Issues when accepting meeting invite received via exchange

My iphone (3G 3.0) is syncing with push via an exchange server. What I am finding out is that when I accept, tentatively accept, or decline a meeting invite, I also am doing the same "On Behlaf of" whoever is on either side of me in the meeting invite. I do not have any type of access to these people's email, calendars etc.
Anyone else having this issue? Anyway to resolve it?

We're seeing the same thing. Using iphone 3gs with exchange activesync 2003 and outlook 2003 client.
Although after a lot of testing we've narrowed it down a little. It seems to accept on behalf of the the person that appears first alphabetically in the list of recipients, and stops there.
For instance, my name starts with a 'J' (Jason). So if there are others that were invited whose name starts with a 'C' (Carol), and then a 'G' (Greg)....and I accept the meeting invitation, it will only "accept on behalf of" Carol but not Greg. So the meeting organizer will see a message that appears to be from Carol, but it actually states that Jason accepted on behalf of carol. The organizer will also receive the proper response that you (Jason in this case) accepted.
Other testing showed that if YOUR name was the lowest alphabetically in the recipients list (Jason, Sam, and Tom), then it will accept for you properly, but not accept those with names starting with a higher letter in the alphabet than your name.
So it appears to choose the first name in the recipients list in alphabetical order.
We also noticed that if the meeting organizer sends the request *from his/her iphone* (with the same recipients - Carol, Greg, and Jason), and Jason accepts it on his will not accept on behalf of Carol.
So far we don't have a solution....but that's what we've figured out at this point.
I hope it makes sense.

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  • Accepting meeting invites

    How do I accept meeting invites on my Blackberry Q10?

    Open the email. It will show as a calendar event. At the bottom hit accept. Done. If that isn't working then you'll need to make sure that you have calendar enabled on that email account.
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  • Address book issue when creating meeting Outlook 2013 Exchange 2013

    I am setup with Exchange 2013 Cu1 in coexistence with Exchange 2010 sp3.   When I have a mailbox on Exchange 2013 and run Outlook 2013 in cached mode (the default in my organization), The address book works fine for email.  When I try to add
    addresses or rooms to a calendar meeting, I get an error message that states:
    "The address list cannot be displayed.  The connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable.  Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action."
    Under Address book, I see my mailbox, underwhich is contacts followed by All Users both of which work.  Then I have Global Address list and a set of lists under that all of which pop the error message above.  Following this is my CRM address lists
    which all work.   
    It appears that when trying to add rooms or individuals to a meeting it is defaulting to global address book which does not appear to be available.   When addressing email it defaults to "all users".
    Is this an issue with my default address book?  If so how do I resolve this. 
    Thank you
    Fred Zilz

    One workaround you can try
    Create a new OAB, add OAB Virtual Directory for all CAS servers under Distribution for default OAB.
    If you have any feedback on our support, please click
    Zi Feng
    TechNet Community Support

  • Since Nov 11 we have very big issues with our emails received via exchange server. Part of them are empty

    Since Nov 11 all Iphone and Ipad of our company have very big issues with email synchronization. We all synchronized with Exchange server.
    In the past nobaody had issue.
    Some of our users have IOS 6 and others IOS 5
    Messages arrived empty and it is impossible to download them.
    Nobody is able to answer ????
    I have the same issue with my personnal Ipad synchronized with exchange also.

    This resolution have to attend at the server not with the ios device. My employer's mail administrator reject me to correct it from the server. As his concern is, if ither ios devices works why don't mine? So I am helpless than changing my iphone. It works fine for early versions of ios and with androids. And also one of my friends iphone4 with ios 7 (similar as mine) works too. So I guess it's something wrong with my iPhones settings. But basic question I cannot understand is it works in my phone before this ios7 upgrading. And currently working with my yahoo account too. Favourable reply expected.

  • Outlook meeting invites received as ICS txt file in Yahoo mail

    My boss is sending Outlook 2010 meeting invites to external users at Gmail, Yahoo, & hotmail.   Gmail accept the meeting invite, but yahoo and hotmail get that as text (.ICS) files.
    He is convinced this is an issue with our Exchange server and/or Outlook.  Should he expect that Outlook meeting invites will be received correctly in other mail platforms or is there something I need to enable/install on either his Outlook or
    the Exchange 2010 server to enable this?
    Thank you,
    Greg H.
    Dublin, OH

    To determine if it's an issue on Outlook or Exchange, you can send a meeting request from OWA, check if this issue persists.
    In Outlook, please go to File tab -> Options -> Calendar -> Calendar Options -> Have you checked "When sending meeting requests outside of your organization, use the iCalendar format"? Check or Uncheck it and click OK to test if this
    is involved.
    Melon Chen
    TechNet Community Support

  • After accepting meeting invite on Blend, meeting doesn't appear in Blend but appears on Passport

    I've come across an interesting bug.
    When someone sends me a meeting invite via email and I accept it in Blend. When I look at my calendar in Blend the meeting is not in my calendar. But when I look on my phone I can see the meeting in my calendar.
    I can send screenshots if necessary.
    Go to Solution.

    Hi @alexklkam 
    I'm unable to reproduce this issue, all of my calendars match up after several tests. 
    If possible can you record the steps you are taking that cause to issue to occur so I can do some more testing?
    Can you let me know what type of email\calendar service are you using, e.g., Gmail as well? 
    When this issue occurs, does the entry ever appear?
    For example, if you close and re-open Blend after noticing the entry isn't shown, does it appear again? 
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  • Accepting meeting invite accepts as someone else

    When I accept a meeting invite on my Incredible, it sends the acceptance as if I were someone else.  That person is always another person invited to the meeting.  The only way that I knew is that someone asked me how I was accepting as the President of my company.  I then opened Outlook on my computer and can see that it lists another invitees name as the From in my meeting acceptance.  How in the world does this happen and how do I fix it?  I am using the standard mail app.

    That could get frustrating.  I'm assuming if you are using the stock mail app on the phone, this is your Corporate Email setup because it is syncing with Outlook on the computer.  Something could have been corrupted with your phone syncing with the Corporate Email account, but it should be able to be fixed as this is not a known issue.  I would recommend removing the email setup altogether and setting up from scratch.  
    Follow these steps:
    1)  Go to settings> applications> manage applications> change filter to all at the top> find your email application (be listed as
          mail)> select all the buttons that are lit up (Force Stop, Clear Data, and Clear Cache). 
    2) Go to settings> accounts & sync> and make sure that your corporate account is removed from this list.  If it's still listed, touch
         and hold on the account name and choose remove account. 
    3) Go to settings> accounts & sync> add account> Exchange ActiveSync. Note: You may need to get your IT department involved
         if you are unsure of all of the settings.  
    Let us know if that helps!

  • Can't Accept Meeting invitations

    When I receive meeting invitations from Outlook, I cannot accept them. The message has the standard header and then all of the meeting details in the body. According to the handbook, I should only have to push in on the wheel and select Accept. When I push the wheel, only the standard options appear in the menu bar.  I would like to accept a meeting and have it automatically added to my calender on the BlackBerry.
    I use Outlook in conjunction with my BlackBerry to handle my calender and contacts. I use Outlook for email.I am using google apps email service

    I have the same problem.

  • Can't Accept Meeting Invitations from Outlook 2003

    I may be beating a dead horse here, but I just got the new iPhone 3GS, former Blackberry user. We do not use Outlook Exchange Server, but we do use just the stand alone Outlook 2003 application for calendars. I used to be able to open and respond to meeting invitations on my Blackberry, but have found that I can't open the meeting invitation on the new iPhone. From what I have read so far, it seems that this may not be currently supported by the iPhone. Can someone confirm this for me? If this is true, is there some work around by switching to using Google Calendar or Mobileme or something for Calendars??

    I'm a former Palm Treo user for years, syncing with Palm desktop on my PC, and have several thousand appointments with notes on my Palm, as well as over 1000 contacts. I just switched to the i-phone 3GS, moved all my data from the palm over to Outlook 2003, synced after much heartache and difficulty, then moved all this data to the i-phone via i-tunes. As a first time user, the usefulness of the built-in calendar app. is weak, and when you have multiple overlapping appointments, it's very difficult to see these appointments in an easy visual field. In addition, there's no way to search for any content within the appointments other than by the particular day. Nor can you see the year view on the calendar.
    Does any former Palm of Blackberry business user have another Calendar application suggestion for the 3GS or 3G that will sync with Outlook 2003, or better yet with Mobile Me? If you move to a different app for calendar, syncing with multiple machines or Mobile me is a problem, from what Apple tech support tells me.

  • ICal Crashes When Sending Meeting Invite/Reply

    iCal is otherwise functioning normally, but when you send out the meeting invite to the attendees, iCal immediatedly quits. The same happens when you attempt to confirm or deny a meeting invite from another person. The usual iCal fixes I have used in the past don't seem to be working.
    I have:
    Reset the iSync History
    Blown out the Application Support data
    iCal Plist
    dumped launchservices.plist
    Tested with another local user- it did work (as usual)
    1.67Ghz 17" AlBook   Mac OS X (10.4.3)  

    Starting the problem trace at the beginning, the
    invitations are being sent from people in your
    Address Book, correct? I ask this because a client of
    mine was getting messages from an alternate address
    ([email protected] and not [email protected]) and these were getting skipped
    (not sent to iCal) because [email protected] was not a
    registered Address Book entry.
    The fast way to tell is look at the mail and see if
    there is a green dot to the left of the message.
    I'm still not to the point of recommending an iCal
    reinstall, though. There are a few other things that
    it could be.
    So, the sender of the message is in my address book as "[email protected]".
    I also have the Exchange LDAP store configured in Address Book, and the sender is resolvable there as "[email protected]".
    The message is sent from their machine via Outlook and Exchange. On the invitation, the senders address appears as shown in LDAP.
    The recipient (myself) is as their client resolved from the Exchange server, so "[email protected]". The first entry on my "me" card is "[email protected]".
    I see no "green dot" next to any email.
    At the moment, though, automatic transfer of the invitation is less important than elimination of the Address Book crashes. However, I do appreciate the help -- any more ideas?

  • Help! Accepting meeting invites

    Ive had my 8820 about 3 weeks now and am finally getting the hang of it BUT for whatever reason, meeting invites appear as emails and I cannot accept them. Ive looked at the userguide and a whole bunch of other stuff but cannot find a resolution. Can anyone tell me what Im doing wrong? Something must be set up wrong but I must be stupid - I can't work out what it is!!

    Open the email. It will show as a calendar event. At the bottom hit accept. Done. If that isn't working then you'll need to make sure that you have calendar enabled on that email account.
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  • Issue when accessing standard LM transactions via ITS

    We are implementing WM using ITS Mobile.
    We have developed certain custom screens and also used standard transactions such as LM02 and LM04.We have created  a internet service for transaction LM01 and published all our custom and standard screens within the service.
    When testing the transactions in R/3 using LM01 transaction..there were no issue...
    But when testing the same in ITS....once we enter into a standard transaction like LM02(By clicking the corresponding menu entry) and click on Back must bring me back to my menu( transaction LM01) ITS session gets logged off...displaying message...'You have been logged off from SAP NetWeaver Application Server'.
    We are facing the same issue when we try to access standard LM transactions via ITS...
    I tried to analyze by debugging from ITS....but the flow of R/3 and ITS remains the same...
    These are my service parameters..
    ~THEME     99
    ~ITSMOBILE     1
    ~TRANSACTION          LM01
    ~SOURCES     ZWM_MENU,itsmobile
    ~POPUPS     1
    Did any of you face a similar kind of issue when accessing standard LM transactions in ITS ?
    Kindly Suggest.
    Edited by: Thyagu Natarajan on Jan 25, 2011 1:00 PM

    I am also trying to implement WM using ISTMobile, but i have a little problem... when i am in my local network the service works and calls the page in the browser, but when i am in other network it gives me "Could not connect to remote server" (off course).
    I undertand that i can´t access my server through other networks...  but can anyone tell me if i it is possible to access SAP ITSMobile transactions through the internet?? Is the solution create a VPN network to my local network or something like that?
    Thanks a lot.

  • Can mail indicate when a meeting invite conflicts with a pre-existing meeting?

    I'd like to configure mail to indicate whether a meeting invite conflicts with something already on my calendar.  I'm trying to avoid jumping back and forth between mail and calendar when managing emailed meeting invites.

    That's what my thoughts at first, but nothing changes in Outlook. I still use the same Outlook and so is my other clients. It's very rare that suddenly my company's Outlook program and about 20 of my clients' Outlook changes at the same time that causes the creation of the .ifb file instead of normal .ics or universal calendar invite.
    Just for the heck of it, I re-installed Office in my 3 other laptops and sent test meeting invite and they all comes back as .ifb attachments.
    I tried to open the .ifb files by double-clicking the file in Snow Leopard and point it to iCal and it didn't add the calendar invite.

  • Accepting calendar invites with 2 exchange accounts on iPhone?

    My setup:
    iphone 4S - 5.1.1
    2 Exchange server accounts (1 home, 1 work).
    When I get sent a calendar invite from Work, I accept it on my iPhone and it goes back to sender with my personal email address.  How do I prevent this? It didn't use to do this, it would accept the calendar invite and return with the work email.

    When you accept the appointment, is it in your business calender or in the private one?
    When it goes back, is it your e-mail-adress or the signature that is wrong (you know, only one signature for both accounts unless you update to iOS6, which can handle separate sigs for each acccount).
    I recommend setting your business calender as default (Settings>Mail, contacts...>Calender>"Default"

  • IPhone 5 audio issues when paired with surround sound via Bluetooth.

    iPhone 5 has developed audio issues since ios7 updates when its connected to surround sound system via Bluetooth. Audio jumps and skips in erratic and unpredictable manner on music app and worse on third party apps such as YouTube  . Have restored phone from factory settings etc. Have also checked surround sound for fault with Bluetooth; iPhone 4 ios7 works fine, android works fine but newest iPod touch with ios7 appears to have developed same issue as iPhone 5 since ios7 updates. Advise people to check for this issue on their Bluetooth devices and any advice would be appreciated on this issue  :) 

    Hey there Vxas,
    It sounds like you are gettings some very unexpected behaviour from the iPhone to your bluetooth surround sound system. I would try the troubleshooting recommended in this article:
    iOS: How to troubleshoot Bluetooth connections
    Check that you are in range of the Bluetooth device with which you are trying to pair your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Most Bluetooth devices have a range of approximately 30 feet.
    On your iOS device, tap Settings > Bluetooth and find your device in the list. If your device says Not Connected, tap the name of your device to attempt to connect it.
    Tap Settings > Bluetooth and turn Bluetooth off and then on again.
    Make sure that your Bluetooth accessory is turned on and fully charged or connected to power.
    Restart your iOS device.
    Tap Settings > Bluetooth and locate the Bluetooth accessory you are currently connected to or attempting to connect to. Then tap and Forget this Device. Try to pair your Bluetooth accessory again.
    Note: You may need to re-enter your Bluetooth accessory PIN if your accessory requires one. Some common PINs are 0000, 1111, and 1234.
    Restart your Bluetooth accessory by turning it off and then on again1.
    Update your device to the latest version of software. See how to update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
    If your Bluetooth accessory has upgradeable firmware, check to see that you have the latest version1, 2.
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    Take care,

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