Itunes 7.1 ipod playlists - problems synching or manually adding

I was hoping 7.1 would solve these two issues, but it hasn't. Does anyone have advice for either of these problems:
1. when the ipod is plugged into the computer, Itunes caps the number of playlists that show up in the 'synch only checked items' playlist. This is infuriating, as I have 2000 playlists.
2. Okay, so you decide to go with manually adding playlists to the ipod icon in the itunes window. Before verision 7, you could actually open that ipod window and drag playlists from your main window into the ipod window. Now, you can only add playlists manually by dragging the playlists up toward the Ipod icon. If you have 2000 playlists like me, it literally takes 30 seconds to drag up to that icon, past all the other playlists. If you decide to try and drag into an opened Ipod window, the music shows up in your ipod, but NOT THE PLAYLIST.
Because of these problems, I don't have any bands on my ipod from the letter P onward. Does anyone have advice about this? Am I doing something wrong?
G5, single processor   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

i have the same problem guys. i make playlists for everything, not a big fan of the other view options available. i have been getting frustrated lately with the lack of playlist drag and drop and having to scroll up through a couple hundred playlist to get to the **** ipod icon. i have actually created folders for parts of the alphabet so i can simply close them in order to get to the ipod icon a lot faster. stupid work around, but alas it does work. i think apple doesn't want people to use playlists like we do.

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  • Ford Voice Control & iPod playlist problems

    Ford Voice Control & iPod playlist problems
    I am having problems with the voice control system and my video ipod (5th gen) in a new Ford Focus Coupè-Convertible which also has Bluetooth phone conectivity ( works great with my iPhone 3G) as well as USB & Voice Control
    This is all done through a Sony audio unit (model Sony 6CD DAB) which has a Six disc CD changer built in, as well as the usual FM & AM Radio bands as well as DAB Radio.
    My problem relates to the voice control of my ipod and playlists.
    Now some commands work just great For example if I say the following sequence ( which the unit repeats back to me at each stage) it works great:
    "External Device"
    All works well as it starts playing whatever playlist the iPod was in prior to connection to the unit, or if no playlist had been selected it just plays the whole contents of the iPod. - It also works fine with the commands "Shuffle" or "Repeat".
    But according to the user manual I am supposed to be able to play or select a specific playlist by voice command using the following syntax as quoted from the manual:
    '...create playlists named with the structure "Ford<*>" where <*> is a number 1-10. For example "Ford7" without any spaces between "Ford" and the number.
    So I made several playlist called
    and so on up to Ford10.
    Now according to the voice commands list I should say the following phrases which like before, are repeated back to me by the system:
    "External Device"
    Then the unit responds with
    "Playlist Number Please"
    Then according to the manual I should say the following:
    But when I say either
    Or any right up to 'Ford10' / '10'
    It responds bystating that playlist number (X) not available.
    I have also tried with the quotation marks ("") around the name eg "Ford1", but that has not worked either.
    So I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this problem and knew a solution, or could tell me where I am going wrong.
    Although my car is a UK model, I believe that this voice control system is available with Sony units in American cars as well.
    Hope you can help as this is driving me nuts!

    Hi Drusus.
    I also have a European Ford (Focus ST - 2009) with the same problem.
    Have you found any solution to the problem, or know if its possible to contact Ford...?

  • My itunes library and ipod playlist disappeared?

    i'm not sure what happened, but i intentionally deleted a bunch of mp3 files from my library (about 75% of my music folder) after uploading them to my 30 gig new generation Ipod. I believe that after this action, my Itunes library disappeared - including my Ipod playlist (the playlist i defaulted my Ipod to sync with). Now, whenever i open up Itunes, there's no music in my library or anything. I still have my 10 gigs of music on my Ipod that i had uploaded prior to this, however, i want to add more songs onto my Ipod. The problem and question here is, i'm afraid that when i sync my Ipod with a new playlist, will all of the songs on my Ipod be erased?
    i had the idea of downloading IpodRip to retrieve the songs from my Ipod to my computer, then just starting from scratch and adding all the songs at one time, however, IpodRip would only open with errors and not retrieve my songs.
    i hope someone understands this situation - i have a difficult time explaining it in type without sounding confusing. i'm not very feature-savvy with Itunes or my Ipod.

    You can use a keyboard command to prevent your iPod auto-syncing with iTunes. While connecting the iPod to the computer on Windows with iTunes 7 installed hold down the Control and Alt keys (or Shift + Ctrl keys in older versions). This will stop the iPod from auto-syncing with iTunes and the iPod will appear in the source list. Wait until you are sure the iPod has mounted, and that it will not auto sync and then you can let the keys go. This may take between 20 to 30 seconds depending on your computer: iTunes 7 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows
    Your iPod should appear in the iTunes source list from where you can change the update setting to manual and use your iPod without the risk of accidentally erasing it. Also when using most of the utilities listed below your iPod needs to be enabled for disc use, changing to manual update will do this by default. Check the "manually manage music and videos" box in Summary then press the Apply button: Managing content manually on iPod
    Once you are safely connected there are a few things you can do to restore your iTunes from the iPod. If you have any iTMS purchases the transfer of purchased content from the iPod to authorised computers was introduced with iTunes 7. A paragraph on it has been added to this article: Transfer iTunes Store purchases using iPod
    The transfer of non iTMS content such as songs imported from CD is designed by default to be one way from iTunes to iPod. However there is a manual method of accessing the iPod's hard drive and copying songs back to iTunes on Windows. The procedure is a bit involved also it was written long before iTunes 7 so it requires a little adaptation as the iPod preferences are no longer in the location described. Also it won't transfer playlists or videos as far as I know. However if you're interested it's posted in this thread: MacMuse - iPod to iTunes
    If you prefer something more automated then there are a number of third party utilities that you can use to retrieve the music files and playlists from your iPod. You'll find that they have varying degrees of functionality and some will transfer movies, videos, photos, podcasts and games as well. Have a look at the web pages and documentation, this is just a small selection of what's available, they are generally quite straightforward. You can also read reviews of some of them here: Wired News - Rescue Your Stranded Tunes
    TuneJack Windows Only
    iPod2PC Windows Only
    iGadget Windows Only
    iDump Windows Only
    YamiPod Mac and Windows Versions
    Music Rescue Mac & Windows
    iPodCopy Mac and Windows Versions
    Whichever of these retrieval methods you choose, keep your iPod in manual mode until you have reloaded your iTunes and you are happy with your playlists etc then it will be safe to return it auto-sync. I would also advise that you get yourself an external hard drive and back your stuff up in case you have problems again. Relying on an iPod as your sole backup is not a good idea and external drives are comparatively inexpensive these days you can get loads of storage for a reasonable outlay.

  • HT204088 How how can I synch my ipod + iphone music to my new computer? I get the same error  "my ipod or iphone is synched with another itunes library.An Ipod can be synched with only one itunes library at a time. What would I like to do Erase and Synch

    How can I synch my ipod & iphone music (purchased from itunes on my old laptop) to my new laptop? I keep getting the same message on my itunes on my new laptop: " The ipod/Iphone is synched with another itunes library. An ipod/iphone can be synched with only one itunes library at a time. What would you like to do - Erase and Synch or Transfer Purchases?" What do I do?
    A couple of other items:
    1) I am guessing Apple does not keep a history of all my music purchases? As I did not have my entire library backed-up anywhere, and relying on the music I have on my ipod and my iphone as my only source of itunes music....I have lost over 500 songs!!!
    2) I used to have an Apple account under another account name, and since have switched to a new account name. Is there anyway to find the history of purchases from my old Apple account name and transfer these over to my new account name and onto my new laptop?
    I hope someone can help, I am having a very difficult time trying to obtain answers. Angie

    The iphone/ipod is NOT a storage/backup device.  Not maintaining a backup copy is a big mistake.
    You can transfer itunes purchases from your iphone/ipod to your computer:
    Authorize your computer for all accounts and then click  File>Transfer Purchases

  • Song order on ipod playlist problem.

    I just got a new Ipod (30G) and I just finished putting 1000+ songs on it, it was hard work but i finally got it. Yet I found out that my ipod is doing to the same things my other one was doing, Instead of sorting the songs in Alphabetical order by Artist in my playlist, it will only sort it by the date added instead.
    I put my songs manually instead of syncing and Im not about to reorganize all my songs on Itunes for this problem.
    Is there anyone who can help me?
      Windows XP  

    If you go into iTunes, select the playlist then right click and pick "Copy To Playorder" it will leave the order the way it is. I think it transfers that way to the iPod as well. Not sure how Manually syncing effects that, but you may need to redrag the playlist over to the iPod for it to take effect. Try it on a small playlist first and see if it works.

  • Ipod Playlist problems after charging

    Hi I have an Ipod Classic 160Gb. I have set up playlists and On The Go Playlists. When I charge the ipod the playlists reset and start from the beginning again rather than continuing on from the last played song. This happens in both types of playlists. How can i fix this or is it just something that happens with ipods.

    Dean1dj, iPod make copies of the ON-The-Go playlist, it is automatically increased, to the next highest number. You can see it in iTunes as On-The-Go 1,  On-The-Go 2 On-The-Go 3.
    Unfortunately, the iPod, will always reset the ON-The-Go to blank, but you can copy the earlier On-The-Go playlist to a aptly named playlist and sync it back to the iPod.
    There was an earlier post that there might be a bug with iTunes 10 series.
    Have a nice day!

  • ITunes makes a new playlist every time music is added.

    Hi. I am running lion. Latest version of itunes. On a mcbook pro.
    Everytime i add music,w heather i drag and drop or import it makes a playlist on the side for each and every artist.
    I have a gigantic library and i don't wan to have to go to at the end and delete like 200+ tabs.. I am really frustrated. Because i also have some misc files
    i would like to add into one playlist. I don't want to mix the misc files with my actual library, and i was hoping to make one playlist for those misc. files and
    another for my other things.. I was hoping someone could help me. That would be super great. I have already looked through preferences and i could not find anything. I am pretty tech savy, but am confused on this right now. It could just be a glith or something. THANKS

    Your folders are probably littered with mu3 files. Previously iTunes would ignore such files when importing a folder, though they could be imported on demand. Now they are being imported too. A previous build failed to add the files so they all imported as empty lists, though if you have the current build they should be populated. Rather than importing the whole folder use something like Music Folder Files Not Added from Doug's Scripts.
    I've just missed the fact that you are describing the column browser which can list Artists, Albums, Genres etc. This is a useful feature for browsing the content of your library, but you don't have to have it displayed if you don't want it. View > Column Browser > Hide Column Browser... (at least on a PC)
    If you add media to your library then it is added to one of the content groups, Music, Movies, TV Shows etc. You can't have it only appear in a user playlist.

  • Itunes playlist does not match with ipod playlist.

    itunes library does not match with ipod playlist.
    when I copy all my songs from itunes library to ipod playlist always a couple songs are missing. I have 5.000 songs in library but only 4700 on ipod.
    please help. thank you

    I'm not certain I understand the problem: have you re-installed iTunes 6 and now are unable to purchase iTunes Store music?
    I have an iPod Mini and have used it flawlessly with iTunes 7 on both a G5 iMac and a G4 Cube under 10.4.7, so "incompatibility" is not the issue here.
    iTunes 6.0.5 indeed does continue to allow iTunes Store music purchases...if your problem persists, get back to us here with more info!
    eMac   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

  • 160Gb Classic Playlist Problems

    I own a 160Gb iPod classic, and it has worked fairly well for me. I enjoy being able to store all of my 20000+ music library on one device, and I have spent a substantial amount of time creating playlists that make the music more accessible. My problems lies in my iPod's opening of playlists. It simply will not open the playlist folder. My ipod freezes nearly every time I try to open the playlist folder on my iPod. The only time I am able to open my playlists is immediately after I reset my iPod, and once I do get the playlist folder to open and play a playlist, the iPod freezes when trying to back out of the playlist. I have over 20 playlists in iTunes, some are smart playlists, while others are manually made mixes. My old 60Gb 5th generation iPod never had a problem opening any of my playlists. This problem is quite frustrating since resetting my ipod any time I want to listen to a playlist, or change a playlist it quite annoying since my iPod takes nearly 5 minutes to reset. Is anybody else having this issue? Is there any way around it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I"m not sure if this is any help, Steve, but . . . A new "feature" of the 160G Classic is that it calculates the number of songs in each playlist before actually displaying those lists. This doesn't happen within iTunes on our Macs, of course.
    But when I select "Playlists" on my iPod, there is a 30+ second "pause" while the device calculates the contents of my lists. This, of course, LOOKS as if the iPod is frozen. It's NOT, but I am well aware that, in lieu of a 1.0.3 update, the more playlists I add, and the more songs I add to each one, the longer it will take to move from point to point.
    IMHO, this calculation of playlist contents MUST be removed or, at least, made an option in order for our players to recapture their former speed and vigor.

  • ITunes, HD crash, iPod

    (I think I posted this wrong apologies if this is a duplicate)
    I have scanned through discussions, and can't quite find a fit for an answer, so...
    I had to re-zero my eMac. I reinstalled all the software I need from my iBook via firewire when I reinstalled OSX. Computer is working fine. I'm using iTunes 6.01.
    My music library is on a peripheral LaCie, and is intact. When I "point" via advanced preferences to the LaCie, as the home iTunes directory, I still don't get my old heirarchical playlists, which I assume I lost when I wiped my eMac.
    I know I can just add all the music from the LaCie with "add to library", but I also have an iPod that synchs with this computer. Not all of my music on the LaCie is on the iPod. I see my options as:
    1) reimport all the songs, create new playlists, re-synch the iPod with the computer, and have a new iPod playlist structure.
    2) Manually make playlists to match the current iPod so when I synch, they remain identical.
    Am I missing anything more intuitive or streamlined? Any suggestions?
    Brian Bowman

    redid myself

  • ITunes thinks my iPod is a disk and won't copy music to it

    hey all,
    I have a new 30GB iPod (my first), registered as "ROB"S IPOD". The first few times I imported songs from iTunes to my iPod, no problem. However, now when I plug in the iPod, it takes the first few songs (while iTunes shows "updating iPod - do not disconnect" message), then an error window pops up saying "Attempting to copy to the disk 'ROB"S IPOD' failed. The disk could not be read from or written to."
    I've tried updating Windows, reinstalling iTunes, etc. as suggested in help and support, but with no luck. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Am running iTunes 6 (

    I have exactly the same problem. Applied the Restore procedure. Procedure successful (apparently), but after connection iTunes copied just 4 or 5 songs from the library, then quit again with the same message about the "disk". Curious what happened in your case, Sybil 74.

  • Itunes sees my ipod but won't allow me to manage its contents

    my fully-charged ipod is connected and itunes sees it, but everything on it is grayed out and can't be touched. i can even sync and have a new podcast move over to the ipod, but once it gets there it's grayed out and can't be touched. i can't play it. i can't delete it.
    by the way, i may be able to sync podcasts, but i can't manually move anything.
    i ran one of the itunes diagnostics and it said everything was fine between itunes and my ipod. no problems.
    i thought it might be a memory problem on my computer because of a number of things open at once, but i've rebooted and it's not that.
    like so many problems, this just showed up out of the blue, after months of no problems at all.
    one last thing. the ipod works fine if i just listen to it, or have it docked in one of my players.
    any ideas. i'll be grateful until next tuesday,

    Click here and follow the instructions.

  • When is a reset not a reset? And why won't Windows or Itunes see my Ipod???

    I'm having problems with my brand new 5G 60GB Ipod, lovely little beast it is. For th first few days all has been perfect with the exception of album artwork not transferring from Itunes to the Ipod, I've done this manually, what a chore but the results are worth it with 4000 songs.
    Now Windows can't see the Ipod, nor can Itunes This seems to be happening since I ran the inbuilt Ipod diagnostics, a good idea according to a forum I read...AND when ejecting the Ipod using the Windows system tray thingy, it can take 5 minutes, and even then after physically disconnecting the Ipod, it is frozen on the "Do Not Disconnect" screen, and needs resetting. hence my Thread topic:
    I noticed that following the typical reset instruction, if you take your fingers off the buttons as described, then it appears to do a "soft" reset, as soon as the Apple Ico appears. BUT...if you keep holding down the buttons for say another 5 or so seconds it appears to do a "Hard" reset, the screen goes totally blank and you can feel the hard drive immediately spin down. Then it reboots normally. Just for curiosity, and seeing this probably has nothing to do with my Ipod's problem above, and I can't seem to find anything on this anomoly, I was wondering what it all means.
    A bit analous to the difference between restarting your PC, and holding down the power button till it does a hard reset, I guess.
    Any comment or assistance on my problem will me much appreciated. I don't want to lose 4 days and 4000 songs if I don't have to!

    Can't see your iPod in iTunes or Windows Explorer? Remember these five basic suggestions when you run into a problem with your iPod. If one of the following doesn’t help, read on for solutions to specific problems. If Windows sees the iPod but iTunes 7 does not, then see this article first (
    Tip: Check Device Manager first (right-click on My Computer, choose Manage, and then select Device Manager). If no devices appear in the Windows Device Manager, go here (
    Before starting, make sure your iPod is fully charged and then toggle the Hold switch on and off.
    Reset, Retry, Restart, Reinstall , Restore
    Go here ( to go through the 5 R's of iPod troubleshooting. If you're still experiencing the issue after going through each of the steps, then continue on for more suggestions.
    Still can't see your iPod?
    Several things could keep iPod from appearing in iTunes or Windows Explorer. The most likely causes are listed below—you'll find information for both USB and FireWire (IEEE 1394) iPod connections. Check each one starting from the top of the list to see if that is what's keeping iPod from appearing.
    our computer doesn't meet iPod system requirements
    Make sure that your computer meets the system requirements to use iPod for Windows.
    Your iPod displays an exclamation point folder or sad iPod icon, or doesn't appear in iTunes or My Computer
    If your iPod displays a folder with an exclamation point icon or a sad (unhappy) iPod icon on its screen, or if your iPod doesn't appear in iTunes or My Computer, follow these instructions to resolve the issue. (
    Your iPod isn't formatted for Windows
    iPod for Windows Software only recognizes iPod for Windows. You cannot use iPod for Macintosh with a Windows PC. To see which platform your iPod is formatted for, follow these instructions. (
    Your iPod isn't connected to a high-power USB port
    If you're connecting an iPod, iPod mini, or iPod shuffle to your Windows computer, make sure that you're connecting it to a high-power USB 2.0 port on your computer (not a low-power one such as the USB port on your keyboard or bus-powered USB hub).
    Typically, USB 2.0 high-power ports are located directly on your computer. Try connecting your iPod to another USB port on the computer (or to a self-powered USB 2.0 hub that's connected to a high-power USB 2.0 port on your computer) if the computer still doesn't recognize your iPod. Alternatively, if your computer has a FireWire connection, try using that instead.
    If you're connecting an iPod, iPod mini, or iPod shuffle to a Windows laptop computer through USB, connect the laptop to a power outlet before connecting your iPod.
    and the answer to yoru question about a hard and soft reset....
    a hard reset is for when your ipod is totally locked up and a soft reset wont work for it. just like if your computer is completely frozen you cant do ctrlaltdel to close all programs and stop messing up your have to restart the computer by pushing the power button down for like 10 sec. that is the only difference all does the same thing just when a soft reset wont work and your ipod is completely locked up you do a hard reset. good luck hope that helps ya out

  • HT201269 can i transfer my iPod playlist that was synched with some else's Mac account to my PC & new iTunes account?

    Here's my problem (and take into account I am not technically savvy). I use my iPod nano every day and have an extensive playlist, but my iPod nano is synched with a friend's Mac and under her account, and she has moved out of the area I live in. I downloaded iTunes for Window (7) onto my PC and opened my own account. How do I transfer my playlist from my iPod nano under my friend's Mac account (and there's no way to contact her) to my PC and my own iTunes account? I was told to first "unsynch" my iPod from her Mac using Senuti or Export on my PC, but I cannot find a free version of either program, and don't want to download a free program from a website that may be unreliable. From there, I'm totally lost. So, I basically want to know if this can be done, because I have to hire a technician at my local Apple store to do this whole process for me (I'm terrified of losing my playlist) and want to keep the costs down (they charge $40 per half hour and money is tight for me). I also want to back up my playlist, and looked into creating a Cloud account, but it says to synch my iPod with Cloud first, and I don't dare to try that on my own, so I guess I'll have to pay for the techs to do it. Is there another way to store my playlist, such as a flash drive? Still, I don't dare to touch anything on my iPod without face-to-face technical support. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.Thank you!

    This is not legal.
    The music purchased with your friends account or owned by your friend does not belong to you and she has no legal right to distribute it to you.

  • My Iphone and Ipad wouldn't appear in itunes when i connect them to my mac. I have already upgraded my itunes to the latest version. I have no problem synching my ipod though. Could it be because I am using an older mac? (Mac OS X version 10.4.11)?

    Neither my iphone nor my ipad would appear in itunes when i connect them to my mac. I have already upgraded my itunes to the latest version. I have no problem synching my ipod to itunes using the same mac though. Could it be because I am using an older mac? (Mac OS X version 10.4.11)?

    You need to be using a Mac OS X version at least as new as the one given in the device's original system requirements.

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