus item data
    Data T  004   billing item partner
    Copying requirements  as  000
    Pricing type         u201CEu201D
    2nd pricing type  u201CDu201D
    And the same for L2W,but I have not maintained for u201CG2Nu201Ditem category,but I has copied automatically?
    Then I have raised the sales order from va01,its ask the billing document number,I have  given the billing doc number and press on copy,its has open the sales order,
    Here I have two issues,
    1st its generating the two same line items,with G2N item category
    EG:if I have given 2 materials line items then its generating the 4 line items with the same material.
    2nd I am not able edit any line litem,it all are coming in non editable mode,how to make editable field,and make the changes for price and quantity.
    After saving the document again I have to do the billing from vf01?
    please suggest me,so this will be added advantage to the user.

  • Change the condition type based on sales document type

    Dear ALL,
    I have created a condition Zxxx which is a fixed calculation type for the documents created by the upload from external tool to SAP.  I created this condition because external tool is using a 15 place decimal which SAP doesn't allow and if the normal condition type Zyyy is used SAP calculates once in SAP and there are rounding issues.  What the Zxxx condition type does is accept whatever value is sent up from external tool to SAP, regardless of the quantity.  The problem is that whenever they create a credit with reference, in SAP and they want to do a partial credit, the Zxxx doesn't take the partial quantity into consideration and doesn't change the value. 
    Is there a way to force SAP to change the condition type from Zxxx to Zyyy based on sales document type without recalculating the whole document because that would again, cause rounding issues.  We would need to have the calculation done only on quantities changed in the credit memo request .
    please advice me. your inputs are highly appreciated.

    Dear ALL,
    someone please help me with this issue. your inputs are higly helpful.

  • Immediate Transfer Order Creation not occuring for Sales Document Type

    Hello gurus,
    I have a situation where a transfer order is not being created immediately for a specific sales document type.
    Here is an example document flow of a desired scenario where the system is working:
    Sales document type:  ZOR
    >  Delivery type:  LF
    >  WMS transfer order
    The Item Category in this scenario is TAN.
    Here is an example of the document flow in the current scenario where the system is not working:
    Sales document type:  ZPRD
    > Delivery type:  LF
    The Item Category is also TAN in this scenario.  The only identifiable difference in these scenarios is the sales document type.  For the ZOR SaTY, a Transfer Order prints immediately once the delivery is created.  For the ZPRD SaTY, a Transfer Order needs to be manually created after delivery creation.
    Is there a configuration setting that is controlling this?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you very much for the link.  When I insert the WMTA output type in the delivery output header, the Transfer Order is automatically created.
    The problem I'm running into now is the configuration setting that controls this.  I thought I figured it out when going to this IMG path:
    SAP Customizing Implementation Guide  -->  Logistics Execution -->  Shipping -->  Basic Shipping Functions  -->  Output Control -->  Define Print Parameters Shipping
    When selecting the Delivery Note, the shipping point I was using was not configured in this location.  I added the shipping point into this transaction, saved, and created a new order & delivery.  However, the WMTA output type still was not automatically inserted into the delivery when saving.  Is there another location I should be looking to fix this so that when I enter an order with a particular Shipping Point, the WMTA output type automatically appears in the delivery?

  • Billing block for customer for sales document type OR

    I want to block a customer for a particular sales document type OR
    How to do it?

    Hi Nikhil
    There is a field called "Check Partner Auth.", but it is necessary to create the order from a contract. This field is in sales document customizing VOV8.
    SAP Documentation:
    Check partner authorizations
    This check determines whether a partner is authorized to release against a contract.
    Here you can specify whether the check is to be performed against the partners in the contract or the partners in the customer hierarchy. If you do not want the check to be performed, leave the field blank.
    When you create a release order for a contract, the system determines whether a partner is authorized to release against the contract. The check is performed at header level. Depending on the rule you enter in this field, the system checks against one of the following:
    Partners in the contract
    If the partner has the partner function AG (sold-to party) or AA (sold-to party authorized to release) in the contract, the system accepts the partner as the sold-to party for the release order.
    Partners in the hierarchy
    If the sold-to party of the contract is at a higher level in the customer hierarchy to the partner who wants to release against the contract, the system accepts the partner as the sold-to party for the release order.
    If you create a contract with reference to another contract, the system does not run a check and it copies all the partners created in the target contract. If you do not want it to do this, use copying control in Customizing to change it.

  • Assignment of billing document type with accounting document type

    I need one information regarding SD Billing Document type assignment with accounting document types.
       Here CRM people asking me where we can see if the Billing doc type is BV( Cash Sale)  accounting document should be RV
    Just go to T.Code VOFA for Billing document types. Based on this only system generate the Accouning documents RV, AB so onu2026u2026.
    But how it is determining this accouning document type they want to know.
    Pls advice

    In VOFA where it says Document type enter the FI doc type they want to post to. Otherwise it defaults to RV.
    pls assign pts to say thanks.

  • Sales document type restriction to create sales order

    Hi Frinds,
    My client has one requirement ...they have different sales document type. For sales document type  free of charge delivery they want only some authorised person should be able to create sales order. Is it possible to set the authorisation to create sales order according to sales document type.

           As already suggested, it is very well possible to restrict the user for the use of certain sales document type from basis.
    & to add to the above,
    Create Z* table with Sales Org + Doc type = UserID.
    call this table in VA01 transaction & write piece of coding , if current USerID have entry in this table with the said combination - should not allow to proceed further.
    without any basis involvement also you can ahieve your requirement.
    Note: Sales Org is used for validation purpose only.
    Reazuddin MD

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