ITMS-9012 Error uploading package in iTunes Producer

Hi Everyone,
I have searched everywhere for this error number but can't seem to find anything about it.
We finally completed our book, and filled out all of the required info for our paid iBook (we have an ISBN, tax and operational iTunes Connect account) but when I try and upload the package via iTunes Producer I get several errors. All of them are ITMS-9012 and it follows with this: "No NCX Extension found for NavPoint" and will reference different pages. When I check some of the pages it references there are no superfluous items on the page (and not even any 'links' for the page, some of them are strictly text content).
I am baffled. It took over 4 hours to upload the file and now it seems I need to re-upload but I don't know how to fix the issue before I do. I tried using the Book Proofer app but that seems to only work with non iBA books.
Any help would be greatly appreciated...

I don't know if this is an issue after all. After checking my iTunes Connect account, I can see that the book is in my account so it appears to have uploaded successfully even though I got that strange error message.

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    I'm uploading my ebook to iTunes Producer and when it is verifying assets with the iTunes store, I get the following message: Error: Internal error: unknown protocol: bundle schema/20/rng/opf.rng" at Book (MZItmspBookPackage).
    I've seen others with this problem, but not apparent resolution.
    Please advise.
    PS. I'm using iTunes Producer 2.6.

    I think the same error is being discussed here. It's related to the version of Java you have installed on OS X.

  • Upload book to iTunes Producer

    I am still trying to figure out how to upload book... previously I gone through all steps only to get an Import Error after I successfully validate and deliver the book. I still do not know what is the problem.
    So I decided to try again. I make sure the iTunes Producer is the latest (go to the web page and downloaded 2.5.1), and the iBooks Author help says export to itmsp, then drag to the Publication Preview section of iTunes Producer... but I didn't see this? I saw Open/Create package, and look up metadata.
    Can someone help this newbie? I am totally lost!

    I have the same problem. No preview box exists to upload the sample to... all very strange.

  • Trouble while uploading ibook through itunes producer

    hello all
    while submitting my epub(mine is an epub3) through itunes producer,i found 3 errors.
    ERROR 1:Apple's web service operation was not successful
    ERROR 2:Unable to authenticate the package:B_FUEL_FOR_YOUR_LIFE.itmsp
    ERROR ITMS-5107:"FuelforYourLife-TheUltimateCookBook.epub:Fixed-Layout books must supply a guide." at Book(MZItmspBookPackage)

    oh I think I just fixed it, I removed the <guide> from the .opf file (<package ... version="3.0" >) and added a <nav epub:type="landmarks"> at the end of my nav.xhtml (I followed this template

  • Error submiting iBook on iTunes Producer

    I tried to submit my iBook made on iBooks Author to the iBookstore using iTunes Producer application but I'm stuck with this error: "Error: Internal error: unknown protocol: bundle schema/20/rng/opf.rng" at Book (MZItmspBookPackage)"
    I've set in my terminal to recognize the latest version of java (1.6.0), I've re-installed the latest package of java and I've lit up 20 candles and prayed 10 Holy Mary's and 20 Our Fathers xD
    Nothing worked... help!

    This solved my question by t_bard  on Apr 14, 2012 10:02 AM
    My clean install (see above) worked for me, but since then I have received a solution from the Apple iBookstore tech support which, if it works, is sure to be much less painful:
    ERROR ITMS-9000: "java.lang.Error: Internal error: unknown protocol: bundle schema/20/rng/opf.rng" at Book (MZItmspBookPackage)
    "You can make an update to your settings in iTunes Producer to avoid this issue.
    1. Open iTunes Producer
    2. From the iTunes Producer menu, open Preferences.
    3. Click on the icon for Advanced settings at the right side of the screen.
    4. Uncheck the box next to Signiant.
    5. Close settings and reattempt your delivery.
    You will be notified by email once Signiant is available again."
    Plus there's always the firewall solution (see just above) to try before you do anything as drastic as me.
    This really worked! I can't believe it but it worked! I don't even know what signiant is for but if you're experiencing the same error try this.

  • Can't load my iBooks Author package into iTunes Producer

    Hi I've written my book in iBooks Author.
    I've used iTunes Producer to load
    all the Meta Data about the book. (ISBN, author, number of pages, categories, pricing etc)
    The Cover art, the screen shots
    Had approved my banking and tax stuff
    All that is remaining is loading the actual book
    On the iTunes Producer Asset screen it says
    "Click choose to select or drag your publication file, or just drag and drop it in the box. For books the file must be in EPUB or iBooks format."
    When I locate the iBooks file of my book (it is an iBooks Author file) it is greyed out and I can't select it or when I drag it, it doesn't go into the box.
    I'm using
    ver 2.0 of iBooks Author
    Ver 2.8 of iTunes Producer
    Should I be converting it somehow?
    When I tried using the Preview/ Publish button in iBooks Author it created a whole new file that was asking me to redo all the work I have previously done loading the meta data. Perhaps this is the only way, but then i can't work out how to add the Preview copy. It only loads the book.

    I have had the same problem, and from the responses I have had to the question it seems it is universal with no way of getting publishing support. Very unhappy situation

  • I am getting this error when submitting through iTunes Producer: *** -[__NSCFString substringToIndex:]: Range or index out of bounds

    I get the following error:
    *** -[__NSCFString substringToIndex:]: Range or index out of bounds
    I don't know why and I am part way through creating all the meta data for my submission so really frustrated this isn't going through.

    It always says:
    1. Apple's web service operation was not successful
    2. ERROR ITMS-3000: "Line 7 column 54: character content of element "publication_type" invalid; must be equal to "Book", "Textbook", "book" or "textbook" at XPath /package/book/metadata/publication_type"
    3. Unable to authenticate the package: 10000317086.itmsp
    I have no clue what this means and how to solve it

  • ITMS 9000 error on submitting to iTunes connect.

    I am trying to submit my first app to itunes connect, and have come across the following errors
    i have gone through all of the .plist file to remove any refrence to an ipad .nib, but still the abov errors are occuring.
    does anyone have anu syggestions on how i can remedy any/all of the above errors?
    Thanks in andvance.

    I have sucessfully solved my own problem - all my .h & .m files were sitting in a folder named ipad for some reason, and this was throwing the error.

  • Itunes producer error message is driving me nuts

    I'm almost at the end of my rope with this problem.  Why is uploading to iTunes so difficult?  I've created an epub file in Sigil which tests ok in Sigil and FlightCrew. But when I try to upload it to iTunes, Producer keeps giving me this error message:
    ERROR ITMS-3000: "Line 98 column 54: character content of element "file_name" invalid; must be a string matching the regular expression "[^./: ]+([.][^./: ]+)+" at XPath /package/book/assets/asset[2]/data_file/file_name"
    I've gone through the Sigil contenopf file looking for strange characters but can't find anthing (I've even changed the document copyright sign to (c) just incase).  Can anyone tell me in plain simple English what this error means and how I can fix it?

    I know pretty much nothing about producer (never heard of it until your post).  I do notice in the other forum one one line of code produces a smiley symbol which suggests there's some invisible character or code that's at least generating this in a web browser.  It's not position 54 though.

  • ITunes Producer - can't upload iba file

    Hi there,
    I've created a book bundle with all my details via iTunes Producer, and the last step is uploading the publication and cover art. Cover art file uploaded fine into iTunes Producer, but the IBA files are all greyed out. It will not allow me to upload any IBA files whatever.
    The below screenshot shows my iTunes Producer window, which won't let me click on the iBA file in the window directly below it. All greyed out. The window to the right is my actual IBA file that I want to upload. I don't know if it matters that the iTunes Producer file name is the name of the cover art file and not my IBA file (designforwriters-lm).
    I set up my book in iTunes Producer separately from the PUBLISH button at the top of iBooks Author, because every time I tried to PUBLISH from there, the iTunes Producer box to bundle all my book details would not allow me to type in any information -- ISBN, publication date, next button -- I just got the bump sound from my computer that something was wrong and I could not do anything.
    Thanks for your help.

    1. Yes... you need to export your book when finished, do they same with your preview ( a separate book with a minimum of 15 pages.) unless you are using a chapter of the book or allowing iTunesProducer to create your preview.  Then using  Publish should work out OK, because during the delivery process you need to select both the iBooks file of your book ( and preview if its a mini bbok you intended).   Mant people  try to upload their working  file ..which is xxxxxx.iba. The .iba file opens your book in iBooks Author  and is NOT  used in the iBooks store.
    2. Preview:  you do not have to minimise the the file size by removing video.  The idea of a preview is to allow the rerader and oppportunity to examine a sample of teh books contents which may help to decide a purchase of the full book. The Preview should be  15 pages minimum. If you have - say 5 chapters, you could leave in the video and delete  everything except 3 pages in each chapter. The content is your choice- but needs to promote your book in a positive way.
    Preview:  Chapter - you  indicate when asked and select the  chapter you prefer to use.
    Preview: Let iTunesProducer auto create - if you select this option - you do not have to upload any file.. iTunesProducer will auto select a suitable sample to use.
    3.  If you cretae a folder  for each book you  make, and  move the books working xxxxxx.iba file type
    if/when you export a book it will be placed in that folder also.  
    When you reach the section to select your book and preview, if you have created one,  when you select, you  need to navigate to the folder and select the iBooks file. I don't see how you can have two files with identical names... also if you create a preview, it needs to  have a different name. I  rename to PREVIEWmybook.ibook- but anything will be OK- as long as you understand your changed name.
    This way your files should not create any problems.
    4.  If you need to ..come back if it occurs again. ( which it may if you need to update the book later ).
    A useful item on your  desk, is a notebook and pen!  Use it to make notes on errors or create a checklist of everything needed  in the delivery process and annotate  their individual requirements.
    In truth, you seem to have done everything correctly and apart from file possible previous issues create anxiety when uploading a new book.
    I always  suggest having everything needed per book to be in its own folder:-
    1. book.iba file ( plus any  test version and backups ie mybookBU1.iba  PLUS  1 preview book file (xxx.ibook)  if  using one.
    2. 4 screen shots and 1 cover image at the correct size.
    3.  I use a plain txt  file with my "description "   I  write it up and change  as needed and  simply copy and past when I start a deliver process.
    I appreciate you may already do this, but I include  for any newbies who  may see this later.
    Good luck with your books.....

  • New Ibook/itunes producer delivery error message

    I've been uploading ebooks via itunes producer with no plroblem until just recently. Now I get the following error message ";)[B". The epub file is validated and nothing has changed about how I do or prepare the delivery. This seems like it must be a bug on Apple's side. Has anyone else had this issue and how have you fixed it? I am at a loss. No fixes have worked so far.

    I am also having this same problem.  I'm just using iTunesProducer 2.3.1. and OSX 10.6.7.
    Has anyone had any response from Apple about this?
    I have asked today, but I don't hold out much hope of a reply.

  • Problems uploading Publication Preview for my book in iTunes Producer

    I created a book in iBooks Author (very easy), and uploaded it using iTunes Producer. However, I didn't realize I needed to create a separate sample book/publication preview. Now, when I look at my book in iTunes Connect, it says, "No publication preview uploaded. You must upload a publication preview before it can appear on the store." However, I can't find any way to upload my publication preview after the fact. Interestingly, in iTunes Producer, it says "Optional Preview", so that's why I didn't worry about including it. I click on "choose", then navigate to where I saved the sample book file, and it is greyed out so I can't select it. I did try starting from scratch, but it still didn't include the preview. If I save the preview in iBooks Author's default location, then I can't find the files anywhere on my computer, so I just saved it in my documents. Any ideas?

    For the preview, when you have your book open in iBooks Author, go to the File Menu and select duplicate. This will create a duplicate copy of your book. You may want to rename it. On the second copy, decide what pages you want to include in the preview/sample book, and delete all the other pages. Once you've saved the shorter version, go to the file menu and select export. This will bring up a window, where you should make sure you've clicked on iBooks for the export type. Then it will ask you to name and save it.
    Once you've done that, open the iTunes Producer file with all your book information, and find the box for the preview version and then navigate to the new file and add that. Then when you upload your book, it should include both the full book and the preview version.

  • Ibooks author file not accepted by itunes producer

    I have completed a book with an Ibooks author file size of 830MB; it is not being accepted by itunes Producer for upload. Do I need to export it to IBooks format? I did this export but the resulting file is just 77MB. I did not try to upload it via Itunes Producer as it seems to small to be correct. ????????

    Thanks this helped but not enough. I was trying to feed the I books author file directly. So, i went to File/publish and created a file labeled ITMSP. Then went back to the Publisher wizard. I was unable to load the ITMSP file but the Publication window in ITUNES Producer has the Ibook file I exported from IBA in it. I continued through the wizzard but chose not enter a target audience. When I got to the end and clicked on the button to send to Apple it went through a verification process and flagged the lack of target audience. So I went back and entered 13 and up. But the same error keeps occuring and I can not proceed. Any ideas on the following
    1. How I clear the error message now that I have entered the right data
    2.Is the Ibooks export the file that should show in the produce window, or should it be the ITMSP file that wont load there?

  • Is it possible to copy and paste All the infos in Itune Producer?

    When I fill in all the infos in the Itunes Producer it takes a long time, and I have several books to load. Especially the part about rights and pricing, country by country. I have several books to load at the same price. Is there a way I could use all the infos about one book and copy it to another packages in Itunes producer, would be a great time saver !

    There is a "Group" button somewhere in iTunes Producer. I tried using it, but it appear not to work. If it does work, it's not obvious how to go about creating a group.

  • Any alternatives to BISAC subject categories in iTunes Producer

    When preparing a book package in iTunes Producer you need to select the BISAC subject category that best describes your book.  However, none of the available subject categories really works for my novel.  I had to choose one, just to get past this requirement.  But is there a way to go beyond these categories and come up with others more suitable to what you've written?  The description I wrote for my book more accurately describes it but when potential buyers search by subject category for books to purchase, mine would appear in a list it really doesn't belong in.  I'd like readers to find my book but right now they'll be able to because of these limited subject headings.

    Thing is, if you go to the iBooks store and search the term ANIMAL STORIES you get several screens of titles. You also get many titles when you search SURVIVAL STORIES or FOX STORIES.  But my book KIP
    is not among them.  So the iBooks store does recognize those terms; they're just not available in iTunes Producer.  Perhaps books that get into the iBooks store through some other means than iTunes Producer have more options for descriptive search terms. 

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