Issue with variable screen while running query on portal or in a workbook

I have a peculiar problem. The query has a variable on a char which is a combination of date+time = 20100817 12:34:45.
Now, when I give a range as selection, for ex: 08/01/2010 - 08/10/2010 the query incorporates it as 20100801 00:00:00 - 20100810 00:00:00 and it gives all the records for this range.
1. Now, I save it as a workbook. Then if i open the workbook and run it, the output is 'No data found'. Its saying that it cant interpret 20100810 00:00:00 as a number.
My question: I know there are no master data values specifically for 20100801 00:00:00 & 20100810 00:00:00.. but still the query works when i just give the dates. And it dosent work when i run the workbook.. why??

Solved it myself.

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    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Rama,
    Cache memory stores previous result so you need to logout and then again run the WAD.
    Do the following 2 things and see:
    1. Empty your internet explorer cache, i.e. delete all temporary files from IE.
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    What's your question, because from your statement, it seems like everything is fine ??

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    HI Friends,
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    Thanks in advance.
    Thanks & Regards,

    HI Friend
    Thank you for the support.
    We are abe to solve the issue by adding the JAVA patch.
    Thanking you again

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    What is your SP level ?
    Also the characteristics mentioned - are they compounding attributes ? if yes then tey will come in your variable entry.

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    I usually set up my manual capture button to be F2 so that I can hit it with my left hand while my right hand is on the mouse navigating through the task.

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    This question has too much parameters. In order to help you out, I need to know more information. For example:
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    Have your DBA check for trace file and contact Oracle Support: RDBMS group to track these errors down...

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    what to do now??

    Report this to ur Basis guys.It is b'cas of the memory space unavailable in ur system.They will increase the memory space.
    Thanks & Regards,

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    Hi ,
    I have a problem with variable screen in WAD , in the varable seen it is displaying only Key , it is not giving any description , but in BEX is is displaying both Key and Description , can any only have an idea why is this happening . this is occuring only for one variable , rest are working fine .

    Hi Abraham,
    thsi could be a problem from the specisic setting of the infocube. Please check the BEx Settings from the infocube. You can find them by the following steps:
    - search for the infocube
    - doubleclick on the infocube
    - choose an specific infoobjekt
    - right mousebutton and click "specific dataprovider settings"
    - check if the right entries are set
    Hope this will help.

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