Item category (Customized )ZJT1 and MRP type for material is not allowed

Hi Guys,
               When i try to create the order i see the error as item category and MRP type of the material is not allowed.
I checked in Vov5 table, i could observe that Schedule line category is maintained.
Could you please help us in resolving this..
Thanks and regards,

Please assign the Item Category ZJTI and MRP type (for eg: PD) assigned to the schedule line category in IMG under Sales and Distribution--> Sales ---> Schedule line -->Assign schedule line
Hope this resolve your issue

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  • Item Category and MRP type for material is not allowed

    Hello all,
    I got a Error Message:
    <b>Transaction Z113 is not defined (Message no. V1347)</b>
    This combination of item category Z113 and MRP type for material is not allowed.
    <b>System response</b>
    The system does not allow further processing of this item.
    Check your entry.
    You can display the combination defined in table TVEPZ, which controls scheduling line category determination, and change it as required if you have the authorization to do so. The MRP type for the material may be changed in the material master.
    <b>The SD Configuration seems all right, I have:</b>
    Sls Doc Type (<b>VOV8</b>) – ZA9 (no delivery type assigned)
    Item Category (<b>VOV7</b>) – Z113
    Assigs Sls Doc & Item Ctgry (<b>VOV4</b>) – ZA9/ZNOR/blank/blanl/Z113
    ZNOR = Std Item-Av. chck  Del
    ZNOR defined in MM03/Sls Org 2
    Define Schedule Line (<b>VOV6</b>) = Z7 (without delivery)
    Z7 has FLAG on Prod Allocation
    Assign Schedule Line (<b>VOV5</b>) = Z113/ND/Z7
    At table: TVEPZ
    I have the entry: Z113/ND/Z7
    Guys, what would?
    Please help me out because I am stuck in this issue.
    Thanks a lot,

    Barbara, this may be tied to Strategy Group on the Material Master (I can't read enough into the detail)
    Item Category determination + MRP Type for your schedule line type ties to a Sched. Line category(this you know)
    New Rqmts class gets tied to a Rqmts Type
    New Rqmts Type gets assigned to rqmts class
    Strategy, assign the Rqmts Type to it
    Strategy Group, Assign the Strategy  to it
    MM02 [MRP3 view] strategy group should be the one that ties together (all the other ties
    It may be something in this area that you need to trace through ?

  • Item Category Completion rule and Copy Control for contract reference

    We are creating sales document wrt contract. The item category completion rule for item category WVN is C i.e. item is completed after target quantity is fully referenced.
    We dont want to change this but we want that even if the target quantity is fully referenced one particular type of sales document should still be allowed to be created with reference to this contract.
    Please guide how can I achieve this.
    Thank You
    Brajendra Shrivastava

    Is it possible to remove the item category completion rule and then restrict one particular document type or item category for only one time reference . In other words to apply completion rule at document type or tiem category level.

  • Item category and mrp type combination not allowed in MTO

    i am working on make to order without variant configuration scenario,
    while creating any customer order i am getting following error.
    "This combination of item category YBTA(customized item category)  and MRP type (i have used mrp type PD ) for material  is not allowed.", due to this error i am not able to create any order.
    Please help me to solve this problem.
    Edited by: abhijeet rachkuntwar on Aug 24, 2009 7:47 AM

    I have the same problem. You have posted the question long time back. if you happen to solve the problem plz help me by answering your question. if not, I would appreciate help from all the experts here
    Many ThanX.

  • MRP type for two different types requirments( Sale order and PIRs)

    Dear All,
    We have requirment  some materials we have sales order and PIRs. For sales order we want to consider with "MRP type" as PD and PIR we want to consider "MRP type" as VB manual reorder point planning.
    Is there any stadard  solution.
    If standard solution not possible also poivde some inputs on enhancement.
    Edited by: nivedita yadav on May 7, 2010 2:31 PM

    your post is confusing, how you want to different MRP type for same material?
    and why its needed?
    1) you can use MRP type PD , and incoming sales order will search in existing stock or will create procurement proposal ( depends upon what strategy you are using)
    2) If you  are using VB then when ever you stock will fall below the reorder point you maintained in material master , system will create new procurement proposal, here the manual means the value you need to maintained manualy for reorder point and safety stock.
    In automatic reorder point planning, both the reorder level and the safety stock level are determined by the integrated forecasting program.
    The system uses past consumption data (historical data) to forecast future requirements. The system then uses these forecast values to calculate the reorder level and the safety stock level, taking the service level, which is specified by the MRP controller, and the material's replenishment lead time into account, and transfers them to the material master.
    hope it will help you.

  • MRP TYPE for  Periodic planning in the material master.

    Dear gurus,
    i need planned the materials in the periodic modality, are there the type MRP in the material master for create the planned file ( table MDVM) one once a month or in the specific period chose ?
    Example :
    I need that the material master don't create a file planned ( MD20- TABLE MDVM) for a change of the requirement situation new , but i would like that the flag in the table ( MDVM) or file of the planning MRP created when the today date is in the period specific.
    31.3.2011  (or period 1.4.2011- 10-4-2011)Date for the create a file MRP and after when run MRP planned the material, for others scenary the system must not planned the material.
    Are there the MRP type for my problem? Or the customizing setting?
    Thanks a lot

    Not sure if MRP type or customizing can help here. And even if we are able to achieve this requirement it will be applicable at plant level.
    However, try exploring option of periodic lot size (weekly, monthly, etc). This will work according to period you've set and should give you the results you are looking for.

  • Implications of Item Category in BOM during MRP run

    what are the different implications on the MRP run if an item is maintained as "L" for stock, "N" for non-stock, "T" for text item, etc?
    how shall it affect the procurement and production process?

    Stock item L
    This item category is used to manage material data that allows an item to be kept in stock.If you want to enter a material that is kept in stock as a component, select this item category
    Non Stock item N
    This item category is used to manage material data that does not allow an item to be kept in stock.
    Use this item category if you want to enter a material that is not kept in stock before use, and that is only procured for a specific planned order or production order.
    Abhijit gautam

  • PR with combination of item category B = limit, and account assignment : F

    Is it possible to create a blanket purchase order/framework requisition with combination item category B = limit, and account assignment : F ?
    Thanks in advance.
    Edited by: Sachin on Sep 20, 2011 12:05 PM

    Hi A.Purihella / Raj,
    Thanks for your reply 
    I have maintained the B and F combination in the customization.
    But when I am creating the PR using item category B with account assignment F (order) and after pressing enter, this account assignment F vanished from the PR and that field also turns in to gray mode. So system is not allowing to use u2018Fu2019 with B item category.
    Have you used or tested this scenario of using combination item category B with account assignment F (order) in PR and PO.
    Best Regards,

  • Kindly give authorization object for mrp type in material master

    Hi friends,
    Kind tell me what is the authorization object for MRP type in material master.
    Your help is considered more important.
    thanks in advance

    check your authorisation objects here:
    Go to PFCG --> Environment (at menu bar) --> authorization objects --> Display...
    Here see for MRP and MM for material managament in the tree structure...

  • Maintenance activity type  and order type  for plant maintenance order

    How can i get the maintenance activity type  and order type  for a given plant maintenance order. Please let me know the table where i can get these two fields
    In AFIH i can only get the MAT for an order number

    Maintenance activity type -
    Order Category Indicator Plant Maintenance -
    reward if heplful

  • Passing the file name and file type for mime_download

    HI All,
    Can You Please let me know how to pass the parameters file name and file type for mime_download.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hello Haritha,
    Please see the SAP help:

  • Tax model, Tax combinations and Tax types for New Jersey

    We are having problems in computing taxes correctly for Employees who have their Work tax area and Residence tax area as New Jersey.
    Can anyone please help with the best Tax model, tax combination and Tax types for these combination for New Jersey.
    It will be better if you have employees in New Jersey, who have their Taxes deducted correctly.
    We are in an implementation and unfortunately it has been a while since we have applied any Tax related SAP notes or BSI tubs.
    Appreciate all help.

    i have been researching and have found that NJ state taxes are like Puerto Rico taxes. The Schema UMOT may have to be used with a different modifier to calculate Withhoding tax for NJ , different from FED.
    Has anyone of you used this schema ? I find that UTAXRAUTHY ( tax authority) is an Operation in the deecisison tree .Can anyone confirm if Tax type is also an operation?
    I shall appreciate any related feedback.Thanks.

  • T-SQL and CLR types for return value do not match

    Hi I am trying to create a CLR function to call a webservice, the CLR function return data type is double, whether I try
    to create this as a table valued funcion or a scalar to return a distance travelled value I am receiving the error below. I've tried changing data types around in the CLR side and the SQL side but keep receiving the same error message, any help would be appreciated,
    Thank you,
    [Microsoft.SqlServer.Server.SqlFunction(Name = "DistanceCalc")]
    public static Double DistanceCalc(Double SrcLat, Double SrcLong,
    Double DestLat, Double DestLong)
    MileageWS ws = new MileageWS();
    ws.Url = "";
    int intUom = 0; // 0 = Mile, 1 = KM
    RouteType RouteMethod = RouteType.Practical;
    Requester RequestedFrom = Requester.LinkRoute;
    Double distance;
    distance = ws.GetDistanceInfoForLonLat(SrcLat, SrcLong, DestLat, DestLong, intUom, RouteMethod, RequestedFrom);
    return distance;
    CREATE FUNCTION DistanceCalc
    @SrcLat as float, @SrcLong as float,
    @DestLat as float, @DestLong as float
    RETURNS TABLE (Distance float)
    External NAME CLRfunctions.RIFunctions.DistanceCalc
    Error received when try to Create function ...
    1, Level 16, State 2, Procedure pcMiler, Line 6
    CREATE FUNCTION for "pcMiler" failed because T-SQL and CLR types for return value do not match.

    You defined at table-valued CLR function, but I think you meant to define a scalar CLR function. That might be the cause of the error.
    RETURNS TABLE (Distance float)
    should be
    RETURNS (Distance float)

  • How to ceate a new Country key,currency ,version and value type for report

    can you please let me know How to ceate a new Country key,currency ,version and value type for report
    along with tables and tcodes.
    thanking you

    Not clear on your comments
    How to ceate a new Country key,currency,
       version and value type for report
    because in one line you are saying you want to create Country Key, which means your requirement is in some transaction whereas at the end, you say for report.
    Can you let us know you want to develop a report and if so, from which transactions, you want to take datas.  You have to be clear on this.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Defaulting batch and valuation type for a specific division for tcode me21n

    I would like to default the valuation type and batch for a specific division while creating the PO.
    Kindly let me know if there is any user exit for this.
    Thanks & Regards

    Hi .
    Actually my requirement is while you are creating PO, the value say 'ABC' must be defaulted both in Batch and valuation type  but when change that to 'DEF' it should allow you.. means you should be able to modify the batch and valuation type fields. I can be kept empty also.
    I tried using field exit to default Batch and valuation type, but it does not work if the batch is empty.
    If I use the BADI you mentioned what are import and export parameters and how do I code to meet my requirement.
    Kindly let me know.
    I will definitely reward points if it works.
    Thanks in advance

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